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Terrance Mckenna...

I think this is the most intelligent assesment of the et stuff you can find. I don't agree with all of it...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello From the Hathors!!!

Hello all....!!!

These are messages from the Hathors, a group I contacted many years ago. This interpretive insight, channeled writing, aromatic typing, or inspiration, as you may have it, was received not long after 9-11.

I find it interesting they had no reason to point out any of that malicious bit of history to come in their voices.

I do claim copywrite for this "Book", yet as a share with friends, I and the Hathors are good with that!!!

So, I put it out on the web, so that those that may gain from it can.
It may be editing-wise a bit rough in parts, and I apologize for that...
I will work on that, but I feel the Hathors information will help a lot of folks without great editing. It is a work in progress, but who knows when I will get around to that....

Time and foolishness put me in a bit of a bind, but I think a lot of folks will like what the Hathors have to say...

So without further adieu,,,,

The HATHORS....!!!!

Who are we?
We are Singers who become the Song.
We are the wings of the Great Mother and the Song of the Great Father.
We are a civilization of individual souls singing as One in Harmony, inspired by the
Lovelight as it emerges through the Central Sun, the Hunab Ku.
We are a Field of energy.
We merge with the Lovelight and Sing its Song.
We are embodied in Christ and One with the Way.
We are devotees of Love.
We are in Service to the One.
We are waves of Lovelight,
Particles of Song,
Fields of Love,
We are the Colors of the Rainbow.
We are the Hathors!!!

(As a note aside, The Hathors always insisted on three exclamation marks, and this was always insisted upon by them as a mark of their great enthusiasm...)

We Hathors are here to assist in the transformation of the Earth to a planet of Love. We are here because we were asked to assist in this transformation by the energies of Love of the One. We are here to Love and by Loving infuse the energies of the Divine. We are experts in working with the waves of Lovelight, singing them through levels of reality with impeccable translation.

Many of you are familiar with images of us left to you in stone. We indeed walked the face of the Earth in the days of very ancient Egypt. You have been told that the images of humans with dog heads or ibis heads or cat heads were symbolic representations of divine concepts, and in time of course, this became true. Yet we walked you planet as many others did. These images you have received are true representations of beings that interacted with humans from other levels and areas of reality.
We strode lightly upon Earth, singing our songs of Love. We were ten to fourteen feet tall and very thin. We manifested in a way that was visible to the human eye and palpable to the touch, yet we could be seen through, and so seemed less physically substantial than humans of that time or now.
We came in to sing Songs of Love and Joy and this we did. We sang ceaselessly the joy and Lovelight of creation. Our Songs were our teachings and our teachings were of Love and its joy. We did not teach doctrine. We taught by example. We did not speak of Laws. We sang Love for all and created with Lovelight fields of Lovelight for all to bask in. Today you might call our teachings experiential. We sang Love in a way that humans knew existed but had lost. We came to remind them by vibrating fields of Love that they too were Songs of Love.
This period of human contact with other forces of reality ended. The forces of the Lovelight retreated in the face of a gathering darkness. Power was consolidated to ruling elites, and knowledge was hidden from the public by those wishing to control.
We were very sorry to go, but the tides had turned. Most of the histories you can find about our influence on earth are twisted to the point of absurdity.

We Hathors can be found just slightly out of the range of your normal consciousness. We’re just waiting for you to notice us!!! You can tune into us!!! Perhaps this tuning is something many of you do not believe in? Unbelievable makes the tuning impossible. In other words, if you do not believe you can hear us, you can’t!!! But you can!!! Oh Irony!!!
We Hathors are song singers, and when folks turn off their ears in disbelief or fear of “hearing voices”, we are so sorry, because you are intended to reach out with your consciousness and join in with the Family of Light beyond the veils!!!
We Hathors wish to tell you about how your world is changing, and how singing Songs of Love can change your life. The entire world is in your life!!! You are part of the whole world, and the way that you think changes the entire world. This is true. How you think is of the utmost importance.
The smallest is the largest, and the largest goes to small. The small thoughts you have are the large thoughts of the universe. Change your thoughts and change the universe!!!
This is our suggestion—sing your Vision of Perfect Life and Love outwardly, so that it seeds inwardly and echoes back outwardly. But you must sing them so that the vibrations of your intent is planted into your physical world!!!
Sing what you intend. Sing until you can hear your voice like you have never heard it before. You can do this!!! You will hear the voice of the Creator joining in yourself. Have a concert with the Creator—be One in the voice of the Creator!!!
We promise you this--there is One Creator and they want to sing with you!!! The end of life on Earth as you know it is at hand!!! Begin to sing in the change so that the power of the Light Winds don’t overwhelm you, don’t take you by surprise. In your Song of Body, Soul and Spirit you can ride the coming waves in Joy!!!!
We are the Hathors, and the Lovelight is our Voice!!!

We are Songs of Love and our Song is Infinite!!!

We sing Love Songs to each of you that you might remember who you really are. If you doubt this, then close your eyes and listen. We sing Songs of Love, our feeling interpretation of the Waves emanating as Light from the Infinite One Creator, the Friend. We sing to all creation vibrant colors of Love and healing.


If you would like, we Hathors can modify our Love Songs for the healing and Path Work of particular individuals, but for that we must be asked!!! We respect your Freewill, for this is the Law of the One Creator, The Friend. If you would like us to help you with your evolvement, you have to ask. To ask you would have to know that we even exist, which has made it very difficult for those of us that work for the Lovelight to help humans. But the times are changing, and many of you are beginning to be aware of our presence, and there is great joy for us in this change!!!
We sing the Love of the Light of the One Creator. That is our job!!!
When we sing into You, we commit ourselves to your sphere. We are here for you. We are here to help humanity, the Earth, and all its creatures to move toward the highest expression of Love.
There are many that think negatives and positives are inevitable. We have learned otherwise. We say that there can be endless Love without shadow. Perhaps this sounds absurd to you, but it is true.
Love abounds all around and we will sing it to you until you know it to the very bottom of your Heart!!! We do not know what you will do. We sing to you of another idea, another way of being Love ever in Joy!!!! Such is our existence and it can be yours!!!

You Were Made of Lovelight

You were made of Lovelight and still are Lovelight, period. You are crystalline and beautiful. You were made of Light and you were created with great Love. You are a bit of the Creator. We wish to remind you of this, and we wish that you would remind yourself of this many times over and every day!!!
You may say to yourself, “But I feel so heavy, and sad, and burdened, and lonely and gray. How could I be what you say I am?”
The notion of Self and Identity you carry is not who you are. You have come to identify yourself in a very limited way—not only limited, but often dependant upon the reflection that others give you about yourself. Indeed over the many lifetimes you have lived, you have had experiences which have impressed you. Like a coin being minted, a stamp of experiences comes down and squashes and the original shape to carry an imprint. You have been imprinted many times by both good and crushing experiences.
Your first crushing experience was as that of the Mother, when she expanded far into the Void and felt separateness and loneliness and fear. You were created after the Mother, of course, yet you are a child of the Mother and Father. You were created out of the Mother and Father, and these feeling of loneliness and fear and separation were part of their original experience. You are the ones who are healing the results of their early experience. You have voyaged into a part of creation that has not healed these early wounds. Since you were created by the Mother and Father energies, of course you carry all of their experiences within you. You carry the knowledge of their early wounds, and you carry the knowledge of how they healed their wounds. Children are meant to learn what their parents know and create using that knowledge to go further.
Your true parents’ energies in their original experience expanded just so far before contracting into balance. The outer edges of their experience formed physical reality as you know it. It does go a bit further out, but you are very near the edge. This is the last region to know what the Mother and Father learned in their expansion, in their creation. Yours is the region where light expanded and then pulled back in Fear of the Unknown and in fear of loss of identity. This Fear of the Unknown is present in all of you. You have come here to expand this region and infuse it with the knowledge of the Mother and Father. The lessons they learned about fear and the unknown is the knowledge you have come to give to the world. The Mother and Father are expanding again, creating again and you are part of the wave of their expansion.
You come to this world impressed with what you have experienced in prior lives. These lives all had a reason and a purpose. You are the Mother and Father growing as seeds in creation. You came here full of purpose, great adventurers to enlighten a darker region. One of the reasons we will in this book emphasize connecting the Above and Below inside of your Soul Crystal, is that your Soul Crystal allows you access to all the information and lessons learned by the Mother and Father. This will come to you in a way appropriate for you. You do not need to be considered of high intelligence to do this. Many offer teachings that are hard for the less intellectually inclined to understand, and ask the student to memorize many practices that seem confusing and even severe.
You are here to heal the break in the Heart. Many of those who you call “retarded” have the greatest of hearts and a great capacity for Love. Many of these are great beings come to teach and remind you of the Heart. They are gifts to you to remind you of Love and to remind you of your great capacity for Love. They are teachers and you can learn from them!!!
The techniques and concepts we will offer to you in this book take no great intelligence of the mental type. Perhaps you know some who are incapable of reading this book. But you could teach them the connecting of the Above and Below very simply and very easily. Your culture’s ideas about the nature of intelligence are different from ours. Willful intelligence of the mind can seem very smart indeed. The third chakra as Boss is Will through manipulation. The nature of the third chakra, the will, without its informing influence from above, the Heart, has caused great distress to humanity. The third chakra without a master has often gone toward over-riding others free will and caused humankind to view life as a race, a competition. This approach has led to the belief in winners and losers. The heart knows there are not winners and losers but only The Friend in various disguises. Have you ever used the phrase, “What a Loser”? Think about it!!!
The Heart recognizes no winners or losers. The Heart is YOUR GATEWAY to a better reality. The Heart is the Queen/King of the Body, yet they were thrown off throne long ago. The symbolism Christ gave you was this—that your Heart is Your King and Your Queen together. The Heart is at the Center of the Human Body, at the Center of the Chakras. It is where your true intelligence, your real wisdom is located. It is the Portal to truly loving and understanding. It is alter of Holy Grail, and it is Your Holy Grail where you may come to drink the true nectar of God. Christ suffering on the Cross attempted to give you the understanding that you will suffer the old wounds the heart has received before you will gain entrance to it. The “Clouds over the Heart”, for nearly all of you, are so painful that you run away from the Heart, thinking the pain you feel there is the Heart!!! Not so!!! So many sorrows over so many lifetimes have made the Heart seem too painful to approach. Christ opened that portal so that it would be easier for you to walk through, and gave the promise from the Mother/Father energies that there would be help for you there. It takes great courage to learn to live from the Heart and to open that portal, but the greatest rewards are there for your opening.
One of the greatest taboos of your culture is to live a Life of the Heart in belief and action. Lots of lip service is given to Love, but to act every action of every day according to the action of Love is seen as impractical and crazy. This is the judgment of the Third Chakra disconnected from the intelligence and wisdom of the Heart and the energies of the Lovelight descending from above. This makes approaching the Heart even more difficult, for no one likes to be considered crazy, impractical, foolish, naïve, a bleeding heart (a direct reference to Christ), or any of the other judgmental terms applied to the Concept of the Heart Path. We say “Concept” because those who say these things do not know what they are talking about. The King and Queen are not crazy, impractical, foolish or naïve. Your culture, living from an uninformed Will Chakra, has no way of knowing about the Heart. The Heart must be lived to be understood!!!
You were made of the Body of God, of the Lovelight. You have had many experiences in many lives upon the face of the earth, yet this is not where you were made. Certainly your physical body was made of the elements of the Earth. And the Earth was made out of the Love between the Father and Mother, when The One became Two and the Two became Three as children. Through the Heart you connect the Father and Mother energies that are separated in you. This is an echo of their original separation. This is what you have come here to do, to marry the Mother and Father again in Your Heart. This is the purpose of your life!!! So many people want to know what the meaning of their life is. “Why am I here?” “What should I do?” The Heart is the answer to these questions!!! And Your Heart has all the answers to all of your questions, for learning to live your life through Your Heart is your reason for being here!!! Your individual purpose is to experience what it is like to live a life through the Heart, and re-experience the Original Joy the Mother and Father experienced in re-uniting!!! This is joy indeed!!! This is for you!!!
With Love,

The Hathors

On the Day that Your Were Born
Your Earth history records a great many brave adventurers. They are hailed as heroes, even those who set off with a great deal of equipment, men at arms, sailing ships and the like.
We Hathors would like to tell you of the heroes who arrive in your world naked, soft and round, without even the ability to talk or walk or defend themselves!!! This is YOU!!! On your birth day you were just such an explorer, brave enough to enter a sometimes difficult and frightening world in a very vulnerable condition. It takes great courage to be a baby, to choose to be a baby. It is a bit like jumping into the river and going over Niagara Falls without a barrel--it is a great leap of faith!!!
Did you know most of you chose your parents? Indeed you did!!! There are many ways and reasons for this choosing. After your last physical death, most of you studied your last and past lives carefully, and with a great deal of guidance decided what parents were best for you. And what does best mean? Well, it can mean a great many different things, depending on what your chosen focus for your next life will be. It may be that your parents are from a different civilization or energy group than you. Perhaps there have been problems between your group and theirs for a very long time, and you have each chosen the earth as the playing field to work toward harmony or “battle it out”. You often hear the term, “behind the veil”, and indeed you are veiled, for most of you do not consciously remember you past experiences. Perhaps one or both of your parents were old enemies of yours!!! The forgetfulness of birth, of entry into your level of existence, allows old adversaries to forget enough to open the possibility of reconciliation.
Some of you came to teach your parents love. Do you know how often babies are born into an “enemy camp”? The answer is many!!! It is hard not to love a beautiful, soft, defenseless baby--especially one’s own!!! The Light of Truth works towards knowingness that all are children of the One Lovelight, The Friend. In the ways that are called Karma, enemies are drawn toward one another. If you don’t recognize this to be true, we will ask you to do this: Remember a time when you were having a very difficult time with someone, so difficult that your emotions really fired up whenever you saw them. Perhaps you were in a gathering place with many people and knew there was a possibility that this person might also attend. Even before you saw this person there, your antenna were up, and your eyes searched for him or her. There was much missed in your experience of the gathering, for really, most of your energy was put into a wondering if that person would be there, what you would do or say if they came near. And then if you saw that person at the other side of the room amidst the crowd you became even more aroused. You watched them self-consciously out of the corner of your eye feeling uncomfortable, and perhaps they too watched you, wondering what might occur, how all this tension might spill out.
It is quite possible you have danced this dance with this person in other lives, perhaps many. You dance in order to resolve and solve the differences between you. When a positive shift is made in such a relationship it is felt profoundly on many other levels of reality and existence. This is the great progress that is made possible by earthly existence, by its trials and tribulations, by its veils.
If it were known and remembered that very terrible occurrences had taken place between these two parties in past times, past lives, it is quite possible that open war would be declared upon sight of the other. Yet multiple incarnations in forgetting has allowed the possibility of reconciliation upon different stages and in different roles and costumes. We do not wish to say all felt differences necessarily have such dark or difficult tones, for that is not the case. Yet highly charged histories with others have a great attractive affect. On the very deepest of levels, this attraction is caused by Love and the desire to love all of creation. Ironic, isn’t it?
It is also quite possible for instance, that your parents were old friends, perhaps celestially close relations. Love is the great attractor again, but on a far more delightful level in this case!!! It may seem that you are far luckier in life than those with parents that are old enemies, but this is not really so. It has to do with the work chosen for each particular life, and the way in which one decides to enter in upon it. Know that if this life has been difficult for you right from the beginning, that you have had other easier lifetimes. A life with a happy childhood is often chosen after one or more very challenging lives. It is sometimes necessary to live a life of little challenge in order to remember the joys that can be experienced on the physical plane. For some, just becoming joyous after many lives of challenge can be difficult in itself. The Earth offers healing energies unlike those on “disembodied” levels, and this healing can help align the Soul with Spirit so the play can go on!!!
If someone came up to you today and said, “I can rub this magic lamp if you want, and it will turn you into a weak, small, naked and defenseless lump of flesh,” would you jump at the chance? Well most of you reading this book jumped at the chance to be born in this way, onto this good Earth with relish and excitement!!! Often your guides had to work quite hard at encouraging you toward more study before jumping back into the flesh. Isn’t that something!!!
Sometimes the “deceased” will be so attracted toward those they have left behind that they “rise” very little and then roll back into the river without the benefit of a “life review” with the help of guidance. The attractor can be love or hatred, or both. We do not wish to say that hatred is compressed love, for this is not really the case, yet close. As we have said, hatred and conflict can be a most impressive magnet to the individuals involved. If you find conflict in your life, you can know that the lessons you seek to learn will be brought to you time and time again until you find a way to love and forgive and move on.
Forgiveness is he key to moving past those energies that you have struggled with before. Forgiveness dissolves the ties that bind you to these other people, these other energies. If your enemies, your lovers, your friends do not wish to resolve and forgive you, you may still go on without them by forgiving them. There are other energies they will engage in order to learn the lessons they desire.
You may find yourselves forgiving someone, yet that energy and similar situations return again and again into your current life. “So what is going on here?” you many find yourself asking. It may well be that your work, the contract you made with yourself in terms of this energy before coming into this life, is not finished. Perhaps you came to this world to go further than just forgive and forget. You may have challenged yourself to bring two great celestial civilizations into harmony by this one small relationship on earth. Each of you are a representative of your historical lineage. On Earth you indeed can move mountains, and change the Galactic configurations of time. Your level is of such density that the movements upon it quake though the other levels and through the spirals of time. If you develop a loving friendship with an old enemy here upon earth, the ramifications are beyond measure. You may think you are just a little person living a little life, and are of no importance. It is easy to believe this is so behind the veils.
You were a brave astronaut in the ship of you mother’s belly. You ventured into the unknown with great courage. This means each and every one of you!!! You had plans of tremendous proportion, and agreed to go forth, beginning from a position of great weakness, relying on faith that you would be taken care of and live to fulfill your plans. Many of you birthed into an “enemy” camp, with the intention of loving those whom you had failed to love in past lives, or conversely, those who could not love you. You see Love was the attractor, and the charge of old hatred too is the attractor. Hatred has a great charge that asks for release, for flow. It is a balled-up, compacted and distorted energy that forms as though a living cyst. If you have felt hatred, you know what it does to your body!!! It draws forth energies from the body into itself, circles those energies and compresses them into what you might call Dark Matter. It feeds off of you, and can damage you body and distort a healthy flow of energy.
When you begin to work with connecting and joining the Father and Mother energies, the Above and Below, blocks of congealed energy will begin to break down and dissolve within you. This can cause some pretty powerful emotions come to the surface and with those emotions memories of past lives where these blocks were created. Some of these energies can be recycled through “Black Holes” in space by your guides as you process. Black Holes compact energy, and like attracts like. An old automobile is often crushed into a nice compact block before being melted down into something usable, and so it is with the universe. Believe us when we say that some of the “dark” energy that is created by hatred is so tightly compacted that it is unusable on any level until treated. Forgiving allows such energies to be removed from you. Sometimes this is difficult, for these energies may have been carried for so long that they feel as though they are an integral part of you. You may have on some level identified so strongly with them that they feel part of your being. Know that in the joining flow of the Mother and Father energies, and with the help of your guides, you can release these clots. You will feel very light when this occurs, indeed!!!
When your next Birthday rolls around, we hope that you celebrate how brave and how wonderful you are, and remember that you are a great adventurer come to help transform the world!!! When you were born the angels sang songs of great celebration. They surrounded you and sang songs of encouragement, for they knew the undertaking was great, and that it took great love to be so courageous.
Some teaching have led you to believe that by the fact you are “stuck” in incarnational cycles on Earth, that you are somehow less spiritually able or developed than those “above”. Yet YOU exist on levels Above!!! A part of you agreed to do this work, to find a Oneness in Love on a troubled plane. The trouble you see on your level represents the result of trouble from many levels of reality. Earth contains and brings into a concentration the results of great power struggles that have troubled other planets and planes and swirls of time in many ways that are difficult for you to perceive. You are the healers and you came to heal for many!!! You committed yourselves to see the process through, “hell or high water”, and there has indeed been plenty of that!!! You are as Angels veiled upon the Earth and challenged enormously. You gave up great powers to do this work, and we celebrate you and encourage you to carry on.
Time is short and the game is nearly up, and many of you are hurrying to try to finish as much as you can before all goes into flux and then change. The Lovelight is beginning to awaken you. The Veils are thinning so that you may increase the knowledge of who you are and why you came. The rules are soon to change, and indeed have already begun to do so. If you find yourself disoriented at times, be aware you are in the flow, and the flow will take you where you need to go. There will be times when you find yourself grasping for strands of how things used to be and trying to hang on to something familiar. Look inside your Hearts for the Love that has always been You When this occurs, and let go of the mooring lines. This will allow you to release yourself from struggling and the Love in Your Hearts will be your ship to sail unknown seas.
We wish to tell you all today and every day, Happy Birthday!!!
With Songs of Lovelight,
The Hathors

The Bars of the Corral
Humankind’s consciousness is in a corral, like those horses you see in westerns. Once the horses in a corral run around in circles long enough, looking for a way out, they know they are caged. They see the cage. Humankind has been running around in circles for so long without seeing that they are inside of a cage, they have come to call it Reality, that which is real.
What is possible? Well from most people’s perspective, what is real is what can be done inside of the corral. The prison has become the definition of reality, and that definition is held in place by the beliefs of the prisoners! When some person decides they are going a step further and believe in something new, in new possibilities, there are plenty of prisoners there to tell them why what they are thinking is impossible!!! One might call this the perfect prison—a prison where all prisoners are kept in place by their own minds, their own beliefs. These beliefs are considered normal. They hold the corral in place and keep reality from shifting.
It is possible to become angry with those that wish to keep you in this prison, for there are those whose interests run in such a direction. Yet it is by the prisoners’ free will that the beliefs that hold the bars of the prison in place hold sway. The prisoners make the prison. Your reality will shift when enough people realize they have been held in limitation by accepting what they have been told is “normal” reality is not normal in the larger picture of love and intelligence.
For now few realize the bars of the prison can be walked through. It is not easy to take the road to walk away from what one has come to call home. There is a great loneliness that can come with knowing more than your fellows. There is little language available to you to describe the truths that one comes to know outside of the prison walls. With little language to describe other realities, attempts to describe those realities to others can sound stupid or ridiculous. Many have been said to have “lost their minds” in their attempts to widen the world by stepping out of the prison. You have heard the parable of the blind men describing what an elephant is like. The first feels the elephant’s side and says an elephant is like a wall. The second blind man feels the elephant’s tusk, and says the elephant is like a spear. The third blind man approaches the elephant and feels the trunk, and says the elephant is very much like a snake. The forth blind man reaches out and feels a leg and decides that the elephant is like a tree. The fifth blind man feels the ear, and decides the elephant is like a fan. The sixth blind man feels the tail and says the elephant is like a rope. The blind men then go on to argue about the nature of the elephant.
These blind men are very much like those who attempt to go outside of what has come to be accepted as normal reality. And of course the story was written as an allegory of theologians arguing about the nature of Reality or God. If the blind men decided to approach the elephant again and again instead of arguing, simply shared their impressions, kept exploring, perhaps progress and mutual understanding might approach.
One bar of humankind’s prison is the belief that a person must find authorities on the nature of reality to find out what reality is. You read ancient texts from long ago to find out what is true about God. You are told you need experts. Who said they were expert? When you rely on experts you are denying your abilities to penetrate through the corral. Many of your experts keep that corral in place nicely. You read about the reality of the world by going to ancient texts, or by asking your best scientists. Did you ever consider closing your eyes and consulting those who work as the hands of God, by asking them to show you what “it is all about”?
There are many pieces to the puzzle. You will learn in ways you have never thought possible. Some of your first impressions will be so strong that you will come to lean on them, sometimes heavily at first. Just like the blind men and the elephant you will have a feeling of certainty about a wall, or a snake or a fan. When one of your fellow voyagers says “rope”, you may feel he is denying your truth, or that perhaps what you perceived wasn’t quite right. We Hathors ask you to merely explore, and do not think one impression cancels the other out. We Hathors ask you to think of yourselves as explorers with a lot to learn. Allow yourself to experience without immediately dropping your new knowledge into tight, hard and fast maps or belief systems. Remember that each blind man had correct perceptions. There did not need to be any real argument. Explore your reality. Going within is the key to new perceptions.
We encourage you to find open-minded explorers with whom you feel comfortable. When your explore reality, you are exploring the nature of God. Reality is not simple; it is enormously complex. Try not to discount what others experience as they describe it to you. Perhaps their impressions do not seem quite right to you, but you must remember you are very different types of beings living together on one planet in one kind of body, human—for now, at least. Remember that some of the ideas that at first seem abrasive to you may have riches of understanding for you to explore. We tell you that the pieces of the puzzle will all come to you when you are ready for them. You are being given all the hints you need. The clues will arrive in your life, sometimes in the most mundane ways. Keep your eyes open. Know what questions you are asking and remember what they are.
Find your group of fellow explorers and lead one another on adventures by guided meditations. How do you do this? Well, perhaps each of you will have one question about reality that you really want answered. These are always good questions, for the drive and fire is already there within to launch in the right direction. Perhaps each time you gather together, one of these driving questions will be asked. Have everyone close their eyes and ask for Divine protection for your group. Then see that Divine Protection around everyone, a lovely light coming down. Have the group connect the Mother/Father energies and ask for Divine guidance for your journey. Then restate the question, and ask the group to move with the Divine Guide the Mother/Father sends. The question will be answered, and perhaps in ways you will find amazing!!!
When you are done with your journey, come back and share with one another. You may feel as the blind men at first. Do not let this disturb you. Look for similarities and wonder about disparities. Don’t argue about them—speculate!!! Imagine!!! Free yourself of old concepts. Loosen the ropes enough so new configurations of understanding may form in your mind. Look for doorways!!!
By doing such meditations you will be bending the bars on the prison and allowing a flow that can help you reconfigure your reality. You will begin to see the bars that hold you within the corral. At least horses see the corral. For most of humanity this is not so. They believe in a limited world with limited solutions. So much is discarded as impossible that few options are left, and so little it seems can be done. This is not a true reality. It is limited, confined and distorted.
The time has come to change all of this. New energies are storming the doors of the prison. How much of the prison will need to be torn down before the prisoners realize they can walk free? How many will see all the bars have fallen down but be afraid to walk out? When all that is familiar falls away, it can take great courage to go forward. The old familiar symbols of comfort and safety may disappear. “I need something to hold onto!” That is why your heart is inside your chest!!! All that you need is within it. Trust your hearts. Allow them to open. Disperse those clouds.
You have heard the phrase, “Space, the final frontier”. There are more frontiers for all of you than you can imagine. You are barely into the first frontier if you’d like to use a mathematical approach to the question. Even the Earth is barely explored—even on your level!!! Such is the blindness of the prison. Ask yourself if you want to be free!!! Knocking down the walls of the prison might be quite a lot of fun and very exciting!!! Put a crack in the wall so the light can get in!!! You can do it!!!
With Love and Song,
The Hathors

Your Spiritual Journey

You are children of the light who walk through the darkness. You walk so that you may understand yourselves. The darkness was chosen for a journey. You challenged yourselves, and this was the challenge: “I will walk as light into darkness and not forget that I am light. I will walk through the darkness as light and disperse the darkness and bring it to light, for the darkness is as an illusion.”--Christ
Everyone is on a Spiritual Journey. You are on a spiritual journey, a great adventure. A few people seem to remember this right from the beginning, and act in accordance with a sense of inner truth throughout their lives. Most of you have had some feeling that indeed life was a spiritual journey, but put “the notion” aside for a more “appropriate” moment. “Yes, I think that is true, and once I get my financial security figured out, find the right house and the right job, the right mate and get the details out of the way, then I’ll really focus on that.”
Often it is a life crisis that brings a change in such an outlook—the death of a loved one, the loss of a child or spouse, a life-threatening disease, utter hopelessness and depression. These situations often provoke one to begin to ask questions, to wonder if there isn’t more to life than what has been sought up to that time. When there seems to be no hope left and one is left empty from crying and exhausted from trying to understand what this life stuff is all about, that what the Sufi poet Rumi called the “Friend” is likely to appear. “God” or “the Light” or “Angels” or “Spirit Guides” or “Christ” has arrived. And sometimes, when a life crisis is severe enough, those who serve the Lovelight will “break” the law of freewill and intervene directly in a person’s life, even if they have not been called.
We of the Lovelight are often called because in a private moment of torment, a person will cry out for help to no one in particular. “Please, someone help me!” and so we may answer the call! It is too bad that so many require such dire circumstances to begin to want to connect with the Lovelight.

Tools for your Journey—Ask
To connect with the energies of the Friend, to receive help from the Lovelight, you must ask, you must give permission. Why?--because of the Gift of Freewill. God, The Friend, Source, gave us all Freewill. We may follow our own notions and experience the world in our own way. We may connect with the Friend to understand our journey, or we may insist on our ignorance of the Friend and try to use only our own resources to accomplish the Journey alone. The interesting part of this is that the Friend does not see you as separate from the Friend. The Friend sees you as the Friend in Human form. The Friend looks forward to the day that you remember you are the Friend and join energies together with the Friend again. That will be a joyous day. In every moment the Friend, the Lovelight watches you and wonders when you will join again in communion with the Lovelight, for you are Lovelight, you are made of Lovelight, and that is your “many mansions”, your home. The process of this realization that you are a part of the Friend is called enlightenment—becoming filled with light. This light is very real. It is not a theory. You do not have to have a near death experience to see and feel it. You can see it and feel it, but you must ask!
How to Ask
There are many ways to ask to connect with the Friend as there are people. Our most simple suggestion is this: sit down, close your eyes and imagine that the Friend is in your heart. Then say, “Friend, I know you are in my heart, and I know you are listening. I wish to become one with you again. Please help me do this.”
Of course we all have a lot of questions we would like to ask the Friend. “How am I going to pay the bills this month?” “Why does this life have to be so difficult?” Endless are the questions this life presents to you. The Friend will answer all these questions, though it is unlikely you will receive them in an order or manner that you expect. As you absorb more and more light from the Friend, the more you unite with the Friend, the more you know you are the Friend. This happens in stages and often it is your questioning that leads you to your own answers, the answers that are yours and given by you to you as your true self emerges as The Friend.
Ask for Lovelight everyday. Ask many times everyday. Ask to merge with the Lovelight. Tell the Friend you want to know who you really are, that you wish to experience your true self, your true beingness. Ask that that which is not truly you be removed from you. Ask that the judgments that have been made against you by others be removed. Forgive them for making judgments. Ask that the judgments against you by yourself be removed, so you may see and feel yourself more clearly.
You are not who you think you are!!! You must begin to truly believe this. The bindings of self-judgment and self-definitions blind you to who you truly are. It is impossible to do this without the help of the Friend.
Remember!!!--“You are children of the light who walk through the darkness”. You walk thusly to understand yourselves. The darkness was chosen for a journey. You challenged yourselves, and this was the challenge: “I will walk as light into darkness and not forget that I am light.”
You are Psychic
You are psychic. It is as simple as that. We will define Psychic: The ability to see and know what most people ignore and refuse to see.
The Friend knows all parts of itself as itself. It does not look at you and think, “Oh, there is someone else.” It looks and says, “there I am as Mary,” or, “there I am a Pete, or there I am as Spot the Dog.”
Each person is a part of the Friend. As a person remembers he is part of the friend, he then remembers each part of the friend is also himself. He then knows all about that which is Lovelight.
We Hathors often tell our human friends, “We see you as part of us, as one with us--why don’t you see the same?”
When the ancient Mayans looked upon another they would say, “You are another Myself.” Christ said to treat you neighbors as you would yourself. This is because he knew that all are one in the Body of the Friend. Your neighbors are yourself—literally, for they are a part of the body of God, the Friend.
The Love of the One, the Friend, the Lovelight, awakens in you as you accept the Lovelight and know it as yourself. There is permission involved here. If you have placed judgments against yourself that are not truly of God, the Friend, then you have blocked the acceptance of your true identify as Lovelight, One with God. Your judgments against yourself block the light because you hold a definition of yourself as distinct from the true nature of the Friend. No judgment is held against you as being unworthy; you simply are not defining yourself in harmony with the nature of the Friend which loves.
The Friend does not forgive you. It does not need to forgive you, for it has never laid judgment against you, for judgment is not of its nature, nor is it your true nature. The Friends’ nature is that of Love and the Friend does not withhold love. The Friend loves all that is within it, for love is its essence.
Forgiveness comes from you!!! Forgive yourself and others!!!
Forgive yourself and forgive others in all situations. Allowing your judgments release clears the way for your uniting with the Friend, the Lovelight. Forgive everyone for anything they have ever done to you. You do not need the forgiveness of others if they are unwilling to give it or are unavailable to you. Yet you need to forgive them and yourself in all situations, past and present, always. You need to really forgive them and this can be tricky. Ask the Friend for help when forgiving. “Friend, I need to forgive this person for…., and I need to really forgive them, not just say the words. Please help my heart clear this old garment from my being so that I may see again.”
The judgments and actions made against others and yourself stay with you until you forgive others and release them. This is Karma. What is called negative Karma is merely the energy of unforgiven actions due to judgments that are not true to the nature of the Friend. The bound energy of unforgiven actions is darkness that blocks the Friend’s Lovelight. The Lovelight is your true self, your true nature. It is your actions that block the Friend, not the other way around. The Friend hides from no one. Yet unkind actions and judgments block the Light the Friend wishes you to receive. People block themselves from the Friend, their true nature, for they have forgotten that they are the Friend.
“I will walk as light into darkness and not forget that I am light.”
Most of you forgot. Begin to remind yourself every day that you are the Friend, that you are a part of the body of God.

Evil as the Result of the Gift of Free Will
Evil is a result of the Gift of Free Will. You were created each unique by the energies of the Friend, the Lovelight. Many individual identities exist within the One Lovelight, the Friend. There are indeed Angels. There are indeed demons. All exist within the Friend as do you.
Yet, as Christ said, “…darkness is as an illusion.” People experience evil and experience it as being very real. Its actions cause people great spiritual and bodily harm, for you exist on earth in a “half-light” realm where evil as denial of the truth may exist in a temporal manner. Evil is the denial of the truth of the true nature of the Friend.
Demons are incomplete creations. They are created by beings in denial of the true nature of the Friend. As such they are not real, but are as an illusion. Fallen angels, angels in denial of the Friend, have created demons, and humans too have created demons. How are they, “as an illusion?” They do not have an eternal soul, for they were created by the will of entities with Free Will, yet not in alignment with the true nature of the Friend. They are not viable in the full light of the Friend. They are viable only in the realms of partial denial of the Lovelight, realms of partial light. Demons exist in the darkness of denial of the Friend. Demons cease existence when their “creators” forgive themselves and others and return to the truth of the Lovelight. In a realm brought to full light, these partial entities cease to exist.
In the true Lovelight of the Friend, you too will look and feel quite changed. Your actions past and present have blocked your true nature, and so you see distortion in the mirror of your mind and body. You have illusions or delusions of your true nature.
Your world has been misshapen by the action of denial of the Lovelight, of the Friend. It may be said accurately that you live on “False Earth”. As “bad” Karma--denial of the true nature of the Friend--is released, the Lovelight will increase upon Earth and transform your reality.
Many people believe that your realm is one intrinsically of good and evil, that there is a natural balance that is required for existence—good and evil. This is not true. As Christ said, the reason you are here is to “…walk through the darkness as light and disperse the darkness and bring it to light…” You long ago chose to be redeemers. You chose to be born and then remember who you really are--One in the full Lovelight of the Friend. Anyone who does this increases the Lovelight on Earth and changes the entire world. When many of you accomplish this you will experience the “Heaven on Earth” spoken of in many legends as Earth’s destiny.
Indeed there is a balance of two primary energies in the Friend or Lovelight. These may
be expressed in their primary state as Divine Mother and Divine Father. Both of these energies are Divine and absent of evil in their true state. In a full-light realm these two energies are perfectly balanced and available for full expression. The two allow and provide for the expression of infinite expression. You know of the miracle of the birth of a child when man and woman come together!!! All creativity is a combination of these two energies.
In a full-light realm, free will provides a playground to experience infinite combinations of form and expression without denial of the Friend. No separation from the Friend exists. Instead the full light of infinite possibility is experienced as an endless joy of playing creatively in the full power of self and other in the Sea of Energy, which is the Friend.
In a full-light realm The Divine Father and Mother Energies are available to all as a palate of color and expression beyond our ability to describe; it is what you will come to experience.
The Divine Mother and Father give freely to all their energies for the birthing of form and flow for joyous play in “the Fields of the Lord”--the One. In a full-light realm evil is balanced by its absence. Its absence is noted as an inert non-existence, and may be seen psychically and metaphorically as a black hole. It is that which is not chosen in a full-light realm—a non-energy. The black hole may be seen as a monument to that which was not chosen.
Lost Sheep
More than likely this is not the first time you have lived here on the planet Earth. Your purpose is to “walk through the darkness as light and disperse the darkness and bring it to light”. You likely came here many many lifetimes ago. The purpose of every life you have had on the planet was the same--to redeem the world to full light. You may continue to return until this is accomplished, or continue such work on another Earth until you piece the puzzle together.
In each life you came through the “Veil of Forgetting”. This “veil” exists. The term “Veil of Forgetting” refers to the nature of the world as half-light. You come from the full light of the Friend. Your true nature is that of the Friend—full of light and full of love. We Hathors agreed to come to this realm to help return those who have forgotten themselves and those whom have chosen Denial of the true nature of the Friend, the true nature of themselves. This Denial left the Earth as you know it is half light; you are born into it forgetting your full light nature. You are born into a world that by Denial of the Friend is full of ignorance of the Friends’ nature which is your own.
Often people marvel over the innocence of newborns. You marvel so because these newborn innocents remind you of who and what you are truly. Yet it is not long before these young ones are educated into their new existence of half light, raised and taught by those who have forgotten that truth which they see intrinsic in babes. You teach them what you know, which is not enough for them to maintain their knowledge of full light. They are born into a dark realm, a realm of half light, just as you were.
More often than not, you heroes who incarnated in order to bring the half-light realm to full light, quickly become karmically entangled in the world. You attended school before you first incarnated, and were told how difficult it was to deal with the complications of a half-light realm. These warnings however are very hard to understand from a full light realm unless you have previously experienced such. The innocence, exuberance and optimism of full-light existence naturally precludes the “gravity” of the warnings of teachers on higher levels as to the difficulty of a fleshly embodiment in a half-light realm. You may be assured, that no matter what condition you now find yourself, you were likely wildly enthusiastic about the prospects of your current incarnation.
It was with boundless enthusiasm that you imagined bringing your knowledge of the Lovelight into the world. You saw those who had forgotten, and from above it was with great compassion you imagined yourselves bringing that light into the world to alleviate the suffering of those lost in the wilderness of shadow.
Imagine what you might teach such souls before they set forth toward birth on your earth plane. What would you tell them, those who had never had an unkind word said to them? How would you prepare them so that they might survive the slings and arrows of this half-light world? How might they incarnate and not want to retaliate against those that harm them? How might they feel fully loved when those around them do not love? What would you say to those who had never felt the pain of being disconnected to the loving joy of the Friend?
You might take a few moments to sit down and make a list of instructions for such a group. When you are done, tape the list up in your home and know that you are your own teacher now. This list will help you remember that indeed you that were once in a class where you received such instruction. This exercise will help your remembrance in many ways and bring forward that knowingness, that feeling that exists inside of each of you as to your true nature as the Friend.
And Lost For So Long!
You are not darkness. You are Lovelight. This is your true nature. Apply this to yourself. Say to yourself, I am only Lovelight. Allow for inner responses that come forth when saying this to yourself. Tell yourself you are as holy and as full of light as Christ, or Buddha, or whoever it is that for you is truly beloved and holy. Listen for responses that come from within when you state this to yourself.
If you listen carefully you will feel many responses from within such as: “Oh, I could never be as holy as that!” Listen as your self-judgments begin to express themselves. These expressions are the garments, the dark cloaks that cover the truth or who you are. They block the Sun from your Heart. You are the Lovelight, one in the friend. You have taken these expressions as truth. “Yes, but once I slept with my best friends wife,” or “Yes, but once I stole…” or “But I was a soldier and killed…”
You can know all the things you have done that are out of alignment by this “simple” exercise. These “things” must be felt or seen and then transmuted by the acceptance of the Lovelight. It is important to know that these things are not of your true nature, for you are Lovelight. You need to forgive yourself. You have judged yourself. The essence of judgment is this—“I am bad. I am bad and not like the Lovelight, the Friend, because of these things I have done. These things have proved that I am dark and undeserving.”
You have identified these actions as being part of yourself. These actions were not true to yourself, but they do not define you, for you are One with the Lovelight. This is your true nature. Perhaps these judgments you have made against yourself are correctly identified as not being in line with the nature of the Friend. What is often most forgotten however is that your true nature is that of the Friend. By identifying these actions as essential characteristics of your character, your being, you misunderstand the nature of the Friend which is your nature.
The Friend does not judge you. You have judged yourself and by doing so misidentified the nature of the Lovelight. It is necessary to remove these garments of darkness from that which you identify as Self. They are not true to the nature of your Soul. They are not you! They are something you experienced. You are not your experience; you are a being created out of Lovelight. These garments are the Lies. They tell you that you are something which you are not. They blind you to your true self, the Lovelight. These judgments hide from you the nature of your true inheritance. These judgments maintain guilt. Guilt points out the areas of needed forgiveness of self.
Karma is simply a mechanism that brings you lessons you need to learn, to remember. If you cause suffering and harm to others, and do not at the time recognize and forgive yourselves and others for the suffering and harm caused, you will at some time experience that which you did not understand through compassion and love. You will have the opportunity to experience that which you failed to understand. It is the way you may experience the fruits of your actions and understand how your actions affect others.
People often experience the same lesson over and over again. These are the lessons where denial is deepest, where the garments of the lies applied as defining of your essential nature are of unfortunately sturdy fabric.
Karma is not punishment. Karma is the consciousness of this system, this universe as it attempts to balance itself in the face of severe imbalances in consciousness. The imbalances quite simply put, are misinterpretations and ignorance of the Friends’ true nature. Without this balancing system that is called karma, this “false earth” system would energetically spin out of control and destroy itself. Even with the balancing of Karma, systems have spun out of control and destroyed themselves as a result of severe energetic imbalances. In other words, the actions transpiring within the system were so far from alignment with the nature of the Friend that they ceased to exist. This again is the black hole, both metaphorically and as a reality of non-reality.
If You Want to Change the World, Change Yourself
Karma is a safety mechanism. It is as natural as water seeking its own level. It gives you balance and the hope of actively helping this realm come back to full light, as it was created. By clearing yourself you help true the world. By forgiving yourself for judging yourself you help create world stability. We are all One in the Friend. The world is One in the Friend. All is the Friend. Simply by beginning to recognize this as the truth, the world comes more into balance. Believing something to be true which is not true changes the physical world too. The physical world reflects the beliefs of humans accurately.
For instance, the Mother Energies of Earth have not been properly honored for a very long time. This has the caused the deterioration of your environment. The Father energies also have not been properly honored for a long time. The rape of your environment by the creative Father energies is a distortion of the true nature of Father Energies. True Father Energies nurture together with the Mother Energies that which is created by their union.
The over-emphasis of Father Energies and their use for domination by separation from the Mother has violated the true nature of the Divine, The Friend. The result is the Wasteland.
Every human incarnated upon this Earth is composed of both Mother and Father energies. Most entities embodied upon earth at this time have been both man and woman many times. This was chosen. Each entity gave itself to create and emphasize alternately both mother and father energies. This was chosen in anticipation of great joy and creation. It was an opportunity to experience other as self. It was an opportunity to put on costumes and enjoy a wonderful play of joyful energies. In Woman, Man has the opportunity to find the woman both in and outside of himself. In man, Woman was giving herself the experience to see the Man inside of herself outside herself. It is a great creative game of experience of the One, the Friend. The Friend is both Male and Female and neither.
The physical world reflects the beliefs of Humankind accurately, not the reverse. The reverse, that the physical world reflects immovable laws of the universe is the basis of your modern science. It is a science based on illusions of half-light and so is half true. It is built upon testing the elements of a half-light realm for immovable truths. The paradigms of this science change over time, showing an unnerving mutability. What was once seen as true falls away under scrutiny. Newtonian physics works well for most physical applications, but is known to be essentially flawed in terms of other half-light theories.
Unmovable essential truths will not be reflected in your environment until you come back to the true light of the Friend, the ever-changing unchangeable. As the lies of self-definition and self judgment give way to the Lovelight, all will be transformed and your environment will show itself in its truth. What you now perceive as earth will be as different as can be imagined, and joy will again flow upon what was once the Wasteland.
The Hathors
We sing songs of Love with Christ as one of his associated energies. These songs have the power to change. The songs are composed of the vibrations of the intelligence of The One.
You are in the body of the one, The Friend. In fact, as we have said, you are the Friend, the One. The Universe and more is contained in you as you are contained in the One. We do not wish to confuse you, yet it is important to begin to feel the Mystery of the One, and to feel how your language does not have the ability to convey this truth to you. You must begin to stretch old concepts until they break open into new ways of seeing. That is how the Light gets in!!! Break those old bottles open and release the Genie inside of them! We insist!
It is in the power of the “little puny individual human” to change this planet.
Why look at what Christ did! He realized the One in himself and changed the whole world! What might happen if two of you did that--or three, or four, or a thousand or a million! This is entirely possible. We can hear a lot of you now thinking, “Yeah, and I can be like Christ.” You were created by the Friend as Lovelight. We remind you.
We Hathors love laughter and jokes. Kind jokes! Laughter lifts you like a song does. These are powerful tools, and we encourage all of you to sing and laugh and play a lot. Heavy moods produce heavy thoughts. Maybe the thoughts seem to be true to you. So what? There is no need to lie down in a sewer just because you think you see one! No need to take a bath in such energy!! Instead laugh at it and go to lightness.
It is hard to imagine being light when everything feels heavy to you. But we want you to know you can do it!! You can!!! As you read our words we will sing to you if you like. It will be fun to hear our tones mixing together!!! Lovelight is an endless stream of love that flows in to each of you!!! Feel for it and know it is yours.
We Hathors love each and every one of you!!! If you wish us to sing to you while you read this book, just ask. We will sing in information that is important to you. We will sing in secrets you have kept from yourself. We will sing you along your path back to the Friend. We will sing in joy and laughter, but only if you ask. We respect free will. We are one in Christ, one in Buddha, One with the Mother, One with the Father, and One in the Endless Mystery that is the One.
Joseph wishes to title the next section, ‘Pealing the Onion’. It brings tears to our eyes!!!! We like the ball of yarn analogy better. You find the end and pull. Sometimes it is a little hard to find that end. So maybe ‘layers of clothing’ is a better analogy. Analogy for what, you ask? Well there’s the title to this section! Where is my underwear? Where is my hat? What are the Hathors talking about now?
Finding Your True Self!!!
Who are you anyway? Have you been searching for the answer to that for a long time now? You have all the answers, and we are not joking!!! Have you noticed we Hathors like lots of exclamation marks? We wish this writing business was more musical, so at least we can pretend to be shouting and cheering.
Joseph likes the crying onion analogy to the uncloaking of the self because he has felt so much pain in it of late. You might say he is in the Chopping Onions phase of the journey back. We hear the song of his sorrows. We hear the beauty in it. He has been singing the song of unexpressed Love. Many of you hear such beauty in a sad love song, or the Blues. In the half light realm love is often seen as fleeting. You find little bits of love along your path, and they seem so rare to you that you cling to them.
Angry songs too sing of the loss of love. Think about it!!! People kill other people for the love they are looking for, and the love they feel they have lost. This is an extreme distortion that occurs in the half light realm. What are the Hathors talking about now?
The Path Back
The Path Back!!! The Great Work!!! The Onion Pealing!!! Taking off the clothes that are not yours??? What is under all that cloaking??? Who are you when you are naked??? No not that kind of naked, but that is fine too!!! Don’t take that last piece of clothing off, don’t take that underwear off—you might find God!!!
The journey back to the One, the Friend, is, ok, we admit it, sometimes a bit like pealing an onion. We mean no insult to onions, however!!! It is a road of discovery. It is a road strewn with mishaps and misunderstandings and confusion. What do you expect? You have spent lots of lifetimes lost in darkness. You saw so much darkness you thought it was part of you and still do!!!!
We say it once and sing it a thousand times and more—You are not darkness!!! You are composed of the Lovelight of the One—Period. Tell yourself this and listen for the part of “you” that argues with this statement. Then reach in and tug on that piece as if a string, then hold it up and see what it is connected to. You may find it is connected to many things—judgments, loss, sorrow, anger. Close your eyes and with your imagination create the symbols that this bit of thread represents. Ask for help doing this!! Ask Christ or the Angels or whoever it is for you best represents the Lovelight.
Denied Love turns to darkness. Darkness is congealed energy. It seeks release, not integration, for it is not you. It is what you have held for one reason or another.
There is truly no loss ever. We do not ask you to believe this from your perspective right now. We only ask that you begin to think about it. You grasp for love and hold it tightly believing you must, because you see and feel so little of it. You have forgotten that you are made of love. How could you feel the lack of it then? This is a good question to ponder. If you ask honestly enough, it will expose another end of thread or yarn sticking out of the ball of yarn you think to be you. You are not your experiences. You are eternal Lovelight singing a song of Love in an endless Sea of Love that you do not see!!!
You would not have to seek out Love if you had pealed off all the layers and found the fountain of light that you are. Imagine yourself now floating in a bath of love. You floated in a bath of love before you were born into this world. Your mother’s amniotic fluid is your levels expression of Divine truth. Close your eyes and imagine floating in a sea of Divine Light. You are held there in warmth and Love and kindness. You feel as though there is no beginning or end of the “you” in “it”. Try this. It will help bring you to yourself. Perhaps you might call this “just” imagination. How do you think the world and the universe and everything in it was created? The Song of the Lovelight singing in imagination created All.
Imagination is much discounted in your half light world. “Oh, that’s just your imagination” is a very common expression. Why do you think your world is of half light? Imagination is power, creative power. Yet if you follow this dictum, “It is only your imagination”, then were is your power?
“Magical thinking” your scholarly types like to call it. We tell you this truly, the Earth was created by “magical thinking”, by listening and interpreting the intention of the songs of the Friend, the One, heard while basking in the flow of the eternal Lovelight, the River of God.
The poverty of imagination shows itself in the world you perceive around you. There is far more Lovelight in the world than you now imagine. Imagine more and you will begin to see it. Your realization of it brings it into manifestation. You are all capable of talking to the birds and hearing what they have to say. But instead you think, “Oh they are just dumb birds with a tiny little brain and have nothing in their heads but feathers.”
By imagining you can talk to birds and hear their answers you will begin to step into a “magical” world that brings you back to yourself and literally to your senses. After some practice at this imaginary game a sense of its reality will begin to come to you about it, because the what the birds tell you you will find to be true. This may trouble your sense of being sensible. You will likely not wish to tell your friends, “You know, I talked to the birds today and they told me it would be good for me to stay home and relax rather than go to work.” Why??? Well, you know why. They will think you are kind of getting “crazy”. So call on us, or Christ, or the Angels, your other “imaginary” friends and we will buck you up and sing you an imaginary song!!! (Laughter)
Your imagination is your vehicle to bringing Love back into this world of yours. It is your work!!! Believe in your imagination. Create!!!
Almost all of you know some one who you can tell your secrets to. You know--the secrets about what the birds say to you. If you don’t have such a friend, imagine one and ask the Lovelight to bring this friend to you. This is a good exercise!!! When this friend appears it will be as a signal that says, “You see, it was just your imagination!!!”
There is a world close to you where all the shadows are pastel and love. The vibrant shadows inform those who cast them of places and events and beings with whom they are unfamiliar. The shadows are made of light and are friends. They whisper of new adventures and send you along your path with joy.
The shadows of your world are not so kind for you have denied Love for so long. The shadows lost their voices to you long ago. Yet they are packed with energy that yearns for release.
The men in your culture carry, in general, far more tears than the women. The women cry over mens actions because they do not cry themselves. And the not crying causes the men to do many things that make the women cry more. When women felt they could not cry for you anymore because the pain caused by men was just too much, many decided to become more like men. The pain they felt was too much, and so denial of love and feeling--the feminine--was seen to be the path of least resistance.
Women began to see their Love as a weakness which impearled them before men. They saw that men appeared to be making all the rules and had all the power. They learned from the men that the way to power was by denying Love. They came to believe that the way for women to become powerful was to become warriors too. To kill life instead of creating was the way to power. This is the road to the Black Hole. When the final warrior kills the last living thing, all the power of nothing is his, and he or she turns into a Black Hole—literally. This is the power of nothing. This is the power of complete denial of Love, of true creativity. For when all of the Lovelight is denied, a world, a universe, turns in upon itself and is recycled in the great One. This has happened before.
The dark shadows you see or feel in yourself need to be seen. There is plenty of help to do this once you have decided to do your part in bringing the world back to Lovelight. If that is your intension, then for you it will be so. You will find yourself in a world of love, for it is of your choosing. We said before, all the universe and more is within you and you are within it. You are the Lovelight. This book is about the process of bringing the world back to the Lovelight and how each one of you with the whole universe inside of you has the power to do this. You are the power of God!!! Imagine that!!! Then imagine it again!!! Amen.

Your Creation
You were sung into Creation by the Friend in Love. This is who you are, Lovelight in form. Your first form is your true form. These forms are many and are reflected in the physical world around you. No one form is better than another, for all were indeed divinely created. All are the Body of the Friend.
Some of you have played a game when you were children. “If Connie or Henry were an animal, what kind of animal would he be?” This is not such a childish game as you would imagine. Very few of you were human first. Seventeen percent of you were created in human form. These are largely young souls, freshly sung, who were intended to be the human caretakers of the Planet Earth. Other original humanoids are indeed residing amongst you, though their true type is somewhat different. They come from other homes.
There are indeed humans around you that are Dogs and Birds and Dragons and Cats and Snails and Horses and Pigs, and the list goes on. On other levels than yours these forms appear quite differently than they do on earth. The attributes you have, for instance, placed on pigs is very much a judgment of piggy-ness that has very negative connotations for you. The Pig is a very divine animal and a divine form of beingness with a beauty you generally fail to perceive. Many of you have seen the beauty of pigs. The Pig form is very much close and loved by the Great Mother. The Pig holds the beauty of the Soul, and so Your Soul in your level or density or dimension. The Pig expresses a love of the Earth that often offends those who see the flesh as a sin. The Pig rolls in the mud, grows beautifully round and fat and indulges in sensuality that has been judged sinful by many. Humans see themselves reflected very strongly in the pig, and so to many it has a bad name!!! This is one of the ways humans judge themselves, by judging form in Creation. The Pig honors that which has been largely rejected by humankind and holds energy values on earth that would be lost to you were they not with your. The Pig honors attributes many humans have denied in themselves and judged as unacceptable. The Pigs hold this energy for you and wonder when you will take some of it back. Honor the Pig! (Laughter)
We Hathors see all of you from a much wider perspective than you perceive in each other. We hear the Songs you do not hear, the songs of your being-ness. These Songs of your being-ness are of exquisite beauty. We see the light vibrating off of you in color and sound and pattern. If you might only begin to see a little of what we see in the Pig, your jaw would drop in amazement.
We know these ideas are strange to many of you, yet they are true. Few of you will want to say, “I think my original form is Pig!” Many other forms have been judged against by your cultures. “Dumb as an Ox”. We laugh merrily at this expression. If you only would allow yourselves to see the brilliance of an ox, how astounded you would be!
Humans have a very low opinion of animals and a very inflated opinion of their own intelligence. Humans have denied most of their “native” intelligence, so how is it possible to be so smart? Without the creatures of Your World you would cease to exist upon the body of the Mother. Each creature holds an energy upon the body of the Mother that holds your world together. You are all energetic links that ground Divine energy into the Planet. You have placed a great burden upon the animals of earth, for Humankind has largely reneged on Your Agreement to help the animals ground divine energies from the above, from the stars, from the Central Sun, or what the Ancients called the Sun behind all Suns.
If you think an ox or a horse or a dog is dumb, then we can only say that you are reflecting your own ignorance upon them. Your understanding of intelligence is severely limited. This lack of understanding impoverishes you and in result impoverishes your world.
Think on this please, and do so with good humor. Your Mother’s being type may be Pig, your Father a Dog, and you may be a Snail. If for a moment you may indulge us and consider this to be true, if only hypothetically, then you will see that a Snail incarnated as a human has as much expression of intelligence as you do. This is merely an expression of Pig through human form. It is the form that holds the mode of expression. If you insist that humans are really superior, we will then at least say that some of your genetic inheritance came from a Pig and a Dog, which helped you reach such supernal heights!!!
As Hathors, we reside on a different level than you. We reside on a level similar to your Angels. We say similar, because we may be neighbors, but we all have our own vibrational qualities which differentiate us. This is similar to your own neighbors. You would say they live in the same world as you, yet in a way you know you all operate on different levels. You know that your neighbors are in some kind of way in a different world.
You who are familiar with a few Angels know that they exude different energies—they feel individually different when they come to visit you. One is not better than another, but they are different, wonderfully so! They represent different qualities of the Body of the Friend. You are a part of that Body and so are we Hathors, and so are all the Animals.
So, we hypothetically consider ourselves Snails for a moment. On the shell of the Snail is the spiral, the flying song of all creation. Look to the heavens and see all the spirals. Your DNA is a spiral, that caduceus that expresses all form. A Snail has DNA and so do you. The snail is so slow? When you apprehend a snail in its slowness crawling across your garden, does this visual image come to you slowly? Perhaps the snail is holding still to tell you a truth about the world around you, about the Body of the Mother, the Body of the Friend. Your perception of the Snail comes to you like lightening, and yet you think of what you see as slow. It was not there yesterday and will likely be gone tomorrow, or gone if your attention strays. Why would you grant these attributes of perception, of speed, only to your own perception and not to the Snail? In this you chop your perceptions into little pieces and devalue what the Snail may be able to tell you about yourself as a part of the Friend. The snail entered your mind like lightening. How did she get there so fast if the snail is so slow?
On our level the snail moves like lightening indeed. The Snail is a burrower through different realities, a portal maker, a road blazer. The Snail is a spiral of light, so fast in its light song that it can barely be seen.
If you do not believe this, we offer a suggestion. The next time you see a snail in your garden, before you squash it, have a sit-down. Look carefully at the snail and his shell. See how vulnerable the snail is to your overwhelming size. See how sensitive its body is. Look behind the Snail. Do you see that sparkly trail it leaves behind itself? You see, even in your world the snail is giving you clues to who it is. The snail you see is directly connected to what some of you might call its oversoul or higher-self. There is a part of that snail that is navigating through dimensions and worlds you can only dream or meditate of. The snails arrived in your world in exactly this way. They portaled in; they burrowed in. The snails are great road makers. Now look at the shell of the snail and ask the snail kingdom to show you a road that might be good for you to see. Ask your guardian Angel to be with you when you do this. Then imagine yourself spiraling along the snails’ shell-spiral. Look hard at the Snail’s shell and imagine spiraling in and then close your eyes and fly inward.
This is some of the truth about Snails. They have great intelligence. You do not know it because you have limited your ideas on just about everything. This is Denial. The snail’s intelligence is also your own. How is this so? It is a part of the Body of God. Look at the anatomy of the ear. You have a snail intelligence on both sides of you head. Sound spirals into you. What would you do without the attributes of the Snail? The Snail embodies the intelligence of the Spiral. There is no part of the human body that does not have analogous expression in the “animals” of original form. You are in a body that expresses all the Animals. If you do not honor the animals you do not honor yourself.
Plants are of incredible wisdom. Do you think wisdom can be separate from intelligence? You eat plants everyday, yet most of you think them stupid. We will tell you this—if you think your food is stupid, you will not gain the wisdom inherent in your food. If you truly felt the intelligence in the food you eat, you would be far wiser and intelligent that you currently are. Many of you or your near ancestors spoke a blessing before consuming a meal. It went something like this, “Oh Father, thank you for this blessing we are about to receive…” The true understanding of this type of blessing has been generally forgotten. All of your foods are Lovelight. We repeat—all of them, without exception. Yet this is for you to recognize. Perhaps you are French and are eating a snail or a frog. We have already spoken of the snail and its qualities. In honoring the food you eat you would, in an ideal state of understanding, see that you are consuming information; you would see and know that the information you are consuming is a blessing from the body of the Friend reminding you of who you are and opening you up to portals of information that are trying to reach you.
We do not wish to further the food guilt that many in your culture are currently experiencing. The first step out of this guilt is to listen to the blessings that come from your food, and know there are messages in your food that resonate with intelligence centers in your body. See and feel that a “magical” connection will occur each time you eat food. This is the basis of the blessing of thankfulness before a meal. This action will help you remember who you are and where you came from.
There is indeed a reason for food guilt for humans. You were meant to care for that which you now eat. Humans lost their connection in the web of life they were meant to harmonize. Eating is one of your connections back. The animals ask you to step back into your true place in the web of life on the planet. Traditions you see as primitive, such as thanking the Spirit of the animal that had sacrificed itself to the arrow or spear so that humans might eat, are far closer to the truth than your current ideas allow. Indeed the deer or antelope or buffalo did and does offer itself up to humankind. It does so with the very deep internal knowing that one day humankind will remember its place in the web of life and balance the spirits of the world into one Eden again.
“Trees are just a stupid plant that grows taller than the rest of them.” This statement might sum up many people’s attitudes toward trees. But think of this—Trees do not work in the way you think of it—as a hard and usually miserable grind. They do not have to run around to find food. They are fed by the Sun, the Father, and the Moon and the Earth, the Great Mother. How could this be stupid? You believe they are mute, but they are not.
Trees and the plant kingdom are fed much as you as humans once were, by the Divine Lovelight. Once upon a time food was received freely and never taken. In Eden, or Pan, none went hungry. The Plant kingdom has stayed closer to Pan than have you. Many of you yearn for open spaces. You yearn for a quiet place of your own, perhaps a place that is warm and there is a waterfall and trees and beauty that is all for you. A place where you can take off your clothes with no memory of shame and frolic and play without a thought of what the neighbors would say. And in truth, under all the layers of denial, your neighbors harbor the same dream.
Many of you lived in Pan, Pangea, Eden. We almost dare not tell you how wonderful Pan was. The world you live in today is what is left of Pan. Consider the last five hundred years and what has happened to your great forests. Who or what is it that allows this to continue and what will replace it? Your “civilization” is destroying what you long for. Who convinces you this is necessary? The arguments in favor of this are the energies of Denial.
Survival of the fittest is what you have come to believe. Your theories of evolution tell you humans evolved from the animals. Do you look to the animals to find out who you are? You find yourselves well reflected in the beliefs you have about the animal behaviors you see. You shake your heads and think of what “pigs” you are. The airy-fairy notions that reality may be different from this judgment are “for the birds”. Your laws become more “Draconian”, so as to protect yourselves from “the Wolves”. There are a lot of “Snakes” out there to trick you and so you better get a lot of Dogs to protect you, or you will “go to the Dogs”!!!
These are more than figures of speech. Your figures of speech reflect beliefs and judgments which you allow to have full body. “In the beginning was the Word.” We Hathors might say, “In the beginning was the Song.” From where we are now we hear the song of Pan being sung again. It is your future if you so choose.
You came into this world to Sing the Song of Pan again. You came to redeem that which is fallen. What does that mean? It means to hear the Song of the Beginning again, the song of true intent. This song, beautiful beyond imagining, is still being sung to you. It sings of who you are. It sings of your right place, right home, in creation. If you ask to hear this song you will. Many layers of misunderstanding must be washed away for you to hear it clearly. Yet there are times when you retreat to Nature and look upon the beauty of the Body of the Mother that you hear Her, and so yourself a bit better. You think of this as a retreat from the “Real World”. The opposite is true. You hear the echos of Pan in what you see left of the Beauty of the Mother’s Body.
What your Scientists do no seem to consider is that when Humankind sees evidence of “Survival of the Fittest” in the animal kingdom, he is seeing the reflections of his own beliefs and behaviors. The hearing of The Song has been lost to humans. Humans lost Right Place in Pan. God, the Friend, did indeed give humans “dominion” over the creatures of the earth. The truer meaning would be “Stewardship”, yet even this word does not cover the true intent we hope to pass on to you.
We will use an analogy more familiar to you, that of electrical circuitry. Imagine an immense circuit with so many wires that it is a swimming pool of spaghetti. All wires are connected to different parts of a vast machine which are made up of all the machines ever made. There is one part of this machine that held all of these wires in common, and all the small machines of this giant machine world are dependant upon this One Part that receives instruction from a light above. If this one part was to dysfunction, all parts would resonate to the change. All parts would function to a lesser value.
This One Part, as you may have guessed, is Humankind. Every part of the human has analogous “parts” in nature. Humankind is Pig and Goat and Fish and Bird. The condition of Humanity’s condition is reflected in what you call Nature, which is your Soul reflected back to you.
Outside of every big city in your country there is a Wasteland. Indeed most of the cities are Wastelands in and of themselves. If you are lucky you can live somewhere else, but still you travel, and it is just about impossible not to get a glimpse of the ghettos and industrial wastelands. These are the great scars on humanity’s soul. There is no place where this scar is not evident, even in your most “pristine” places. The scarring is ubiquitous. When you remember Pan you will know this to be true.
We do not mean to discourage you, but you need to know where you are in order to go forward, which is to bring the world back to Pan, to Eden. How can the Lion lay down with the Lamb? There is a way back and everyone can help this in a meaningful way!!! All is not lost; it just seems that way to you at times. Those pristine places are altars for you. They remind you of a greater reality that can be realized, brought back to Life and Love again. This message is in the Song that the Friend sings to you every day. This is your world to bring back. It can be done!!! Sing it all in!!!
Remembering Pan
We cannot really speak of Pan without speaking of Denial. Denial is the reason you do not remember Pan. Denial is the reason you cannot remember your past lives. In each life left by death, death is the marker of denial. A part of true self had been forgotten, denied. This is why so many of your traditions speak of enlightened ones transcending death. These enlightened ones remembered themselves completely and so did not meet with death. Death results when the Will is stymied and full expression of the Will is not possible without a change in circumstances and/or form. Part of the self is left in death so that other parts of the self may express. Ideally, this is not necessary.
There was no death in Pan. All beings in Pan knew they were part of the body of the Friend. They knew they had been sung to life by the Friend and so were like the friend—Eternal. Pan was beautiful beyond your imagining. Your fairy tales relate tidbits of what Pan was like. In Pan all spirits could change shape and form, and try out other forms. If your original form was Pig, you could change to a Fairy if you liked. You could try on forms that were different so you could appreciate the qualities of others, who you knew were eternal expressions of the qualities of the Friend.
In the beginning and for a very long time Pan was Heaven. No form was judged better than another, or more beautiful. The changing of form was a way of honoring other form and gave each being a chance to freely experience the Friend in the Friends’ multiplicity. Yet each being would naturally shift back to her original form, for that was the natural form of her creation. No form was judged against, for each being knew when he gazed upon another, they gazed upon the beauty of God.
We think many of you may be wondering by now, “What is my original Form?” This is a good thing to wonder about. We want to ask you, do you think you were a pig? Were you a Dragon? Were you a sloth? We wish to ask you this because there are inside of these questions the threads that will take you back to some of the first judgments against certain beings types, certain shapes of the body of God.
Many of you were Fairies, some Unicorns (though very few), some Pigs, Goats, Fish, Bulls and some even insectoid, very like the Praying Mantis. We wish you to think in your cultures’ most romantic sense of what you would most like to be if you were to live in a world like Pan. You see, in these choices, these attractions, you will find preferences beyond your love for your Original Form. It is natural to be attracted to your natural form, but it will be hard to be sure which your original form is if you hold prejudices about what is better. The word prejudices means pre-judged. These feelings are ancient ones that go all the way back to the time of Pan. These are fossils. And you thought there were no fossils that were that old! These judgments are all around you today!
Many of you will want to be Fairies or Elves, for these are forms that seem so romantic. “If Pigs could only fly!” you say! Well, in Pan they could. The seeds of the disintegration of Pan came in judgment against Form. To judge against form is to judge against the Friend. The Friend has no judgment against any of her Forms. All are Loved as part of the Body of One.
Seeds of Denial
The initial seeds of Denial came from outside of the system of this Universe. Pan was invaded, though to the beings there in Pan, they did not see this. We will not go too far into this part of the story of Earth, for the temptation is to then point a finger and say—you see—it is their fault. This too is denial and an abdication of power. We will say this though—the beings of Earth accepted denial from this outside influence. They took denial from others and kept it for themselves. This Denial blocked the Friend’s Light, and so began the dominoes to the Fall, the Wasteland.
We do not wish for you to wallow in sorrow over the loss of Pan, for it is yours to bring back! Compared to Pan, you do indeed live in a Wasteland, yet all the seeds of Pan are still within you. We encourage you to see the beauty that exists still in plenty in your world. By recognizing this beauty you encourage in the spirit of humankind and in the world the vibrations that need to be sung to enliven Pan again. Pet this beauty like you pet your pet!!! You know how lovely your pet feels when you pet it. Not only do you know your pet feels better, you too feel better. This is co-creation!!! You see, it is Pan that you now live in, yet it needs to be loved back into creation. You are the capacitors that can bring spirit and earth together again.
As Pan began to fall apart, the Denial of Form became gross. The Fairies thought themselves better and more beautiful than the Elves, and the Elves reflected this back to the Fairies. The Denials were abundant. No one knew who to blame as things grew worse, so everybody denied everybody, including themselves.
Each being type in Pan had abilities that complemented the abilities of other being types. Like the ecosystems that your biologists study today, each creature naturally did things in the environment that benefited others. But once the denial began, the Friend’s light was blocked. This light would have answered the questions needed to put things right, but the Denial was growing large enough that the Song of the Friend could not be heard clearly.
Now the Friend is all things, both Father and Mother. The Father energies come down as Lovelight and the Mother’s energies come up to meet the Father energies from, in the case of Earth or Pan, the Center of the Earth. The beings of the Earth receive these energies in their bodies and ideally mix them together in their Hearts. This is their participation in creation!!! When the Mother Energies, which may be seen as magnetism and the Father’s energies of Lovelight come together in the Heart, balanced creations emerge.
This is what any of you are capable of doing. You are literally designed for it. You are designed for joy!!!
On a microcosmic level, the act of procreation of two in love as One, where the Father’s seeds of Light meet the magnetic egg of creation in the Mother, reflects the natural and miraculous flow of all creation in balance.
We encourage all of you to begin to believe that this act of creation takes place in your Hearts. The natural world you see around you is the Father’s Light meeting the Mothers Creative, fertile magnetism. You exist in this great, loving, sexy field of creation.
Humans in Pan
There were humans in Pan. The gift, the function of humans in Pan was in their ability to connect and harmonize all beings. As we have said, there are analogous aspects in the human body to all original forms on the planet. You have heard the saying that goes something like, “God created Man in the image of himself,” and this is what is meant by this saying. In a sense you are all of the beings on the planet, for you are equipped to hear the songs of all of the creatures and so help balance their energy, which is yours as the body of the Friend. This was meant to be your dominion--not to dominate, but to harmonize.
Animals kill one another because you do. It is not the other way around. What was forgotten by humans was forgotten by all Earth Creatures.
Perhaps you have seen some of the old pictures of the human body with animals of the zodiac assigned to its different parts. There is much to be learned from these pictures about yourselves and your relation to the world body.
Humans then were great singers. They listened to the Mother and the Father and then to the songs of all the animals and beings. The listening was not just with the ears but rather with the whole body. You are a vibratory instrument that receives the sound and light vibrations of your whole system, very much like the eardrum is the timpani for physical sound.
Humans would listen to the songs of all beings through their bodies. They would then listen to the song the Mother was singing and the sound the Father was singing. A comparison would be made of the Mother/Fathers creation song, and then the human would sing. These songs were varied, yet they had the same action we spoke of when you now pet an animal, yet on a much grander level. It was soothing. If the human sensed the slightest note of disharmony she would sing a balancing tone. All beings could hear this, for the human carried the imprint in their bodies of all being types. As the Beings vibrated their songs to humans, so humans vibrated all beings back to each being type in perfect harmony. When all was well, which was most of the time, the Humans sang choruses together that reflected all the beings singing together. In this all the creatures of Pan could hear themselves reflected back as whole and complete in the Body of the Friend. The harmonies were exquisitely beautiful, one harmony with all the individual beings represented as one. Imagine!!!
How does a human do this today? Begin!!!. How? There are many ways. Think about the Amerindian saying, “All My Relations”. Begin to see yourself as related to the “Natural World” which is your “Real World”, the world your physical body inhabits. Pet your dog. Pet you cat. Hear the subtle Songs you have forgotten. Hear the sounds of colors. Know that you are part of a Great Mind and ask for help in connecting with that Song. Know that you are indeed the Stewards of the Earth. Know that changing your beliefs and attitudes changes the whole world in very real ways. Sing what you hear!!! Take back the job that you left of singing the Mother/Father Light Coitus for the good of the Earth!!!
And of course we Hathors have some ideas we know will help you along this path of discovery. We have a few simple ideas to pass along that will help you remember who you are in a very real way. Let’s begin!!!
Your Soul Crystal
You were all created within a Soul Crystal. Your Soul Crystal needs your remembering to activate its strength in you. Your Soul Crystal is yours and yours alone. Your Soul Crystal holds the true Tone of who you are as Lovelight. Finding your Soul Crystal will remind you of all that you are, and all that you have been. It is uniquely yours and yours alone. In your Soul Crystal you may fly to all levels of Reality, connect all Levels, remember your history and hear Your Soul Song. In it you will know that you were fashioned in it by the Friend in Love with You!!! This Love is Eternal and Unceasing.
For those of you who have used Merkaba meditations, we suggest you Find your Soul Crystal as it is your true merkaba and is the true you that holds all of your knowledge and truth in being. Often Merkaba teachings that have been popularized now encourage you to hold a form that is not in line with your true essence. This may bring energies to you that are foreign to your God-given form and may indeed mask your true energies.
There will be a number of experiences introduced in this book that will have you employ your Soul Crystal. We hope you will take the time to find yours again so that you may find yourself. Becoming conscious of your Soul Crystal will allow you to move forward along your path with greater speed and comfort. It will aid in your discernment, and in all types and forms of understanding.
Below is a simple meditation to assist you in remembering your Soul Crystal.
Allow yourself to be in a most comfortable position. Imagine surrounding yourself with gold and white energy that starts at the top of your head and flows down through every part of your energy field and every cell in your body. Gold and white light that cleanses, clears and protects as it flows around you. Let any tension, stress, pain or discomfort flow down from the top of your head to the base of your spine and down a grounding cord (this can be seen/felt as a magnetic force, slide, tube, river or anything that works for you) to the center of the planet to be recycled. With every exhalation, release more and more tension and with each inhalation breathe in peaceful, relaxing energy.
Now, imagine a column of violet light in front of you. In that violet light you’ll see a bit of brighter light as if the sun is shining a beam of light down through it. Move toward that light and you will be met by your guardian angel. You may start to hear the sounds of the Hathors, full of song and play, inviting you to float upward. Feel like you’re floating on a cloud as you move higher and higher and become lighter and lighter.
Look in the distance and you will see something sparkle. Move toward that sparkle. As you get closer you start to see many crystals forming a crystal palace. You may sense the Archangels as you get nearer, soft wings and peaceful, protective energy guiding you along with the Hathors. There is an opening in the front of the crystal palace and you are invited to come inside.
As you move inside, you see crystals of every color in every direction that you look. You start to scan the room and you will be drawn to one crystal in particular. Go to that crystal. Look at every aspect of it. Touch it and start to feel its energy. You can sit or lean against that crystal and when you feel ready, allow yourself to sit inside it. Take some time to see how that feels. You should immediately start to experience that sense of coming home and that it’s a place you are reluctant to leave as it is so peaceful and complete. Note the color of your crystal. It may be one color or a blend but the color should not shift. (If you are at all unsure of the crystal you have found, shine white light at it and if it is the true crystal for you it should become brighter. If it is not, it should fade or move away and you then should scan the room for another.) You will be completely protected in your crystal and know you can access it at any time. When you feel you have made a solid connection with your crystal, thank all the guides and slowly make your way back into present time. You can picture yourself floating down in your crystal to Earth or that you leave the crystal palace and step back into the violet light with your guardian angel that will gently lead you back into present time. Thank all the guides that have assisted this meditation and bring back all the information you have gained.

Pie in the Sky
We Hathors would now like to talk a little about the images that you all carry about, those images of Fairy Tales, stories of Mansions in the Sky, and other such “nonsense” many call instead “Pie in the Sky”.
We tell you insistently that all of these “images” you carry around are very real. Perhaps these images, these ideas, are woven into stories that have changed many times in the re-telling, yet the forms in the stories are real. These may be called symbols, yet you must first understand that symbols have a life and truth of their own.
Earlier we spoke of the snail and the spiral. You have a name for the form and the action that is Spiral. You pull a plug on a bathtub and watch the water go down. It does so as a spiral. The word is not the action. The word is a symbol of a symbol that is a truth and is ubiquitous in your world. True Spiral is Numinous. The word means roughly, “giving off light”, or we might say, “carrier of Light and so—carrier of Life!!!
Essential forms are also carriers of Light. The Deer, The Ram, The Owl and the Cow are all either essential forms or derived from essential form. Some of you reading this may have resistance to Christianity and what it has become, yet if you go outside and hold your arms out straight and form a cross with your body, you will feel and know that this symbol you can express holds a life of its own. The Cross holds messages and information all on its own.
We would encourage you to try holding the form of the cross with your body and feel what it has to tell you. Symbols carry messages for you from the Friend. You need to begin to realize that you can walk right into a symbol and experience its vitality, its aliveness. Do this only with symbols that attract you and feel good to you. When you walk into a symbol, always do so in your Soul Crystal. Your Soul Crystal is You. If you perform exercises without being in your Soul Crystal, you are doing exercises without bringing yourself to the exercise, and may be exposing yourself to energies that could be harmful. Your Soul Crystal filters energies you encounter to suit your nature and will not allow energies to enter it that are counter to your learning.
For those of you unfamiliar with the word Merkabah or Merkavah, it denotes a geometrical shape imagined and so created around the body. This is then vivified by concentration bringing energies to the body for health or “Soul Travel”. Many Merkabah exercises published are very complicated. Your Soul Crystal is your true Merkavah, and it brings you to yourself. It is your guide. It will bring your teachers to you and tune you up. It holds the vibration of the true you.
We wish to inform you that there are also simple “child-like” approaches that work just as well, and you won’t have to memorize lots of steps. For instance, try walking outside and stand as a Cross!!! Feel what you feel, close your eyes and just allow all of your senses to tell you about whatever comes up. This is an essential form of the Friend and it was designed into your body.
Your body can be moved into many forms. We Hathors love to dance!!! Some of you do not, yet we will tell you that surely there is a part of you that does!!! Unlike the dances of “aboriginal” peoples, your dances have been disconnected from meaning. You might see holding the form of a cross as the first movement in a dance. So on a beautiful morning you may wish to do this one-step dance. You go out into the garden and hold the form of a Cross and feel what the Friend’s meaning or song is within it for you at that moment.
You see Symbols are not of one meaning. In one symbol you will find libraries of light. We would also say Symbols are Portals. Matching your Soul Crystal energies to a symbol you love will carry you to places beyond your current imagination. Each of you has libraries of light waiting to flow from you as you resonate with the symbols of Life. Here is all the information you have ever desired and more.
From the Cross you hold, perhaps you will feel moved to raise your arms to the sky and “pretend” to be a tree. For each of you this movement from the one form to another will bring new feelings that will bring new understandings. Be the Tree for a moment. Feel how it feels different from the form that you held as a cross, and feel too the similarities. Feel the motion of moving from one form to another—go next to your favorite animal!!! This is a really great way to feel the Light of the Forms of the Friend and the messages these Light-Carrying Forms hold for you. As you are each unique, so the information and insights gained by holding these symbols as body forms will activate inner knowings you have forgotten. You are designed to connect to all animals and life forms on earth, to hear their songs and harmonize with them, just as we said, it was in Pan.
The Shamans of you tribal cultures often work in a similar way. They will dance imitating an animal such as a Bear, until the vibrant original form of the Bear, this numinous light-bearing symbol resonates in their body and they then are the bear. This is how one can merge with the aliveness of the friend in his/her symbols of Light.
You have all seen bears at the zoo, on TV, or perhaps even in Nature!!! Think of that!! If you are one of your cultures “realists”, you may think this all sounds a bit dumb and childish. It is childish—a way of seeing left behind in the teachings of “growing up” in you culture!!! Growing up shouldn’t mean a big forgetting! As you dance the Bear you may find yourself in the Big Dipper and suddenly know all about the Holy Grail, for the Bear has much to teach you of these things. In your culture you know the child is the holder of magic which is marveled at, and then educated out of that divine condition in short order so as to fit the “real world” Well, what are you doing?
We marvel at such an approach where the wisdom is held by the infant and not by the adults or elderly.
We hasten to mention that as many of your elderly approach the end of their lives they begin to lose their lifetime of “acquired knowledge” and begin acting as children. A friend might tell you, “Poor Grandma Ellen is losing her mind! She said her father visited her at the nursing home yesterday. Then she started treating me as if I was a little girl again!”
Did it ever occur to you that our Grandma Ellen may be “losing her mind” so that she might re-enter the true mind of the Friend?” We think Grandma Ellen is doing great and her progress should be celebrated!!! She is making progress. Consciousness naturally changes form and flows. Grandma Ellen is getting back into flow and we hope if you have a Grandparent or parent that meets with such a time, that you will encourage them and participate in their journey. You can guide your loved one and make these changes less painful or for that matter fun, if you accept that what they are experiencing is true and real.
Yes, these times too can be frightening for them, yet you can guide them. We know you can! You are all carriers of very ancient wisdom! Remember!!!
By creating your own dances with Original Forms, Symbols, Animal Forms, you will teach yourself to Flow. This is what you are meant to do—flow through Life and Flow past death. Death can be flowed right through and a familiarity of flowing from and through one form to another trains you to Love all Form and Fear Nothing.
There is nothing inherently wrong with changing form by death, yet humankind will grow past this soon. How soon is soon? That is for each of you to learn/decide. There is no judgment against death, yet you are designed in such a way as to not need to experience it as it is now.
Here words become difficult to describe the reality we wish to impart. Yet Death is simply a coagulation of energy that has forgotten Flow. We said words become difficult, for from your perspective, you only seem to see what is left behind—a corpse. Indeed, this symbolizes, represents that which is left behind, that which found no way to flow. Each death actually leaves little behind—nearly all of the being flies away. If you have spent any time with a corpse, this great mystery begins to reveal itself. It weighs about the same as when it was alive, yet only the form is left and “the life has gone out of it”. How could “the life” weigh so little? Perhaps pondering this will allow some of you who are skeptical of life after death to see that weight has little to do with aliveness or “deadness”. In terms of your reality we weigh nothing at all!!! You all come back time and time again, life after life to figure out a way to take all of yourself with you. You really cannot leave this system until you recover all that is yours from it.
In your dance from Light-filled symbol to light-filled Symbol, you might say that there is a little death. You are no longer the Cross when you change in your dance from the cross to a tree. See how the transitions feel as you flow from cross to tree to circle to crow to deer. Do these dances!!! See if you feel that you lose something. If you do, go back through the motions again and fly, yes fly, into any feeling that comes up around loss, for there is the portal that will lead you back to a part of yourself you truly have left behind. Remember—In Your Crystal.
Your dance will change as time goes along, and you will see that this is a meditation of great efficacy. Be creative!!! Try many forms of animals, many symbols. In this you will begin to see many kinds of relatedness. You are dancing the Friend and know and feel the infinite Friend in a profound way. There are many levels of existence you can access through dance and it is Your Dance!!!
We earlier said that the human body contains all Original Forms of the Friend in its makeup. You do indeed have an original form yourself, and this gives you your integrity as a solid thread in the gown of the Friend. It is you as you were made. Yet your relationship to All is in the human body you now inhabit. All Your Relations are there. In remembering yourself, you remember and are reminded of all parts of the body of God. Those beautiful forms you see in nature await you. May they sing their songs to you so that you may hear their own true nature.
We tell you this—No original form needed to eat its compatriot to continue its existence in the body of the friend. Few of you were originally of the human form. When Pan broke down the human form was given to you so that you might find your way “out of the woods”. The human body is a Star Map. It is a temple inside of which you may remember the Body of the Friend in all of its forms and find your right place inside of it. Many of you are nearly ready to go back to your Original Form. Yet you must understand this map you have been given and see that there is a road and key for you to begin your return.
Beginning to honor all the forms of life in nature will help speed you on your way. Dance all of the animals, dance all of the shapes and symbols that you see that feel right to you. Walk in this way through the body of the Friend. If you are now confused be sure that this is only temporary. Your original form will show up one day in your dance and you will be so sure of it that every fiber of light in your being will sing and buzz with delight.
Now don’t forget to dance all those fairy tale creatures of Pan--the Elves and Dwarves and Fairies and Gnomes and Brownies and Pixies and Sylths and Dragons and Spiders and Snakes. For in your human body is a history you need to know about. The story of Pan is your story. Pay attention to the creatures you find fearsome, yet dance them!!! Get into your Crystal, ask for Divine Light to surround you, and dance the creatures that caused you fear. Some of the most important parts of your history lie in the fear that you need to clear. Ask Archangel Michael to dance these parts with you. The fear will dissipate as the charge is released by your memory recall. And remember, you are dancing!!! You can dance around your fear and look at it from all sides. Change to a form that would not find such a being scary. Be a Lion in the face of your fears. The human body contains all that is Lion within it, so fly and dance into the Lion and go into that darkness of memory that looks so scary, knowing this time that you can shape shift through it all. This is study. You see, dance can be something more that some memorized steps. Dancing can be an adventure into yourself so you can learn who you really are!!!
America and the Atlanteans
American culture is very Atlantean. Atlanteans became convinced for various reasons that external technology was superior to internal technologies. You see, in Atlantis the body had been judged against most severely. It was not believed that the body could express the spirit adequately. This was because the body expressed the Will, and Spirit had judged against the will as being inept, crass, animal-like, and dirty. Spirit in this case had judged against form. These judgments had their origins in Pan.
As soon as one form of body was thought to be superior to another kind of body, denial and distrust of bodies began. Those whose forms were judged against often recognized an ugliness to their bodies they had not seen before. This was because against the knowingness of their own Will as Body, they began to think that perhaps these judgments against their Body were true. These doubts, or denials of the Will as Body, allowed darkness, which is what fills places of Denial, to enter their bodies. This darkness blocks the Friend’s light. The more denial fills spaces in the body, the less the light of the Friend can reach an embodied being. This denial can and does cause disease. For instance you may notice that many of the cancers women have occur in places related to reproduction and sexuality. These are places of the body that have been judged against to such a degree that they are off limits. Rules have been made that the body is so bad that it must be covered.
There are many reasons given for this--so many in fact we will skip them all and give you the real reason. The Spirit side of humankind judged against the Will, its own will. In fact, the Will is Spirit manifested into your reality through the feminine. This is birth. The Spirit and the Will are really one, yet a split took place. It is true Spirit before manifestation holds a different quality than the Will, for Will is manifest Spirit. Yet un-manifest Spirit was unwilling to accept much of what the Spirit as manifested Body/Will was experiencing. After first judgments took place by Spirit against its own manifest Form, this gap increased and could be called the Fall of Man.
The Will as Body was intended to carry the Spirit in Physical Form in comfort and safety. Animals are now much better at this than are you. They know where food will appear “magically”. They know were to go to be safe, and move as if by instruction from beyond. You see, animals do not question their form. They are the part of you that you spit off by your judgments about Form.
Human intelligence, as you think of it, is held by you as separate from the animals. In fact, when you look at animals, you are looking at yourselves from a distance. You are looking at forms that were judged against, you abandoned them; your consciousness split. In Pan there was no such separation of intelligence of this particular kind. Animals or Being Types shared a field of energy that was the universal intelligence of the Friend. Yes, particular forms have their particular genius, as do your animals today. But this genius was not particularized and held apart from others; it was shared in an open atmosphere of knowingness.
You will one day be reunited with your Will and so your “animal-ness,” and your animal instincts will come back to you. You will express again in your original form. This may be in different ways than you think, for forms change their expressions and so their appearance, yet the essence is always true to itself.
This is an important notion to consider when you act to be a proper care-taker of the creatures of your earth. They are the you you have lost because of judgment against God’s forms. Many of your animals are going extinct. This is going to make the reuniting with your original forms more difficult and shows you how much judgment is still in place about embodiment.
Americans are very worried about how they look, as much as any culture on earth. Americans spend a great deal of their money on looking good because they don’t think they look so good. This is self-robbery. We wish you could see you the way we do. You are all very beautiful to us. We see you as expressive color and light. Yes, we can see dark spots of denial in your auras and bodies, yet we see that as the Not-Truly-You, that you have insisted carrying along. If you think about it, you don’t look good because you have decided you don’t look good and must look like something else. You deny your own beauty, and by doing so you create a place for “no-light” to have a home. The Friend can not feed the place of no light if you insist upon carrying it and calling it “who you really are”.
This action often gives a home to negative energies and entities. When we say negative we do not mean Feminine. This is a misunderstanding that runs very deeply in your cultures. The womb is indeed dark, yet it is all possibility becoming. The womb is welcoming, receiving and transforming. When we journey into the womb of creation there is a resonance of song that calls to the Light to act, to dance, to become even more!!! In fact to us this “darkness” can be called Light, the “Light that is no light”. This is the energy of the Great Mother. It is Magnetic and calls the light to it. The Mother provides space for forms to form.
Now in contrast we have denial which could be called “The Greatest Lie”. This is the energy that says “No” to true form. It is the energy of non-acceptance of the Light of the Friend. These energies either deny receiving light or are literally incapable of receiving light. We will not say that these energies are not in some sense a part of the Friend, for they are. Yet they are not generally viable energies. They are the energies which implode in upon themselves. They are the energies of black holes. In imploding they are indeed reborn in a recycling program. You see, there is always hope even for that which seems irredeemable.
Your denials are not truly you. They are the lies about Truth which you have allowed yourselves to believe. These Denials of Self cause pain, and so it is often in pain that great transformations of Self take place. This is in the long run seen as a blessing, yet the Friend does not ask you to suffer or want you to suffer. There are ways to find and remove these blocks of Denial from yourself without Big Drama. Disastrous occurrences in life are often brought to fruition by deep parts of the self wishing to move ahead and clear the blocks that are so repressed that only extreme measures will get your own attention. Yes, your “unconscious” is doing something “against your will”. The irony of course is that you buried and dishonored your true Will. You made it “unconscious”.
What is called the unconscious is not unconscious at all. It is the part of you that you have repressed, and nearly all of you have repressed so much that you are as an iceberg that has only ten percent of itself above water!!! A large part of what you call “unconscious” is your Will hollering at you to allow it voice.
The wonderous machines Americans have constructed to make their lives easier are actually reflections of your Denied Will. Just like the Atlanteans, you build flying machines instead of flying yourselves, which, once the Denial is released, is an ability of the Body. You see, whenever you deny your own powers, those powers show up in some other form, manifested into physical reality. This is meant to remind you that you denied yourself. Instead both Atlanteans and Americans placed denial upon denial, increasing marvels into physical manifestation that belong to the Self. There is a great deal of self-congratualtion over this, which is really quite funny if you think about it!!!
We wish to point out that few individuals are able to build or for that matter own their own airplane. Those who have this power have it because you have denied you own power to do these things yourself. We do not blame here. It is just that you have to begin to see what has happened in order to reclaim that which is yours.
You see too that when your powers come back in a different form they are somewhat perverted in that they are not expressing through original form. In other words these vehicles pollute. What do they pollute? They pollute nature, which is doing its best to mirror original form to you so that you may enter back into it—and we mean Pan!!!
The more fantastic your technologies become, the more you may know you have all denied your true selves. You all now need to get a job to make money to buy back a representation of yourselves. For instance, the internet and computers—you all have the abilities of perfect telepathy, yet you email your friends. In order to email you must have a computer and sign up with a company that charges you for the “service”. In order to have the computer and email service, most of you “must work”. Not only that, you must work at a job that most of you don’t like, or at least would do something else if you “didn’t have to”.
We want to tell you this—God/Mother/Father/Friend does not want you to be doing what you don’t want to do. The Friend did not deny your Will—you did and continue to do so. We don’t wish to sound blaming, but we thought you ought to know the truth.
How many times have you told yourself, “I can’t do this, because….” In Pan there was nothing that you could not do if you willed it. You might immediately think, “Yeah, what if I wanted to steal Harry’s wallet?” First of all there were no wallets, and second of all there was nothing that Harry had that you could not have if you did wanted it. You manifested perfectly in Pan. You didn’t need to buy tickets to go swimming in a place like Hawaii; you simply wished it into creation. It came to you—you didn’t even need to fly to get there!!!
When your true will is in line with your true spirit you would never desire to usurp another’s property. A turtle does not want to be a bird. It simply doesn’t. And in Pan if a turtle wanted to fly, it did!
We will not say there are not Denial or “Evil” spirits. Yet these spirits can have no affect on you if you recognize all that is true to your nature. Denial Spirits gain power from others by convincing them that a part of their true self is not theirs, or conversely convincing you that you are something you are not. You are composed of Lovelight. If you think there are parts of yourself that are other than this, you have fooled yourself and/or have been duped. These areas of untruth are good areas to start to think about digging for buried treasure, and the treasure is you as Lovelight.
We will have more to say about Denial Spirits and the so-called Dark Side later in this book. Right now we just want you to start noticing all the messages you receive daily from all directions about what you can and cannot do. Think of the times as a child you did something you really wanted to do, and then were ridiculed into never doing it again. We encourage you to think about doing those things now! As long as it is not hurting someone else or over-riding their will, please retrieve what you gave up! This will start you down the right path. Perhaps you liked to sing and someone told you your voice was bad. So what? Do you think they know better than you what pleases you? Remember and release those judgments that you accepted by the alteration of your behavior to fit others ideas of what is right for you. By doing this others will begin to do the same, simply because they will feel on deep levels the acceptance you are giving yourself. They will feel their own permission in yours.
Imagine the day when all airplanes will be covered with dust, sitting on the ground while you and your friends float over the neighborhood like clouds!
Full Circuit
How are you doing with your Soul Crystal? We hope you have found it and have begun to feel the vibrations it brings back to you. Your Soul Crystal holds your true essence. The more you resonate with your Soul Crystal, the healthier, happier and more secure you are. As you tune more and more to your soul crystal, that which is not of yourself will begin to emerge or become obvious to you. You will begin to feel those charges or blockages because they do not harmonize with your Soul Crystal.
Working with and within your Soul Crystal will begin what the Alchemists of yore called, the Work, or the Great Work. Though your Soul Crystal brings you to the road back to True Self, it also puts you face to face with those things that have kept you from really moving ahead. You will begin to remember occurrences both from this life and past lives that you have denied. All of you carry great woundings of the Heart. These sorrows were so painful that you buried them. You need to allow your Hearts to sing the songs of these sorrows. These sorrows have great messages for you! Inside the sorrow is the Gold. The Gold is the you that has been literally buried in the sorrow.
Know that when you are inside your Soul Crystal, you will be with your guidance and will be safe to look at these sorrows, understand them, and let them express the hidden messages they have for you.
These sorrows were buried for a reason. Nearly always the reason they are buried is that you found the pain of some experience too great to look at, or experience honestly. All humans have done something they wished they hadn’t. In learning about life, mistakes are made. Most mistakes are minor enough that learning from them is easy. But there are those mistakes, actions taken, that bring so much pain they seem unbearable. In order to go on these pains are often buried. In this action a part of a persons Being is separated off and buried. A part of the Self is lost for all practical purposes. This is the primary reason most of you don’t know who you are. You look up at the stars, at the wonders of life and feel its enormity. You can feel so small and wonder how you fit into this Great Pattern, or if you do at all. But it is hard to understand your place in the Great Pattern if bits of yourself have been broken off and buried through the eons. Part of your Great Work to to gather all of these lost parts of Self back together again!
Perhaps you know someone who has told you they are deeply involved in their Spiritual Work, yet appear to you to be a “Mess” quite often. We ask you to reflect upon what we have said above, and realize it is very likely that they are in the process of resurrecting their lost parts. What may look like a messy process to you is a person deeply involved in unraveling their part in the Great Mystery of Humanity. Know that their work is beneficial to you and will make your journey easier. The trail blazers face the most opposition, for they are changing the status quo on the deepest levels and the highest levels.
So many people like to read mysteries. Some like murder mysteries—what’s going to happen, what did happen? Others like to read books about ancient cultures and feel a deep sense of mystery there. Others find nature mysterious and try to understand how they fit into its great puzzle. Others like to work on puzzles, such as putting a picture together by fitting all those little pieces together. We will tell you this—the greatest puzzle you face is yourself. All the other puzzles you play with are attractive metaphors that hold fascination for you because your real interest in puzzles comes from the mystery of yourself and who you are.
You hold a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of who you are now in your current life. All the others are scattered about waiting for you to collect them and begin putting them together. If you think you cannot do this, you are wrong. Your Soul Crystal will put you on the path of this great detective work. Do not think that others of great spiritual capacity can do this, but you cannot. This would be a denial of your greatness and your power, and we tell you this—you are all beings of beauty and greatness and power. The best way to begin this great detective work of yours is to become very well acquainted with your Soul Crystal.
Perhaps you have heard of the Legendary Crystals in Atlantis. The Atlanteans became very well versed in certain applications of Crystals, as were the Lemurians. Both cultures used crystals to store information. They were the great computers of their age and will be again. Your Soul Crystal contains your history—your entire history. It can take you to those places you have been before so you may know yourself. With this in mind we introduce our next section!!!
The Great Pillar and How to Construct It!!!
Close your eyes and sit within your Soul Crystal. Feel it around you; see and feel its light and color and how it feels so much like home! Then call on Archangel Michael and ask him to be with you always. Ask Michael to send his blue light through you and to overlight your work.
It is Archangel Michael’s work to make a clear path for humans in their spiritual work. It is also his joy to be called upon to do this. Of course he has other work too, but we really encourage calling upon him and knowing that he will be watching over you if you do call! Perhaps there are other guides you have and work with, and this is good. Yet we do suggest you call upon Michael, for his specialty is clearing paths so that which is learned will come with the greatest ease and clarity. You may have certain mentors, or guides you work with, and know that these are the guides you need to follow during certain parts of your work. This is natural and right. Yet many still call upon Michael first to hold the space for the work. We Hathors feel this is the best approach for all of you. In this way you may know the guides who appear to you will be of the highest good and intent. The Denial entities are incapable of walking into Michael’s light. In time you will become familiar with Michael’s energy, and this will give you great confidence in your work.
After you feel well ensconced in your Crystal and have called upon Michael, you need to Ground! Imagine your Crystal as if it is a beam of light, and send it down to the center of the Earth. You may imagine this as the Heart of the Earth. Remember, though you may see this as “just imagination”, know that “just imagination” is far more powerful that any of you have “imagined”!!! Do you hear our laughter? The Alchemists of old spoke of “true imagination”. How is this different from fantasy? We believe you will soon know!!!
Next, send the top of your soul Crystal up to the Central Sun. How? First we will say, “Just do it!!!” It is the Sun behind the Sun, or the center of the Universe. The Central Sun is a great mystery that you may experience. Just imagine a HUGE sun at the center of the Universe and Send the top of your Soul Crystal There!!! Tell your Soul Crystal to go as close to it as is good for you.
The Central Sun is the Place where all the Light of this Universe enters. As you can imagine, that is a lot of light, a lot of energy. By asking your Soul Crystal to go just as close to the Central Sun as is good for you, you will avoid getting a psychic sunburn. Please believe us, this is very possible. The Central Sun is a good place to recharge you batteries, so to speak, yet we recommend moderation. As time goes on you will find you can move closer to it and charge longer. At first, believe us when we tell you that your Soul Crystal will moderate these energies very effectively.
By now you should see your Soul Crystal as extending from the Center of Mother Earth, through and around you and all the way up to the Central Sun. If your logical, linear thought patterns have a difficult time with this image, just know it is magical. The distance is unimaginably long, and far closer than you think. Just allow yourself to accept that you can do this, for we are dealing with what many of you would call “non-ordinary” reality. To us, it is very wonderfully ordinary!!!
If you still see these distances as difficult, simply feel the Central Sun a bit above your head and the center of the earth a bit below your feet. You see, your Soul Crystal will make truth of this as you bring these energies closer together in yourself. Your ideas about linear distance and time are simply an aspect of truth or partial truth. Allow your imagination to leave these restrictions behind. This in itself is a good way to begin to understand reality is not necessarily as you think of it. Your imagination in Pan, aligned with the Will and Spirit created your moment to moment reality in this way. Imagination, and so reality, was not restricted by the limits imposed by denial.
Feel the Earth’s magnetic energy coming up through your feet. Depending on your level of sensitivity this may manifest as simply knowingness, or you may feel an electrical sensation as your nervous system grounds into the Mother’s energy. You may feel Her as light, or even a sensation of being pulled down into the ground. Being “grounded” is not supposed to make you heavy. For those of you who have been habitually floating about, we will tell you this—there will be no flying in your physical body until you really ground!!! To have the full energy your body is to manifest you must complete a full circuit. Your body is supposed to inform you about the world and yourself. Each of your energy centers needs to be in full circuit in order to function properly.
Basically the Earth energies inform the Will, which through the body informs the spirit. The energies of the Spirit are fed by the Central Sun. These energies come down through the Crown, through your head, continually. Ideally these energies continue down to the center of the Heart of the Mother and return up as Mother/Father intent, birthing energies that inform and feed the body so that there is a union of intent.
All of you do this unconsciously now. Yet if you are not grounding, these energies are not allowed to flow with real strength. Inevitably, if you are not grounding, there are judgments you have made about the earth and this life that are not being allowed to flow through you.
We need to digress at this point, for the reasons for not grounding are many and can seem complicated. Many have great resistance to grounding. If this is the case for you, know that you are holding pain from experiences you have had on Earth. You can only temporarily avoid the pain you have by not grounding. A part of you knows that by combining the Lovelight from above with the Mother energies below will begin to uncover the pains you carry. If you feel too sensitive to fully ground into your bodily reality, know that we sympathize and understand. But you need also to know that holding these sufferings in the body punishes the body. You are not allowing your Spirit and the Will a chance to flow together and heal. If healing is put off for too long, the body, denied the energies of a complete circuit, has to resort to illness to transform these blocks of Denial. It has no other way if you deprive it of sustenance.
Many people have a hard time grounding for an additional reason. Many of you look at your world and see a lot of ugliness. Underlying this are memories of just how beautiful the Earth has been in previous incarnations. This comparison causes a lot of pain for you and there is a desire to run away from what has come to be to you so ugly. You are seeing Humankind’s imbalances and Denials manifesting upon the Body of the Mother. It is important to acknowledge these feelings as valid and express your dissatisfaction. Allow these feelings in expression. Sing it, Dance it or even vomit it out of yourself!!! It is important to know that the recognition of this ugliness is real; it is there and it is true.
We remind you however, you have come to transform this situation by balancing the energies. The place to begin balancing these energies is within the heart. If you go about your life in a gloomy, everything has gone to hell-in-a-hand-basket mood, you will be denying openings for change. We realize that from your point of view things often seem hopeless, yet we tell you it is not!!!!!
The place to start making changes is within yourselves. You need to complete your energetic circuit so that energy in your system will begin to move and the blocks to a better world will be swept away. How can your environment begin to get healthy if you who are here to heal the world do not allow healing within yourselves? The external world reflects the internal conditions of humankind fairly accurately. We say fairly accurately, because you are not the only energies involved here. Yet humankind indeed has the ability to heal the Earth and yourselves. You cannot heal the earth without healing yourselves. By beginning to heal yourselves you heal the Earth, for in truth, you are One.
Some of you are involved with external activities in the environmental movement and are actively involved in bringing an awareness that needs to be presented to society. This is a grand effort and a noble one. Many of you who are doing this work find yourselves in gloom and doom moods. We understand that, yet you would not be involved in such work if you did not actually have faith and hope and know that somehow things can get better. We want you to know that indeed, you have the power to make this world change so dramatically that even that which you now see as “nature” will astound you in its magnitude and beauty.
In this scheme you may well find yourself a creature of nature you thought of as mythical. By the time you find yourself a Dragon or Unicorn or a Magical Snail you will know that what you once saw as Nature is the forms of the Body of God manifested by the Great Mother and Father Energies. You are a part of the Body of God. By changing yourselves you directly change nature. It has been hard for you to really feel this because your efforts to correct generally come from the mentalities of separation and denial that cause the problem in the first place.
Some of you are very well grounded, though the majority who have read this far in this book are not. The majority of the well grounded do not have much of an interest in the kinds of material invested into this book. We are generalizing here. There are those who accept this reality for what it is and are not looking for change. Many of those who control great financial wealth ground well and are in Denial of Spirit. The Will is often strong in these people. Without the guidance of Spirit however, their wills run amok. They often deny others will in favor of their own, and use ideologies such as “Survival of the Fittest” they claim to see reflected in Nature to further their own ends. These people usurp the will of the Mother. They tend to be of Atlantean heritage where technology was used to control until the whole project literally exploded in their faces. The same challenges are facing them now, and it is often those of you who will not ground that attempt to educate them as to the folly of their ways.
We would like to ask how you expect the powers of the Mother to be properly expressed if you refuse to ground. The magnetic and creative power of the Mother flows upward from the center and naturally flows to those who open to it. The Mother has great patience with all the beings upon her body and gives freely with great Love. This power can and often is perverted and even used against the Mother. Take a moment to see how unconditional this Love of hers is. Think of this before you think of those who take her energies and seemingly use it against her. Many of you have great anger at those who you see despoiling your world. This anger needs expression from within the Self. The denial expressed from within and then followed, will allow you to see your connection with the behaviors you see in your “enemies”.
You need to get very clear on who you are and where you came from in order to go forward. The anger you feel at these “others” will likely have a corollary in yourself. You do this first by grounding and receiving your proper share of the Mother Energies available to you. You have to be connected to the Mother and her energies in order to be a player in your world. And we remind you when we say “your world” we mean much more than you can imagine! And believe us when we say the possibilities for “your world” at this time are unbelievably magnificent.
How do any of you who want to change the world expect to do so when those who hold power over others in this system fill their wills with more Mother energy than you do? When you fill yourself with a balance of Mother and Father Energies your presence and Will cannot be denied.
When you make your complete circuit of Mother and Father energies through your body and mix these energies like a good cook mixes ingredients, you will begin to become aware of possibilities that before seemed impossibilities. You mix these energies for balanced guidance in the Heart. We introduce the word Magic here and ask you to begin to consider it as real.
Magic is simply acting upon an intent that others feel is impossible. This takes Faith. Beginning to believe in miracles allows you to become a part of your ordinary reality and then the ordinary begins to become extraordinary and everyone starts to sing and laugh and have a lot of fun!!!
Mother energies flow and dance and gain strength when you are having fun! Do not discount the power of fun. Fun fun fun!!! We cannot say it enough. Fun is healing and opens you to Divine energies. The Mother responds with great joy when you have fun. This joy creates openings, literally portals for more Divine energies to manifest around you. This is magic, and we know by introducing the idea of Magic in this way, you will see you have all been Magicians from time to time.
“Hey, we can’t be laughing and goofing around; we need to be serious here!” This kind of approach is not really very helpful. It cuts off a flow of the Divine so you can get down to the business of fixing things so that you might then have Divine Flow. The flow is, and by building Your Great Pillar you begin to allow for this flow.
Your Flow—“Oh My, All Kinds of Things are Beginning to Happen!!!”
See yourself sitting in your Soul Crystal. Tell yourself, “I connect the Above and the Below. I connect the Mother and the Father. I am their Son and Daughter. I join with my Mother and Father to create Heaven on Earth.” Feel the energies coming up from the Below, up through your feet, up into your heart and onward to the Central Sun. Feel the return as you send these energies up. The Central Sun sends energy down in increasing proportion to what you send up!!! You are creating Flow!!! This is so great!!! So here we have it—when you ground and connect with the Mother, she recognizes this and sends more energy up. This fills you up so much that the flow begins to head up, and you can consciously follow this flow of energy as it travels to the Central Sun! Feel it go through your body, through your Soul Crystal and around your Soul Crystal, swirling up to the Central Sun. As this energy meets with the Central Sun’s flow, information is exchanged between the Below and the Above.
You are joining with the Mother and the Father in communication!!! This energy carries all sorts of information—some of it about you!!! The “Father” energies of the Central Sun will know far more about your condition than was known before, for you are communicating all about conditions on Earth and about your stance upon Her. Instantly it is known what kind of energy and information is needed to be sent down, and you will feel this come down through your head and Heart, filling you up, overflowing, and spilling down your Crystal to the Mother. The Mother responds by sending up energy to harmonize with the Father energies’ intents and her own. These energies can be read by you as they mix within your Body, Head and Heart!!! You, in this way become a vehicle of communication between the Divine Mother and Father energies and enter their river of Light and Love. In doing this simple exercise you are beginning to act as a co-creator.
At first you will do a lot of listening and feeling of these energies as they pass through your body. You will listen and feel. You will begin to feel and hear the energies as they mix in your body. Some of the messages will be just for you. Yet you will also have energies flying through this River that have to do with the Mother and Father. They need you to help balance this system. By doing these actions you are not only bringing healing to yourself, you are also acting in the position that Humankind was originally intended—The Care Takers of Earth!!!
As time goes along you will become more consciously aware of many of the messages in this energy exchange between the Father and the Mother. And in this you will begin to understand your true purpose in being here on Earth at this time.
So you see, to dedicate yourself to your own work, your own healing, also involves you very intimately in the Love balancing of the Mother and the Father energies. When you dedicate yourself to being a “Pillar of Light”, you can’t be being selfish, because you are so intricately woven into this system that as you heal you are healing all others.
As your completed energy circuit between the Central Sun and the Center of the Earth flows through you, you will at some point suddenly say something like, “Oh my, what is happening to me!!!” You see, as these energies flow through you they will begin to wear away certain “blockages” in your body and energy centers. This can be exciting. This can be challenging.
So many people have prayed very hard for greater understanding and have wondered why they do not seem to get any results. There are many possible reasons, but usually fear and denial are at the root. Many people have judged themselves very harshly and feel an encounter with God would be an encounter with punishment. Many of your religions have encouraged the notion of a god of vengeance and have told you you are all sinners.
We Hathors tell you this punishment business is simply not true. It may be necessary for many of you to think and feel down deeply on this. Find out if you think you met God face to face, God would throw you down and punish you. This kind of idea is very popular and promoted by Denial Spirits. They very much like to put blocks between you and the Lovelight, you and The Friend! A lot of the fear of death is implanted by the feeling that, “Now you are going to face your Maker, and boy is he ever going to…” Does this sound like Love to you? We tell you, the Friend is a Friend indeed. Who would want God if you thought God was all love and so forth, yet takes you out and beats you if you are a bad girl or boy? God is Love and only Love. We will return to this issue of suffering and Denial and Denial Spirits later. For now know that God is Love and is not at all interested in seeing suffering, quite the contrary. Free Will plays into this mix, and Free Will allows for learning. Which brings us back to your energy flow, your Pillar of Light, your key to change.
Your Denials sit within your body like boulders in a river. The river is your Light Connection between the Central Sun and the Center of the Earth. By regularly bringing your Soul Crystal connections between these two places with conscious awareness and intent to flow, the River Gets Bigger!!! It is no longer the little tiny stream it has been. You may see the conscious exercise of connecting the Above and Below as a Prayer, for it is. To do this exercise is to sit inside of a prayer that is eternally being spoken between the Divine Energies. Some have called this “The Word”. You bring to yourself a Reality you have forgotten into conscious awareness.
“I just want to sit and watch the River Flow…”
The River of Light will flow through you, and your Soul Crystal will begin to harmonize and vibrate to the Divine vibrations moving in and around it. This is a sympathetic vibration. If you put two tuned guitars next to one another and pluck one of the strings, the corresponding string on the other guitar will vibrate in sympathy. Your Soul Crystal vibrates similarly, finding that which is in the Divine River that is in Sympathy with your true nature. There are other vibrations in this Divine River that are quite different from your particular vibration. These are energies you are helping pass back and forth between the Above and Below that have addresses other than you own. None of these is in any way harmful to you; you are simply acting as a conductor for the Divine. In this you are taking back your job as a Guardian of the Planet!!!
As the River of Light flows through you, the boulders of Denial in your body begin to wear away. Blocks in the body restrict the flow of energy. These are areas that are not vibrating in sympathetic harmony with the Lovelight as it Sings through your Soul Crystal and your body. These blocks affect your health. We would like to ask you this question. If fears are so bad, and are something you wish you did not have to experience, why do most of you hold so many fears in your body? We know that part of the reason you continue to carry fears is that no one has asked you this question, so that you might consider it for a while. And of course, Denial being what it is, tells you you don’t really carry any fears, right?
There are some people that very enthusiastically begin the walk down a spiritual path and then suddenly are stopped short by a frightening experience, a vision, or an encounter with a Denial Spirit. As you allow more light to pass through your body it brings things to the surface to be looked at. If there is a scary monster in a dark cave, do you think it will not exist as long as you don’t shine a light on it?
Try the game peek-a-boo little children play when “scary monsters” show up. Figuratively put your hands over your eyes so it isn’t there anymore. Then think about what has shown up and look again, playfully. Earlier we mentioned asking Archangel Michael to watch over you whenever you meditate. Knowing he is with you and can protect you from any “monsters” will give you the courage to investigate what it is that you find within those blocks that begin to pop open, or wear away as the River of Light flows through you. Remember, it is the River of the Friend that is exposing these things, and it is not to “scare the hell out of you” but rather to sweep the hell out of you so that you may be your true self!!! Many taboos about “seeing the other side” and into the “spirit realms” has been discouraged by religions and their leaders. You don’t need religious leaders when you are directly in the Flow of the One. This may lead you to ask, why is it that these leaders don’t want you to stand in the Lovelight without their direction and approval. We think this is a good question to ask yourself!!!
As the River of Light flows through you many different things can happen. We have to be general here, for each persons path is different. Here are a few experiences that are very common.
Your perceptions will change.
Understanding will deepen.
Confusion can reign for a time as your perceptions and previous world view seem to conflict.
Past life memories will begin to come to you. Look closely at these, for nearly always the particular memory that shows up is directly related to an issue of blockage. These often show the quintessence of an issue at hand in your inner work and your outer life.
Tingling and strange body sensations can begin to occur. Pains and strange “illnesses” can begin to manifest. Meditate upon these difficulties and imagine yourself flying with Archangel Michael into these places. Find the portal in these body places that take you to the core of the issue. Know you can clear these issues. They are being shown to you for a reason. There is nothing put upon your plate you cannot handle!
You may have visions. You may feel you are going crazy. This is very common in your current culture because consciousness is so severely and constrictively defined. As you begin to open up to a larger view of reality, it may be necessary to refrain from speaking of your experiences to what are called “Muggles” in the Harry Potter books. Throughout your recent history people on the path to enlightenment have been persecuted for being “crazy” or having experiences not in line with the Official Version of Reality. We like this term Muggles. Muggles espouse the limited, the “let’s keep reality in a box” mentality encouraged by Denial Spirits, spirits of Limitation. When you begin to reconnect to the Lovelight, the reality you see around you will begin to expose itself to you. Some people will seem so different to you, you will wonder what is going on!!!
Our suggestion is to Sing, Play, and not take anything too seriously through these sometimes demanding experiences. The first pieces of the puzzle of your existence you receive through your inner work may seem enormously revelatory. That is great, but in a short while you will collect many many pieces of the puzzle and will wonder how those first pieces could have ever looked so big!
Whenever you feel you are in over your head, remember to GROUND! You are supposed to bring Light into this world and GROUND it. If you float away with all your new information you are not doing what you need to do to stay sane, strong and healthy!
Chakras in the body often start buzzing. Know this is OK! Your energy centers are beginning to align with your Crystal Light Column. This can bring about lots of thrilling, ecstatic, and wonderful feelings. It can also bring up a whole lot of denied history and emotion to be cleared.
Know if you find yourself overwhelmed, you can ask for a reduced intensity of this experience. Ground!!! Put your feet in water. Take your shoes off and stand on the dirt in your yard. It may even be good to stop meditating for a while until things subside a bit. Take responsibility for yourself. Many people that become overwhelmed by their spiritual experiences are not taking responsibility, though they would deny this. This often points to a need to assert ones power, for underlying this is an unstated declaration of victim-hood.
Many of you on the spiritual path now are trying to make up for lost time. On deeper levels than you may be are conscious of, you are making agreements to do a lot in a short period of time. The energies of Heaven and Earth are indeed intensifying, and many of you have decided to do a lot of energetic clearing very quickly so that you may take best advantage of the energy shifts that are occurring. If this is so, and you are finding your work very difficult, honor yourselves by acknowledging the agreements you have made. Simply by asking yourself if this is the case for you, you will know. You will feel it in your heart and perhaps an ironic laugh will erupt from your gut. Then you will know you are fine, can handle it, and will go on with joy!!!
Sorrows are almost surely to come up as you stand in the River of Light. The River of Light is going to bring this stuff up for you, because you have shoved it away, and now it is in the way of the River’s Flow. You know how sometimes when you listen to a particular song it always seems to elicit a certain emotion from you? Perhaps it is about someone who has left you, has died, or about a lost love. The tears that come up so magically in such experiences point to areas within you that need to be cleared. You are not supposed to cry every time you think of a loved one who is now gone from you. You are not supposed to be carrying a big dark spot in you because your parents decided when you were young that they did not want to live together any more. Accepting as normal permanent pain of loss is stuck energy. This is a block and usually in the heart. Sometimes it is withheld anger that is in there simmering away.
You know simmering is not such a bad term for this process of running the River of Light. In fact the Alchemists of old spoke of a period of fermentation. When something ferments it begins to warm up, to cook. The River of Light increases the rate of fermentation and allows the impurities to cook off, usually leaving only a little bit of what was originally there. That little bit is the part of that experience that is you, that became literally trapped in a ball of inert energy. Like panning for gold, most of what is in the pan is washed away. The part of you that will be left is the gold, the Lovelight that you are.
In order to come to new understandings, old understandings must be left behind. You leave parts of what you thought was “the real you” behind. This can leave a person feeling a bit bereft. “Who am I?” you may say. Interestingly enough, this may be the question that started the whole ball rolling!!! You may find yourself thinking, “I am finding out more and more what I am not!” Once again, this is a really good time to ground. Look at the physical in life. Feel that. Your many questions and diligent processing can indeed leave you confused. Patience please!!! Kindness to self; have you remembered to be kind to yourself?
The road to joy is straight and true. We don’t want to discourage you with pointing out some of the aspects of coming into alignment within that can be experienced as difficult. It is a wonderful road to discovery!!! The Denied emotions yearn for expression, and expressing them will allow you to fill up with Lovelight areas that before were filled with darkness. The darkness was not you!!! You let it go and so can flow once again in Love.
Charges around difficult experiences, while held, tend to define limits to your expression and personality configuration. People contort themselves physically in order to subdue that which seeks release from within. This can cause the body pain. Perhaps you have body pain and you cannot figure out if this has anything to do with unexpressed charge of Denial.
We Hathors love to sing. We suggest you sing the feeling of pain that you are experiencing. If you really concentrate on your song, you will unravel your little mystery. Close your eyes and make noises that express the pain that you are feeling. You might even put your hands on the place of pain to help you get “in touch” with it. As you sing be aware of the images arise in your mind. Sing the pain and the images, and let it all flow along as best you can. We offer our services to any of you that wish for us Hathors to help. We will sing into you the songs and colors of light of healing that are most appropriate. All you have to do is ask. That’s a promise!!!
You are perfectly capable and equipped to tone or sing into your body and receive information from it. Your body is the last container of Denied Emotional Charge. It carries for you all that you refuse to deal with yourself. This is not what the body wants to do; it is just the last dumping ground available to you. Many of you eat health foods and studiously avoid pollution and toxins, yet dump all of your denials into your physical body.
This is not just Denied Emotional Charge, but also Denied Love, Denied Light and Denied Life! If you would just clear these blocks of denial, your body would be able to handle anything your environment seems to threaten you with. You can do it; we know you can!!!
Dark Forces or Denial Spirits
There are some Spirits, due to their own Denial, who do not wish you to enter into the Light. As you begin to release “your” darkness or denial, you cause a disruption in the systems Denial Spirits actively manage to keep you in Denial. Denial Spirits very existence is threatened every time a human takes it upon herself to bring in Light.
People are most vulnerable to Dark Force Attack at the time of their awakening. By this we mean at the time spiritual intent suddenly blooms and the yearning to reconnect to the Divine becomes very strong. The clarity that begins to bloom in human perception as the Lovelight begins to flow increases people’s ability to see many things that were before well hidden. As your Denial is reduced so is the power of the Dark Forces. The power the Dark Forces hold is energy from other beings who have not acknowledged their true selves, their whole selves.
As Denied energy is reduced in your bodies by the flow of the River of Light and you begin to reclaim your true energies, Dark Forces have less and less a chance to manipulate you.
Fears held within the body give Dark Forces ways of possible access to you. Fear, being a denied energy, holds a great charge. It is held in tension; it is not flowing. If you allow yourself to go into the fear purposely and express and feel all the information this repressed experience holds for you, you would reclaim that bit of gold that is part of the real you buried in that experience. Also you can learn the message the fear carries for you.
Of these kinds of emotions, you use the word “heavy”. This is a very accurate description of denied energy, denied emotion. It sits in your body and is of a greater density. Remember the Black Hole? The energy in a Black Hole in space is of such enormous density that you would not be able to lift a piece of it the size of a pea, or a flea!!! Denied energy in your body becomes denser and allows for little if any flow the areas it inhabits. These areas in the human body are the areas that Dark Forces are more likely able to access. They are really wounds in the body. For those of you who are familiar with the delineation of the physical, emotional, mental or astral bodies, we tell you when we say body, we mean all of them as One. There is indeed more technical aspects to this, yet it is not necessary to know them.
Denial spirits “feed” on negative emotion and gain power over individuals who have denied enough of themselves to be vulnerable to attack. All of you carry Denial of some form or another, and so all of you will likely become familiar with some type of Denial Spirit. The first few encounters with negative entities can indeed be frightening. Just the realization that they actually exist is troubling if you never thought such things existed.
We are not presenting this information to you to frighten you. We are presenting this near the beginning of this book because we know you are adventurers setting out on a path of discovery, and like any good travel book, it is good to know what one might encounter along the way. Some travel books might tell you that you can expect to encounter flying cockroaches at a given local, or snakes or certain types of diseases that might sound frightening. But knowing in advance gives you perspective. “Oh well, there are a few biting flys, but this place is really amazing,” you may come to say.
As time goes along you will find denial Spirts less irritating, and come to see them as the annoying flies that they are, that become less and less a problem as the clarity of the Lovelight blooms within you!!! Some traditions hold that Denial Spirits are teachers, for they point out areas of weakness that need to be addressed. We Hathors would say that they are not teachers, yet it is true that with wisdom one may learn a great deal from such encounters about yourself and areas of work needed. If there was no denial in you however, there would be nothing to learn from them for they would not exist in your reality.
Power that is intrinsically the individuals yet is denied is often used by Denial Spirits. Your denials are the source of their power. For example, if someone tells you cannot do something that is within you abilities, and they convince you of this, you have denied yourself and given up a bit of your power. Not only have you given up your power, but you have done so willingly. You have been convinced. Though you were given Free Will by the Friend, you cannot have Free Will if you give it away of your own free will. This is the tool that Denial Spirits used to gain control over the human race and over the Beings of Pan. They told you you were not what you thought you were, and you gave your free will away in believing them.
This convincing you of what you cannot do has been going on for so long that a correction has to take place. This system you live within has been in the process of denying itself out of existence. The Friend gave you all the qualities of the Lovelight and Form to express endless creativity and joy. Yet human kind has been denying these qualities in favor of restriction and darkness, in denial of the qualities of the Friend that you truly are.
Encounters with Denial Spirits should not really surprise any of you, for you have been dealing with them and their influence for many many lives. Nearly all of you display characteristics of Denial Spirits in your behaviors. Have you ever told someone they could not do something they thought they could? Indeed, there is so much Denial in your societies that enormous resistance has been set in place to oppose a person who sets his aim “impossibly” high.
Occasionally you see someone accomplish at levels that seem to defy all odds. Most of you see this as an extraordinary case, either as a fluke, or as someone who had abilities beyond normal. We tell you that these cases of what you have come to think of as extraordinary would seem run of the mill if denial were not so pervasive.
Seeing into other levels of reality is a most wonderful experience for you when you have not done so before in this life. It is a “native” ability. If some Denial Spirit can come and “Spook” you into walking away from this ability, a big sigh of relief goes through the Dark Clan and the entity that spooked you is rewarded with the denied energy you freely gave away.
And so you have all left little pieces of yourselves strewn about the Universe and they are awaiting you to come and take them back. Archangel Michael is very good at helping you get back what is yours and helping you remember what happened to you. But how can you get back what is yours if you don’t remember? Certainly this is the paradox you find yourself in. Many of you have applied for jobs that required experience and you had none. You wondered, “How do I get the experience to get the job if I can’t get the job without the experience?” Yet you did get the job, or at least you have known someone who has done this. We tell you now; you can get yourself back and remember in the process. The first thing you tell yourself is, “I know I can remember, and I will.” The next thing you tell yourself is, “I know I have the help of the Friend to remember all of this, and I will ask the Friend and his helpers of the Lovelight to set me on the proper path to my wholeness.”
Remember when we suggested closing your eyes and singing the hurt or pains you feel in yourself? Know that when you are in your Crystal running your full circuit, and you call on The Friend and Michael, then you can fly in your Crystal into the portal that is within each of the energy blockages in your body. There are many names for this type of travel, typically something like “soul travel”, “astral travel”, “journeying” etc. You need no instruction on how to do this—just know that you already know how. You have all done it millions of times in your existence as an entity created in the Lovelight of the Friend. You do this at night while dreaming and sometimes even in your day dreams. The thing about it is you do not consider this flying, you consider it the imagination. The imagination can indeed create new places to fly or find levels of experience already created that match your fantasy fancy. This is an aspect of your ability to create and be creative. Yet there are levels of existence that are there without the assistance of your imagination. This is what the alchemists were referring to when they spoke of “true imagination”.
All creation was sung or imagined into place. Your societies have placed imagination at a very low level. That keeps your society’s powerful in power, and keeps you, their “rabble”, in your place. Of course it is in the interest of the Denial Spirits to tell you your abilities are limited and that you really need their protection in order to survive. When this is believed, then power is passed on to “those in charge”. Many of those in charge now are the very Denial Spirits who invaded Pan so long ago. They set the tone today as they have always done, insisting they are quite powerful and that you need them in order to live a safe life. If you believe that you need the safety they claim to provide, know that you have given away a great deal of your power.
When a certain weight in Denial of the Friend is reached, a system implodes. You are very near this point now on Earth. Denial of your true nature is Denial of the Friend. A certain amount of The True Nature of the Friend needs to be expressed by the Created Spirits of the Friend in order for the Creation to truly be of the Nature of the Friend. Remember the Black Hole? If a creation is heavily weighted in Denial of Light, it simply ceases to exist.
You will not be afraid as you fly through the Denial Portal in your Soul Crystal with Michael guiding you. It may seem surprising to you to fly through a Portal in your body and feel that portal to be so large. The within and the without is not so different as you have been led to believe. The Kingdom is within, as Christ taught. We Hathors find this disbelief in the reality of flying, and the ignorance of other ways and realms to be quite amazing. You see, it really is so obvious, yet you have been convinced otherwise. Such is the power of belief systems and the power of Denial.
Remember to Ask
We wish to remind you once again to ask the Friend and his helpers in and of the Lovelight to assist you in the reclaiming your right place in creation. Those of the Lovelight come when called upon. This is because we respect your Free Will to do as you please, to create your experience. The workers of the Light, the Angels, await your request. We really want to help and guide, but we will only do so if requested. There are some cases where the Lovelight intervenes, but in general help must be asked for and Free Will must be respected. The more often you ask the more in tune with the Lovelight you become. That which is given attention grows in presence. Your attention is quite powerful. That which you focus on becomes larger in your awareness. This does not mean chosing to ignore those things that come up that are disagreeable in your work, for it is important to note all that presents itself. However focusing on that which you wish to build, such as your Crystal Tower, your Tower of Light, and knowing that this “tool” will help you through your discoveries, brings it into conscious awareness and so begins to really be part of what you call reality.
This is the way that non-material reality is brought into manifestation. The borders between the levels are not as strictly drawn as you have come to believe. At this time in your history many levels are beginning to mix and merge. The energies are presently available for such actions to take place. A thousand years ago and today are very close to one another. You are re-entering a field of possibilities that in the last spiral were represented in the age of Camelot and the stories and energies that manifested as representations of truths. If you could see time as a spiral instead of a line, you would see how close you are to that age, its inspirations, aspirations and struggles. You are so close to those times now that you can reach out and touch them. And the failures of that age too are with you. The stories of Love and the Grail tell of a time when a great effort was made to manifest energies that are present with you now and very very close!!! These stories tell of the struggles to bring Light to the world and the opposition encountered. The forms have changed, yet these stories have much to tell you of who you are, where you have been, and the hope that exists to bring the energies of the Friend into physical reality.
The search for the Grail continues. The Grail is a promise made by the Friend. The Grail exists and it is many, many things. This depends upon levels of understanding and the understandings will come to you--and through you to humanity. This is all available to you in the return of your Crystal to its proper place as it enters physical reality and is manifested by your conscious effort. In your Soul Crystal, Soul and Spirit, male and female energies are allowed to mix and merge. It is so important to remember you are composed of both male and female energies. Despite the distortions of these energies in your current cultures, these are very complementary energies. How could they not be, for they are the Friend’s dynamic energies of creation!!! If you feel now very “male” or very “female” it is a very good idea to begin to understand that you have many times been male and many times been female. If you are constantly feeling discriminated against due to your gender, it is helpful for you to pretend once in a while that you are of the opposite sex. This will help your remembrances of times past when you were of the “opposite” sex and allow understandings otherwise unavailable to you.
The nature of Karma often allows you to experience the opposite side of imbalances you expressed in previous lives. If you are experiencing discrimination now, accept the possibility that you many have expressed discriminatory behaviors before. If you feel a good deal of resistance to this idea, we would suggest this is very likely this is the case. Karma brings around equal and opposite energies to balance misunderstandings. If you have strong negative attitudes toward the opposite sex, you surely have had problems in this area.
Accepting that you are really both male and female and neither will help you begin to heal. To express prejudice toward the opposite sex shows you quite clearly that you have not accepted a part of yourself. This is Denial. When you accept both female and male expressive aspects within yourself, you will find much of the discrimination you experience falling away. This “battle” between male and female energies is in many ways a “red herring”, making it very difficult for humans to see that behind such guises.There are energies which are creative and helpful and those in denial of Love, denial of the Friend. Know that the Male and Female qualities of the Friend are not in opposition to the Lovelight.
Entities of Denial are in opposition or blocks to the light of the Friend. The Friend is both male and female and neither, as are you. These are energies which you express through your Soul Crystal, and into whatever body you have currently created. You might call this Archetype of Female and Archetype of Male. These are formats through which beings express attributes of the Friend. There is no better or lesser. You might like the guitar better than the piano, and that is fine—yet you would not argue that one is better than the other in expressing what they are. A guitar is a guitar and expresses its form as does the piano. You have all expressed Female and Male energies in many lifetimes and embodied those archetypal forms. These may well be seen as instruments you experiment with, and try playing different kinds and styles of music in an orchestra of individuals in each life.
You can be sure that those areas you find disharmonious in the music of your life are areas that you had a hard time playing before. Or perhaps you played the part well yet were unfamiliar with the other instrument in a particular situation. We admit that there are complications and many varied reasons you may find disharmonies in your life. For instance perhaps you worked as a female in an earlier life very well, even dealing with characters of the Male expression that had a lot to learn about being loving. Perhaps in this life you have returned as a male with many of those same “troublesome” men returning as females. You are perhaps working on your expertise, you mastery. In this you may be both teaching others while learning to teach. And it is not impossible that this time around you are finding it harder to play your harmonies in the dissonance of your challenging students.
There are as many variations as you can imagine in the challenging school of earth. One thing you can be sure of though is that you all came to learn, to teach and to find how best to express the Lovelight of the Friend.
There are other types of disharmonies you may find in your inner feelings about the life you are now living. Many of these feelings arise from knowing the world can be much better than it is. You know this because for quite a long time now the earth has had its beauty diminished in each of your succeeding lives. Many of you have very deep sorrows over this which need to find expression. In fact there is a great deal of anger which goes unacknowledged in those of you who feel that anger is an unacceptable outward expression. But we tell you this—until you express this anger you will have a great deal of resistance accessing the inner you that can begin to turn this situation around.
Anger expressed at those who you see as your opponents will usually increase the resistance and opposition you confront. This is because you are sending the anger out to attack those who oppose you. What is needed is a conference with your anger. Open it as the present that it is. Take that ribbon off the outside of it and see what is within. For we tell you that inside you will find many many things that you have forgotten about “manipulating” reality and the Love Magic of the Friend. We assure you, you will not lose your motivation for changing the world. The motivation is really not in the anger but in the understandings that are within the wrappings of that anger. You will find real change inside of the Charge of Denial that anger represents.
So is anger bad? No. It is just anger. It is unexpressed emotion related to issues that seeks expression. But venting your anger can, as you all well know, turn situations into explosions. An explosion is a great release of energy and we Hathors are all for letting energy flow, but not at the expense of others. Giving others an explosive charge that is not theirs usually sets up a release of similar charge in them. Anger resonates at a particular frequency and your explosion will resonate often to set off the fuse of another person. The interesting thing is that the responding explosion and charge you may receive in response to your anger may actually not have anything to do with your issues. And again, if you have not looked inside that anger present of yours, your charge may not have had much to do with what you thought it was anyway!!!
As you can see and probably already know, the back and forth sharing of anger can rapidly devolve into complicated confusion.
Most of you have experienced a time where anger seemed to work well for you. The person who received you anger conformed to your requests, whatever they might have been. Yet we wish to tell you that had you spoken from the true power that you are with the strength that you truly hold, this would have been unnecessary.
We are not asking any of you to judge yourselves for the anger you have expressed. We merely suggest that by sitting in meditation, connecting the Above and Below and then opening these Anger Presents will allow you to play a beautiful and efficient harmony that will really change the world rather than cause more confusion.
We speak to the Mystery that resides within you; we sing to it!!! We ask you to sing it too! Read the music that you are by looking into anger and know that what you will find within it is like those Chinese boxes within boxes. The charge that anger represents needs to be looked upon as a great resource--for it truly is.
Your angers can tell you of your history, where you have been and where you want to go. It can lead you to powers you never knew you had. Many of you are afraid of your anger and so stuff it away in denial. You are throwing so much away by doing this!!! You merely need to know that anger can be picked up, opened and investigated. There are neglected tools within your anger. There is great power. You know how powerful anger can be when tossed at someone else. But in doing this you are throwing a part of yourself away and burying the treasure even deeper. You can watch how powerful your anger is as your adversary knocks his or her anger together with yours. It often runs back to its creator mixed together with the power of the anger of the adversary. This truly is being run over by your own power. You have in effect used you anger against yourself.
So what do you do when you find yourself getting angry? Tell whoever you are dealing with that you have to break contact with them because you are getting angry. Move away from this person. If you cannot leave immediately, tell them you are getting angry and need to halt communication until a later time. Your opportunity is at hand!!! The present has been placed in your hands!!! You have found something that is of great value to you, a mystery, a map!!! You may think, “Yeah, but I know what all of this is about.” We assure you, you do not. You may know some of it, but there will be much, much more.
As soon as possible, enhance your awareness of your Soul Crystal, and run that connection of the Above and Below. Ground!!! Ask for help!!! Ask for understanding and state that you are going to take the gift of this anger and unwrap it. Allow the Lovelight to wash over you and we assure you the process will begin. Follow the images that come to you no matter how off subject they seem. Remember how powerful this anger feels! This is power that should be accessible to the self any time and not only when you get mad!!! Anger contains Denied Power. You are mining yourself to find yourself. Remember all those little pieces of yourself that you have strewn about the Universe? Well within the within of your Anger you will find the portals to fly through to recover both your power and your memories of past lives and who you are.
As you begin to recover yourself, the outside world will begin to look differently to you. This is not subjective; it is the truth. We Hathors are not telling you to enlighten yourself and lift off the world to leave the work of repair to lesser souls. We are telling you that the separation you have become convinced exists between the subjective and the objective does not exist. The two are tightly woven. It is true that if enough of you bring light to yourselves, and so to the world, the world will change stupendously and in a moment. It is also true that you may change yourselves hugely and still wonder why the outside world does not seem to reflect it. It is in the daily that you may recognize the initial changes. You will feel differently about your life and what is important. You will feel that there is a grander scheme and you are beginning to play your part in it. You will feel more empathy for those around you who do not feel the meaning you are feeling. There will again be Heaven on Earth. Know this as a fact. You have come in body to this planet many times, and in this you agreed that through yourselves and your inner and outer work to make this planet a better place. Many of you gave up a great deal to do this work, yet began it with great confidence.
One of the ways to find this great confidence is to unravel the history of yourselves. Your emotions are great guides to regaining wholeness. By healing your wounds, so you heal the world. We wish more people would feel the truth of this. Many people are willing to help others at the expense of themselves. Yet they fail to realize that to heal the self is to heal others. You really are all that connected!!! As you heal yourself, you send waves of this healing through the fabric of existence and to all your relations!!! We wish you to believe this, for then you will understand just how important you are!!! Each and every one of you is immeasurably important. You culture has marginalized and denied so many of you.
We wish you to know how important we know you are. Your culture has led you to believe that some people are more important than others. It is impossible to compare importance, value, or beauty, for no one else holds the place in creation that you do!!! You each hold a unique position in creation. You are eternal spirits here to create beauty and learn to create beauty. Know that you are meaning in and of yourself. Nothing can take this away, so please, Stop Denying yourself and come and Dance and Sing with Us!

Hello! I am Merlin. I am now stepping in to tell you about guilt. But before I do, I have a few things to say about myself by way of introduction. There are a great many stories about me and most of them do carry a flavor of my character. I am known for my sense of humor by those who know me well. I am a guide to humanity and you would be correct in saying that I play a role of the Archetype of Mercury. The air of mystery that hangs about my role is indicative of Honoring the Great Mystery that is the Friend. By honoring mystery you honor the Friend. As you know, a great many words are spoken and written about the Friend. There is both agreement and disagreement in these words, and I think you may say that it is obvious by the seeming confusions and disagreements in all these communications, that there must be a bit of a mystery going on.
By admitting that you are somehow in a Creation that you do not entirely understand, you are allowing space inside of yourself for new ways of seeing. If your beliefs are held in a strict format or dogma, you are limiting your experience. Lots of energy is taken up defending your beliefs and lots of denial energy is required to explain away or bury information that reaches your senses that does not fit your held ideas.
Have you noticed how many religious institutions put enormous energy into keeping new ideas and change out of their dogmas? Holding tightly to dogmas doesn’t allow for the flow of information that is continually being sent to you by the Friend. Any notion that seems contrary to what you have been told by your Institution of Choice, creates an irritation within. These often take the form of questions that you would like an answer to but are afraid to ask. Even thinking of these questions brings up a feeling of guilt because by asking you are questioning a doctrine you have been told is the “Word of God”.
This guilt, which is in fact a judgment of self, is thus created by you and then quickly buried away, filed into the “thou shalt not ask” category in the mental body. Of course the mental body can only hold so much denied doubt before the physical body takes the overflow.
Let me tell you that the Friend is constantly sending you information that you do not hear because you are blocking the Friend by Denied energy that seeks expression and seeks answers. This insidious mechanism is used widely by the “powers that be” on earth to keep you trapped in ignorance. It is very simple and has been shown to be very effective in keeping humans from having a direct relationship with the great mystery that is the Friend.
The “beauty” of this method of keeping you from direct relationship with the Friend is that you do this by agreement. In this way power is given away by the individual to the institution of CHOICE!!!!! The choice is this—“These people know more about the endless mystery of the Infinite Friend than I do”. People are convinced that they can go to their Church or Mosque, or Temple, and learn the truth of the Mystery of the Friend. This would be fine and dandy if the whole group were joining together in openness to share their experiences of the Friend, to compare and contrast without judgment. Yet this is rather uncommon.
Usually you have the “Expert on the Friend” who has a large body of Dogma that must be held to be true by the attending members. If the dogma is questioned by a member, or if the member holds and expresses ideas out of kilter with held dogma, then it is not uncommon for that person to be coerced, condemned or excommunicated for holding “evil” or aberrant ideas or behaviors.
All of this usually manages to produce a great deal of guilt, which if not recognized and processed, creates blocks of denied energy in the body which blocks the light and help of the Friend.
People often wonder about Evil on earth and its constant presence. The Friend expresses through the individual, and each of you is equipped to receive the knowledge you need from the Friend. You are all on different paths and need different information at each moment. This is the work your body was designed to do and will do for you. Guilt blocks this information from you. Think about this. The pattern of accepted guilt which I have outlined above is a pattern to consider. Who is behind this pattern that catches one by their own free will in a web of guilt? In whose interest is it that you accept only their ideas about who the Friend is, and what the Friend wants for you?
Why would some “religious” or “spiritual institutions” be interested in taking your power from you and causing you a lot of guilt thereby creating energetic blocks in you so that you cannot hear the Friend as well? Who would want to do such a thing to people?
Guilt blocks the light of the friend. I tell you this so that you may begin to explore your guilt and find out where it leads you. You are a Child of God. Guilt is not supposed to be buried. Use the guilt that comes to you consciously to find out who you are and to explore the Mysteries of the Friend. By examining your guilt without judgment you can find the issues you have brought to yourself and then left unforgiven. You may even find that some thoughts or actions that are the root of the guilt are not actions you feel really were wrong.
The Friend does not judge. It is people and gods with a small “g” that judge. If you feel condemned by the Friend, you have condemned yourself. When you stand clearly and without blocks in the light of the Friend you will take no action that is harmful to others. Many have said that without laws and injunctions the world would fall apart and that chaos would rule. This is baloney. I realize that from the place you now stand, and the lives you now experience, this is probably hard to believe. Humanity has gone far away from the uninhibited beauty of Pan, and the deceptions in this world have become very complex.
There is another language, that of love, which you have largely forgotten--this is the language of the Friend. When Your Will, which is Soul, conjoins or marries Spirit, all actions are understood as correct. Learning experiences will still occur; for you all interact with other individuals whose Spirit/Wills may have different intensions than your own. Yet when you clearly stand in the Lovelight of the Friend, you will lovingly allow another their path and understand very clearly these differences without judgment. In the Light of the Friend differences are honored.
It has been so long since you have lived a life where ALL was honored in the Mysterious light of the Friend, that it is hard for you to believe such a world could work. Hard to believe in a world where connection to the Great Mystery Light of the Friend was so complete that experience was a constantly surprising joy and no being interfered with another’s development. Only “unrealistic” types allow themselves such “fantasies”.
I invite you to begin to fantasize this world into Reality. Belief in a perfect world brings the realization to you. Allow your analytical side to drop away and allow the fantastic to slip a bit closer to you. This is how Magic works. If you deny the possibility of an unbelievably beautiful world, who will manifest it for you? The Truth of the Lovelight holds such a world and it is waiting for you to Realize It!!! Realizing is bringing to consciousness that which was unrecognized before.
Magic has a rather lowly name amongst you now. Your magicians now are masters of illusion. True magic is no illusion. Perhaps you once had a day that seemed unreal in that it was so perfect and so much fun that it didn’t seem to be part of this world, yet it was. You experienced that day. That day you experienced Magic. Your secret wishes that seemed so unrealistic somehow came true. Allow yourself to “fantasize” that you could have a month, a year, and a lifetime of such days. How changed would you be if this were to happen!!! Allow yourself to think about this and try to allow a little room in your mind for this as a real possibility. Allow a place of sanctity in yourself for the possibility of a wondrously beautiful life of breath-taking beauty. Allow that room to get bigger each day.
You may find that some kinds of thinking may get in the way of this “fantasy”. Then it is up to you which ideas should be honored. Perhaps the Sanctuary of a Perfect Life cannot expand its walls if the Fortress of Cynical Realism already occupies the ground. On the other hand, perhaps the Fortress of Cynical Realism could be remodeled to a smaller size so that the Sanctuary of a Perfect Life could gain more space within you. Through this metaphor I speak of Reality. Magic is allowing in the Light of the Friend in meeting and mixing with the Will, your Will, and allowing these two forces to build together. Yet you must make a Santuary within, a place where these ideals can begin to take seed to root, stem, leaf and blossom.
The seeds of the Friend rain down all around you in every moment. You can pick these seeds up and place them in the Sanctuary you build inside yourself. These seeds are meant to grow inside of you, mix and inspire you. Let these seeds of the Lovelight that literally fall from heaven come into you. Let them grow in your Sanctuary of a Perfect Life, for these seeds will inform your sanctuary, and the lovelight will shine down to allow the fruits of you labor to come forth.
Magic happens when you believe deeply in your heart. The scientific paradigm insists upon repeated proofs in the face of skepticism or doubt. Doubt is now the foundation of Western thought. You can see that this works very well, in that very little works very well indeed!!!! It doesn’t take a great deal of doubt to block Magic. Doubt is Denial. It blocks the Light of the Friend. That is why I suggest to you to first make a little sanctuary in yourself—little because most of the space is already taken up by Denial! Little is all that will fit at first!!!
Science has found the least of that which works. You might think that by putting some effort under piles of doubt, that if it works, it must be true. I am not saying whatever the project is does not work, I’m sure it does. And the reason it does is because Denial is not complete. A little bit of the Lovelight squeezes through all the doubt and comes out through the conceptual distortions held by the experimenters. If they had taken on a project they knew wouldn’t work, then their conscious and unconscious Denial was complete. The truth of the matter is nearly all scientific experiments are concocted, hypothesized, with some belief that the hypothesis is true. Scientists don’t want to be judged stupid by their fellows by testing an unlikely idea.
Yet I repeat myself, science finds the least of that which works and very little in your world does indeed work very well. You see, science has done a very good job at what it does, which is doubting. The understood agreement that very little works very well is the foundation of western civilization. The denial has allowed you a wee reality after most of it has been doubted away. This is the civilization of ultimate prejudice, build proudly on Denial.
All of you live within the Great Mother within the Great Father within the Great Mother within the great Father/Mother of Infinity. This is the truth. Denied truth is denied energy. Denial distorts energy, and if energy is distorted enough it might be called perverse or inverted to its own nature. All energy is recycled. Nothing is lost forever. Distorted energy causes pain and the recycling or transformation of such energy is more difficult. You know what it is to feel emotionally contorted and this is always due to distortions of what actually is the Lovelight, for love is that which is real.
Pain is not God’s punishment, for God has no such intensions. People have allowed themselves to become poor vessels for the Lovelight. I Merlin, will tell you two truths that seem to be contradictory. You are the Holy Grail. Next--The Holy Grail exists in and of itself.
You were created a Vessel of Light. You came into this life and every life you have ever lived to merge the Vessel of Light you truly are with Form, and express the Lovelight in Form. At this late date in history, you inevitably came into this life with a bit of baggage, or karma. All of your experiments in living and merging light with Form came with you, including your successes and “failures”. These so-called failures are distortions you experienced in attempting to merge your Soul Crystal with your chosen Form, now your physical body. In Pan Form was not as dense or heavy as your body form is now.
As the interpretation of the Lovelight became increasingly distorted, or expressed in ways not true to Lovelight’s nature, your system slowed down, became more dense. It is hard to be brilliant when you are dense!!! You are all redeemers, though most of you have not realized this yet. You are here to get that Body, Soul and Spirit of yours up to the speed of light, the Lovelight.

The Alchemists, Reason and the Goddess
The Alchemists were fellows who are now largely remembered as some crazies who thought they might be able to turn base metals or even poop into Gold. This might be how they are remembered by most people, yet the truth goes a bit deeper. At the bottom of Alchemical thought was a proposition that may seem quite extraordinary today. The proposition was that the external world was representative in some basic way to the internal Spirit and Soul of the individual and of the Process of the Friend’s creation of Life. Alchemy was the attempted marriage of reason and magic. Today you might say left brain and right brain. Some might say it was also the attempted marriage of Spirit and Soul, or the Lovelight and the Body.
For the wisest alchemists theirs was a work of Love. These fellows knew that the age of reason was upon them and that the spirit of this age insisted they not lose their Souls to it. That which seems to defy logic is the Realm of the Goddess or Mother. I say “seems to defy Logic, because that which you do not understand is seen as without “reason”. Magic is of the Mother and done with intuition and intent. Though there can be found Logic or even mechanics within it, the “magician” need not find this logic, she must only Feel her Intent and the elements follow. Rationality was on the rise, and its capacity to slice away that which seemed unreasonable or held by the chains of logic, threatened. How was the Love Mother to survive Logic? Love did not seem particularly reasonable and falling in Love was seen and often experienced as a temporary state of insanity.
To me it is a sad irony that the “First Scientists” art devolved into what you have as Science today. You marvel at what your sciences have done for you, yet these achievements are a sad pittance to what could have been achieved. The Will was brought outside of the body and made into machines. The Alchemists were investigating ritual. They were using their hearts and intuition and rational understandings to prove that what was outside of them corresponded to that which was within them. The best Alchemists knew that gold would not be physically produced if corresponding changes did not take place within themselves. Their experiments literally represented their inner spiritual/soul work.
It is no coincidence that the Alchemists attempted the Divine Marriage, and the blooming of the traditions of Romanic Love or “madness”, took place just before The Age of Reason began its stranglehold over the West. The Goddess was in danger of being completely thrown away and so manifested in another form—Romanticism—a tradition that suggested honoring women, who had by then been relegated to low station.
It was during this same period of time that Grail Literature appeared. Pen was put to paper by various writers, bringing forward stories that are far older than you can imagine. The horrifying story of the Wasteland had long before come to pass and continues to this day. These stories became as popular as they did because they are stories about the truth of your situation. The details are disguised in symbol, metaphor and the clothing of the period they were written. These writers grabbed truth out of the air, by magic. In fact these writings were in the air and were literally thrown into the writers laps by their guides. These writers were mostly incarnated members of the Grail Line which is not based on bloodline but Spirit/Soul heritage. That is why these books appeared simultaneously in several different countries. The people of the land had held various forms of these stories, the stories of human struggle to understand the truth, the story of the fall of mankind, the loss of the Mother’s full energies.
The peasants, the people of the earth that tilled the soil, knew the truth of these stories best. For they had their hands in the soil, the body of the Mother, and knew in their hearts that once was a time when no effort was required to gather her fruits. And all of you will know and feel it too, if you look within yourselves.
Humankind once held the reins of creation on earth. Energy came up from the heart of the Mother through the feet of each individual and all the way through their bodies. Light lines came out of every part of the human body connecting to all part of the physical body of earth. You knew what the animals and plants were doing. You could hear their songs in your body. Your bodies were a symphony of the vibrancies of the Mother’s expression of the Fathers’ Light. You moved in sympathy with these songs. You could respond because you heard. Most of you hear very little of this today. I suggest you start listening if you want to find your Right Place, for the times indeed, they are a-changing.
The Father’s Light enters the Mother. These seeds of light burst into expression and come forth as what you know of as “life”. This is how you were created. This is how the world in each moment comes into creation. Energy bursting into life as the Mother and Father energies merge in constant intercourse.
You eat the Fruits of this exchange. An Apple is the reproductive organ of the tree and it gives you life; it sustains you. This connects you to the tree, its trunk, its roots and the fertile body of the Mother, the Earth. You eat an egg, the reproductive organ of the bird who laid it. This connects you to the bird family and its struggles for survival on the body of the Great Mother. You eat bread which is the seed, the reproductive energy of the grasses, the hairs of the body of the Earth. You let the juices of the plum run down your face and drip on your clothes. I really have to ask you here why you so distain sex? Do you feel guilty when you eat bread? Do you not realize that every moment of this creation is a sex act? Then why is it then that sex is so taboo? Why is the Wasteland s Wasteland? What was dishonored, what is dishonored? The fruits of the Mother are given freely. Things have gotten so bad that some of you really do feel guilty when you eat bread, thinking you are taking life from another life form. If you knew you were part of the process of creation and that you were actively participating this guilt would go.
The Mother is Body, Soul and Form. If you think the body is sinful, then how are you honoring the Mother? Humans no longer are connecting the Father and Mother together. You can not expect your experience in creation to be healthy if you do not once again decide to take your rightful place within it. You are meant to be connected to the Father energies emanating from the Central Sun to the Heart and Womb of the Mother. This is your place in creation. With your Soul Crystal connected to both the Father and the Mother, you become part of this sexy creative process!!!
You are meant to be sensors, not censors of the Mother and the Father!!! Through you they are able to infuse you and the Earth with the energies that are needed to hold all of Creation in balance. Yet you are all out of balance!!! The mating energies of the Mother and Father are literally facilitated by you. If you do not perform this function, the Mother and Father cannot fulfill your needs.
When you find yourself in a jamb, you may call on the Father of Light and Life to help you. These prayers are heard, believe me, they are! Yet most of you stand there, or kneel there, expecting these blessings to manifest without any more effort on your part. This can be the case, but I am telling you to help and participate in this process!!! The Father energies enter your body, if you allow this at all, and attempt to take Root. Yet you have no roots! The Father does not manifest in a one sided manner. It takes the Mother receiving the Father Light to manifest anything.
I ask you now if will indulge me for a moment to consider, why it is “Christianity” has placed their “Hell” in the center of the earth? Perhaps you wish to keep to this notion that hellfire and dirt is all that there is inside of the Earth. But I would like to suggest to you that by keeping you out of the insides of the Mother, your power is reduced to nearly nothing. Power exists. Your power exists. This power is supposed to exist in your Heart, the place where the Mother and Father energies mix together in you to inform you of their intent. The way you run this power is by connecting to both the energy of the Father Sun, and the energy of the Mother inside of the earth. This can be seen as a pipeline that connects these energies and allows them to mix and merge—to Mate!!! If you don’t do this, you stand outside of Creation. Your tank cannot fill up if you don’t connect yourself to both the Father and the Mother energies. The Father’s seed falls on sterile ground if you do not Ground, and ground very deeply with Loving Intent!!!
“Grounding” is a common term used for connecting the Mother end of your Lifeline amongst spiritual groups these days. I would prefer the term “Mothering”. When you ground you are connecting to the Mother. This is a feeding tube for you. Yet remember that the Fathers’ Light also passes down this tube bringing Light Seed to the Mother. You are feeding the Mother so she may feed you. Felt at a profound level, this is an exchange of Love. The Hummingbird feeds on the nectar of the flower and in doing so passes on the seed, the pollen from the other flowers it has visited. You aid both the Father and Mother by connecting your Soul Crystal Above and Below, and so being as a Hummingbird. By this action you are standing inside a flow of information that begins to inform you of Who you really are and why you are on the Earth, The Body of the Great Mother.
Humans do indeed stand in a central place in life on Earth, or are supposed to anyway. You are the Light Conductors!!! I cannot begin to tell you what a lousy job you have been doing at this. There are many stories about Inner Earth, and most of them are propagated with the intent to keep you from going there. Humans, mostly while asleep, have been given many frightening experiences inside the Earth in order to make them feel they would never want to go there again. There has been a concerted effort to make all humans feel that the only thing down there is hell, and most folks are afraid they will go there soon enough!!! These fears are pushed into you by those who wish to control you and do not want the power of the Mother to power you up.
Nearly all of you are going to have to face these fears in order to really connect with the Mother. These fears are often so intense they are Denied Consciousness. When you go into denial over anything, the Body holds the Denial in a dark, non-vibrating lump. Whatever your body holds so does the Body of the Mother, for they are one and the same. The earth literally mirrors you. You give your Denials to the Mother who is The Body, and this is indeed her hell and yours. She waits for all of you, who are Redeemers, to find your fears and denials and bring them to Light. You have made her wait for a very long time indeed!!!
The Mother can hold all this stagnant energy for only so long before its mass becomes too much for even Her. This point has been reached. Critical Mass is upon the Body of the Mother and she must move. She has been holding Humankinds’ garbage for a very long time and your denials just keep flowing in to her. There is your Hell!!! The Mother is in for a shift, and all of this stagnant energy is going to be dumped. If you want to reclaim yourself, now is the time to do it. The Lost and Found department is soon to close up, and that which is not claimed will soon be gone for good.
All of this may sound very good to many of you. Many newagers cannot wait for the big shift. I often wonder why so many of these people have not noticed just how hard Mother Earth has worked to put this whole shift off!!! Do they think that once again the moody feminine is standing in the way of progress? The fact of the matter is that the Mother is doing her best to hold all the garbage of Denial you have sent her until you reclaim it. Obviously she feels that there is something of value buried inside of what you have discarded. This is the Gold that the Alchemists sought inside of poop, the Soul Aspects which you have all discarded. There are literally parts of yourselves that you have shed that are dark portals inside your bodies that lead as tunnels to the pieces of yourselves you have left inside of Mother Earth. The Mother wants you to be whole and she is trying to be as patient as possible until you decide to reclaim yourselves.
The physical, symbolic representation of your Denials of Self can be seen in your trash cans, dumps, and landfills, where that judged unworthy is put into the body of the Mother. You will notice that the true lifestyles of indigenous peoples left no trash. They left only seeds from the plants they ate inside a ball of fertilizer just as your animals still do today.
Of course nearly all New-agers that want the shift to come now are not whole. Many of them think that they will suddenly be transported to some sort of “heaven”, since they have worked so hard on their Spirits. The thing is, you can’t work on Spirit to the exclusion of Soul. Spirit is Light and Airy and flies about keeping a safe distance from that gross heaviness of Earth or Soul. If you are one of the people that have a hard time staying grounded, you can be sure that you are running from your Soul and the Mother. Denial!!!
Of course the Soul/Body/Mother is heavy and dense partly because these very “airy-fairy” types have dumped all of their Denials into their bodies and the Body of the Mother. There are Spiritual disciplines that practice taking the Light of the Father and washing all denials, seen as “dross” out of the body so as to ascend. Many of these ascensions do take place and have been accomplished and their memories honored and emulated. These practices are very common in the Eastern traditions where grounding is discouraged in favor of only the Father Light. The problem with these ascensions is that the Mother is used as a dumping ground for all of the denials the disciple wants to rid himself of. The processing of the denials is not done, the gold is not recovered. This type of practice is especially dangerous at this time. Many of these “ascended masters” live amongst you today and indeed perhaps you are one of them.
You see, it has been possible to ascend through these techniques in a temporary manner as a partial being. But you cannot chose to leave a system if you are not taking all of yourself with you. I am not saying that there was not great learning done in these ascensions, for there was. But the practitioners had to return in order to collect what they had dumped into the Mother. The “dross” of denials needs to be collected and processed. Inside each denial is a bit of essence of the Soul/Body. Mother holds your bodies for you until you pick up all the pieces of yourself and like Humpty Dumpty, put yourselves together again. However at this time the practitioners of the Dump and Run ascension techniques may soon find themselves lost forever. They may find themselves without parts of their bodies, without their complete souls. Spirit will become an orphan, just as the Soul it abandoned has been for so long. For there will come a time when the Mother, in order not to turn into a Black Hole herself, will find it necessary to discard all that she has held for so long.
There are those that may feel that they can live without a body and be only light. But this is simply not true. You cannot have true existence within the Body of God without a body of your own. You were created within a Soul Crystal containing a Body that resonated to that Crystal. This is you, your Divine Matrix. The body you now find yourself in may seem a rather poor vehicle and seem untrue to you in that it does not seem to express your true essence. If you feel this, then it is true. Yet I have to tell you that you can’t get from here to the “there” of your true body, your true form, without it! Your body is your roadmap to yourself. Everything you need to find your true essence, spirit and soul is in your body. You may see Spirit as the Father, and Soul as the Mother. But you must also know that together they are the Friend. The Friend is not going to relinquish its body and neither should you.
Nearly all of you are unhappy about your bodies in one way or another. Have you ever really talked to you bodies, listened to them? Have you told your body not to be sexy when it wanted to be? Have you told it it was not sexy when it was? Have you told your body it is too thin or fat or ugly to express its sexiness, its beauty? Have you judged your body unlovable? Have you denied receiving love because you weren’t good enough or felt too ugly? These are all denials of Love. Who gives you these images of how you are supposed to look or supposed to be? It is worth thinking about.
You see, all of these Denials form a body of darkness, a place where the Fathers’ Light cannot be received. The kittens are put in a burlap sack and thrown into the slough. When you say “I am not good enough because…”, you diminish yourself and a piece of yourself falls to a place that light cannot penetrate. This is free will. Where Light cannot penetrate is Death. You have all suffered a series of small deaths in your incarnations on Earth, leaving behind pieces of yourselves, including body essence, that beg for recovery. These are the Hells you are so afraid of, yet it is by your own actions that you have left these pieces of yourselves behind. Hell is a place where no light can reach. Would you create such places on purpose? Would you take little pieces of yourself and bury them in darkness because someone told you it was the right thing to do? “You are old and sick and tired and so this is a good time for you to die.” You may say no now, but this is what each and every one of you has done.
Dying was not part of The Friend’s plan. The Friend never imagined as creation began that Death would be chosen through Free Will. Experiences came that were simply judged to be too painful to experience and in order to “survive” you died. This became so common that great social emphasis is put on “accepting death”. This is tricky, because I do not want to trigger even more guilt in discussing this, for as I have said, Guilt is Denials Hand Maiden, and Denial is the Hell in which pieces of yourselves are buried.
In social situations you usually attempt to present that which is appropriate to the others in your presence. That which you think may be inappropriate to others you all generally hide away. The question I want you to ask yourselves is this—“Am I denying myself?” If the answer to this question is yes, please begin to follow this thread of denial to its origins. How? By imaginatively traveling into the issue until you know where you are going is true and not “made up”. I am not asking you yet to do something or say something that would cause your group to judge against you. Instead I am asking you to begin to bring forth that which is being denied so that you may understand it. It is likely you will find yourself flying through a tube that you located by feeling in the body a place of discomfort and noticing with your inner eye a dark spot there. This will inevitably lead to an experience you have had, either in this life or before. I recommend you ask Your Favorite Angel to go with you on your journey. If you do not have a favorite Angel, Then call upon Archangel Michael.
You see, at this time it is the duty and need of the angels to help you recover your Lost Will and this is why—You are the lost will of the Angels!!! There was a time when the angels separated a part of themselves off and lowered vibration, so that they might learn about denser parts of reality. This was begun in great excitement and was seen as an adventure into a new and growing part of creation. The idea was that the Spirit part of the Angel would remain in contact with the part that was sent down, so as to guide that part that was adventuring into new realms--that part that became “Soul”.
At first this worked very well. Yet even from the very beginning Your Spirits began to feel uneasy with what their now Soul Parts were doing on earth. The Soul found itself attracted to smells and thick liquids and all sorts of sensuous experiences that, to put it into the vernacular of your school grounds, the Spirit thought and judged as Gross!!!
Spirit could not understand what was going on with the part of themselves they had sent down. The sex they were seeing as they looked down seemed so, well, Gross and Messy, compared to the Merging with others that took place on Spirit’s level. As they looked down they judged these “heavy” aspects “Gross” and took a step away. They began to “hold their noses” to the concupiscence they saw below.
This step away can be seen as the beginning of the Fall from Heaven, for indeed it was the Spirit that really began this process in Judging themselves from above. In truth the Spirit was having a hard time understanding Soul, partly because in the stepping down of energies, Soul’s experience was just too alien for Spirit to understand.
Soul of course felt the judgment immediately and felt it was being judged and abandoned, for as Spirit stepped away in a prissy manner, it was beginning to retreat from Soul. This was Denial. There were agencies that came from outside of this Creation that exaggerated this movement, yet it needs to be understood that there was a vacuum created in the first step Spirit took going away from Soul. As nature abhors a vacuum, these beings that came from outside of this creation, stepped in. Yet it needs to be understood, that this vacuum of Denial of Reality that Spirit had Judged, in a sense called in these Spirits, the first Spirits of Denial.
Since then, the Guilt of Soul on earth has been trying to get rid of the guilt incurred by being “below” and “beneath” Spirit. Yet in fact, Spirit and Soul are one and must be reunited. The rejection of Soul by Spirit increased, just as a small problem between friends can grow as blame is thrown back and forth until the friendship dissolves.
If you look around the world today and see the battles taking place, you can know that these all relate to the simple explanation of your situation I have given here. In fact, it took a very long time before Spirit realized what had happened. Things had to get very bad before Spirit would really admit to itself that those they were looking down upon were themselves, and they would not be whole until they figured a way to reconnect with Soul. However Soul felt so judged against, Soul felt it could really do nothing right. Soul felt inside that it was to be blamed for the retreat after Judgment Spirit had made. It came to a point that Soul felt it could do nothing without wondering if, once again, it was doing something Spirit would judge.
This gave the opening for the religions of the punishing “gods”. In these religions Soul attempted to emulate how it thought Spirit acted. This was a great acceptance of the judgment Spirit had made against its own Soul. Endless amounts of washing would take place in an attempt to clean off all those acts that Soul had done in desire. White robes would be donned to show that the ideal was white light, and that all the other colors just led one to Hell. Sometimes it would be black robes of mourning in the sadness that the Father energies so much disapproved of earthly behavior that all color must be stricken and the guilty must not in any way pretend they were Divine.
The acting out of all this guilt in fact increased the Denial of the Soul/Will/Body and so in fact increased the distance between the Spirit and the Body. This distance, this place of alienation, has been filled by the Spirits of Denial. Many of these Spirits are the ones that are channeled today by the New Age Movement. There is endless talk of white light and the expiation of sin by washing oneself in endless baths of it. Much of this is dressed up Protestantism that asks you to deny your Soul, your Body. They have no problem with having you wash in white light as long as they know you are busy washing parts of yourself down the drain. For it is by your conscious intent you may use the White Light. White Light in fact contains all colors. It is meant to flow through you to the Heart and Soul and Womb of the Mother. You use this light by your intent. If in your guilt your intent is to distance yourself from yourself, then you will do so.
Denial Spirits want you to continue to deny the Mother. As long as you do not connect down into the Mother due to your denial of Body and Soul, the power of the Earth is theirs. If you do not believe this then look at who is in power on your Earth now and what it is they are doing to her body!!! They take the power that you deny by not grounding, Mothering!!!
The Will has been so lost from the Father energies for so long there is nearly no will at all in any of you. When I speak of the Will, I speak of the Mother energies manifesting in you. You can know what the true will looks like when you see what a Grizzly Bear is like when danger approaches its cub. It is the innate knowingness arising as to what action must be taken at any given time. Most of you are so lost from your True Wills, that you don’t know what you ought to be doing.
For a very long time the Will has been an orphan feeling that the Father energies disapproved of it and have been second and third guessing what the Father energies wanted of it. Others survive on what Will they have by simply saying God does not exist. Either way the Denial of Divine energies is relinquished into the vacuum that the Denial Spirits hold. They thrive off of this confusion.
Your Soul Crystal offers you a way back home into balance. This Crystal is your Friend-given eternal Body. You were made by the Mother and Father in great orgasms, and your Soul Crystal emerged as the pattern that you are, able to manifest into any level of reality.
The exercises in this book will give you all you need to begin to allow your Soul Crystal to bring all of the pieces of yourself you have left strewn about back to yourself.
After Christ “died” on the cross he descended into Hell, as you have likely read. He knew he had to go down and retrieve all of the Denials he himself had made in his life in order to be whole. Yes even Christ had Denials by being raised in a culture with so much Denial. It is said he descended into Hell to Free all of the Souls who were imprisoned there. And this is indeed what he did. Have you noticed that there is no description of bodies rising from the ground from that time? I will tell you the reason is this. The Soul Fragments he released at that time became available for return to their right place, their owners at that time. Many people gained great understanding at that time, for parts of themselves which before had been absent came into consciousness in visions of understanding.
This was a great unburdening for the Mother and she sighed a great exhalation of relief. Perhaps I should say a great sigh of re-leaf, for this did indeed cause an increase in the energies of Nature at that time.
There was a missed possibility for humanity in Christ’s’ clearing of Hell. By far the majority of Soul Fragments that rose from the earth were rejected by their “owners” as outrageous and blasphemous dreams and desires manifested as they press toward their owners. In general, this was the reaction of those embodied as Men at the time. The dreams and visions they began to have were so contrary to the “morality” held by their Patriarchal culture that the return of more of their true essence was denied. Many exorcisms were performed then in order to drive these “demons” out that so assailed their masters. They truly saw their own essence as demons. Dreams of sex and indulgence bore in on them—all this that they themselves had rejected and judged as too “gross” and anti-spiritual to be Divine. These men were mortified, and that word means death, by what assailed them, for it was their traumas and guilts that were asking to be received and understood.

The energies that were released then gave movement for the times to come, and enough fuel and release for great changes. In terms of your history, a lot of what since transpired has truly been ugly, and it is true that this energy released by Christ fueled a lot of it. But you must understand it was humanities’ denials that were given new life so that the Karma that the Denials contained could be given movement and so healing. When Denials are not accepted, then they are played out on the world stage and in the dramas of you daily living. Christ gave humanity a chance to look it all over again. Healings may not always look like healings when process is involved.
Those entities embodied as women and children faired much better in receiving the Soul Particles released by Christ from the Body of the Mother at that time. Children are much better at receiving truth than adults through your recorded history, though this has not always been true. Since your recorded history, so much denial has existed in your culture, you cannot help but raise your children into your state of ignorance.
I speak the truth here, and I ask you, if you feel guilt about this, then stop and fly into it as you feel where it resides in your body. Learning the truth of all this Denial of the Mother is not supposed to trigger you into another pile of guilt!!! Go forward!!!
The presence of Guilt, that Handmaiden of Denial, has to go!!! Pardon me for the sexist sounding term, “handmaiden”. I use the term because it implies the innocence that your guilt leads you to believe you are seeking by accepting “your” guilt. Guilt is unconsciousness and so it is the antithesis of Lovelight. Understanding replaces guilt, and for those of you who think the world would be chaos without guilt need to take a good look around, and see just how much guilt is correcting everyone and just how effective it is. Your prisons are filling up with your denied Will where Guilt has placed it. You all have parts of you in those Prisons. When you send a person into such a place a part of you says, “I would never do such a thing, and if I did I should be condemned to prison.” Yet inside of the pressure cooker of a society you live in, and the pressure cooker that you all are with so much denied Will, it is possible for anyone to do just about anything. The expression, “keep a lid on it” gives you all you need to know about your condition.
There are now lots of rules to break and it is getting harder and harder for all of you to stay out of Prison. Do you not see your lost Will reflected to you in the prisons you build for it? The truth of the matter is that nearly all of you feel that if there weren’t a lot of rules you would all do something you shouldn’t do. I want to tell you right now that this is not so. If you all really owned your own Wills nothing of the sort would happen. But for so long you have imposed rules by guilt upon yourselves that great reservoirs of repressed Will may indeed erupt wildly if it all came out at once. There are so many things you have not allowed yourselves to do, that if all that allowance came up at once things could get pretty wild.
There has been so much judgment against the Soul/Will that a great deal of rage is held in the Body/Mother. Since all of you have Soul/Will, Body/Mother as part of your makeup, this goes for all of you.
As you connect your life line, your Soul Crystal with the Mother and the Father, a lot will begin to come to light. You stand in the middle between Father and Mother. You are their creation. You join in with their communication and creation and begin to act in accordance to their dance. At first this can be brilliantly illuminating, exciting and/or terrifying. There is so much of yourself you have lost, let go of and just dumped, that as it comes back to you it can seem overwhelming. This process goes many different ways because you are all very different, and have different needs and losses to recoup. But it can be recouped and as you are doing so you are helping reconnect the Divine Mother and Father together again in a way they have not been connected for a very long time.
It is true that they are together in purpose again. It is humanity that stands outside of true creation. The differences and misunderstandings that did indeed take place between the Father and Mother energies have been healed. Yet this healing has not taken place in humanity. You have not assumed your places as conductors of Divine energies so that the Solar and Mother energies can mix and transform the earth. They are waiting for you, but can only wait so long.
Many have said that this is the time of the reemergence of the Divine Mother. This is true. But I want to emphasize that this is really a time of change and this changing is the drawing together of the Mother and Father, a time of embrace. It is your place in creation to be the meat in the sandwich of this hug. This comes together both within you and without. The inside is to truly mirror the outside and vise versa. It is your work that brings them together in co-creation to bring the world to the birth you dream of; Together--To-get-her. The Mother is being retrieved by being received and humankind is standing in the way of this.
Humankind is many kinds of beings who have dropped into one kind of body. This body is the Grail. It is the body that was to reunite the Mother and Father energies in this system. Long ago it was genetically altered by energies that did not want consciousness to be recovered. These energies and entities want to control the Earth, the Mother.
The Mother has often been said to be the unconscious. That is because she holds all of the information you have been unwilling to look at yourself. All of this unclaimed energy makes the Mother groggy, and indeed on some levels the Mother has begun to look unconscious. She is so loving as to hold all of this for you, because she knows that if you do not reclaim yourselves you will be lost—and if not forever, then for a very long time. If the greater part of yourself is not reclaimed, then you will be following those Denial energies to wherever they end up going. It is far preferable you gather yourselves up now. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will be nothing like what it will be if you get sucked out with all your lost will, lost essence when the Mother releases. For she will release. It is necessary for her survival. No entity can do the work for another forever. Mother Earth is an entity.
This is the Great Work. It is about realizing yourselves again. It is called work because it is, and it is great because it is the greatest work anyone can do. A lot of energy went into denying all you have denied and it takes energy and concentration to bring it all back to yourselves again.
Freud was not far off track when he said that the root of all human problems lies in the area of sexuality. As I have said, the Father sends Light down to be received by the Mother. The Mother opens up to the Fathers Light. Your Soul Crystal really functions as a Penis that brings the Light to and through you into the Mother. If you send your Soul Crystal down into the Mother and tell her you are here to bring in the Father’s light, you will feel her place your Crystal into her vagina, into her womb. Many of you reading this will feel a bit of a jump here, either in excitement or in horror. I say this in no uncertain terms, and I’m sorry if this offends you, but it needs saying many many times before the truth of it really will sink in for most of you. God is having Sex all the time. If this was not true, you would not exist.
Once your Soul Crystal is inside of the Mother you can feel her and she can feel you. The Mother and your Soul Crystal merge inside, and you can feel for this; travel down into her and feel your Soul Crystal Merge and open with her and become as her vagina. Here you will find your Body as the Mother’s.
Traveling to the top of your Crystal at the Central Sun you can feel the Lovelight travel through and around your Crystal rushing joyously down toward the Mother. Perhaps you feel a bit titillated by this description. I will not apologize if you do, but rather ask you to indulge yourself in the feeling. There is so much Denial around sexuality that it is little wonder that your bodies are so heavy and lightless. Creation is a great act of flowing sexuality, and for those of you who have taken on the denials of church and state that encourage the filth of procreation, which is all of you, you have a very long way to go in getting out alive.
The Denial of sex is the Denial of Life. The Denial of Life is Death. You wonder why you die, yet you refuse to engage in the Intercourse of the Mother and Father. This is your rightful place. Accepting your Soul Crystal and bringing it into manifestation, into conscious awareness every day and at every moment, and then connecting it into both the Father and Mother puts you back into the Flow. You will sooner or later find this flow very sexy and it is going to excite you there. First the idea that God has sex is horrifying to most people. Perhaps they think he waves a wand and creates everything that is supposed to be light and fluffy like cotton candy. God has Sex. There will be a part of many of you, who have been raised in traditions of sexual denial, that will find this whole idea disgusting. Yet if you look about your garden just a little, you will find perhaps one flower that says, “I hope this is true. Because if it is, then maybe I can have sex like I always wanted to and not feel so damned guilty about it!”
Many people feel very guilty about sex and then have it very frequently. Sex is hard to deny, for life, just like your garden in spring, rises up around you all the time. When you look at your garden you know God is having Sex. The sunlight pours down amongst flowers and weeds alike and they grow. Do you like to hold your hose when you water the garden? The symbolism is more than a Freudian joke. Yet the water that comes out of your hose as rain is the moisture of the Mother. There is great joy and Love in any garden and I hope that your garden will give you the encouragement you need to allow the Lovelight into your sex life.
It may take you a long time to feel this sexiness in the exchange of energies in your Soul Crystal. There have been so many injunctions against sex on earth, that the Denials run as a deep wound in the Mother. Rejection of sex as Divine is judgment against the Mother, the Body of Earth, and your own body. If there is sin, then this is a grave one. Yet, do not despair if you do not feel this sexy energy. By bringing the Lovelight down to the Mother through your Crystal and then feeling returning light from her will help you remove your Denials as Lovelight washes through your Body. This is all voluntary. If any of this seems to be not for you, don’t worry, it won’t happen. You have to willingly join in this joy of life. Be in Life or not. This is a choice. If feelings of embarrassment or aversion come up for you, your Denials are speaking to you loud and clear. You can either be a slave to guilt, Denial Energy, or realize that a large part of what you think of as Good and Evil has been distorted to Death.
As your Denials wash away in the flood of light you must take care to see what is in each one of them. For there is Light inside each Denial and it is yours; it is a part of you. This is a bit of you you have rejected and buried after examining it and deeming it unacceptable. If you can imagine the truth that you have incarnated into many cultures in many time periods, and then take a look at the different taboos around sex in each culture of your current world, you can just begin to imagine how many ways humanity has denied sex, and know in each life you shed off a bit of yourself in order to be in conformity with your culture.
When in time and your Soul Crystal you have aligned in the energies of the Mother and Father, sex will not seem at all as it does to you now. There is no explaining this here. This is something you are going to have to find out for yourself. I only wish to point out that those who have been interested in maintaining authority over humankind have used this cut-off to kill you and use your power for their own. When you are not running a complete circuit between the Father and the Mother you are out of the Loop.
Your denials are your deaths. There is no intrinsic need for death. Death is Denial of life, of your right place, of vitality. You all need movement around sex, for in this energy is the core force of the Lovelight.
Light the Father
I, Merlin, would like to tell you about a type of light that you have denied yourselves for so long. You can all see or feel the sun and see that it heats the world and gives color and warmth. It is not without reason that many ancient cultures worshipped the sun. It is quite obvious that the sun has a great affect on your environment. It is your source of light and is indeed a manifestation of the Friend’s Father Energy.
There is also light from a sun that reaches you from within. I would like you to go inside your Soul Crystal and imagine that there is a great sun that you can see and feel when you close your eyes. For many of you, you will have to imagine this at first, and soon you will see. The Central Sun does indeed exist and it is at the center of your Galaxy. I want you to begin to tell yourself that you can feel this sun come into your body. You can call this hypnosis or suggestion if you like or just a fun exercise in imagination. This is the way to begin to feel the Great Central Sun, the Light of the Father, the light of Your Father!!!
In truth, your True Father has been touching you with his light always. Were this not true you would have ceased to exist. However the dose you have been getting by not consciously receiving this light leaves you diminished. The human body has an energy center at the top of the head that is the portal for this energy to reach into you. In truth the real hypnotism that has taken place by Denial and the Will’s feeling of rejection is why you do not feel the Father’s Light.
The body cannot attain a true state of health until this light is brought down into and then through the body, and then down to the Mother. This light is the food that maintains your existence. Yes, this light is meant to go down through the body (you in your Soul Crystal) and down to the Mother, who interprets the Father’s Light in relation to the Crystal it flowed through, and sends back up into manifestation that which the individual needs.
You all want your cup to flow over, yet how can this possibly happen if the Grail Body you inhabit is not communing with Mother/Father. The Mother does not know what your needs are without the detailed information that comes to her through a grounded Soul Crystal. You need to be Mothered properly, and running your complete circuit from Central Sun to the Mother and back up is how this information is transferred, is known.
You see, then the interpretations and actions the Mother takes not only come back up your Soul Crystal to you, but this light information also continues all the way back to the center of the Galaxy, keeping the Father informed of your condition and needs too. In this way he can send the seed down to the Mother through you so that she can manifest your needs.
And it is not only your needs that this fulfills. For as you continually run your Divine Soul Crystal circuit, you will begin to observe things in your world that need correcting. Your attunement to your environment will increase. The animals will give you messages of their condition. All of this will be noted by you and held as information that will then be in the direct communication flow of your Soul Crystal to Mother and Father. This is human standing in correct place as custodian of earth. Many “Miracles” will flow through you as you work inside your Soul Crystal allowing the Father Mother energies to once again influence your environment. I Merlin can only hope that many who are ardently working for the environment will begin to use their Soul Crystals in Divine connection. The work would become so much more efficient if this were the case!!!! (You see, I put one more exclamation mark on that sentence to up the ante with the Hathors!!!!!)
Many of you may have had very difficult relationships with your parents. Some of you perhaps never knew them, were abandoned. Others of you merely never felt you could get along with them, or that they beat you, abused you. You all know the long list of difficulties here. Christ’s recorded hyperbolic statements about despising ones’ parents and leaving them to follow his path were for this reason:
As you begin to connect with your part of the Great Stream of Creation, connect with the Great Father and the Great Mother, you will know who your true parents are. Using your Soul Crystal Circuit you will begin to be familiar once again with your True Creators and their Love for you. There is usually a time, for most of you down the road a little way, that this realization will strike you as an epiphany!!!! I do no wish here in any way to belittle parenthood on earth, for it is a great place of learning for all. Yet these parents of yours are in truth step parents. It is time for all of you to begin to know your real parents.
You were each created by the Great Mother and the Great Father.
So what I would like each of you to do is begin, as I said, to imagine this energy center that is at the top of your head. Really imagine that it is there. Suspend your disbelief; put it aside for a short while. It won’t be long before you put it away for good! As you imagine this huge Sun, it may help to lightly scratch the crown of your head and wiggle the hair there a bit to encourage and feel sensation there. Then close your eyes and feel the sensation in that area. Imagine that a great sun is very close to the top of your head and the heat and light of that Sun is increasing the sensation you began by wiggling your hair and scratching your head. Imagine you can see that light within you as you look up with your inner eyes.
It will not take you long doing this “imaginative” exercise to begin to know something is going on here that is a bit beyond a little scratching and hair wiggling. Say to yourself, “Father help me open the door and let your light back in.”
Light is full of information. This is true of your physical Sun. I encourage you to think about this the next time you sit in the Sun, and listen to what the light tells you as it makes contact with your skin. Your Sun is a representative of the Central Sun. It is in truth a direct symbol of the Father and is the Father energy itself manifested onto the physical level. You may see your Sun as a physical incarnation of the Divine Central Sun, just as you are a Divine incarnation of Spirit into Body.
You have scratched your head and wiggled your hair and now closed your eyes and begun to see and feel the Lovelight of the Father come down around and inside of your crystal. You see, your Soul Crystal filters this light so that it is just right for you! This is one of the functions of your Soul Crystal, to make the light just right. The Father’s light is very powerful and this keeps you from getting a Soul Sunburn! Yes, it is indeed possible to get a Soul Sunburn. This is why it is good and proper to always tell you guides to bring plenty of light in and to bring it in with what is healthy for your physical body. It is within the range of your freewill to over do it, just as some of you have over-done sunning at the beach.
As time goes along your Body is going to be able to take more and more Lovelight from the central Sun. You see, you are bringing God-Light into the Body and the Body will take some time to adjust itself. I want to tell you a secret. You can talk to your Body and its cells to prepare them for the change in Central Sun exposure. This is really a conversation with the Mother as well, for it is the Mother energies which form your body. It is good to hold these conversations with your Body and tell it what you intend. Listen for its words and opinions coming in response to what you intend. There may be fears the Body Speaks of, and it is for you to assess these fears, for they are your own. Engage in this “imaginary” conversation with your body and its cells! Hold a conference! It has been so long and usually so many lives that the Body/Soul has been consulted and included in decision making, that which used to be natural must be called a meeting.
The Light from the Father must come down into your Soul Crystal to You, through your Body and downwards to the Heart of the Mother at the Center of the Earth. She is your Lover, your Mother, your Friend and more. You see, the Light shines through you to Her. She will see the pattern, the image of you, like the image a film negative gives as light is passed through it. The Mother energies “read” the Light patterns received. Your intents, your loves, you dislikes, your health, your needs are all there for the Great Mother to consider. These in fact are the seeds created as the Father’s Seed Light passes through your Body. The Mother interprets these seeds and with your cooperation manifests with and through you in this great cooperative effort. Perhaps as you think of this you will begin to understand how you are a part of the great work of creation!
It is so important to make your Father to Mother to Father Circuit complete! You see, your Soul Crystal is your Key. You have heard about the Keys to Heaven, keys to portals, and so on. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of you Soul Crystal as Your Key to Heaven! In order to use a key you must place it in the keyhole. The word Key is also used to describe the formula of a code. This is your Soul Crystal. It is your Divine Code. When you show up on other Levels without your code clearly with you, you are ineffective. If you are into Merkabas, then call it your Merkaba. The problem with Merkaba teaching is that it is being assumed that every being can use one shape and be effective in their Work. This is simply not true and I have to say ridiculous. Many of you have been flying around in someone else’s airplane. Sure, you can fly them. Try any of them but I really have to warn you here, Hear!!! If you fly these Merkabas around before you truly familiarize yourself with your Soul Crystal, a lot of trouble can come your way. These airplanes are consciously built mental constructions that indeed can fly, but they have none of your true Divine Coding. There are places you are not meant to Fly and would never go to if you had really put your Soul Crystal around you.
Why? Because the Friend created you once upon a Time and your Soul Crystal is the Matix of your God-Given Body. Why would any of you fly around in a flimsy mental construction when you have the Very Best Aircraft that is your own? I really have to say that to fly with these Merkaba techniques is at best foolish and at least dangerous. They can take you far off your path and into difficulties and realities that are not good for you.
Once you are more familiar with your Soul Crystal, you will know it is part of your Body. Soul Crystal: it is called that because you were created as Lovelight with Form. Form and Body and Soul are natures of the Great Mother who creates all Form. You have been separated from this part of your Body for a very long time. The more you bring your Soul Crystal around your earth Body, the better everything will go for you. Your Soul Crystal contains all the information you need about yourself. If you want to access what has been called the Akashic records of all your past lives, you can do so with your Soul Crystal. Let me say this; you can travel to those records to the place in “Space” that they exist, and at the same time you will have only traveled within you Soul Crystal and nowhere else--both being equally true. If you were to do this in a meditatively constructed Merkaba, you might find what you are looking for due to your intent and good will of your guides, but you would reach your destination without your keys. All of your keys are within your Soul Crystal, and they are there for you to find. Your Soul Crystal is YOUR MAP of the Universe and all of “Reality”. Don’t leave home without it!!!
Many of you may be saying, “We’ll I have done Merkaba techniques for some time and no harm has come to me.” I can only ask you to wonder how much further you may have come had you had traveled in your true Merkaba, your Soul Crystal. There will come a time when Soul Crystals will become visible to some human eyes, Open Eyes. So far some of you see the colors of the Body Auras. The Soul Crystal is much larger than this. It is a room you sit within. It is also as large as all of creation, for it is a map of all Creation from your point of view. It is your map with your coordinates. The Friend created us all as individually unique. Your Map is like no other. Where your Map may have the Akashic records very close at hand, another’s Soul Crystal may have them set very very far away, yet with another amazing destination very close that the other’s map does not even seem to have. Your needs and interests are all different. This is wonderful!!! It is to be celebrated. Do not worry when you find that many people are very different from you. Know that you have your place and they have theirs. If you accept this as true, you will find that you no longer have to struggle to figure them out if you do not feel inclined to. You will Know that they exist within the mind of the Friend. They exist and have a Right Place, as do you.
The coming period of time is all about Right Place. Those who do not find their Right Place will be put in it, and all will be well. Before this happens though, things look like they will get “interesting” and being inside your own Keys and Codes will allow you to weather the storm in fine fettle.
Let the Lovelight into and around your Soul Crystal and let this fill you up until you are over-flowing, like a cup under a waterfall. When the Cup fills up allow the overflow to descend to the Heart of the Mother. As Sun is the Manifested Symbol of the Father, so the Earth is the Manifested symbol of the Mother. It was not until a short time ago that photographs of the Earth from “outer space” allowed you to see her Round Wholeness. She is the Belly of the Very Pregnant Mother, and I Merlin, as one of her Mid-wives, would like to announce a coming Birth!!!! In order to birth all the wonderful energies that are bursting in and around this System, Mother needs your information, She needs your Input! With your Soul Crystal well ensconced around you, and the Father’s Light shining through on a constant basis, She can meet your needs as you meet Hers!!!! Your Key needs to be in her Whole so that you again have your real Mother back!
For those of you who have not been Mothered well in this lifetime, this experience will be enormously healing. As I have said, all of your earthly mothers are in truth, Step-Mothers. And all of your earthly Fathers are in truth, Step-Fathers. If you are a parent now, realize that in truth you have been gifted by the Great Mother and Father with one of their Children. By loving and parenting your children your True Mother and Father offer you the opportunity to learn Lessons of Love they once had to learn. By connecting to the Love of your True Parents, you may hold the wisdom they have learned, and it will be freely given to flow through you. In this you will be listening to the True Parents of your child. They understand your child far better than you, yet their wisdom will be yours to hold and enjoy and to pass along in your parenting adventure.
We are speaking of the Above and the Below. We are speaking of your Divine Connection and your Divine Disconnection. If you are connecting only to the Father Above, you can only be at less than fifty percent. The Father above and the Mother below are One. They are Spirit and Soul. Your Soul must be completed to meet the Father’s Lovelight in fullness. You are manifested Spirit, yet you always too had Soul. Soul is Body and Body is your Temple. Your Soul Crystal represents and is your Spirit and Soul fused and completed, as you were in the Beginning.
This connection of the Above and the Below, the Mother and the Father, puts Humpty Dumpty together again. The Mother is holding pieces of yourself for you until you realize these pieces are there. Yet she cannot do this for you forever. The Divine Mother’s Incarnation as Earth in Body is changing. She is evolving as are you. She is ready to lead you to the treasures you have left in her body. She is not able to carry these parts of you much longer, for they are not part of her body, they are you. By connecting to the Heart of the Mother and allowing the Father’s Lovelight to Flow through you in your Soul Crystal, the changes, visions and instructions you need will come to you to recover what has been lost to you for so long.
This is an invitation to each of you. It does not matter what religious tradition you come from. You all know inside that you come from a common Father energy and Mother energy of Creation. You need only ask yourselves, your Hearts, if this feels true. You may have different names ascribed to these energies and that is fine. You existed before these traditions and names were put forth. I ask you to go to your Heart and merely ask to feel the Father and Mother energies, ask that your True mother and Father touch you there.
Reality as you know it is changing. Go outside and look at the sky, feel the wind, see the Stars and the Sun and ask your Heart, “Is the world changing in a more substantial way than usual?” Be quiet and feel for the answer through your Body and your Heart. You will receive your answer, and when you do, you will know there is much to be done, much to bring to the Light of your understanding. Each of you is so individual; do not be concerned if your understanding of the changing world seems different than what you hear from others. Trust your Heart, find your Soul Crystal, and connect with the Divine Mother and Father. Your guidance will come directly. Practice and stretch your notions of listening. Listen with your Body. Feel for the answers to your questions. Information is sent to you in many different ways. The events in your lives will present both questions and answers. Have Faith that the answers are there and that you are capable of listening in new and exciting ways!!!
I will tell you a little secret. Many of you are angry at the Mother and Father--one or both. And I will tell you another little secret—they know it. My last little secret is this—your Divine Mother and Father have a Divine Mother and Father too. The generations go in many different directions and all systems of Infinity are connected together. Your Divine Parents had to learn how to parent too!!! I will tell you that they are billions of miles ahead of you in their understandings, yet the dilemmas you all face in parenting have been faced and learned in their experience. Your experiences in parenting are direct reflections of problems they faced in learning how to relate and love Spirit/Souls of their bodies.
Your Divine parents have had many children. Just look around your world and you will know that! The lessons they have learned are freely passed on to you, for you are their children taking care of their children. The Divine Mother and Father have experienced every frustration faced by parents in your world. In Creation the Divine Mother and Father are evolving just as are you. You are a part of them, and so too, you are evolving with them.
Some of you who have been poorly parented in this lifetime will easily feel the anger held against Father or Mother or both. Inside of these angers, if a very long trip were taken, you would find yourself listening to the energies of the Divine Mother and Father struggling to understand an experience they encountered in their Parenting, in the development of their Creation. You may even find that you were directly involved in this difficulty!!! Very early on in this Creation, some of the first children of the Great Mother and Father rebelled. They did this in various ways. Some did so in little ways, so did so in Big Ways and I mean Big!!! This was natural of course, but the Great Mother and Father did not see this at first. They had difficulties, just as any large family has. Does this all sound mundane to you? Does it surprise you that God and Goddess were surprised and sometimes angry with their children when they did not seem to behave in expected ways? Reflections of their early misunderstandings with their children are on parade in your lives today. Yet they long ago learned the meanings of Freewill and Love that you have been struggling with.
The Divine Mother and Father are waiting for you to understand the lessons they so long ago learned. They have the answers and are waiting for you to truly ask and open to them so that they might pass along all they came to learn through their children. You are their Children and they continue to learn from you, yet too few of you have asked for their teachings. They are so willing to give these teachings that the excitement held around them will flow into your lives in energies too fantastic for you to imagine. You have to experience them.
The Divine Mother and Father know which of you are angry with them. They welcome that anger and hope you will express it to them soon!!! You cannot be in relationship, true relationship, unless you express how you feel. If you look upon times you have been angry with loved ones, you will know that by expressing the anger in a safe way, the underlying emotions are allowed to emerge, and Love and balance have a chance of being restored. I encourage you to look for the anger you have for The Friend. She/He was angry once too. There is such a reflective nature to these understandings! Stand in an imaginary room with many, many mirrors and ask the Friend to show you reflections of Life, Love, Friends, Misunderstandings and Significances, and you will begin to see both complexity and simplicity. You will begin to see that the Friend truly is a Friend and can honor and understand your Anger as any good Friend would. You will not be condemned for being angry at God, but until you express this anger it will be very hard to have an exchange of energies with the Friend that will lead you to the understandings you seek.
Unite the energies of the Above and Below. Unite them and allow them to do their magical work. The Mother/Father will lead you to what you need in this time of dramatic change.
Drama will occur all around you. Will you have the balance to know when to participate and when to simply observe and hold the energies of the Mother and Father, so that those around you will have a point of reference as their worlds melt around them? Yes, worlds melting and reforming and moving--this is what will occur. All of you have your outlooks, ideas and images with which you form your world view. There are many ideas held about common reality that are held in common, in unity among humans. Many ideas of what is true about physical reality are soon to fall away, and as these commonly held ideas fall away, many humans will feel very imbalanced. This is because what was thought to be true of physical reality was held together by common agreement. Many of you have begun to experience in ways that Newtonian physics seems to suddenly be irrelevant or relative. As humans begin to have experiences that seem to contradict commonly held notions of Reality, consensus opinion about the nature of reality shifts, and so “reality” shifts. “Things” are beginning to fall apart. They will do so so that they may coalesce in new forms. The information that you are going to need in these times of great shifts is within your Soul Crystal. That is the only Island many of you will have to keep your bearings in the coming times.
When your Soul Crystal is firmly in place around you as a matter of habit, and then a matter of Body, and your Crystal is held to the Father energies at the Central Sun and the Mother Energies at the Heart of Earth, reality as you know it can fall away and you will not dizzy in the heights. What you need to know will be known to you, and you will be able to assist others who find themselves in terror and confusion. You will be as an Island in the Storm, and the storm will make sense to you, and if it does not make immediate sense, you will have the faith of calm to enjoy the process.
Little shifts have been taking place for some time now. These open up fissures in the Earth that hold energies of Yours. As these energies have come back to you, you have felt as though your life was an earthquake. You have been rocked around. Read the dramas that occur in your life as time goes along and as these earthquakes come to you. Stand inside your Soul Crystal and ask what has returned. In the death of a loved one you may find a piece of yourself. You can know that this was meant to be, and that your dearly departed has gifted you. You all play parts in dramas that only later you understand. Do not dismiss what feels traumatizing and attempt to bury it under layers of Earth. The Mother will no longer allow this to go on. The Mother will only return these things to you more quickly now, for the cycles are shortening, the vibrations are rising, and She is clearing herself. This means you must own what is yours and do your clearings as she does hers.
I Merlin want you to know that The Time has arrived. You can no longer bury yourselves. In each of your Deaths upon the Earth, the Mother has held for you what you left behind. You have done this over and over again and the Mother became a great Dumping Ground. If you do not believe this then go to one of your dumps and see what humanity is putting into her Body. The Mother has Mothered you without complaint for so long she has become like many mothers you have known, who has for so long fed and clothed and served their children that their children begin to take her for granted with neglect and distain. This is typical of teenagers in your culture and an apt description of the stance Humanity now holds toward the Body of the Mother.
The Mother now needs to Lovingly push you out of your complacent nest so that you will grow with her. With each death upon the earth you have become smaller and smaller. Many of your parts have learned many things, yet these parts are so separated they often do not recognize each other! The Mother is returning the pieces of your Golden Fleece to you so that, with your effort and the Father’s help too, you may put yourselves together again. Accept them.
Covering the Heart of nearly every human being is a layer of darkness—of Denial over Grief over Fear over Hatred in any mixed order you care to give these. How are any of you to know your hearts with this garment of No Life, this Veil like the smog of Mexico City hanging over it?
As is often said, you live behind “the Veil”. There are many ways of penetrating this Veil, I should know. I am giving you the keys to penetrating the Veil, and I will tell you this—it will do you untold good to penetrate the Veil of your own Will and Effort before it drops away of its own accord. If you do not do this to at least some degree, you will find yourself in a most disoriented state for a very long time—at best. Penetrate this shroud that veils your Heart!!! Take the shroud in your hands and look at every fiber of it. You cannot throw it away, for the bits and pieces of yourself, your Body, your Will, are woven there. You must find that which is you, and that which is not you. You must extricate yourself, your lost pieces. This Veil over the heart may be read as a map and you will find all of your History on Earth in it. It is a garment full of sorrows and angers and tears. You might also call it the Garment of Unlived Emotion. Inside of buried emotion is a part of yourself all muddied up in non-movement--Death. You have to vibrate to the emotions you did not express in order to recover what you have lost of yourself.
You have buried your Hearts alive. Many of you have had dreams or fears of being buried alive. Some of you have experienced this in past lives. If this was so, the reason this experience came to you is because you had already buried part of yourself, and that part of you still resonated enough to give you the fear that drew the situation to you again. Whether this literally happened to you or not, it has literally happened to all of you who have died in Body upon the Earth. You are called upon by the Mother to come and retrieve your fragments. Mother Earth can not have energetic integrity herself, if you insist on her carrying bits and pieces of you in her. Retrieving yourselves now is much easier than it is going to be in the future, for it is not yet known by anyone, including me, where these bits of you are going when the Mother has to move.
Your Hearts are buried. The story of how you became convinced this was necessary is a long one and unnecessary to relate here. I will merely state that this was unnecessary in matters of practicality, yet obviously necessary for humankinds’ learning in the course of Freewill. And here we come back to that which was buried—Freewill. If you feel lacking in Will, and humbled by humans more powerful than you, then you have Lost Will.
“What will I do with myself? Why am I here? What is my True job? All of you have asked yourself these questions, and the asking of the question reflects the Beingness, the Will, that you left buried in the Earth when you died in multiple lifetimes and left more and more Will and Body in the Mother. Did you know that other Spirits have come to your lost pieces and put them on as their own? Call back your Will to Yourselves, for when you have found your Will, all of it truly, no other will have power over you. You then will know yourself as a divinely created Mother/Father Being freely given freedom. Do not blame yourselves for your condition. Just start to recognize it and begin to move toward who you are!!!
I am Merlin the Redeemer. I am here to help you collect and own that which is you again. Power is in recognition and Love of yourselves for who you truly are. We all exist in the Heart of the Friend, and that Heart is so much larger than you have realized!!! Your Heart is so much larger than you realize!!! It is hiding in a cloud of history that you must now unravel! Each of your stories is unique and in time they will be your treasures. What now looks like an insurmountable task Will Be Done!!! All the threads are tied together and many are the roads. Your Heart is that of the Central Sun. The Mother asks you to take the shrouds of Death off of your Lovely Hearts and let the Truth Shine Forth Again. The Father and Mother are in complete and perfect Harmony and Cooperation Now. Eons ago this was not so. Humankind, in its multiplicity of Being-Types within one type of Body, actually represents and carries these old imprints of a history of misunderstanding. The stories are all within the Human Body and were deposited there for all of you to work out. This has to end. These lessons and the understandings that came to the Mother and Father are incredibly ancient. You have gone round and round in the cycles of time repeating old misunderstandings over and over again. Free Will has gone toward No-Will with unseemly concentrations of power resulting.
A great shakeup is on its way. The Mother and Father are calling you back. Will it shake a little or a lot? It all depends on how you do your work. If you are so Will-less as to be unwilling to unravel your confusions and regain yourselves, then great dramas will indeed be coming. The little toe must in time learn to walk with the rest of the foot, and indeed the Mother and Father do now look upon the little toe with consternation and say, “Dear Little Toe, do get it together or we shall have to lop thee off and grow another!!!” In this, and I hope not to add to the confusion, I will say that in the Body of the Friend nothing is ever lost, yet it can be gone for a very long time and changed into something entirely different. Collect Yourselves!!! It’s fun!!!

Clearing the World by Clearing Yourself
Archangel Michael

I will stand with you. I will over-light your work. Simply ask within to stand in my light and you will be there in safety.
Connecting the Above with the Below produces a flow as a river of energy through you that allows that which is not essential to fall away. Doing this within Your Soul Crystal helps you reformulate yourself to your essential self.
All of you carry injuries and wounds from the past. You may call this karma, but this time the “laws” of karma have changed. An amnesty has been announced. This amnesty is necessary for the going forward into new worlds’ energies.
What does this mean? This means it is a perfect time for the forgiving of others and yourself.
Perhaps there was a time when you struggled with others, and the parting was in bitterness and suffering and death. In other words, there was no resolution. To carry unresolved emotion is to carry what some have called karma. If you are angry with someone and will not forgive them, yet off they go, you are caught in a net of your own weaving. That weaving is your karma, for you created it in a situation of experience in embodiment in the Fabric of Time.
Time may indeed be seen as a fabric and within your Soul Crystal you may fly across this woven carpet to the places where the weavings are frayed. Time is the magic carpet, the carpet you have flown on for eons.
The nature of time is changing and your lives and the world you live them in are changing. One Carpet is being completed and another is beginning.
Do you sometimes feel you are living in more than one world? Well you are. To bring yourself into alignment with the new, you must release the old. You are weavers in time. I am here for you to help you complete the old carpet and begin the new. The new carpet will be far more beautiful to you if bring the old carpet to completion.
The old world slips away. Your “bad karma” will show you the ways you once wove that caused fraying in the beauty of the carpet. These usually are seen as repeated patterns that have caused you difficulties. If you wish to release patterns of suffering you have repeated over and over again, call on me.
Learn to connect with the Great Mother and Father energies so that you may experience and reweave those frayed patches with complete information. The Father and Mother energies of the Friend are your resource and guidance to weaving a new world and mending and releasing the old.
It is my joyous work to help you transition to your New Life. Please, call on me in meditation. I will help you connect the Above and Below. I will bring your Soul Crystal to you, or you to your Soul Crystal. This practice will allow you to Feel Truth and Know Truth in ways long forgotten.
Other levels of reality which now seem rather imaginary to most of you will begin to make themselves felt in your life so strongly that old conceptions and presumptions will begin to fall away!!! It is as if you are in an egg and the egg is breaking up and falling away as you birth yourself into the energies of the new.
You will notice that some parts of the egg cling to you and seem very resistant to falling away. These are the bits of unreleased experience that require a bit of attention. They are the parts of you stuck in lessons not learned. Some of these lessons need to be learned in new experience and with new understandings begun afresh.
Come fly with me tonight! I mean it!!! In meditation you can fly and I will guide you! Releasement and forgiveness are in your hands. To have a new perspective on lessons not learned, you need to forgive and let go of the old. To accelerate your shift to the new weavings, it is necessary to extract yourself from the old carpet. You are stuck in the past!
Perhaps you are feeling that I am repeating in another way information already given to you by the Hathors or Merlin. This is true. We are repeating in various ways in order to emphasize the importance of connecting the Up and the Down while inside your Soul Crystal. This is not just another small spiritual exercise; it is about bringing yourself back to yourself, to the Friend. It is about being back in your True Body again. Your Soul Crystal is you as you were created. It is God’s idea--it is you as the Friends idea, and the Friend does not think in small ways. Your Soul Crystal is The Word spoken at your true birth in this system. You will feel very at home in it. It contains all the information and songs and maps and the shape of who you are.
Your Soul Crystal is not something to bring to yourself in meditation and then release. Your Divine plan is in your Divine Body and that is your Soul Crystal. It vibrates who you are, truly are. It allows you to see more easily that which are carrying which is not really you. That which is not truly you stands out like the proverbial sore thumb in the light of your Soul Crystal!
Being and living in your Soul Crystal is your way of truly living! This is the reason we wish to emphasize and repeat this information. Imagine yourself in your original body perfectly connected to the Parents that created you, the Female and Male energies of the Friend. The clarity this can bring you will seem extraordinary and amazing. The information stored in your Soul Crystal is immense. It is a library without compare and it is Your Library! All you need to know about pursuing your path is there. It can carry you to any place you wish to visit. It is your magic. It provides a sense of home and security. Can I say more? Yes. Your Soul Crystal is Extraordinary and Amazing and so are you, because Your Soul Crystal is you and you are it.
If you so desire, I will fly with you in your meditations. Just call and I will be there. You do not need to be shy or ashamed of anything you feel you are or have done, and I mean anything. There is nothing that cannot be healed, forgiven and released. It is especially those places of shame that need to be released. The forgiving that is needed is for you to forgive yourself. I do not need to forgive you, for I have never blamed you, ever, for anything--nor has the Friend. What true friend would condemn or blame?
Often it is only necessary to fly to one of these frays in the fabric of time to clear all of the patterns of similar design in your history. This may end up in the forgiving and release of many individuals from different lifetimes of yours. You see, all of you have had repeating patterns in your particular areas of difficulty. Sometimes the same individuals have played the same roles with you in an effort to get it right. But it is often different individuals with the same lessons to learn as those whom you previously encountered. The variations can be quite complex. Sometimes you have switched roles. Instead of being the parent, you came to a new life and played the child, or vise versa, all in an effort to teach each other lessons and ideally find harmony and love together.
To heal a repeating pattern in one part of the Carpet of Time now can heal all the other patterns with a similar shape. Perhaps you failed to find love for another. What is needed is forgiveness of self for the sense of failure and a release from the engagement with that individual, that struggle. As we fly together and work in the Lovelight you will see under all the drama Love for the individual. And you may not. One way or the other release is needed. You may feel that this individual is just not for you, and in this you may have to forgive yourself for beating your head against a brick wall that obviously had no intention of moving. Perhaps in your attempt to elicit your idea of appropriate behavior from another, you were actually acting in opposition to their free will!
There are many different leanings and scenarios that you have been involved in with many, many individuals. You were learning. There is no blame if you find no love in yourself for another. Yet it is very important to call your energies back to yourself and out of their energy fields. All of your energies need to come back to you out of the old Carpet of Time so that you may go forward. Forgiveness of others releases them from your cosmic dance card and you from theirs. You may find that you need to forgive yourself for becoming embroiled in an impossible situation, and instead honor a path that is very different than yours.
It may be that we will fly to times that very terrible things happened to you at the hands of others. The forgiving may be hard at first due to the shock and severity of the trauma. I will work with you and I am patient. If you simply tell yourself that you intend to come to understandings that release you from this occurrence and to eventually forgive, all will go well. The energies of the times that are upon you now will allow you to go forward, and shortly thereafter a new kind of understanding will become available to you. Trust.
It is graduation time. You are ready to graduate to a new reality. No one ever learns all the lessons that a particular school has to teach. What you learn in high school prepares you for college, but when you graduate you know there is a lot more to learn. There is Grace available now for the old school is going away and the students are to move on. Know that you will go where you need to go to continue your learning, and that that which is now obscure to you will come into light and understanding, and this will come with great joy.
When you change a frayed area in the old fabric, great shifts occur. Many many beings are affected by your work. When you pull back to yourself energy of yours stuck out in the fabric of time that was in conflict, peace begins anew. A weight is removed from your body, for the enmeshed energy of whomever you were battling with leaves you and returns to its owner. This is in no way a metaphor. It is literal truth. Doing this work lightens the Burden of Mother Earth, who has carried these energies so long, waiting for you to clear and claim them. And as this energy comes back to you, you have more of yourself with you. This is the road to energetic integrity.
Most of you came to this life with the intent to bring yourself back to yourself. This may sound odd to you, but it is also true. You have all left energies of yours scattered about like so much trash on the beach at the end of a summers day. Your intent to gather yourself up and release and heal old situations will bring you to heaven.
When you carry anger for another, you give a part of yourself to them and you carry a bit of energy they gave you. You do not need to understand the situation to let it go. Just say to yourself and to me, “I don’t understand this but I want done with it. I let it go and ask for Grace.” Grace is healing before the mental understandings come. Know this can be. Hand your problems off to the angels, to Christ, to Quan Yin, to whatever energy it is you know and trust as truly Divine.
Unresolved conflict binds individuals together. If you do not want to have to deal with a certain individual again, is it not worth finding forgiveness of self and other and moving along? There are other ways to learn these lessons, and the New Age, which is upon you, offers this. You do not have to leave little pieces of yourself strewn about, crucified in the Carpet of Time, in order to move on with Grace. Letting go and learning to let go is very important now. Lessons of love are coming in new ways. What you did not learn before you will learn. But it will not be learned in your old classroom. The new methods and energies and ways will seem as magic to you, and the atmosphere will allow you to see as you could not before. There will be great joy in these learnings, and they will not be accompanied with the kind of pain and sorrow you have known.
You are all explorers at the beginning of discoveries that will make all of the discoveries of the past look tiny indeed. These changes for you and your world are that big and bigger. Believe this and begin to expand your vistas. Begin to believe that huge changes are in store for you. Expanding your beliefs and expectations is an action that makes you a participant in the weavings of the new and glorious.
Imagine That!
Archangel Michael

The Hathors on Changing with the coming Changes

The coming changes have changed you already. Have you thought about this? Indeed the future reaches back to the past and presses its influences upon you. These influences are not about being manipulated, but about you manipulating yourself. How can this be? It is all about how you define YOU.
Where do you begin and where do you end? The you that you feel you are is simply a concept you have created. The real you is unlimited and restricted only by the concepts by which you define yourself. We see you as part of ourselves. We not only think this but we believe this and feel this as living truth. That is our free choice and free will at work!!!
If you do not see us as part of you, but instead put up a fence of self definition, then that is a fence which says to us, “This part of the Hathors says that it is not part of the Hathors, and kindly asks the Hathors to respect a separate identity residing within the fence. What do we do then? Well we must respect that part which has decided to remain isolated within a particular type of conceptual identity. We could also have put it this way, “This part of God is not your part of God. This part of God has staked out a private piece of property which is not yours. No Trespassing!” What do we do? We respect free will and do not Trespass. This is true of all members dedicated to the Lovelight.
In extreme cases of self definition, one person may greet another by saying, “hello human who is another cell in the body of god,” and the other may respond, “I am Joe, not ‘cell in the body of God’. I am not like you!”
Here we have the interesting situation of God no longer recognizing God. Though it may not seem as a necessarily conscious choice to you, we tell you it is. You may say, well this person has not yet learned to see the truth, that all beings reside in the body of God; or that this persons DNA has been so shut down that they cannot see the truth. Yet even though that may be true, a willing choice has been made to reject the truth. Inside of this choice is a choice to reject the Friend or God for the purposes of exploring the sense of confined identity. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. The only problem is that this sense of self has put a No Tresspassing sign up on his fence, which tells all those that work for the betterment of all, that they are not allowed to have a free flow of information with a portion of themselves, a portion of The One. No being has ever been denied the truth of their existence within the Body of the Friend. Indeed, it takes a great deal of effort to convince oneself of a Lie so great! If this is hard for you to believe now, if you wish to say you were born ignorant, your DNA had been dumbed down (which is true), that God abandoned you (which is never true), that you were not taught the things you needed to know in this life (which is also likely true), then you are hollering from inside your self-built corral that no one of the Lovelight is allowed to enter without permission, that you have been abandoned.
The choice has always been there for you—to live in isolation or not. Parts of the self, yourself, have shouted the truth in your ear and you chose not to listen. We admit that you have been encouraged to shut the truth out. Your culture encourages shutting it out at all times, for if it did not, your culture could not exist in the form it does now. The general formula of success in your society emphasizes doing better than others, competing. This encourages one part of God to be seen and acknowledged as being better than other parts of God. But no one part of God is any better than another. Loving cooperation is missing in this formula. Perhaps a person says to themselves, “I know I should love this other person and cooperate with them, but I attempted this in my business, and they got the jump on me, took advantage of me! So now no more cooperation, I’ll show them!”
Show them what? That they are right that all are not part of the body of God? For this is the agreement made with the self when challenged in such a way and then responding in kind. “I will treat them now as if they were not a part of the body of God.” There are other responses that can be made. Can you think of what they may be? We think you can. There is no reason this insulted hypothetical person cannot still do very well in his business and life. Of course one must respect another’s decision to not be a cooperating part of the Body of the Friend, but reinforcing ones’ own separation is not necessary.
The waves of the Lovelight are now lapping on your shores. If you go out in the day and look for them, you will see them. Perhaps you will go for a walk after dinner to a place that is beautiful to you. We ask you to look at the light as it falls upon all that you observe. See it and then attempt to feel it. Imagine you are the scene that you take in with your sight. After all, you actually are taking in the whole scene, aren’t you? Your eyes take in the light waves and translate those waves into pictures that move and change, and the change is in each moment within your body as your eyes drink it in. You are in the Song of a great wave exchange!
We ask you to extend the way you look at this scene. Look purposely in ways you do not usually do. Focus on the shadows for a moment and see how the light around them then looks. Pretend you are the tree you see and imagine how the tree feels. Feel the light sweeping down upon the tree and shaking it with light vibration. Imagine you are all you see and be all you see!!!
The light is different now that it was ten years ago. It is shaking your body and encoding your body. Those who wish to keep their fences high will be allowed to do so, though the effort will become much greater and can even cause physical pain. The Great Ship of the Universe is changing course. This change of course will shake everything up. The foundations of separate identity will be challenged by this shift. Since your institutions are formulated on the premise of separate identity, it is natural that this time will be of great challenge and threat to them. Those that hold power and wield it over others will find their usual ways of control crumbling. Foundations will go from solids to Light!
The archetypes, those larger paradigms of form which clothed your world are beginning to change, to shift. The same old stories will not be told again, for they are becoming threadbare and transparent.
Many of you have been bored in this life, and this is not surprising. The archetypes have worn themselves out. Lives have come and gone and come and gone and so many of you have cycled through these same old stories over and over again. You are bored because you no longer live your lives with the vigor you once had--that sense of freshness that all is new. This is because you have learned your lessons, the same lessons over and over again. Many of you have learned how not to do things too many times, and have continued in a rut. It is as if by making the same mistakes over and over, the groove of experience has ground out a valley that seems impossible to climb out of.
This may seem a great failure on your part, but that would be seeing things from within the little corral of a sense of self that is self created. The great waves of light that alight upon your shores are increasing in intensity, and as they do so your sense of self is going to change. We hope you choose to learn to ride the waves of light as a surfer does. When a surfer catches a wave he paddles until he is upon it and moving and then lets the wave do the work for him. This analogy needs to be felt as literally true. This is an exercise we encourage you to perform. Attempt to open many channels as possible while performing it. See it and feel it in as many creative ways as you can apply. Know that this is an avenue to new realties. Sing the songs that come into your head as you work with this notion.
You know, even as you sit still you are moving with a planet that is both spinning and flying through space at enormous speeds. Your planet and your reality are beginning to move into different versions of what your body has perceived as reality, and your body is being tuned to be able to understand new realities and ways of perception.
We ask you to help your fellows in understanding these transitions. You may say, “But I don’t even know what’s going on!” Well, you do and you don’t. We tell you this and sing you this so truthfully--the healings you perform on others will lead you to the understandings that you seek! It is in healing one another that evidences of truth will become apparent. This will seem as truth unlike you have experienced before. You may run for a piece of paper so that you might write these truths down and then find them impossible to describe. Your truths are to become experiential, an internal knowing that grows as the light does at dawn. For truly, the time you are in is a Great Dawn, a Cosmic Dawn.
You see, as the fences of your self-built identity are shaken by the light, you will be faced with truths that leave you feeling naked. You may well feel as a naked being on a lighted stage with everyone staring at you. This can be discomforting! You will find intimacies with others that feel so close as to be embarrassing. Just feel that embarrassment for a moment and then let it go. It is ok to feel close to others; they too are the Friend; it is just that the costume party that you have been attending is coming to a close and the masks are beginning to come off!!!
You see, one of the wonderful aspects of the end of the party is this—some of you learned certain lessons better than others and visa-versa. This makes you all so suitably equipped to heal each other and recognize your Oneness in it. When these moments of great intimacy occur, you will begin to realize indeed that others are part of yourself. You will feel many things in this process, for you are beginning to see that another’s learning and experience becomes yours to the degree that you have let down your fence, your old sense of self go. In this you will realize that indeed you did learn lessons that you did not conquer in your old ego. You learned it through what you have called another’s successes or attributes. You know, when one being accomplishes something, it is more easily done by others. There are myriad examples of this. That is why your record books like to celebrate the first one to do something, but seldom any that follow, even though the deed is just as great every time.
The light is re-forming your world. What will you do? One of the great fears people have about being everyone is that they will loose a sense of self and the sense of independent movement and identity. We Hathors tell you this is not so. We are very individual and are at one with one another and the One. We wish to tell you there is no contradiction in this knowingness, though it may be hard for you to understand before you experience it. What another understands can be your understanding. Gifts are given and received in this way and love expands.
As the light increases, many of you are experiencing physical symptoms that do not respond to your traditional treatments. Often they may look like some named disease but do not respond as expected. The responses of the Body to the Lovelight bring forth that which needs to be understood and cleared. Did you ever think that the understanding may be carried by someone around you? We do not mean that this understanding will necessarily be transferred by words, or even understood at the conscious level by the one holding the knowledge.
We will give you an example of how spontaneous healing may be achieved while increasing the understanding that, though you are separate entities, you are also one. Try this with a trusted friend first so that you may comfortable and begin to explore new territory. In this example we will imagine you have some physical condition you would like to clear up, let’s say adult acne. We will also say that the friend you have chosen to work with does not have this problem. If you both had this problem manifesting, it would be best to bring in a third person who did not.
Find a comfortable, quiet place for the two or three of you to gather. Then call on the Lovelight in a way that is acceptable for all of you. See your Soul Crystals around you, and ground to the Heart of the Mother and send the top to the Light of the Father. If these gender concepts don’t feel right to you, simply connect the Lovelight of the Up and Down. Many word concepts cause consternation amongst humans, and due to your history this is most understandable. Do not let words, however, get in the way of your intentions. A complete circuit of complementary energies is what we are aiming for here!!!
Call in the members of the Family of the Lovelight as best suits your understanding and comfort levels. Ask for Divine sanctuary for the work you wish to do, and that all be worked out for the highest good of All. This action will give you a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Feel for the light as it comes in and you will know!!!
When you feel your space has been created, state your intensions aloud. We will give an example here of how this may be worded, though you will know how to best state your intensions. There is no need for formalized wording or reading a written statement. Believe us that you intentions are always well known!
In this case we will say that Sally has the acne and John does not. John has agreed that perhaps he knows how not to have acne, though he certainly does not remember how he knows this or if he even does!
Sally: Today we have come together in the Lovelight with the intention of healing my acne. We are two, yet are one within the One. We drop our boundaries to receive the knowledge of the light that flows through both of us. We have learned different lessons through our histories. Today we join together as one in the Lovelight of the One, to exchange healings willingly. Though we come to heal this condition of acne, we know that much else may be involved, and we ask that all that is involved, and all beings that are involved be healed. We do this by our own Freewill. We join with the Lovelight of the One and accept the Wisdom and Knowledge of the One to Flow through Us. We respect the freewill of others whom may be involved in this situation.
John: I freely gift Sally with understandings that I hold as mine, yet know are merely universal understandings that I hold within my being. I ask that if these are appropriate understandings, that as we are one in the One, these understandings be opened between us for the healing of the One. We ask for help from the Members of the Family of the Lovelight to aid us today.
Stating intensions gets everyone on the same page, and can lead to redefining the intended work. This is the use of verbally expressing intensions. It is a way of harmonizing.
You may wish to hold hands, sit facing one another, lay on the floor head to head, or any number of other positions. You will know what is right for you. Then close your eyes and feel what comes in. You may feel vibrations in your body, images in your head, an inclination to speak, an ancestor bringing in knowledge—flow with whatever happens and know that something will happen, for then it will.
Each time this is done a very new experience will take place. You see, the Human Race, though made up of very many different types of beings, is here to heal. The beauty of this is with so many different being types represented on earth in human bodies, there is a chance for galactic and universal healing. Who knows, maybe John is an embodied Troll and Sally is a Fairy-type being and both were once at terrible odds with one another. You cannot imagine how resounding a simple healing like this can be! All in a face full of pimples!!! The galaxy is here to be healed on your Earth. This is the Gift of the Mother. This is the opportunity the Mother as your Earth has given you, and why she has struggled so long to provide for the beings upon and within her skin and body. The Mother has received all of you and accepted you for so long! Your traumas are her traumas, for you are all her children and she has accepted you. She has brought you together here so that you may heal the universe and the galaxy and the many levels of reality of which you are generally unaware.
Imagine a Fairy in the Land of Pan suddenly having a vision, and the vision is that of herself on another level, sitting in a room with a Troll being healed! Paradigm shift, a wave of light, a mind-blowing impossibility! Horrifying yet amazing and—enlightening. You know how it sometimes takes something that seems impossible to shift you out of a particular mind-set? An unbalancing situation often opens you up for new understandings that eventually lead you to peace and the opportunity to feel a new love. Isn’t that so?
Perhaps during John and Sally’s meditation, a Troll-like being, who has for a millennia been stuck and frozen inside of a Crystal, suddenly sees an Angel that looks an awful lot like a Fairy appear before it and with a wand strike the crystal to dust, freeing him. This is certainly not impossible, for the Fairies were quite good at locking Trolls up inside of Crystals during the stuggles of Pan.
And so John, who has come to help heal Sally of acne, has an aspect or “level self” or “bit of soul” returned to him.
This is how healing works. You are all Healers without exception. If you intend to heal you will heal, for the entire Universe is asking this of you! The help you have at hand is amazing!
For Sally, ON THE FACE OF THINGS, there was a problem. The problem existed beneath the surface, yet with the inrush of Lovelight, this problem was coming to the surface! Pimples! She had buried something in battle that had come up to be resolved. She was tired of Pimples and wanted to be ridded of them. Little did she know she had once locked an aspect of John up in a Crystal in the Land of Pan!!!
As you do such healings, many such “bizarre” images and notions will come to you. They are pieces of your history you are now here to rectify. Was Sally right to lock John up? Was John right in attempting to control the power of the Fairies? These are questions for them to ponder, and wonder what it all means. John doesn’t believe in Fairies or Trolls or the Land of Pan. Are Trolls good and Fairies bad? Was the paradigm of Pan worn out? Did it last long enough that it was merely repeating itself? Did the paradigm then change so that new archetypes could be experienced and new visions and understandings come to pass? Well?
The answer will be felt in the hearts of John and Sally. We suggest to you the feeling they will achieve and receive will be of Joy and Love. So the Past is healed.
As Pan passed so now does your current age. The waves of Lovelight are Lapping at your Beaches!!! How do you resist? Well, where do you hurt? Find someone to heal with—this is our suggestion! The perfect person will be at your door! Yes, they are the right person, and we will assure you that you will begin to see bits of your past, and those most often seen will be bits that need healing, bits of lives that in and of themselves hold eons of lessons not quite seen in a nutshell.
This is why most of you do not yet see long sequences of your history, but instead small bits of lives once lived. If you were to write the history of your existence, it would fill an enormous library. Your second world war lasted just a few years and you know how many books are written about it!! Indeed you will soon see all of your history, soon enough! The elements of the lessons are so very simple in comparison. It does not matter what form you were in, the lessons all were wrought by yourselves in order to come to a place of love for one another. This was the unacknowledged, the Truth, known by standing in Light.
Your bodies are waiting for you to attend to them. Your bodies need healing and upgrading. This is available for the asking, and in fact the increase in Lovelight is knocking hard on your door. Why would the Friend make me suffer so, you may ask. The friend does not want you to suffer, but the Friend is indeed knocking on everyone’s door rather loudly these days!
When your body hurts, you are asking yourself to heal yourself. And here is the surprise—the “yourself” is a bit larger than you generally conceive it to be. John is Sally and Sally is John. This is so, for they are both beings in the body of God, the Friend.
When we Hathors see you, we see God the Friend, we see Light, we see Love, we see ourselves, we see you as you conceive of yourselves, we see a fountain of many colors, we see shapes and forms you have inhabited, we see your history and your extraordinary creativity!!! All this we see without any confusion. We feel your Soul Song and it sings to us through your Crystal of the Presence of yourself as a most beautiful chorus of God.
Together with your growing circle of friends the little corrals you have built for yourselves are to be dismantled. Bit by bit, sliver by sliver, you shall take down the false castles you have built to hide yourselves from the truth. When this feels too naked to you, remember to surround yourself with your Soul Crystal and feel its comfy feeling of home, and know that this gift was the created gift of you to you from the Friend. You need no other structure with which to hold yourself. There is no need of pretence once you are really feeling your Soul Crystal around you.
If you find yourself leaving the planet, know that there is profound choice involved and let there be no blame. You are on a voyage through eternity. Some are choosing other levels from which to work on the final healing of Earth. You will not really leave until you have learned all you want to learn. Karma has not been forced upon you, you agreed to it, and in general, everyone who agreed to it and thought it wouldn’t take long to get through the experiences this particular system had for teachings. Well, the best laid plans, as they say!!! Yet from other perspectives, which are also yours, very little time has passed indeed.
You are many beings, yet you are one; you are many beings yet you are The One. There is no contradiction in the preceding sentence. This is the realization that is coming to each of you. Some will receive it truly and others will attempt to keep their corrals as strong as possible. Allow them to do so. Let those who wish to follow a path they hear calling go along and do not weep for them! Love them and let them go. Take joy in their call, and know it is a path that is theirs! Don’t worry about them!! They are the Friend off on an expedition into the unknown. Perhaps they will find great treasures where you only foresee disaster. Trust the Friend and Let the Lovelight fill your Body every minute of every day.
These are most wondrous of times. We are the Hathors. We Sing to You. We Love You. We are another Yourself!!!

By Sanat Kumara

When you change yourself, you change the world. The levels of change effected are on so many levels or intersecting fields that you would be truly amazed if you could see it all. And if you could, you might just begin to believe that your life is not at all insignificant, but an infinite action of great beauty. Often you have read or heard the metaphor of the stone thrown into the pool which affects ripples, circles of waves moving outward. Every thought and action you affect is thus, yet the waves go in many more directions than that of a flat surface.
Your television and radio and newspapers tell you a story every day of what the world is like. They tell you a story of what human beings are and how they behave. You are asked to take sides in fables of good and evil. Do you believe these stories? Who is telling you these stories? Have you noticed that generally there are two sides presented, two choices? Do you really think there are only two choices? Your presidential elections are very similar. There are only two viable choices inside of a very narrow set of differences. Your newspaper articles are the same. There are the evil people and the good people. Invariably the evil people are vicious foreigners and the good are of “your own”.
Do you really think there are only two choices, or that these situations are so simple? When you are faced with such stories, have you ever thought that you are being asked permission? Most people who read or hear such stories decide in their minds which side to support. “Yes, I support this war effort because from what I have read I have come to believe the killing of these people is necessary,” you might say to yourself as you peruse your newspaper or watch your television.
What I really want to tell you is that this hypothetical decision of yours carries true weight. Your decision that, yes, this war is a good thing resonates out from you and helps turn the human mind-field into a human MINE FIELD! Your decision rings out in waves going in all directions and in effect gives permission for acts of violence. The events that occur upon the earth are the manifestation of the human mind-field. It is yours and it is real. Though most of you do no perceive it, it exists as surely as does your body. This field is shaped by the collective beliefs of humanity and it is up to you to be the sculptors. When you change yourself, so do you change the world.
I ask, I implore, that when you are subjected, and yes, I mean subjected, to stories of the world and events within it, that you monitor yourself very carefully. When you are presented with two sides, be sure you are being lied to. I am sure that you are quite aware there is never anything as simple as just two sides. Have you ever gotten into a disagreement with another person? Of course you have!!! And you know that many many thoughts come to mind at such a time. Many considerations are at hand, along with a sense of confusion and perhaps a desire to escape the situation.
Did you know that when such interactions occur, that many levels of reality are participating? There are entities that largely control your political world that feed off of the energies emitted by hatred and terror. Some of these entities are embodied and many are not. You are encouraged by these entities to make your quiet personal decisions. When you agree with a war or “legal” killing by reading your newspaper, you are giving these entities permission to affect your world. You are voting for hatred and death and the feeding of these entities off of the misery of your own kind.
These stories that come to you seldom have enough information for you to decide anything. There is always more to know. These stories are often given in a way that asks you to decide what is right from a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. From this you are asked to vote. In such situations I ask you to give your vote over to the Friend. The Friend always has an answer and the BEST ANSWER. If you always give your vote over to THE FRIEND you will have ceased voting from a limited platform. The Friend does not make these terrible things happen in your world, humans do. You live in a world of Free Choice. The choices of humans are in your newspapers everyday. War is not the choice of the Friend, that choice is yours. The Human Mind Field sets the stage for the actions that occur upon the surface of your earth. When you support War, then you help create it, and have given your permission. It does not matter that you are not a big important person that has no political influence. You vote with your mind. What do you vote for? How are your thoughts affecting the Mind Field? Now that you know it exists, perhaps you will take care with what permissions you give. War cannot happen without human permission. Your permission up to this time has been sought through manipulation. Power on earth has been consolidated by such permission.
I, Sanat Kumara, ask you to give your vote to the Friend. When you are confronted with stories that are so contrived as to ask you what should be done, Killing or no Killing, say, No to Killing and give your vote to The Friend, and Live in Love and Light. Consciously doing this will change you and change your world. You each have a very great effect upon the world you live in. By your permission The Friend enters your world.

Changing Yourself
By Sanat Kumara

It is very easy to become convinced that people do not change. People look at their parents and see the same characteristics that annoyed them continue through the years. Yes they look older, and that indeed is change, but it certainly doesn’t feel as though much has changed on those fundamental levels.
Frustrations with one’s mate are more than common. Perhaps you saw your mate as a diamond in the rough, needing just a few alterations, a few facets polished, in order to have a perfect companion. Yet often the perceived defects seem to stand out more rather than receding into a polished surface as the years go by.
True change in another has to come by Free Will, by choice. You may change another by the Effect of your presence, but to attempt to change someone by willfulness or coercion, by Affect seldom has a beneficial outcome. Sometimes the change is that they leave you. I do not say this is either good or bad, yet one who has tried to affect change by coercion is interfering with the Freewill of the other. This is an area where Karma presents itself, whether it is new or old. I do not intend to go deeply into the subject of Karma, except to mention that Karma is the learning process acted out on the physical plane. What I do intend to discuss is Change and how one can reach a place of peace and Love in relationships by CHANGING ONESELF!!!
When you change yourself through the help of the Friend you change the world. The waves of your changes sweep through the world and through the ethers, the levels of consciousness that are forever moving and transforming through the eternity of the Infinite One. I promise you this—no matter how stubborn you think you are, no matter how unchanging you believe your character to be, you can change. Have you ever experienced the absence of a button? You know, the “he always knows how to push my buttons” type of buttons? If you have not experienced this, you will in time. Suddenly you see the old button being pushed and nothing happens within you except that perhaps you laugh. You find it funny that you were ever bothered by what once sent you reeling. You changed. Usually the change is perceived quite quickly by the button pusher. He or She may try pushing a number of times very quickly in confusion over the change, and then, like one of those animals trained to get a treat by pushing a button and then have the response withdrawn, finally give up in confusion. The confusion in your button pusher brings an opening for that person. The change in you has given them an opportunity, confusion, to change themselves. There is no guarantee that the change will be one you like, yet it is the change that occurred in you that allowed an opening for them. You see, your changes allow movement for others. Positive change in you allows for this possibility in others. And so again you change your world and all this change was effected by the change inside of you!!!
But “how do I change myself?” you ask. This is very simple—you ask the Friend, the Eternal One.
You are flowing through an amazing time period in which all that you know and how you know it is to be changed. The gifts coming to you are unlike anything known to your historians. Your historians know very little of your true history. Periods of time are like mind sets. They are like a passing emotion, yet over what seems to you now, very long periods of time. This is the time for each of you to remember. Remember what? Remember who you really are. This is a time where enlightenment is upon you. Enlightenment is to carry more light, to be receptive to more light. Light is information. Did you know it is possible for you to hold you hand out as a cup in the sun and listen and learn from the Light? It shouts to you every day and few listen. I do not mean this metaphorically. There is information in sunlight as there is by analogy in those fiber-optic cables that you current technology uses. The fact that you have physical light cables sending information around your world did not occur by mistake. Your physical world is meant to give you the clues to real worlds that you have been lost to for so long. I encourage you to occasionally look upon all you see in the physical world as metaphors, symbols of real worlds you have no or little knowledge of. You are not helpless to affect your world, but you do not see the links of cause and effect for you have blinded yourselves. There is no one in body that has not helped incur this blinding. There are many entities that have bamboozled you into this, yet you agreed to their persuasions of “logic”. The time is ending. Time is ending. A new world is at hand. Shifts are taking place. What you once thought was true may no longer be. You history will be revealed, and it is you who will reveal it to yourselves. How?
The exercises in this book will bring you to yourself. Who you are is very large, and this is true for all of you. You are individualized parts of the Infinite One who have forgotten you are of the body of the Infinite One. The moment you come to feel this inside of yourself as undeniably true is the moment of true enlightenment. There are truths within truths within truths that go back to the beginning. These truths go in all directions on infinite planes, on an order that enters Mind beyond all Mind, Light beyond All Light. There is no way I can give words to match the comprehensions that are becoming available to you. You must experience them for yourself!!! And You Can!!! You live in the Heart of God; have you realized this yet? Humankind has corralled itself into a very small tight box of understanding or misunderstanding. This has brought you horrors.This has done in the Heart of God. Indeed Christ did say that the Kingdom of Heaven was all around you and you did not see it. Ask now to see it. Meditate and feel the light come in to you. Give up your so-called rational mind to the altar of the Lovelight of the Friend. Ask to know the Mind of the Heart. Know that it exists within you! This is possible now. Learn the truth for yourself and you will never think to acquire knowledge though false Media again.
Find your Soul Crystal and begin to commune with your True Mother and Father again and you will be given the Keys to the Kingdom. You must begin to believe that there is much more to reality than the little droplet that you have allowed yourselves to see. Believe in miracles, for they are upon you. Ask to receive The Gifts. They are yours for the asking.
You body can change in ways you cannot imagine. Ask that your body change to that which it was intended to be. It is the tool that connects you to new modes of perception. There is a new language for you to learn, the language of light. How do you learn it? You learn it by asking for it to come into your life. Meditate and ask for the Lovelight to come to you so that you may sit in it. It will wash you illusions away. You can feel this light!!! Ask for the sensation; tell you body to accept the Lovelight. This is the true Baptism. You need no church for your connection to the Infinite One. You are in church! Tell yourself, “I sit in the Heart of God and I ask for the endless Baptism of the Lovelight. I desire to come back to the Light of the Mother and the Father,” and your Divine Guides will flood around you and the Light will come in.
This is a process. Imagine the man that has been held captive in a dark cave for a very long time and is then freed and walks into the noon-day sun. It would be very painful for him to come into such light. And it is the same for you. A little light at first is all that your body can stand. I do not kid you. You have heard the stories of warnings that to see the face of God would destroy a man. This is not metaphor; this is reality. Your body can literally fry in the light of the Friend until you are acclimatized. This goes step by step. Just like those of you who acquire a sun tan. You know it is best done incrementally. You do not have to worry that the Friend will Fry you. When you ask to enter the Lovelight, the reunion with the Great Mother and Father, you will be introduced gently to the Light. If at times this light feels too extreme, just ask that the light be gentler.
Some who first experience the Lovelight get very enthusiastic and through Freewill get sunburned. The body’s cells can receive more light than they are ready for. If this happens to you, ask your guides of the Lovelight to reduce the amount of light coming in to a level that is healthy. Drink lots of water, for this allows more light to come in at safe levels. Also make sure that there is enough oil in your diet. You see, this light is real; it is just somewhat different in nature than sunlight, though directly analogous. As I said, the Light of your Sun contains information and Lovelight. These are analogous levels of Light existing on different levels of reality. Sit in the Sun for a few minutes and close your eyes and ask to sense and feel the Lovelight aspect of the Light that come to your body. I think you will be amazed. And of course, the Lovelight is available to you even in the dark of night.
If you simply accept or pretend to accept the truth of the above statement and try it, I think you will begin to be amazed by the results and the changes in your world and experiences. Your imagination will lead you to wondrous experiences.
Your DNA will change by doing these exercises. You will begin to see those around you in a different way. Some of those buttons will go dead, disappear. You will allow others their own paths without the desire to change them, for you will have changed.
Be clear about what you want, and know that it may be hard for you to know all the time what you want as the Lovelight begins to transform you. You may try your own patience in this process by wanting very badly something that in time you will find you do not want at all. Such are the dramatic changes that the Lovelight can bring.
The Lovelight will wash away that which is not truly you. This can be a painful experience, for the Light will bring to the surface all that is not truly you, but that you have become convinced is You!!! This is your baggage and you will likely learn a lot about that baggage, for it will come to consciousness in the Lovelight. The Lovelight washes these barnacles off of your Soul, your Beingness. Unresolved issues will be brought to you to look at and understand. You will see episodes of past lives that resonate to these difficulties. Forgiveness is the key word in this. Until you forgive all involved in each situation, the barnacle will stick to your boat. Your lessons are here. If this seems difficult, then merely think how much more difficult it would be to have another situation erupt in your life in order to work through the issue! This is your inner work!!!
These barnacles are one of the reasons your body can only take so much Lovelight. As these barnacles are washed away, Lovelight fills in that space. This is what true purification is. Many who eat health foods and search for the healthiest lifestyle are motivated to do so by the true inner urge of the Lovelight. They sometimes wonder why they get diseases when so much attention has been paid to exercise and diet. Yet the true cause of disease is at a deeper level, and this is the level that the Lovelight begins to clear. As I said, this is a process, yet a very enlightening process. The Lovelight is the Healer and you heal yourself by your Freewill. You use your Freewill to say that “I am a Child of the Lovelight, the Great Mother and the Great Father and I have returned willingly to them to heal and understand.”

The Hathors--Family Line, Soul Line, Genetics
Imagine a Being deciding to incarnate into a particular Genetic Line in order to clear it of some unhappy traits for the entire Genetic Line. Did you know this is a common occurance? Many of you reading this book are very experienced, and have done this many times. Many of you have had traumatic family experiences, seemingly unloving parents and siblings, and felt as though an orphan somehow with a family.
You see, you have two lines. You have a Family Genetic Line, and a Soul Line. Sometimes these are connected, intertwined and sometimes not. Indeed they become connected as soon as you are born, yet if you do not have children, then your Soul Line disconnects upon your death.
Your Soul Line represents more nearly who you are. Most people’s Soul Line goes back through time much further than most humans are likely to think about. In this Universe each Soul Line is represented by a Founder’s Crystal. Every Soul Crystal is connected to a Founder’s Crystal. There are twenty four Founder’s Crystals in this Universe, and you are “hosted” here by the energy of that crystal. These Founder’s Crystals are the Pillars of this Universe; their collective energy holds this Universe in place. These crystals allow you to hold your energy here.
There are far more Soul Lines than there are Founders Crystals. Some of you may be of Founder’s Soul Line, yet the majority of you are hosted here through the energy of these Founder’s Crystals. They are the “in-roads” to this Universe, and the majority of you are from other Universes. Indeed, even the Founders are from other Universes, yet they were here for this Creation. When you came to this Universe, you came through one of these Founder’s Crystals or portals. The color of your Founder’s Crystal is generally the one closest to your Soul Crystal.
In this Universe your Soul Line is represented and expressed through Your Founder’s Crystal down to Your Soul Crystal. Through your Soul Crystal you may visit your Founder’s Crystal and reconnect with those in this Universe that are the most closely related to you. If you have been successful in connecting the Up and Down, and are becoming familiar with your Soul Crystal’s energy, this can be an easy and very profound experience. Those who belong to your True Soul Line will have come here through the same Founder’s Crystal as you. This is your Soul Line Family.
Your Soul-Line Family is your Real Family in terms of similarity, origin, and expression. Yet all those who come through the same Founder’s Crystal will have many things in common. This is best felt at the Founder’s Crystal Level, for peoples’ expression upon Earth and the adventures they have set out upon often brings out manifestation of personality that will not necessarily feel familiar; it is deeper than that. However, if you ever realize someone is of your Founder’s Crystal or actual Soul Line, and you are doing inner work together, you will come to recognize a resonance of wonder!!! This will be very deep, yet once both of you feel your Founder’s Crystal resonance, very interesting things can happen.
Many of you have looked into your family history, genealogies, and famous ancestors and so on. This is your physical body’s family. Physical genetics and Soul Lines are completely separate. You likely have been immersed in many genetic lines in your incarnations upon Earth. One of the reasons for this is that certain genetic lines offer particular characteristics that will lead to very specific experiences and modes of expression. If, for example, you were a person who wished to exhibit your Soul Line’s ability at playing the piano, specific genetic requirements would be sought prior to incarnation. You would be looking for the hands, the mind, and the history of musicianship as a platform for you inner expression.
Then again, you may have decided to incarnate to help a Genetic Line that had had little musical ability expressed in it. If you are a musician in this lifetime, yet not very proficient in some way, this may well be you. You see, to express musically in a genetic line with little musical background can be very difficult. Yet if you are a musical master on other levels and know that, then an incarnation of working at a gas station, yet playing mediocre guitar while getting better, can be quite an amazing challenge, and a great contribution to that genetic line. The accomplishments made during such a lifetime will affect all those children to come. This is a great sacrifice and a great gift given, and of course, the person doing so generally never realizes during his or her lifetime the gift they are giving. The genetic line offers this individual a great challenge, and of course, much more. Often such a person will ask themselves, “Why do I play so poorly when I feel inside as if I am quite accomplished, yet it never seems to come out or work out!”
In this example the guitar player is changing the physical genetics by infusion of the Spirit of his Soul Line!!! This generally happens little by little. Connecting the Mother and Father energies speeds this process up, and that is especially true now in this time of great change.
Perhaps you have had interactions with a family in which everyone seemed rather mean and nasty. There are such genetic lines. Yet you noticed that there was one member of the family that was quite different; sweet, kindly and loving. You can bet that this individual has come to this family to initiate change. Perhaps you have a family such as this!!! If so you can be sure you have taken on a great challenge. Perhaps you are now, as an adult, estranged from this family. There may be an underlying sense of failure for you, yet your presence has changed them. They have had to confront a loving being in their midst, which for a line with little love or compassion can be terrifying. Why? This is because the premise and attitude toward the world, the base energy of the Genetic Line, is being threatened and challenged with change.
If in this example, you go on to have children, your Soul Line energy will open corridors of expression to them, and they will carry on the mutated genetics that offer the possibility for broader expression of kindness and love. Your influence as a parent, by your vibrational presence will continue to affect change in their genetics until puberty. Their freewill choices made during childhood will describe the course of these changes.
We are attempting to give you a very basic understanding here. This matter is quite complex, yet with basic notions one is able to understand the affecting and effecting influences of Soul Line upon genetics through incarnation. In the example above, of course, the mother and father have their own physical genetic lines. Yet since like attracts like, without Soul Line “cross pollination” the world would quickly become frighteningly polarized.
If you do not have children, little physical genetic change is offered from your Soul Line to your family and siblings. Yet certainly opportunities are opened in the Karmic Line. One who experiences cruelty at the hands of others is the initiator of Karmic induction. So if a kindly Being enters a difficult genetic line and the result is largely abuse, an odd kind of “gift” has been given. Because of such incidents, the perpetrators will experience karmic reactions of a similar nature. In the sorrow of such experiences, they will perhaps learn other ways. “Oh the webs we weave”!!!
If something like this has happened to you, Forgiveness is your ticket to Freedom!!! You see, if you are able to Forgive the people who have harmed you, you will not have to work with them again. Usually this was a challenge you knew you would face before you entered into this life. We will tell you a secret!!! Just because you were hurt and abused, does not necessarily mean you had done similar actions to others!!! This is so. Many of you who read this kind of book are Masters of Realities. As such, when you chose a particular life, you often do so to challenge yourselves, while at the same time offering lessons to others.
The important point we are making here, is that not all of what happens to you in this life that feels bad is Karmic!!! You may have come, as in this example, to offer your services. Yet it can become Karmic. It becomes Karmic when you are unable to Forgive.
If you are so angry at someone that you cannot forgive them, well, you will get to deal with them again!!! Think about that!!! This is where that practically oriented logic of your mind can prompt you to deal with your emotions and feelings around a difficult matter. Surely your cool logic will tell you, “I don’t want to have to deal with them again!” Forgiving frees you. There is someone else who will carry on with these people who needs or wants to work with these problems!!!
Most of you who are Masters on other levels do indeed have Karmic ties to Earth and her Beings. The Earth Realm is most difficult, and as we have said previously in this book-- the Earth contains an incarnated struggle of Galactic proportions. Forgiveness will bring you your freedom; there are those who are not yet ready to leave the many disagreements and difficulties. There are those who do not yet believe in the Power of Love.
Our next chapter will give you instructions for visiting your Founder’s Crystal!!!
With Songs of Love for You!!!
The Hathors

Journey to Your Founders Crystal

Once again, we Hathors will give you the basic instructions or map for your meditation. We wish to encourage all of you to know that these maps reside within you already. You know within how to go to many many places in reality. You only need a little indication from us and off you will go. Believe this and it will be true. Many other books and traditions give you involved instructions and sometimes recommend you memorize instructions. We however wish to encourage you in your own abilities. Your inner guidance will know all the details and carry you to the places you wish or need to go.
We hope you will spread your wings and fly. Simply ask your trusted guides, your inner knowingness, to take you to places that would be of benefit to you. Ask for your Divine Protection and go.
Each of you are unique and have abilities and a history that varies from your sisters and brothers. Honor this and know that there are places to visit, to fly to in the many levels of reality that are specifically good for you, special sometimes even just to you!!! Begin to explore!!! Not only is it meaningful, but it will help you progress along your path and expand the horizons of your reality.
We give you this simple map to journey to your Founders Crystal—
Call on your trusted guides.
Sit within your Soul Crystal and feel it surround you.
Connect the Above and Below.
Tell your guidance that you intend to visit your Founders Crystal, and that you request their help in getting there safely.


Fly and experience. We do not wish to say more about how and what you will find and what the nature of your experience will be. That is for you, each of you to experience in your own way and according to your own natures. Enjoy!!!

Clouds over the Heart
Part of our excitement in writing this book is that it gives us the opportunity to offer ourselves in service to our readers. And so now we remind you again that we are at your beck and call. As we have said, it is necessary to request our help, for we can take no action without your request. In this we honor your free will. That being said, we really hope that you will ask us Hathors to work with you. We dearly love each and every one of you!!! We really do!!!
There are so many changes taking place with the energies of earth right now. This is a very exciting time, and we hope that each of you will take advantage of the opportunities these new energies make available to you!!!
So what is this Clouds over the Heart business? Well, nearly all of you have what we see as clouds over your hearts. What are these clouds? Well they are disappointments, sadness, grief and anger. In this time your chakas are receiving new energies. These energies are causing your chakras to resonate at a higher level of vibration. They are not necessarily spinning faster, but they are vibrating to higher frequencies just as a guitar string will vibrate sympathetically to the same note struck on another guitar.
Have you noticed emotions coming up that seem inappropriate to the situation? Have you gone through periods of depression? You know, you need not come to believe that you are a depressive and need to be endlessly medicated!!! These emotions are coming to the surface in order to be cleared, not to make your life miserable. The fact of the matter is that higher intensities of the Lovelight are reaching the planet, and all that is not in harmony with the Lovelight is cooking up to the surface. If you do not recognize this for what it is, you may judge that you have very significant personal problems. That can be discouraging and make you feel you are facing the insurmountable. But you know what? That is simply not the case!!! You are ok, and will be ok!!! We wish for all of you to believe this and take what we say here as the truth. You will be happy and comfortable again. You really will!!!
Your body carries the imprints of all the wounds and trauma you have experienced over your numerous incarnations on earth. Seeing that you have lived very many lives gives you the knowledge that you have experienced a lot. Many of the traumas you experienced were not processed out of your emotional field. All of you have lost innumerable loved ones to death. For many this has made death seem inevitable, a fact of life. Many of you have come to feel that to love is to always give away a part of yourself to grief and loss and pain. This has become so prevalent on earth that many do not give their love easily if at all. This is a great tragedy. There are the clouds over the heart.
You know the Heart is meant to be the instrument The Friend connects to to infuse Love through your Body and Soul and Spirit. The Heart is meant to glow with Love in every moment of every day of your life. We are not kidding about this. This is the Heart’s true function!!! Your Heart was designed to let you know that the Friend is with you in every moment of your life. The Heart is the organ that The Friend sings through to let you know you are a part of The Friend!!!
So how do you get your Heart up to speed so that this can be your experience on earth? Well, those clouds have to be processed and dispersed. We do sympathize with you when you may say, “I have so much sorrow and grief in my heart that the pain is unbearable. I cannot go into the heart and process all that stuff. I’m done with all that loving stuff, because I cannot stand the pain of it ever again!” We know this is the experience many of you feel when it comes to your Heart. The Clouds of the Heart have subdued mankind’s ability to channel the Lovelight of the Friend through the Heart. In order to channel that infinite and undying love, the clouds have to go; the processing has to be done!!! Yikes!!!
This is where we can help, if you decide that you want help with your Heart. We have to say that for those of you of a spiritual bent, and that is nearly everyone reading this book, that your Hearts are already beginning this process. This clearing will come of its own. Your “higher self” insists upon it, and you may see the increasing intensity of the Lovelight as a manifestation of your Higher Self, and so The Friend. The upper levels are singing down to the lower levels. This is part of the merging of the various levels of reality we have spoken of in this book.
There are advantages to taking that Bull by the Horns and pushing forward with conscious intent toward clearing your Heart Clouds. You see, the more you resist clearing your Heart, the more likely it is that some event will take place in your life that involves the Heart, and you will once again have the feeling that the Heart is breaking. You bring yourselves these events so that the Heart will get the attention it needs to clear itself, so that you may be One with the Friend again!!! You have heard of spiritual initiations. A crisis of the Heart is just such an initiation. You may come to wonder how something that feels so terrible can be a spiritual blessing, and indeed as your Heart Crisis occurs, you may feel like cursing the Friend for such a painful experience. Yet you will come to understand that it is you pushing yourself back to the Friend that is really the motor of the event. From higher levels you help plan the events that occur in your life, and these events are designed to bring you back to yourself. We are sorry that so many of you have to face these painful clouds!!! We really are!!!
So what can we Hathors do for you? We offer this service to each and every one of you. We will put into Song all the Clouds that hover over your Heart. We will make the Songs as beautiful as we possibly can. These clouds need to be vibrated out of your energy fields so that true Lovelight can shine though your heart. Did you know the day is coming when you will begin to see Love shining out of your Hearts—just like a great bright light? Some of you already see this from time to time, don’t you?
This is what we offer you!!! At least one Hathor will be assigned to you to sing your Heart clouds, to put them to music. In doing this we actually take the clouds of your Heart into our Heart. There are many Hathors assigned to assist the ones that take the clouds on directly. This is our sacrifice for you and it is a way that we can show you just how much you are loved. Each of you is so dearly loved by us in Service to the One on other levels. These clouds are a good part of the reason that you cannot feel this love directly at this time.
The only thing we ask of you as we do this work is to meditate once a day and connect with your Heart. Call in your Divine protection and connect your Soul Crystal up and down and then focus on your Heart. Breathe into your heart and quietly listen. You will feel us at work, and you will likely hear or feel our songs. It is important for you to do this, for in those clouds is much of your history. You may see bits of that history as we sing your clouds away. Some of this history you need to see or at least feel. Forgive yourself and others in any of the situations you see. This allows the pain to leave and light to get in. We will make the songs as beautiful as we possibly can. You know there is a lot of love buried in those clouds, and that love will stay with you, for it is the expression of who you are. The sorrow will leave. You know that sad songs can often be so very beautiful, and this is how we will sing these songs for your Heart, for the Creator in you.
Conscious work on your Heart will forward your spiritual progress and open doors of Lovelight for you to bask in. You will know that you can live a life deeply in Love with the world around you. You cannot imagine how beneficial this is for your fellows. Your Love and work with Heart shines out to them and makes their path easier. When many hikers walk a path through the wilderness, it is easier for those who follow to know the way to go. The trail becomes obvious, for it becomes patterned and imbedded in humankind’s consciousness.
How long does this take? You will know. Some of you may work on your Heart a bit and then need to come up for a bit of air. You may find yourself crying “inappropriately” and wonder where this sorrow is coming from. We wish to tell you, you are alright, and that crying is a most efficient way of releasing the Clouds of your Heart. You may wonder if this work will ever end, for you will be feeling sorrows stored up over eons coming up for release. These clouds are not you, yet you have carried them for so very long. They subdue the spirit and dampen your true natural cheerfulness. Perhaps some of you feel you are not the cheerful type. We encourage you to drop such notions and believe that you have perhaps not really experienced your true nature in this lifetime. Some of you have at times had inklings of who you are, but the clouds of sadness have eclipsed the real you. We wish to help you toward a new way of experiencing your world, to find the Love that is yours and can sing the Friend’s songs right through you and into your world as the Lovelight!!!
This is our offer to you. This is our promise. We love you and hope you will take us up on our offer. We learn so much by doing this work and are always honored when one of you takes the step to ask of our assistance.
With all our Hearts and Songs of Love,
The Hathors

Heartsong and Singing Through the Chakras;
Exercises to Enliven Yourself

In the following pages we Hathors will give you an exercise for your Body’s Chakras or Energy Centers. We hope that you will enjoy these exercises. There is so much to learn about how the body works, and how its extended energetics connect with what you may call the Spiritual World. Our exercises are designed to help you attain Energetic Integrity.
What is Energetic Integrity? Well, you may say it is “Holding Your Own” while immersed in a soup of the Energies that make up your world. Another definition of Energetic Integrity would be “getting clear on who you are”. By being clear about who you are allows you to interact with your world in a Pure Way. You being purely you!!! You were created as a unique and perfect expression by The Friend. Remember how we have said that you were created in and as a beautiful Soul Crystal? This is the Crystal that has sometimes been interpreted as “Soul Matrix”. Though we like this concept, Soul Matrix, Soul Crystal we like even better, because it would be better stated that a matrix of information about who you are is contained within your Soul Crystal. Your Soul Crystal is the Pure you. By getting into your Soul Crystal everyday, you begin to bring your true self back to yourself.
All of you have to some extent lost connection with your Soul Crystal. One way of interpreting the “Fall of Man” would be the loss of connection with the Soul Crystal. We wish to make a statement as to the ability to manifest the world you wish to live in. In order to bring that world forward, you have to bring forth that which is not yet manifested on earth. These are brought forward through the Self, through you. How does one make oneself capable of such magical action? It is done by clearing the Body, Spirit and Soul and bringing them together. Do you see what huge importance the Body has in this? Very often the body has been disparaged by Spiritual traditions, and enormous effort has been put into distancing Spirit from Body. What has Soul to do in such a situation? If you remember, we have said that we define Soul as Spirit manifested into the Physical. When unmanifest Spirit makes judgements against manifested Spirit—Soul—a great split takes place. If you think about this you will realize that Spirit, your higher level selves, had a good degree of responsibility in abandoning Soul on Earth. When you think of the “Fall of Mankind” remember this!!!
When you decide to incarnate upon Earth, you have a plan, and that plan always has to do with the transformation of the energies manifest upon earth. It is not easy as you have learned. We encourage you to marvel now and then over what you have done on earth!!! Many traditions speak of the wheel of incarnation, and how through your misdeeds you have gotten trapped upon earth. Only when you are good enough to be like those on the“levels above” you, will you be freed from this existence. Do you not see the judgments placed upon you by such doctrines? Who are the heroes in this story? Are the heroes the aspects of Spirit that did not incarnate yet felt revulsion as to the actions of their Soul upon earth? You see the story is much more complicated than you might think. The judgments of Spirit upon Soul on Earth often caused such Spirits to, by Karmic Force, incarnate upon Earth.
Misunderstandings between the levels have caused much confusion upon Earth and upon other levels. Spirit has advanced far beyond the kinds of religious doctrines that one finds promulgated upon Earth at this time. Many of these doctrines are quite old and represent the judgments of Spirit upon Soul. Soul is Spirit that has the experience of the physical. When Spirit made its judgments upon its incarnated Soul on earth, Soul felt the judgments and distanced itself from Spirit. Soul stepped out of the Soul Crystal and Spirit withdrew in disgust and judgment.
Spirit in general has progressed beyond its judgments and has for a long time actively attempted to reconnect with Soul. Heaven on Earth—you know that this is the project you have taken on; to help make Heaven on Earth a Reality. Spirit cannot just fly off when it has a part of itself living upon Earth. And Soul has often dedicated itself with unflagging intent to fulfill its mission upon Earth. There are certainly times when some of you wonder how this could be—how you could have chosen to come here again and again in the face of such sorrow and adversity. How often is this emphasized by your religions? How often are the incarnated honored for their dedication to the work of bringing Heaven to Earth? Many of your deepest sorrows come from the feeling of failure to succeed early and easily in this project. Spirit knows it must unite with Earth, and Spirit carries the baggage of its own inability to understand incarnated Spirit or Soul. Yet Spirit and Soul are meant to be One, and are really One!!! This is the reason Spirit is approaching you now. Spirit is beginning its infiltration of the physical zone riding on a natural timing of the tides of the Lovelight of the Friend.
To work with the Spirit of the Lovelight is to aid Spirits’ infiltration of the Physical realm, the merging of realities, the Lightening of the Earth Realm. Many of you wish to know when the great shift will take place. If you wish to speed it along, it is time to dedicate yourself to this work and begin to give it the reality and sense of being real that it deserves.
The more you focus and meditate on your Soul Crystal the more you bring it into the range of physical manifestation. You are literally pulling other levels of reality into the place of your physical existence. Believe in miracles. This makes them possible. Allow the belief that you are judged by the Lovelight to fall away. Spirit indeed did at one time and on certain levels, judge its physically manifested energies, but this was long ago. Misunderstandings need to be forgiven and the Clouds of these misunderstandings between Spirit and Soul need to be released from your Hearts. Your Heart is yours and the Friends’. You share your heart with God.
We wished to give this small introduction to the exercises of the Chakras, so that you might go forward with the realization that a new “already forgiven attitude” may be held. “My general attitude is of forgiveness, so when I see these old issues arise, I know in truth I have already forgiven them, and I will do so again and watch the old sticky energies fly away.”
We ask you to remember your primary job—Heaven on Earth.
We ask you to know you are capable to carry Heaven to Earth.
We ask you to employ what we will jokingly call the “Other Level Unemployed”. What do we mean by this? We mean that the Lovelight possesses many, many energies and entities whom are awaiting your call for assistance. Their Love is their service, and their service is their education. You are giving to them by asking for their assistance!!! It is not a one way street!!! We are all learning how to bring Heaven to Earth.
Through you Spirit learns what it is to be physically manifested, for many entities of the Lovelight have never been in such a solid body as you, or confronted with such confusion and uncertainty. You are much admired for your courage to be where you are—did you know this? We are not your superiors. We are One in Love and Intent and Purpose with you. We only wish you to realize this. Your working with Spirit gives us permission to help bring Heaven to Earth. We can only come by Your Invitation!!! Do you realize how important then this request can be? When you ask Christ energies to come and influence the goings on on Earth, you are changing the World in Magnificent ways. It is Soul that has made the commitment on Earth, and so by this investment is invested with the power to call for reunification with Spirit.
Many entities of the Lovelight have decided to incarnate into Earth Bodies so they would be able to influence the energies of Earth more than they were able to on what we will call pure Spirit levels. This is how Spirit becomes Soul and learns of the difficulties of physical existence on Earth. Often in the forgetfulness of physical life with its divide between Soul and Spirit, these entities forget even why they came, and it may be many lives before they reawaken inside to their work.
This is why we honor you, love you, and ask for you to rejoin you. We are you!!!
Manifest your Soul Crystal and retouch your Higher Level Selves. You exist on many Levels. You have been, and are, many different beings--yet all are One. Trust in the Friend and ask for The Friends’ assistance. Within your Soul Crystal connect the Up and Down, the Mother and Father Energies, and then begin your exercises. Always remember to call in Divine Protection from the highest levels as you feel and divine them.
Let the joy begin!!!

The Earth Chakra
Welcome to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a Being Comprised of many beings, of which you are One. The Earth Chakra is your Root by which you are fed energy by the Great Mother. This is the Grounding Chakra. A Chakra is an energy wheel or ball. Chakras are both a conceptual mode, yet also a reality. Manifesting the strength and integrity of your chakras is the physical made real by spirit/mental conception. There are various traditions behind the concept of chakras, and so many practices concerning them. What we wish to say here is that all manifest reality is and was brought into being from the mental or conceptual planes. And so we may say that, “In the beginning, there were indeed energy balls configured into the human body by those entities that “designed” it. The Human body was indeed designed, yet the concept of the word “design” somewhat denigrates the concept. Some day when your inner eyes open ask to see how the human body was designed by creative use of the Lovelight, and you will be much amazed.
A series of seven major energy balls were aligned to give the human body the ability to function on many different reality layers--all simultaneously. There is harmony in this design, represented in the number seven, the harmony of octave. All of the Seven Chakras were designed to work together seamlessly as a whole. The whole being or eighth note, is the tone of the whole human with the seven notes, or Chakras, singing together. The whole human is a complete octave.
There are other energy centers in the body or bodies, but for now we wish to impress upon you that your energies may be completely understood by the basic seven Chakras.
If you were to psychically fly into your first Chakra, you would find a portal to the Heart of Mother Earth. The first Chakra, found at the base of your spine is also the Center of the Earth. They are synonymous. You have heard the words that humankind was made in the image of The Creator. The human body is an analogy of the creative flow of energies of the One. And so it is true that you, as human, were created in the image of God, or the system you find yourself in!!!
Your Crown Chakra is located at the very top of your head and the space above it. This is the Central Sun and your Central Sun. When we asked you to place the top of your Soul Crystal near or into the Central Sun (with the assistance of your guidance), it was with the intent of bringing in the guiding or designing light of your personal universe through your system, your Body. This is the seed information that is to guide the Mother energies at the Center of the Earth, your first chakra, in forming your best possible life!!! These Light Seeds of information fly down through your Soul Crystal, through all the levels of your being and into the Heart of the Mother—your first Chakra. And this works well when you are properly grounded into the Truest Heart of the Mother at the Center of the Earth!!!
Your Chakras have many levels. The practice of Grounding is so important to you because it allows the Divine Seeds of your path to be given to the Mother so that she may manifest these possibilities into your Life!!! When you have connected the Up and the Down, the First and Seventh Chakra, you have set all the “wheels” in motion—all of your chakras!!!
Now again you can perhaps see why we encourage you to connect the UP and DOWN with your Soul Crystal!!! By doing this you have already encouraged your whole system, all of your chakras, to begin to Harmonize with the Divine. And you didn’t really need to know much about the rest of the system!!!
We wish you to know that everything that you perceive has many levels. There is The One, yet there are many, which are One. This is a seemly difficult paradox that is most easily understood if just accepted as fact beyond the capacity of your current form of reason. In time you will no longer feel paradox, you will feel truth.
In order to have a healthy, vibrant body you must ground!!! Did you know that the majority of the people on earth are not grounded. What does this mean? Well first of all it means that divine intent is not being translated into physicality. It also means that the physical body is not getting the energetic nourishment it needs. There are foods for the body that are other than the physical foods you eat. The Divine Mother needs you to connect directly with her in order for her to nourish you properly.
Many people are subconsciously very afraid of grounding. The concept of Hell, of heaviness, and of suffocation all come into play here. Each time you have died you have left a bit of Soul in the Earth. The cycle of rebirth and the concepts of punishment that have been applied to it through religious dogma also bring fear of inner earth. You have had, in most cases, many bodies buried in the earth. The sense of entrapment has been significant for many beings.
Many people have had such painful experiences on Earth in previous lives, that they seldom if ever really enter fully into their physical bodies while they are here. They float just outside or above their bodies. Are you one of these “spacey” floaters? It is an attempt at pain aversion. The paradox here is that none of these feelings can be alleviated without grounding!!! Really!
Why? Well you are disconnected from your Real Mother!!! We are not joking. If you are an adult, it is time for you to consider who your Real Mother is, and begin to relate to her as such!!! This is the Mother that you will never lose. It is the one you have forgotten about. When your Soul Crystal and You were created, the Mother and Father energies of the Friend combined to love you into existence. These are your real parents. We do not ask you to disavow your earth parents, but perhaps put something else above them that they were supposed to emulate by being your earth parents. Perhaps your parents did a stellar job on Earth, and perhaps they did not. Yet you were created initially and for all time in a bath of love of the Infinite Mother and Father, and we really encourage you to reconnect with them. Remember connecting the Up and Down? How much does this Soul Crystal work encompass? We think you will be amazed!!! Remember, we are giving you the bare bones outline of your adventure into reality and consciousness. By doing these exercises you will find a way that is uniquely your own!!!
For those of you with some fear of inner earth we have the following exercise. Remember how we said there are many levels to that which you perceive? As you have seven basic levels as an octave, so does the earth. We wish you to fly to the Seventh Heaven of Earth, as she wishes to fly to you!!!
Sit quietly in a chair, close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in your Soul Crystal. Call on the Lovelight’s Highest protection and extend the Top of your Soul Crystal to the Central Sun. Ask the Father Lovelight Energies to flood down into your Crystal and feel yourself coming down into your body with them. Ask the Father energies to carry you down to the Seventh Heaven of the Heart of the Mother in inner Earth, so that you may feel and know the truest energy of Earth. Feel your Soul Crystal extend down as the Father Energies reintroduce you to the Divine Mother Energies. Continue your journey to completion; let it take you where it will.
There, now don’t you feel better?
We would like to tell you a little secret. There are those powers on Earth that do not want you to come into your power. Why? Well, because the power that you do not wield is theirs to wield. You have all denied that you have power because you have lost touch with it. The stories of being thrown into hell, always depicted inside the earth, was pushed with great vigor in order to keep you from your Mother, from your Power.
Certainly there are energies imprisoned within the earth, and some of them are of what you may think of as having a hell-like character. The Archangels have imprisoned certain energies within the earth that, up to the time of their detention, were creating more hell upon the earth than anyone could stand. But you aren’t going there!!! Some human Soul Energy does and has indeed gotten stuck in such places; but this has always been by their own choices, and we must advise you that these choices were far beyond what you tend to see as your failings. Why are these energies detained within the Earth?--For inert balancing. Detaining them within the system allows for the lessening of active ill-intended energies. You need not worry about them, as they are in good hands and well restrained. Know that there is NO WAY you can stray into such an energy field. It is impossible.
How might you visualize your First Chakra? We would suggest that you see it as a ball of bright red energy at the base of your spine. Red is the color of life’s vibrancy, of Fire, of Blood! Your blood contains many energies that purify your body. Your first Chakra vivifies your physical existence and feeds all of the Chakras above it. This is pure Mother Energy rising to meet the descending Father Lovelight Energies interpreting the Divine Plan. The Heart of the Mother at the Center of the Earth is also your First Chakra. See this as truth. They may seem to be in different places, yet they are One. Your feet accept these energies from the surface of the planet. The palms of your feet are part of your Earth Chakra. See them as being One with the base of your spine and the center of the earth. As the roots of a tree, they reach down to the Mother and invite her in every moment to be One with you.
No Chakra is more important than another. No level of reality is more important than another. All are One, and none can be excluded, for reality is of a whole fabric. You may hear people say things like, “Oh, all she thinks of is sex; she is stuck in her second chakra!” Or you may hear, “Oh, he is so power hungry he lives to rule over others; he’s stuck in his Solar Plexus.”
While there is understanding of the function of the chakras mentioned by such comments, it must be understood that those spoken of are likely out of balance. As we have said, all the Chakras are necessary for your life. Many have moved their consciousness up through their chakras, to their crowns and then “ascended”. They died. If they left a body behind “ascension” was not complete. What most often occurred in such cases, is that physical life was judged against and escape was sought. Many thought reunion with the Friend was to be sought through denial of the physical, of the body. As we have said, there are many old teachings around that insist upon denial of the body and its needs and desires. The body was denied, and the needs and desires of the body were denied and judged against. These ascended beings left part of themselves in the earth that they had deemed not worthy. This is a very severe imbalance. There are many avatars still worshiped upon the earth that made this mistake. In many cases they are reincarnated now, struggling to regain what they denied.
Such teachings have been a favorite way for the “dark side” to encourage abandonment of the Mother. Have you not noticed a rather obvious lack of the Feminine in the prominent religions of your day? The physically creative chakras have been much denigrated. Sex is seen as dirty, yet children seen as Divine. The urge to physical love has been repressed and so a lack of vitality is seen in the health of human communities. In physical lovemaking the Divine Mother Energy rises through the Body to meet her mate in Your Heart and Your Beloveds Heart. Lovemaking is meant to be a Divine experience. None of you are free of the negative appellations that have been assigned to your “Lower” Chakras. All Chakras are meant to support one another. One Chakra does not rightly develop and then deny the ones below it.
Your Soul Crystal stimulates all of your Chakras, and works to balance you so that you find the One amongst the many, all singing in glorious harmony.
Unifying with the Mother
The Mother, the Divine Mother, wishes reunion with you. She is the one who knows how to manifest the Father’s secrets, the Divine Plan. Yet there is more to it than that. She wishes to mother you. She wishes to re-Mother you!!! What do we Hathors mean by re-mothering? Well, invite the Divine Mother into your life and tell her you wish her to Mother you in each moment of every day of your life!!! Tell her you wish to feel her presence in your life ALL THE TIME!!! Remember what we said about Divine Manifestation? You need to call the Mother to You. She is waiting to be acknowledged. She is waiting to pour out Love for You that will soften your days and make you feel the coziness that is heavenly in life. You are the one that makes this real by acknowledging the truth of her existence. The Mother will hold you in her arms and carry you through your life. She is a part of you that you lost in the traumas of Earth’s history. Realize that the Divine Mother has held very diverse and often contrary energies upon her Body, in the hopes that they would one day recognize the unifying Love that is truly the basis of their existence.
As we have said before, the peoples of earth are more than people. They are a very diverse group of entities and energies from many levels of reality and existence. Earth is the place that was chosen for often competing energies to work out their differences. We remind you that most of you reading this book are not “really” humans. When you have difficulty with another person, and find yourself saying, “God, it’s as if they are from Mars”, you can know that there is usually more than a bit of truth to that general notion!!!
Often you will hear people exclaim that really all people are very alike in their desires and needs. This was the intended gift of the human body--the human experience as a basis for commonality. Earth offered a school yard where commonalities were applied to various spirits so that they could understand they all needed to Love one another because they were created as Love. This experiment is still in progress, and you are all a voluntary part of it. Some of you did get stuck here a bit longer than you expected though--to say the least!!!
The Mother awaits you to ask her into your Life. When you do this, connecting the Above and the Below, miracles will begin to occur in your life. We can teach you a bit about your Chakras, but your Soul Crystal and your connection with the Above and Below will teach you the true lessons, for you will experience these things for yourself. The important thing to remember is that by connecting so, you are helping not just yourself, but all of humanity!!! You accomplishments do not go unsung. You may feel unappreciated in your world, but believe us when we say how celebrated you are on other levels. You will be celebrated one fine day; we promise you that!!! If you listen you will hear the praises we sing to you everyday. We will look “down” and see you in the arms of the Mother and say, “Look how brightly the Child of God is shining today!!!”

The Second Chakra

The second Chakra is just below your belly button. It is usually seen as the color orange. It is a ball of energy and has to do with manifesting creatively upon earth. You see how important the “Lower” Chakras are!!! The second Chakra gathers energies of Intent from the Divine Mother/Father and helps you manifest them into the material world. Most great artists have very active second chakras. Artists are often known to be rather sexy, and this is not surprising, as the second chakra also has to do with sex and reproduction. An active second Chakra can give you a feeling of charisma and of plentitude.
We wish to say again that sex is not base; it is however the basis of physical life. How sex is seen or interpreted is based upon the accepted beliefs of your Earth’s cultures. You need only visit another culture to find out just how differently sex is interpreted upon your Good Earth. Never forget just how good the Earth is!!!
The Earth is prolific in its expression of Life. Isn’t that so? How would you like to live upon a barren planet? Without profuse creativity you would die of boredom and sadness. You all wish to create and procreate. This may be children, or it may be beauty in your home, or garden, or creative relationships with your companions. Ideas are children of your thinking. Envisioning an ideal life is a very creative process.
The second Chakra has to do with all of these aspects of Life. The second Chakra rules over the fluids of your body in concert with the first Chalkra. These two energy balls are very related and in some traditions are seen as One. Sperm and Ova, the secretions of penis and vagina are largely controlled by the first two chakras. The first Chakra gives the vitality and the second refines the aspects of the first. There is nothing to be ashamed of in the first two Chakras, yet for most of you shame is all over them. You have had more rules around sex than any other aspect of your life. In each life you have incarnated into different cultures, and a primary similarity between the power holders of almost all of these cultures has been the control of sexual power.
Today your movie stars and models are seen to be very sexy and often a bit wild. Sexual energy pours out of the population in their direction. Secretly many people wish they were as sexy as those rather wild movie stars. This is a denial of power. It is a streaming of power away from the self to other. This type of worship generally ends up with the worshipper denying her own vibrancy.
Through the ages those in power have usually been pretty much the same cast of characters dressed up in different outfits. They knew of the above and below. They knew if they denied the population the balance needed from the Mother energies that chaos would occur. They also knew by making this spilt that the Mother energies would go uninformed of what her children needed. The Light Seeds of the Father would not reach her, and those that were in power could usurp her power for their own. You see a balance of the Father and Mother are necessary for health and creativity. Too much light without the Primary materials of the Mother creates chaos. Fire goes out of control. As the Powers that Be upon the Earth cut the connection of the populace by Mother Taboo, the Light from above had nowhere to go without burning. As this occurred it was necessary for Father Spirit above to decrease the light, and hence the many Dark Ages of Man. We use “Man” specifically and purposefully in the last sentence, for these Dark Ages indeed had an overly male influence. Some light was necessary for the continuance of creation, even though it was often to burn.
The populace largely gave over its power due to sexual shame. They abandoned the Mother, thinking that only the Father Energies were correct. Of course part of the shame felt and accepted by the populace was due to their own Spirit’s earlier judgment against them. This scarring was well known by the Power Grabbers, and was used most effectively to have the populace deny their power and so too deny the Mother. Some of the most well intended Spiritual Teachers that have come to Earth bought into this argument in their forgetting, and unknowingly created teachings that furthered the abandonment of the Power of Love.

Part of reclaiming your Power on Earth, and bringing Heaven to Earth is in accepting your creativity in all of its aspects. This of course includes seeing the sexual shame that nearly all of you carry in spades. A spade is a shovel, and you are going to need a shovel to expose all of the sexual shame you carry due to the distortions incurred by false teaching about the Body, the Mother and the Father and Love.
As you go about your readings in New Spirituality and New Age ideas, you will find many of these tasteless sex and guilt leftovers from time gone by. It is your guilt and your shame that often prompts you toward the same. Why? On a very deep level your loving sexual intent exists. It is buried so far down in the muck created by judgments, and so “sexual” experiences based on such judgments that you don’t know how to act. Nothing feels quite right. How can something that often feels so good, feel so bad at the same time? You are caught in a web of deceit that goes back a very long time. It has been patterned into the human experience so deeply that only the intervention of the Divine Mother and Father energies can begin to bring you back.
When you are balanced by the Mother/Father energies, sexuality is Divine. It is an earthly expression of the Love and affection and strong attraction the Mother and Father energies have for each other. If you find yourself trying to manipulate others for sex, then you need to get out that spade and start digging. What is your spade? It is your connection with the Above and Below, your connection with the Divine in balance that can help extirpate the energies that have lodged in your energy fields. When you feel shame or guilt come up, forgive yourself, get out that spade and start digging so the Light can get in. This is about getting your life back!!!
True power is so different from what people on earth believe it to be, that as your culture uses the term, it is largely meaningless—meaningless in the fact that that which is a lie is an illusion. True Power is the alignment of Divine energies through your system. When you find the feeling of that truth flowing through your body, what power is will become very obvious to you. It is the Pink Elephant in your kitchen which you refuse to notice. It is Love as you have forgotten it.
When you truly balance the Mother and Father energies you will feel loved. That energy will radiate out from you and you will have the Lover you desire. You will not feel odd about it. You will feel in perfect flow of the Lovelight and your body and your lovers body will reveal their true beauty.
The guilt and shame lodged in the second chakra affects nearly everyone’s ability to create what they want in life. There has been abuse and misuse in sexuality and creativity. We do not need to go into a long description of these troubles, for you are all familiar with them, if not in your life then in others.
How does one begin to clear the second Chakra? Well, of course, we will repeat our mantra of connecting the Above and Below while you sit in your Soul Crystal. This naturally begins a process of the Mother and Father running through you. You need both Mother and Father to balance you, and by connecting the Above and Below, you will be informing Mother and Father of your physical and spiritual condition. There is a communication between Mother and Father when you have them both on the phone that does not happen if you are only connected to one. It is you through your intent to connect that allows them to work directly with you. You are connecting to the highest expression of the Divine. What you need is immediately apparent to them as you allow their Divine Energies to flow through you. This is a real miracle!!! It is an ongoing process that will clear all of your Chakras. Mother and Father in this case really do know best!!!
Obsessive and compulsive acts are often the result of second chakra guilt or shame. We know all of you have done something in the past that you wished you had not done. But you are not meant to carry the pain of that experience with you forever!!! You simply are supposed to realize, “Gee, that wasn’t good and it doesn’t feel good,” and drop it and go on. But many of you have come to feel that you needed to carry the pain so that you would be reminded never to “go there again”. Do you have some memories that cause a jolt of discomfort when contemplated? Or perhaps you were abused, and thoughts of any sexual nature bring that traumatic feeling forward. This often happens, and we tell you that in either case your creativity is very diminished. Others get caught in their sexual guilt. They color all sexual feeling with the paint of guilt. Then they have natural sexual impulses and paint all of them with the same brush, whether it is shame or guilt or both. This leads to a black and white experience of sex that has no place in healthy experience. When something is not fully understood, the mind often draws the experience back to itself so that it may review what has happened. Sexual blocks of guilt and shame dam up other energies that are flowing into your being. These energies continue to build until the damn bursts into compulsive behaviors, often toward the very act that caused the block in the first time.
You all have very fine minds, and though we do not wish to diminish its importance, there are times when the mind needs to be quieted. The mind itself is distorted when there are blocks in any Chakra, but especially the second. The mind returns to the place of the block which is building an increasing energy at the dam that needs flow and expression. We suggest you turn toward the Divine Mother and Father for help in these cases. There are some things the mind cannot think its way out of.
Much of the guilt that blocks the second Chakra has been created by cultural and religious beliefs and teachings that distorted the truth of the One. And so you may find that many of the situations that formed blocks in this area were caused by attempts at sexual expression that were thwarted by guilt inducing “cultural norms”.

Our Suggested Exercise for Clearing the Second Chakra
In your Soul Crystal Connect the Above and the Below. Feel the comfort of your Home Energies in your Crystal. Feel the Lovelight coming down through you, and then down toward the Mother. Feel the Mother energies arising from the Earth through your feet and spine and reaching up. The Mother has received the Light and translated into energies that your body can use. Feel these energies flow through you and up toward the Father Energies emanating from the Central Sun. The Mother energies are read there and the continuing flow of light is adjusted precisely to you and your system for maximum benefit. This is how the Mother and Father work together. Feel that light flow through your system and down to the Mother. Again she manifests energies up to you through translation of the Lovelight to feed your being. This flow is and endless cycle, and by being in your Soul Crystal connecting the Above and Below you are manifesting this to your greatest benefit!!!
Now with this flow running through you, focus you attention on your second chakra, just below your belly button. The color may be seen as orange. Feel for a spinning of energy in that area, and feel the river flow of the Mother and the Father washing through. Send a message to the Mother and Father that you are intending to clear your second Chakra, and indicate to them any problem you feel you have in this area. Say that you intend to bring up and wash away any shame or guilt you have in this area. State that you intend to forgive yourself and others for experiences that were guilty or induced shock or shame. See the Mother and Father energies swirling around the second chakra. If you cannot see this, then imagine it, and you will see it is all one and the same. Feel the healing energies of the Divine Mother and Father swirling around your second Chakra and then penetrating inward, cleansing.
When you think the thought that gives discomfort look and imagine you can see this as a dark spot somewhere in your second chakra. Your imagination will open your inner sight. Watch the river of energy working on this distortion like the water in a river that can wear down and move even boulders. See if the spot washes away easily or seems to adhere. If it adheres, ask yourself if you have forgiven yourself or others related to the area of your discomfort. Faces may appear. Tears may well up. You will be given the right indications of why this energy block is holding so. It may be you realize that you are unwilling yet to forgive. That is ok. Now you know where your work lies.
This exercise can be repeated many times. Usually this is necessary, for not only will the difficulties of this life show up, but those of many past lives as well. Yet each time you will feel better. As with the other exercises in this book, we encourage you to flow in your own way. These exercises are not to be memorized, they are meant to give you a bare bones intent that you then move with and improvise. You have loving guidance and an inner knowing!!!
As we have said, a blocked second Chakra can inhibit your ability to manifest the life you desire. The second chakra is your Artist, the one that draws out the sketches of your plans. When you have second chakra blocks, all of the chakras above have less of this vital energy to work with. The next Chakra is your solar plexus or Will Chakra. If your second chakra is blocked your Will is deprived of a little bit of its power and balance. We do not mean to say that you cannot find people with strong wills without blocked second Chakras. Yet their Will will be somewhat distorted and manifest in ways that are less than the ideal. When guilt and shame are present in the second chakra, then the Will may express manipulations related to the second chakra blocks. We leave the possible repercussions of this to your imagination, for it can manifest in many different ways. Blocks in any Chakra will cause a distortion in all of the others. It is One System—You, the Mother and the Father!!!
We mentioned that a block tends to garner more energy into itself, and that sometimes then explosions of that energy occur. In other cases and/or over time, the energy solidifies and deadens. This can then manifest in diseases of various kinds and/or leave a person lethargic. This is often the case with denied sexual energy. You are sexual beings, and your loves and romances can be such a wonderful and gracious experience of the sharing of Loving energies.
Sometimes sexual trauma and guilt will cause a person to shut down sexually. The pain seems too great to face and so it is denied. But the problem is still there, and the denial of energies will cause them to block up the creative aspects of ones life. You cannot deny aspects of self-expression without having negative consequences occur. When you remember that the second Chakra controls all the fluids of the body, you can understand the many consequences of blocked energy in that area. You are meant to have a sexually joyous and loving life. Such joy extends itself into all the areas of your life, and you will feel loved and creative. And so we very much encourage you to work on your second chakra so that you will be a creative and loving person!!!
The Third Chakra; Your Will
The third Chakra is the Solar Plexus or Will Chakra. The word Solar is correct. Up to this point in humankind’s development the Solar expression has seldom raised above the level of the Will. What does this mean? In humankind’s more recent development the Will has gradually risen in the human body’s energy centers. Will is first expressed truly in the will to survive, which is the first Chakra, and then survival of one’s children, the second Chakra. Humankind’s Solar/Father influence has been expressed in these first two chakras in the past and now resides in the third Chakra, where it has been, in your terms, for a very long time. Security in one’s ability to survive, and have one’s children survive is represented by the first two chakras. In large part these issues have been accomplished by humankind in general, and so surviving under the Sun has been for some time in the third Chakra--the Sun or Solar plexus.
Of course all of the Chakras are at work through your life, but to varying degrees and with various amounts of opening and expression. When a person’s survival is at risk the focus of the person’s expression often and very naturally drops to focus in the survival Chakra. So through one’s life certain Chakra energies tend to predominate, and this can even be true moment to moment and day to day. When your life is under threat it has been rather automatic for people’s energy to shift toward survival, and those fears expressed in the first two energy centers find fight or flight expression in the third Chakra in Will and movement. Now as humankind has become more open in the third Chakra and allowed more creativity into that center, options beyond fight or flight have been explored. The center has been developed to a point where inspiration from the higher Chakras has been allowed to enter into some of the decision making. Hence peace plans, negotiations and other strategies have become available. Of course the third Chakra is also the Chakra of fight, and so war. Fears are received from the first two energy centers and then translated into the third.
Humankind has been centered in the third Chakra for a very long time. Yet the Sun is rising in your time, and the expression of the Will is tending toward the forth chakra. The Sun is on the rise and is urging humankind toward the Heart. Christ pointed the way in this. His symbol, the cross, points out the center for humankind to aspire toward. The Heart is the Center Chakra for Humankind to balance the incoming energies of the Above and the Below. The Heart is where these energies may meet in a balanced flow, and so it is the Perfect Chakra for centering consciousness in the human body. This way both the Father’s and Mother’s messages are perfectly balanced for Earth Living!!!
But we were supposed to be talking about the third chakra, weren’t we? Of course we were!!! It is just that we wish to inform you that the progress you make with all of your Soul Crystal work and energy balancing is to this end—moving into the Heart. You see, we told you that the will was first in the first two chakras (in humankind’s more recent history), and when survival concerns were largely taken care of new means of expression came into expression in the third center. This allowed more of the Lovelight energies to reach you from the energy centers above the Solar Plexus, so that these higher expressions could begin to manifest. Yet the Third energy center is still about the body and its survival more than it is about an idealized world, Heaven on Earth. Humankind is supposed to be balanced in the Heart. As Soul hid from Spirit, it retracted into the lower chakras and was left without the Inspiration of Spirit to guide Body/Soul along. And of course, as we said, at the very same time this happened, Spirit had retracted from Body/Soul in its misunderstanding and judgment of physical experience. The split took place at the Heart. It was largely vacated. The disconnection of the energies of the Above and Below took place there.
As Body/Soul lost contact with Spirit, or Father Energies, Body/Soul had to learn to live on its own without the Intuitive knowledge that came from Above, and without the combined flow knowledge of the Mother/Father interaction as your Natural Wisdom. The Mother and Father so became separated, and this was very tragic and had very dire consequences for the development of humankind.
Humankind has not yet realized that survival can be accomplished through the Center of the Cross, the Center of the Four Directions, at the Heart!!! Very few humans believe they can allow trusting their survival, their physical survival, to the Heart and the Chakras above. The lower chakras, the first three, were left to their own devices to survive. This has been the case for so long that humans no longer believe they can trust the Divine to take care of them. Of course the Mother and the Body and the Earth are indeed Divine, yet this Divinity cannot be fully expressed without receiving the Lovelight information all the way through the system. And too, the Body of the Father is not fully expressed until this communion takes place within you!!! For in ultimate reality the Body of the Mother and Father are One. You are The Way bringing Mother and Father back together again, right in this physical world of yours!!! This brings the transformation of your Earth to Heaven. You are the Guardians of the Garden. But you forgot!!!
Of course, there are many to help for you to return to Wisdom. We are here!!! And so are many others!!! The separation of the Mother and Father energies in your system has been felt in many worlds and on many levels. Much depends upon your work, for humankind represents so many worlds and so many being types. Your experience on Earth is a Metaphor, and we mean “Meta” for a more system-wide breakdown. Often the persons in your life who have seemed to cause you great difficulty are driven by a long association with you or your being type or civilization. When you find you are able to make progress in these difficult relationships, you literally are changing galactic history. There are in truth no “little lives” or dramas being played out upon your planet. They all have threads that go back a long way, and in your terms this means even billions of years!!! We are not kidding. Timelines are actually spirals that thread through each another and often overlap. Time is not the same in all systems and is far more pliant that you know. You have been involved with many planes and worlds and interactions. You planet offers possibilities of healing for many long and involved dramas. The healing can take place in Your Hearts and between you and you fellows!!!
In some cases you must walk away from these relationships too, however. We only mention this, for we do not wish you to create any more guilt for yourselves when relationships break down. We only ask you to give it a try. You’ll know when it is time to walk away. Some are just not ready to take the leap into understanding and forgiveness. When you see this is so, do your very best to forgive them. Perhaps they do not yet know what direction offers the greatest joy, and perhaps deeper understandings will come to you, and aspects of yourself you have yet to ponder!!!
So the Solar Plexus has been humankinds’ center for quite a while--just a step away from reuniting with the Friend while In-body!!!
As humans reach up so does the Friend as Father, reach down in great willingness. All that is required is the asking, and a conscious decision that this is the direction for you. And where is this decision made? Well it is implemented in most cases from the Solar Plexus. From the Will in decision you reach toward the Heart. And how do you keep your Will steady? Well of course, by connecting the Above and the Below!!! Surprise, surprise!!!
You see, your willingness to reunite the Mother and Father within your body, your Grail of Heart, is expressed instantly to many levels of Lovelight helpers through your efforts. A solid attempt to connect the Mother and Father energies gets noticed, and there is a lot of celebration that goes on when that is seen!!! We see your Soul Crystal flying up toward the Central Sun, and your highest guidance is activated and allowed to help you in your efforts!!! The placement of your Soul Crystal in relationship to the Heart of the Mother and Father is calibrated to give you the greatest benefit instantly. Too much Lovelight could cook you; too little and no progress is made. Remember that you need to be grounded into the Heart of the Mother to be able to receive much of the Fatherlight flow. She is the aspect of the Friend that can convert these energies into something useful to you.
So what about getting that third Chakra cleared out beyond just connecting the Above and Below? Well, when you have done that and called in Divine Protection for your work, see the physical Sun shining in your Solar Plexus and ask that the highest energies of your physical Sun be asked to help you. Behind your Sun is the Central Sun, and so this is the proper line to follow in your connection. Ask then that Mother Earth be contacted and asked to help you in your clearing of the Solar Plexus. Mother Earth is the correct line to follow here as she holds your Personal Earth History and the Sun holds your galactic history. See these “two” energies connecting in your Solar Plexus. Feel them join. You may have to do this several times before you really feel the Solar Plexus warm up, for indeed it will!!! State that you wish to clear and forgive all of the difficulties you have had in your history and that are reflected in the Solar Plexus. State that your end intent is to raise the Will to the Heart; that you wish to reunite the Father and Mother within you--as it is above, so it is below, Galactic to Earth. As outside your personal system, so it is within you. We mean this literally and figuratively, for there is no difference in this matter. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You have your part to play and it is a part of the whole.
The rest you will experience and we do not need to instruct you further in this process. Indeed we have more to say about the third Chakra, yet your path is your own. It takes time to process through the chakras, and you will likely go through them more than once. They are all related. As something comes to the surface in one, related matters will arise in other chakras, and you will be led where you need to go.
One reason for us Hathors in writing this book is to assure you and then reassure you that you need no physical teacher for you to walk your spiritual path. You will find yourself on that path, and in time be so sure of it nothing will stop you. All the teachers you could want are around you at every moment of every day, and their patience and love are without end.
Many who first feel their guidance feel they are suddenly losing their privacy. Privacy in that sense never really existed!!! The guides you were born with came by your agreement. You wanted them there and never once thought, “gee, what about my privacy.” You true guides Love you and would never judge you. Remember that guilty second Chakra and the History of the Body/Soul in relation to the Spirit? If you feel you need a sense of privacy from your guides, you are still suffering some of the pain that occurred when disembodied aspects of yourself, Spirit, could not understand what some people still like to call, “gross physicality”. The higher aspects of your Spirit has learned of these mistakes long ago, but you still feel the judgments and call them down upon yourselves at times.
This is humankind’s current difficulty with understanding Spirit and it is a block against understanding Spirit’s intent. This is the same block we spoke of earlier that has been exacerbated and encouraged by “church fathers” and the like. Some of this has been done with ill intent--those who wished to rob the Mother of the Father’s Light and create chaos upon the face of the earth. A huge part of this has to do with your sexuality and the many taboos placed against it, as we have said. When guilt is absent, a lovely and powerful flow and Mother and Father energies connect in Loving Sexuality. This is the connection many Denial Spirits want to Deny. In this they wish to deny your divinity and usurp your power.
Some of you may ask, “Well what, so anything goes?” We would say this. Anything goes that does not rob another of their personal integrity and does not rob you of your own. You know when your actions are robbing another, stealing their light. Give yourself freedom and allow others theirs. Even when guides see someone robbing another, they do not judge. What they see is misunderstanding. They see that their beloved student has not yet understood the way of love and joy. They see that they have more work to do. They have the faith that all will be well down the path of learning.
And so we Hathors ask you to begin to believe that your Divine Guides are around you all the time. Imagine this first, and you will come to see the truth of it. If you still feel you need privacy ask them to look away, so they can still be with you. Believe us when we say this is absolutely unnecessary. Your guides are not the prudes some of you believe them to be!!!
Your work with the first three chakras will likely bring up many issues you have with sexuality. You really need to know that True Divine Guidance does not have any problem with your sexuality. Expression of Love and Attraction is expression of Love and Attraction. On different levels of reality love and attraction are expressed in different ways. That is all there is to it.
If you find you have control issues that surface around sexuality, then the meditations in this book will lead you to a process where you will both understand and move through them. If you have control issues around sexuality, then it is control that you have a problem with and not sexuality. There may be good reasons for you behaviors. Your histories are long and complex as we have said. You can bring these memories to the surface, you really can!!! Remember what we have said about imagination being the gateway to inner sight? It will work for you. Allow yourself to suspend you disbelief about what is true and not true about galactic history and earth history and see the stories that come to you. We don’t ask you to believe them at first; instead we ask you to allow that it may be true, or that you are getting part of it right. Don’t you owe this to yourself? We certainly think so!!!
Yellow like the Sun, the third chakra has interpreted and expressed the Solar Energies for Humankind. This Chakra was really not supposed to have to do this job, and is quite inadequate to interpret the influxes of infinite knowledge, love and wisdom. The third energy center was designed as the Mind of the Body. Its job was to be in touch with the Mother energies coming up and then the Solar energies as interpreted by the chakras above it. Yet in the Heart disconnection of the Mother and Father energies, the Solar Plexus found itself in the position of having to be the highest functioning chakra at the earthly level and do its best to understand how to assert personal will on earth. Of course this Chakra received far more information from the first two energy centers than from the Chakras above it. We do not mean to say that the “higher” chakras were not functioning at all, for they were and have been, yet disconnected at the heart and so delivering little information further down.
This left the human being open to many fears for her well being and survival on earth. And of course there was little information available from the Friend. Love and Light cannot predominate in this situation, for the Mother and Father Energies cannot mate within the body and complete the circuit of energies needed to remain in a creative flow. To tell the truth, the seventh Chakra, or crown Chakra is the true interpreter of Solar energies. From there light information moves through the Chakras and informs each as filtered through the Chakra above. This is a stepping down of energies through the levels of your being. Each Chakra is designed to work with all the other Chakras together, but especially those on a level just above and below it.
Your Will is meant to be an expression of all of your chakras working together to then physically express yourself on Earth. The Mother interprets the Light energies from Above and then sends inspiration up, concepts for movement, direction and expression that will work in the earth environment. The flow of course goes both ways, and is more complex in its nuances than this simple model we give you, yet the model is true.
With the third energy center as the center of interpretation of Solar Energies, confusion has reigned. Indeed the third Chakra receives far more information about the state of the body, the nervous system, and all the information coming from below than it receives from above. Being the “brain of the body” the Solar Plexus has been over-taxed and stressed. Sometimes this evidences as stomach problems. “The situation makes me nauseous.” “I am just sick over this situation.” “It is enough to make you want to throw up!” “When I think of him it puts a knot in my stomach.” Such statements are so common and are a result of the fact that the majority of humanity lives or centers in their third Chakra!!! There is nothing inherently wrong with the third Chakra. Indeed it has been as if left to take care of the whole family after both parents suddenly died. And this analogy is truer than you think!!! The disconnection that humankind suffered at the heart disabled the system that nurtured its existence. When the whole circuit is broken, the energies coming up and the ones coming down are weakened. Each needs the other for power, knowledge and love to be in ample supply. You were left in body with the three chakras that are required to keep the physical being alive. A person in a coma has these three chakras functioning. A heart can go on beating through the commands of the Solar Plexus.
One of the best things you can do after beginning the clearing exercises for your Solar Plexus is to begin working on your Heart.
Your Heart
And so we return to the Heart!!! How are you doing with your Heart? Have you begun to see those clouds over it? Perhaps you are realizing there is buried treasure there? The Father and Mother can exist together in your Heart. Did you know that? You have heard talk that every male has a female within and visa-versa. On many other levels these distinctions do not exist. And you exist on many other levels; so for you on some other levels these distinctions do not exist. Some of you roam the earth looking for your soul mate. The true mate of the Soul exists within. Finding that mate has sometimes been called the marriage of the Self. It could also be called the marriage of the Spirit and Soul, the bringing of the Divine Mother and Father into Heart. This is where your yearnings for True Love come from. Many of you feel that if you only found the right mate, then everything would be alright and life would be like heaven. Then you find a mate and you think that this is it, and all seems to go on so well for awhile. Yet then you begin to feel there is something wrong with the relationship. This person doesn’t at all seem to be that ideal that you thought you got together with. How did this happen? Well, it did, and many of you then drop that mate and go on to look for another that will fulfill you ideal heaven on earth.
The marriage of energies that you are looking for in this situation is the marriage of the Energies of the Mother and Father in your Heart. This is where the separation of those energies took place in mankind, as the Heart is in the center position between the Mother and the Father for you in your body. This is where your ecstatic happiness is meant to fountain up within you. The equal influxes of Mother and Father Energies unite in the Heart in ecstasy and fill you with Love and Harmony and Wisdom. This is the you you are meant to be. This Marriage can be a reality for you. Have you wondered who you might pick as a mate if you were already perfectly happy? You see then you would not be choosing from a feeling of neediness, but from a position of Love. We do not wish you to deny physical existence, quite the opposite. Yet we wish to point out that often you have been asking another human being to take the place of the Marriage of the Mother and Father within you!!! That is a lot to ask of a person. In a sense it is a burden that you are placing upon them. Of course in a world of free will they may very well decide that burden is for them. Yet if you do so, try to remember that you have handed something off to them, that at some point you will take back as your responsibility. It is a wonderful thing to Love and be Loved. Yet we do ask you to consider your needs and who is fulfilling them. Perhaps at the point your new love no longer seems ideal to you, you might consider that you need to take responsibility for your Heart!!!
It is hard for many of you to imagine being alone for good lengths of time and not feel lonely. Some of you who think this are the same folks who feel a loss of privacy at the realization that your guides are with you all the time!!! They are the workers for the One Lovelight that are here to help you find your own Marriage in the Heart.
When Spirit and Soul retracted from one another in humankind the loss was so great that a great darkness came upon the Earth. The sorrow was tremendous. Your relationships are meant to mirror the mating of the Mother and Father energies in the Heart. Without this relationship fully expressing itself through you, you really have no role model for what a relationship can be. This is not a matter of fault, but a situation that has arisen that needs mending, and that mending takes place inside of you. We wish to say that this mating within your Heart is not just some platonic-feeling experience. It will feel like love in all of its expressions and in ways you have never remembered. But you will remember, and you will come to realize yourself in ways, know yourself in ways, that you will realize you have been striving for all this time.
Then when you love another human being you can love them with all your Heart, yet from a place of great balance. Expecting another human being to replace the union of these energies within you will always fall short, for what you are asking of that person is something that is yours to reach on your path within. We do not wish you to think we do not wish you to have your perfect loving mate--we do!!! We simply are encouraging you to be the best lover you can be, for this is what you are meant to be, and this is what you are longing for.
The reunion of the Mother and Father in your Heart is also the reunion of your Spirit with your Soul. Soul has been searching for that Spirit of yours for a long time indeed. And Spirit has been waiting for a long time for you to notice it. We often speak of the “You” on various levels of existence. These are the aspects of yourself that became disconnected from you when the misunderstanding and disconnection occurred in the Heart. Love failed in the Heart. Spirit and Soul came to distrust each other there. The more humans became disconnected from Spirit, the more Spirit became disconnected from the Mother. Each is a part of you. You often hear old stories of how man was once a combination of man and woman, and that in the “Fall” from heaven, the split into man and woman occurred. The split that is referred to in this story is the story we have told you about the disconnection of the Mother and Father energies that took place in humankinds’ hearts. This is the time you lost yourselves.
Through incarnations you have expressed both your male and female aspects. They both reside within you, and it doesn’t matter if you feel more male or female as you swim through time. Both aspects have been expressed.
We have given you direction to begin to clear the Clouds of the Heart. It is not always easy work, yet it is the path that will take you to your Heart’s desire!!! You need not feel empty hearted, no matter what the external situation seems to be in life. As the world now changes you will find people in very different circumstances from yourself. Know that they are all on their path. Some are simply not aware of it. By working on yourself, and realizing you are far more than you ever realized, you will know you are on Your Path. By consciously taking steps to further yourself along the path you begin to take your destiny into your own hands. You begin to realize how much you don’t know!!! Those who feel they know everything tend not to learn much. When you see this in others, just know those people will be alright. Someday their path will take them to a place where learning can begin again.
We encourage you again to think of your Energetic Integrity. It is not your place to carry others energy. Perhaps you will decide to carry another’s energy for receipt of their Love as it is projected upon you. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. But remember when they throw their bag of hopes upon your carriage that you know it is there. Ask for help from your guidance in keeping their bag safe for them, and in a place that is safe for you. You have probably noticed in your voyage through life that those bags sometimes grow into something you have no idea how to manage. Sometimes it seems as though they explode! Be kind to yourself and to others.
Be aware of your expectations of others, what you are asking of others in your relationships. Ask yourself what you are putting on their cart. The energies exchanged in these dealings are very real, and you need to be careful you are not mixing your energies into another’s without each being clear about what is going on. You want your lover’s energies to be as clear as they can be, right?
As you begin to progress with your work in Your Soul Crystal, and begin the mating of the Above with the Below, you will begin to close your eyes and see with your inner sight what is going on in different situations. Your guides will give you the pictures and sounds and colors and messages that will let you know, far more than you do now.
Your Soul Crystal connected will begin to clear away problems in all of your chakras. You will begin to be brought back to who you are. Many layers of old troubles will come to the surface. Pay attention to them and ask for the help you need to understand and clear. Many people have been taught that spiritual awakenings begin in the first Chakra or two and then “head up toward God”, but we tell you this is not even generally true. It can occur in any order and in so many ways that we need say no more. You are a unique individual and being, and it very much depends on where you are and what condition you are in, how your awakening, or awakenings will occur. Yet we will tell you that it happens in steps that are very carefully worked on by your guidance. Remember that a part of your guidance is you on other levels working with a great many others. Awakening and learning occur on all levels of existence that we Hathors are aware of. And so enlightenment is not an end state. No matter how enlightened you are, there is still more, and always more.
If you find teachers that know everything, we would advise you to head in the other direction. It is through yourself that you step onto the ladder of knowing, and it seems to go on forever.
Your Hearts all yearn so!!! This yearning comes from a place that does know a place over the rainbow exists for you. You know because you have been there before, you have known states of being like that your Heart yearns for in vague rememberance!!! Your Heart is an organ through which the Divine Mother and Father energies can sing—to you and everyone else!!! Think how your world will change when there are many humans walking around whose Hearts are endlessly sings songs of love!!! You will be like glowing lights filling the atmosphere with Love. This is how Christ returns, through you!!! He will not come off of a cloud shouting commandments. The energies of the Lovelight come through your beings to be expressed as the Will of Love through your Hearts. So the world will be changed. You cannot even begin to imagine the impact this will have!!! So many levels and worlds are here for healing.
Your bodies will change. The atmosphere will change. Things never before seen will appear. Miracles will become ordinary as more miraculous changes occur. This is all within you. Some of you who have never felt at home on Earth will begin to feel at home. You may find yourselves saying, “Oh yeah, this is why I came here!” with astonishment, yet familiarity.
This is the Heart; this is Your Heart in Love with the Mother and Father!!!

The Chakras coming down from the Friend
Up to this time one could call the first three Chakras, the Mother Chakras. They are the Chakras of physical manifestation that sustain the body. Of course all of the chakras in perfection are of the One, both Mother and Father. Yet due to the disconnection at the Heart level little of the guidance and inspiration of the Father energies has affected the human body. The Mother energies are always all around you in your physical body, in Nature and the Earth herself.
The Heart has been the vacated center. The Heart cannot work as it is supposed to when your whole Up and Down circuit is broken or weak. As we have said the Heart should have been the place where the Up and down energies centered themselves expressing divinely through the human body. It has become a place of great sorrow for the reasons we have given. Mother is reaching up to it and Father is reaching down. The Sun will rise in your Hearts one day; it truly will.
Now we focus on the down-reaching energies, and we will begin with the Crown. You undoubtedly have seen old paintings depicting divine scenes of people with halos around their heads. These painters knew there was truth in the halos they painted. They could feel the truth of it as they put paint to canvas. Certainly on a psychic or inner sight level the Crown Chakra can look differently to different observers, yet it is there. The Buddhist tradition often calls it the Thousand Pedaled Lotus. This is another interpretation of inner truth. Each of us has eyes that see in different ways. You may be color blind to certain colors, yet nonetheless you see a distinctive shape in a certain hue. You simply see differently than others. There is no less truth in the way a color-blind person sees than in the way others see. It is just a way different way of seeing!!!
Indeed the Crown Chakra is like a flower in that it responds to, and can receive light. And just as a flower, the Crown Chakra needs the fluids of the Mother coming up the stem in order to receive Lovelight properly. It needs you to believe that your Crown Flower is actually there! This is a very good practice to do—Imagine a blooming flower that comes out of your head receiving Lovelight. This is something you can do anywhere—driving your car, sitting in your office, taking the kids to school—really anywhere. We have said before that if you wish to bring something into physical manifestation, imagining it coming in helps makes the truth of it more physically palpable.
This is really not so different from what a carpenter does when he builds something. He imagines in his head what it is he is going to build, and the steps it will take to get him there. In the case of your Crown Chakra however, it already exists!!! You are simply bringing it into your awareness. Even if you are already aware of it, contemplating it will bring it much closer to your physicality. In this it becomes more functional. You are bridging a consciousness gap.
We tell you this—if you consciously imagine this lovely bouquet of flowers rising out of your head and receiving the Lovelight, you will begin to feel it. If you do this in meditation we suggest you put a bit of water on your head, at the place where the fontanel closed up when you were a baby. Then close your eyes and quietly ask your highest guidance to help you open all of those flowers up to receive the Lovelight. The water will help you focus on sensation at the correct place of connection to the physical body. Imagine a thousand-petaled lotus, if you like, or perhaps a bouquet of many colors that you fancy. A bouquet of many baby’s breath may suit you. If you are not sure which you like, we suggest multicolored small flowers, and many of them. Light breaks down into many colors as you know from prisms and rainbows. These many colored flowers that you first imagine represent the full spectrum of who you are. Each chakra of your many traditions represent chakras as one color or another. And so you crown flower or bouquet is reaching up to the Lovelight to be fed, and the many colors represent the fact that each chakra is receiving the kind of light that it needs.
The Crown is often represented as white or gold, and indeed this is correct in the sense that the light that is being received is the light of the Central Sun through your Sun on the “etheric” level and down to you. The colors most often ascribed to this light are white or gold. It is for good reason that those two colors are associated with the Divine or Purity by most of your traditions on Earth.
When you imagine those flowers on your head, see the Light shining down to them and imagine them opening up to receive that light!!! Remember to call in your Divine Protection in any of exercises that we suggest! State your intent and ask that your opportunities for highest good are opened for you. All that Lovelight being received can call attention to you from many levels, and we want to make sure that you have no interference in your work!!!
We started the “Father Chakras” from the Crown, for this is where you receive your incoming Lovelight. It is necessary to work with this Chakra first in order to feed all the energy centers below it. This is analogous to the first “Mother Chakra” as both are entry points for the body. Your work with the Above and Below inside your Soul Crystal will have already begun stimulating this chakra, and all of your others!!! You see now why we emphasize this whole circuit so much in our suggestions!!! It allows all of the chakras to begin to become aware and feel currents whose energy they have for so long been deprived. They have been sleeping for a long time, and your Soul Crystal and your circuit between the Central Sun and the Heart of the Mother can begin to gently awaken you in this way.
As the first energy center is your Heart of the Mother at the Center of the Earth, so the seventh energy center is your Central Sun. When you connect the below and above through your Soul Crystal, these centers are set to those places. In this you are very close to the Mother and the Father, and your Body is so made in the likeness of God!!! This truth is what you hear echoed in that mystifying statement, that humankind was made in the likeness of God. It is that your energy system is designed to connect into and overlay perfectly the energies of Divine Creation. You are aligning yourself with Divine intent, while clearing away all that which does not harmonize with those energies!!! This is very exciting, and it is something well within the reach of all of you who are reading this.!!! We are giving you the keys to the Kingdom/Queendom, yet actually you give them to yourself. All that we tell you is that which you already know within yourself. We see you as part of ourselves. We resonate to you by mandate of the Lovelight. A key is something that You take in your hand and then deliberately open a door. We are here to remind you that you have the keys and to indicate the direction to take. We are so happy we have been allowed to do this, for it is a great honor. We step toward you as Spirit across that Gap at the Heart that was rent so long ago, and invite you to untie all that has been knotted and allow yourself to flow with yourself again!!!
Perhaps you have seen depictions of Hathors from Egyptian temple sculpture. Do you remember seeing us represented as a Cow with a Sun between our Horns? That is the Central Sun!!! That is a reminder of your Halo, the Central Sun that rises from Your Head!!! When we put our signature three exclamation marks, like the last two sentences, it is because we are excited and cheering and singing. Can you feel that as you read this?!!! We sure hope so!!!
In your physical system the Central Sun is represented by your Physical Sun. Perhaps at times you have noticed that your physical Sun can seem too powerful. It can burn your skin and cause too much drying and burning across the earth. Do you remember what we have said about the Heart, really the Breaking of the Heart? The disconnection that took place in Humankind at the Heart level between Spirit and Soul is represented directly in this imbalance, in your deserts. Where is your Eden? Look within; it is in Your Hearts!!! Christ told you this, and he is a Solar Being. There was much that Christ said that you do not know. His words have been distorted by the power manipulations upon the Earth and the levels within. If you cringe a bit at his name, it is because his name has been used to abuse you. It is as simple as that. You have been convinced by your common sense that that Christ stuff was not for you. We tell you Christ is a loving being, not a judgmental know-it-all barking out orders and casting people into hell.
The floods, the earthquakes and droughts upon earth are a direct reflection of humankind’s inner condition. The Mother and Father energies are out of balance upon earth as they are in the great majority of Humankind. You have heard of mankind being given “dominion over the earth”. The truth behind this statement is quite real, yet interpreted in stunningly ridiculous ways by humankind. Your Dominion is before you, and the consequences of humankind’s inner condition are quite naturally expressed by your environment, your Earth!!! The Kingdom/Queendom is within!!! It was thought that humankind would understand that their internal condition was reflected in their external world, and that the trail of breadcrumbs, of clues would have begun to be understood much earlier in history than has happened. Dominion meant “responsibility for” yourselves, humanity. It meant that you were gifted with freewill to create in an abundant environment! Some people think that if they did only what was in God’s plan that life would be abundantly boring. Where does such an idea come from? Well generally it comes from dogma or rhetoric telling you the Divine has a lot of rules, and that you are free to do what you wish (there’s your freewill!!!) but you’ll suffer in hell in the long run for exercising it!!! Whose loving God is this???
The truth is that the breadth of freedom given to you to create was so plentiful and so abundant that the possibilities were limitless. It has been the denial of freedoms, the denial by rules designed for power and control that has caused the dumbing down of your environment so that it seems, “you will always have your poor”. What Christ said was that you will always have your poor until you realize the truth from within. And what within was he speaking of? That is for you to explore within your Soul Crystal connected to the Above and Below. What Christ spoke of is beneath the Clouds of the Heart!!! By finding out who you really are, by clearing yourself of what has often been called illusion, you will change the world around you. Like a Sun, you will feel the energies of Love from within explode out from you, and you will change the World effortlessly. These energies are of Love intelligence itself. When you reunite the Mother and Father within you, everything will begin to shift.
And so we Hathors have the Central Sun between our Horns and a Cow below. Who or what is the Cow? Well it is a symbol, a vibrant representation of the Divine Mother, isn’t it? What are some of the qualities you might associate with Motherhood? Love, Patience, Understanding, Forbearance, Nurturing and Kindness? Now if you were to choose an animal to symbolize the Great Mother that is associated with your civilization, what would it be? Well, how about the Cow? What kind of milk do you feed your children? The cow is generally raised for slaughter, yet it comes back time and time again to sacrifice its body to humanity. Its utters remain full for you, even though it is generally considered stupid. “Must be stupid to keep coming back, when we keep killing it”, would seem a likely droll remark about the cow. The same might be said of the Divine Mother, or Christ, for that matter. Though the Divine Mothers’ energies have been much abused, she, though great love, has shown humanity great forbearance. She bears no grudge, though the pain indeed runs very deep.
So you see, we Hathors were represented with the Central Sun above and the Divine Mother below. Our Horns like the hope of a crescent moon reach up to receive the Father Energies, while the Mother’s utters feed all without discrimination.
So we encourage you to feel that bouquet at the top of your head that reach out to the Beloved. The Crown Chakra is most exquisite and very complex. It is designed to take the Lovelight and break that light into understandable signals for you. As you work with your Crown, you will begin to actually, physically feel that light coming down into your head. It can cause a tingling sensation and a sense of the presence of the Lovelight. You may take this as encouragement that indeed, things are beginning to happen for you!!! What fun!!!
There is an archangel connected both with the Central Sun and your Crown Chakra, and remember these are really in the same place!!! Though “he” is known by many names in different traditions, we will use the name Metatron. Metatron breaks down the Lovelight into its constituent parts so that you may receive it safely and understandably. If you ever feel you need help with your Crown Chakra, call upon Metatron, and he will help!!! He is the floral designer and gardener of your bouquet, ok???
You may also call for what we call “the Metatron Rain,” and he will send down a balanced light of multi-colors to your boquet. Metatron’s light energy coming down is often felt by individuals to be the most physically palpable of the archangels. Why is this so? Well, it is because he breaks down the Central Sun’s Light for the rest of the archangels, each of whom have a color of light that they distribute and work within. So in a sense when you call on Metatron, you are calling on all of the archangels. They are at Your Service and awaiting Your Call. Working with Spirit, after all, is Your Call, your choice. When Metatron’s Rain comes down upon you, you may feel it through your whole body as what some call, “The chills”. It isn’t really a cold feeling at all, but a kind of quiver that flows over you. Others may feel intense Love welling up. It is variable to the individual, yet many feel “his” energy very easily. It is wonderful!!!

Perhaps by now you are beginning to see how important we feel the Soul Crystal is to your health and spiritual unfolding. Many of you have now passed through many lifetimes without the energies that are the true you. The Soul Crystal was meant to be around Body just as your Aura is. You may see these lives lived outside of the Soul Crystal as a symbolic of humanities disconnection from Source. How could anyone expect to feel and understand the cosmos and their place in it without being in their intended body?
You may call your Soul Crystal your Soul Matrix or your Column of Light. Some call it building the Crystalline Body, though it is already built. This metaphor “building” is often used because reuniting with your Soul Crystal is a process of consciousness reuniting with itself. You may compare this to a reunion of two friends after a long separation. It takes some time to get to know your friend after a long passage of time. It was intended that you always exist within your Soul Crystal, but this knowledge was lost as humanity descended fell apart at the Heart. The story of humanitie’s loss of consciousness or Fall, as it is often called, has been told in many different ways. It is not so much that you lost your Soul Crystal, but that you birthed yourselves out of it in an attempt to bury the shame and guilt that arose out of the experiences encountered in physical embodiment and the judgements of Spirit.
This resulted in an inability to heal and in death itself. This resulted in the separation of Spirit from Soul and Soul from Spirit. Many of you use the words Spirit and Soul and feel you have both. Have you thought much about this? What is the difference between the two? We will tell you in the most simple terms how we define them. Soul is the Part of Spirit that descended into physical Body. A part of your Spirit split off and descended into physical incarnation. Early on in the Earth’s History this physicality was not as you experience it today. The physical Body was ensconced in the Soul Crystal and the connection with the Up and the Down that ran as a full circuit. Knowledge was at hand and in mind with help from all levels, fully available.
The story of The Fall has been told many ways. As you know, when any group of people experience a particular situation, it will be recounted in as many ways as there are people. All experience the situation from their own perspective. The many stories of the Fall reflect a confusion that is evident in the accusations and disagreements amongst your peoples today. Indeed, accusation had a great deal to do with the Fall. It is no surprise that “Satan” or the “Devil” is called the accuser. Many lost contact with their Soul Crystals with the first accusation laid at their door.
The challenge for ‘descending Spirit’ living in Body has often been found to be far more difficult than Spirit ever expected. As your earth history has gone along, this has become even more difficult due to the disconnection at the Heart, which caused density to increase on the physical level due to loss of light flow. The first embodiments upon the Earth were what you might describe as ethereal. This was true of the environment inhabited as well. In such a state it was much easier to manipulate both the body and the environment to one’s liking.
You have stories that relate the Fall to one action, and you have stories that relate the Fall as a long process. Certainly one step begins the walk down a road, yet one may stop, turn around and head in another direction at any time. There were and are now branches in your road. Lots of choices!!!
It is very hard for us to relate to you in a nutshell all of what took place in such a very long history. We will tell you that Accusation and Shame and the acceptance in the belief of Guilt and Shame had the most devastating movement toward disconnection. The disagreements reached up into the levels of Spirit, of course, for you are all connected to, and exist on many levels. Spirit looking “Down” upon the part of itself that had descended into Body could not believe “what on earth!” was happening to a part of itself. The actions seen from afar, as if from the comfort of an arm chair, were incomprehensible. There were reactions of revulsion from Spirit, looking upon actions of what we will call Soul, an embodied part of Spirit itself. Upon their arrival, intervening entities from outside of this system took full advantage of this situation. Spirit’s revulsion at Souls’ behaviors was an implicit act of judgment, and so a denial of Self. This denial of reality created an opening, a portal, for energies to enter from outside of your system. Soul, being faced with the challenges of embodiment was overwhelmed and felt Spirit retract from it. Soul felt the judgment in the retraction and experienced guilt. These were the first experiences of Self-Judgment. The distance between Spirit and Soul began to grow, and the arguments as to what was going wrong spread up through the levels of Spirit.
So who’s to blame? We feel that Blame is the Problem. Accusation is the problem. Once you get going with the finger pointing it creates an endless devolving spiral: “Eve ate the apple; It is all women’s fault!” “Man made up the story “Eve ate the Apple. It wasn’t an apple at all, it was a fig!” “The Devil made it all happen!” “The ETs did it, they messed with our DNA!” “The good ETs say the bad ETs did it.” “The Pleadians did it”; “the Dracs did it!” “The Devil made me do it!” “The Whites did it!” “The Blacks did it!” “The Masons did it!”
As Christ said, “He without mistake, throw the first stone”!
The situation became more and more complex, and the webs of deceit and lies, fueled by Shame, are indeed most confusing. Soul could not bear both the experiences it was having embodied, which were over-whelming and bizarre, and endure what felt like judgments coming from Spirit, which, as time went on became to be interpreted as the “Judgments of God”. We tell you this—The Friend does not judge you. You judged each other and so judged yourselves and The Friend. When you judge each other, you judge the Friend. This is not said to incur more guilt; we just say it is so!
Can you imagine what the Earth would feel like, if, for just one minute of one day, all humans suspended judging each other? Can you imagine, see, how tremendous a shift this would be? All would be a magnificent hush. The animals would stop in their tracks and listen. A sigh would rush from the Earth as a song! The birds would stop their singing to listen to a new beautiful song never in their lives had they heard.
Soul ran from Spirit and birthed away from the Soul Crystal in an attempt to escape the sudden nakedness it felt from the perceived judgments descending upon it from Spirit. This is the nakedness referred to in the story of the Garden. It had everything to do with accusation which creates separateness and nothing to do with knowledge. It indeed had much to do with Evil. The Evil was the result of the accusation and nothing to do with any particular action taken in the exploration of the Body of the Mother. Evil is the insistence of Separateness, the encouragement of it. Divide and conquer.
Spirit failed in this way—Spirit became entranced by the part of itself that had embodied itself in flesh. Spirit was meant to guide Soul and pass along wisdom received from the many levels above. Yet, Spirit became traumatized by what it saw in Soul’s experience and was unable to break out of its downward focus in order to receive well from the levels above. You might call it a systems break down. This was the experience and Spirit at the immediate guidance levels. It did not have the experience necessary to guide Soul effectively. Spirit at the guidance level closest to Soul failed in its alarm to realize that on levels well above it, all the guidance necessary was available.
Humanity has been led to believe it was at fault for this “systems” breakdown. This has encouraged Guilt and those that seek to control humanity through Guilt, and this includes humans and many other entities. Some Beings fell apart more than others, and it was on more than one level that these separations occurred. Other levels lost contact with the Soul Crystal and separated out, in an effort to escape the blame they laid at their own door, and horror at what was going on on the levels below. This occurred with varying degrees with varying entities or spirits. These Spirits, without their Soul Crystals, often became rogues, opportunitsts and “gods” with a small ‘g’.
This is how many of you will find that you are related to some ‘god’ of yore. Or put another way, you may find that you are a ‘god’ of yore.
You are here to heal these gods and bring them back to yourselves. This is part of the work of the Soul Crystal. You see how important this crystal is to you? When you are in your Soul Crystal you are in command. You are reuniting with the aspects of your original self which, through you in your Soul Crystal, has all the guidance connected to it to pull all of your Selves back together again into one coherent being. Yes this being will exist on the many levels, yet it will again be as one. You are Humpty Dumpty.
In large part Spirit has healed itself from the trauma that occurred in The Fall. Spirit is now ready to guide again—your Spirit and the Spirit of the One, as the same. You may be begining to see just how complex the Fall was! Yet we tell you this—a greater glory than may be imagined can come from all of these complexities, and a far greater understanding of the beauty of all creation can be understood. The Fall was also a great stretching of the Friend, with challenges unforeseen by those whose noble efforts made this creation possible! This includes you.
Not only do you exist on other levels of this Creation, but you exist on Levels of other Creations. There are many mirrors involved here. You are not the only Creation that needs healing. What mankind does now can and will affect many levels, worlds and creations.
Many types of entities are embodied as humans on earth. Some came to help, others to plunder. Many that came to help and hinder, as whom you might see as powerful gods, now roam the earth in sorrows, feeling what it is to be pathetic, powerless human beings. Great lessons in compassion are being received.
The Fall created a vortex of opportunities that sucked in many types of energies to this system. Your world is a great wound in need of healing. Yet it is also the greatest opportunity. We know of no creation where so many types of beings are represented. Nor do we know of any system or planet where so many types of beings inhabit one type of body—human. This makes for a situation of the greatest complexity, yet also the greatest opportunity.
Your greatest immediate opportunity is Your Soul Crystal. It is your road back to the Friend. Is there any greater purpose?

Your Cats, Your Dogs
We would like for you to consider for a moment your Cats, your Dogs! There are many that claim Cats and Dogs do not have Souls. We find this very laughable. Your civilization is so entranced by machinery that machinery as a metaphor has been extended to nearly everything. This pulley goes around and turns this wheel that turns this grinder and so makes corn meal. These investigations into reality have certainly taken your civilization in a dynamic direction, yet mechanics is merely one way of attempting to interpret reality. Human physiology has been examined in the same way, and so the body is often seen through the filter or metaphor of machinery.
Your scientists often describe animal behavior as instinctive. The animal is seen to run on some program called instinct, has no ability of deductive analysis, and so is more or less a machine driven by pre-written programs. Great emphasis and energy has been given to describing the difference of man from animal. There are many reasons for this—one is to insist on superiority and justification of humankind’s dominance. With this claimed superiority, humankind has crowned itself with inferred godhood. And indeed, humans are acting very much toward animals as the “gods” have toward humans.
You have read the myths of the gods of Olympus and their struggles. These beings did indeed exist. The stories are handed down truths, stories of entities struggling to exist within the same system you inhabit. Have you ever considered this? Some of you were one of these gods; or perhaps it is better to say some of you were once a part of these gods, or that you are related to them. They are your ancestors. We could speak of evolution or devolution here, for the situation could be seen either way. Webs of interaction between entities produced more entities. You see, sex is not the only means of reproduction!!! Sex is your physical means of reproduction, but what or who is it that drops into the womb?
Struggles for power over one another produced children. Parts of entities were severed from themselves by Karmic Law. You cannot become involved in a power struggle without an aspect of yourself adhering to the playing field. This is what is often called a drop into density. Beings acting unkindly toward one another become enmeshed in that particular system. They must learn the lessons they failed to see before they can get out of the Spider’s web, so to speak. Just like a fly in a spider’s web, it is common for a great struggle to take place within a being. There is denial and panic. Once they could fly, yet now they are enmeshed in a web that holds them fast. Many of these gods struggled so, and often they managed to escape by denying that part of themselves that they could not free. Imagine a fly breaking free of its web by leaving a leg and part of a wing behind. The “god” escaped yet lost part of itself in the struggle. Perhaps that part it lost is you!!!
This is a primary reason for the increase in population on your planet. As this era comes to a close a gathering is taking place, and all the pieces must be in place. If you are going to put yourself together again, all of your aspects must be available and conscious for the lessons to be learned, for unity to prevail.
Who and what you have been in your past will come back to you, for it is written. Is this true for everyone? We cannot say. Some never seem to learn their lessons but instead break into more and more pieces. But for you reading this book, we will say it is written.
You all have a name, and yet you wonder who you are. You cat and your dog is you, aren’t they? Do you identify yourself by your name, or your life and family, as the owner of Bernie your Dog? Identity is a tricky thing, for if you go all the way back to your first emergence, you can see that you are of THE ONE. Your dog and your cat are just as much from THE ONE as you are. You feel this somewhere in yourself as you pet the dog and feel the love there between you-- Isn’t that nice!!! Maybe one of you scientists will say, “The Dog and I are sharing an echo experience of the Big Bang together”!!! We Hathors love to joke, but this joke has truth in it!!!
Some of you are probably thinking, “Well first the Hathors tell me I was created in my Soul Crystal as unique, and now they are telling me I am the Dog and also The One; what’s with that, anyway?” Well all of the above is true, and none of the above cancels out the other!!! Isn’t that nice?
To confuse matters even further we will tell you that you exist on other levels as well—for many of you, many levels. These are aspects of yourself that most of you are not currently familiar, yet they are you in a very intimate way. As you begin to work with your Soul Crystal you will begin to become aware, to varying degrees, of your “larger self”. You share your Soul Crystal with these entities. You are many layers, just like those children’s books that have many transparencies as pages that you can turn one upon another coming to a composite whole.
Since this epoch of history is coming to a close, all of your level selves are returning, coming into proximity. You might call this a law of natural attraction. The inner-most regions of the self yearn for itself. There is a desire to reunite again and now is the time that is opportune to do so. This is the time of Harvest, where you harvest yourself and all of your experiences and reintegrate as one inside of the body of the One, The Friend!!! Just as you feel you wish you could wake up and remember who you are, so too you are lost to the other aspects and levels of yourself. When you begin to see and feel these relationships, you will begin to see how magnificent and complex and beautiful creation is. There is a huge home-coming that is taking place, and no one really knows what will take place and how it will all pan out.
You have heard stories of the gods with a small “g” returning. This is so, and it is so because when those gods broke off a pieces of themselves to escape their karma, they lost something essential of themselves. For some of you, they lost you!!! Now some of these gods want to return, really can’t wait. Others are being sucked back in, much to their dismay. It is you that will heal them. You will heal the gods and you will heal their arrogance that has so punished them in their foolishness.
There is no blame, there is only circumstance. The piece of themselves that they left behind was the piece that holds the key to the healing, the piece that has lived many earthly lifetimes in order to learn the needed lessons. Many of you now hold these lessons, and the old gods need you for those lessons. You will correct the gods!!! Little old you!!!
Most of you as children watched or were told stories about orphans. And though most of you had parents, there was a deep identification with these stories. Now you know the reason. In the deepest sense you are all orphans adopted into a world that was strange, frightening and unfamiliar. We encourage you to learn your Soul Song, for your Soul Song will help you feel at home again, and help you remember who you are. When you are a little afraid, a Song can give you courage, just like those stories of someone lost walking through a frightening place, like deep dark woods. The main character feels his fear and then a song suddenly arises and the song seems to keep the darkness at bay—Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!
Many of you will find that you are part of beings of a most fearsome appearance. What will you do if you find you were and are a Crocodile god? How will you find a way to relate to that!!! You know these gods with a small “g” were just as you are to your Dog or your Cat. You have the power of life and death over your pets. How do you treat them? The way the small “g” gods dealt with humanity was varied. Some were good masters to their pets and others abused them. We are sorry if you find this analogy hard or ridiculous, yet we tell you it is very accurate. Some gods saw that humanity was themselves as part of The One and treated them as they would treat themselves—Christ’s entreaty. Others did their best yet failed with the best of intents. You know the road to hell is not paved with good intents; not so. Yet good intents caught many into the matrix of learning by Relational Karma. Others had pretty bad motives and so are much enmeshed in your world.
You may wonder what we mean by Relational Karma—what is that? Many of you came into this system to help. Sometimes your best intents seemed to fail and trouble came to others because of those efforts. Relational Karma comes from intervening in a system with less than ideal results. A cycle of learning ensues, and most entities choose to stay and work until success is achieved. Many of you are upon the Body of the Mother for this very reason. You are here to achieve success for your other-level selves.
Of course, this means incarnations upon earth until the epoch comes to a close. Often other types of karma comes is created by actions in successive incarnations further complicating matters.
We do not mean to discourage you here; quite the opposite!!! This is the time of healing, the time that is given with much Grace to gather all that is yours and love in triumph!!! It is yours for the harvest. It is you that will harvest yourself!!! Your True Path will lead you to realizations that will indeed blow your mind. Sing it in and ride the Waves!!! Pet your Dog and Purr like a Cat!
We love you all,
The Hathors

Your Health in Limited Reality
Your health is often constrained by the ideas that you have about it. Many of you have created rules for yourselves as to what is good for the body and what is bad for it. Did you know that your body responds to these rules? It is a good idea to make a list of what you think is good and bad for the body. Call it your Health Profile. Pay particular attention to what you think is bad for the body, especially those rules concerning that which you yearn for, like a big piece of cake, a cigarette, and all of those other things you have labeled as negative, or bad for you.
We want you to know that that cake can be quite good for you, and it can be eaten without weight gain. The trick is believing this to be true. We suggest that you ask the Lovelight to enlighten your food. In your minds eye see the Lovelight coming down into your food and ask that it be infused with the qualities you desire. Ask too that the food be infused with those energies that you need most. Those who send this light down know what you need, both physically and spiritually. Some people say Grace before they eat. They thank the Friend for the food, but few think of asking for it to be imbued with the Lovelight!!! The knowledge this can be done has been largely forgotten.
If you are eating meat ask it to be cleared of any fear the animal experienced, and ask for blessings and send thanks to the spirit that gave her life so that you may live. This has a very beneficial effect on your food. Thank the spirit of the Earth that provided your vegetables and ask for blessings for those energies. Your guides will see that your prayer is manifested and that energies are sent the right way!!! The Earth responds to these prayers or intentions. If you are eating with friends who do not share these kinds of ideas, simply send your intentions quietly. You don’t even have to close your eyes. It will not take very long for you to really know that this practice is very effective.
Many of you are concerned with chemicals that have entered your food. If you find yourself in a situation where you will be eating food that you are concerned about, asking for the Lovelight to shine down upon your food is a very good idea. Even if there are chemicals you are concerned about, they can be transmuted by the Lovelight so they will cause no harm.
We wish to encourage you to believe that your body can be healthy. Ask that you may come to believe in the versatility of the body in protecting itself from the toxins you believe to be dangerous to you. In this way you circumvent belief systems that you hold about what is dangerous and what is not dangerous.
Reality is much more flexible than most of you believe. When something is commonly believed to be dangerous, it is very hard to hold a belief system that says it is not necessarily so. Many elements your body faces in the world are not necessarily as dangerous as commonly held. It is your belief systems that create your reality, and so often what you hold to be the truth is an effect of the belief system as it is the particular element. For instance is quite possible to smoke tobacco with no side effects or diseases if one has a deep belief it is benign. Yet in your culture it is nearly impossible to hold such a belief, for the evidence seems overwhelming in tobacco’s danger. We encourage you to not smoke or do things commonly held by your culture as dangerous, for such beliefs held by large numbers have great influence and so quite a bit of power.
We wish to encourage you to take a good look at your beliefs around food and exercise. If you find yourself eating something or doing some action that is thought to be harmful, and you just can’t seem to get to the point of avoiding that behavior, we encourage you to ask the Lovelight to render the action harmless. If you eat a big piece of cake and think that doing so is harmful, then you have defined an action where you are causing injury or violence upon the body. Ask the Lovelight to shine upon you and infuse every element that surrounds your behavior to be infused with Lovelight. Ask that you may eat that cake without any weight gain, and that you derive joy and nourishment from the experience. In this way the cake will taste better and you will not be acting out violence toward the body. Know that this can be done. The cake will be far more satisfying and many miracles can occur. Changes may occur in your attitudes toward eating that are very helpful to you. What miracles are imbued in your food by the Lovelight, what knowledge, what information? There are many ways to receive!!!
What is very exciting about all of this is that asking for the Lovelight to participate in your life in this way brings other levels of reality much closer to you. Your body can change and the Lovelight can do this for you. You may find so-called fattening foods don’t seem to fatten you anymore. You may find some cravings simply disappearing.
Many of you punish yourselves with your habits. You think, “Oh, if I do that, that is very bad.” Then you eat the cake or whatever and you think you have proved yourself bad. Your reasoning may go, “Well, logically bad people do bad things, so I may as well have a piece of cake, because obviously I’m bad. I already had one piece of cake.” We suggest in such a situation that you say, “I love myself and want a treat. I’ll have a piece of cake and ask the Lovelight that it be a joyous happy experience which will nourish me on all levels and do no harm whatsoever.” Know that then you are beginning to work with belief systems that are yours, but may well change. The Lovelight will begin to sink into you enough to no longer believe you are a “bad person”!!!
You may come to see that you can be a bit of a magician in life, and that life is far more flexible than you have believed it to be. Many beliefs are like “spells” cast by magicians. They shape and form your experience. You may well find that many things change in your life by working with your beliefs. Things you want to do but feel you shouldn’t are a good place to start, for that is where you are in opposition to yourself. What is true for you, is true for you. We suggest you honor others belief systems, even if you come to believe some of their beliefs are harmful to their existence. Surely you can suggest ideas to them, but remember to honor others and their chosen way of life.
Perhaps you have heard of Yogis capable of eating poison and it doesn’t seem to harm them. Such feats may be accomplished. Yet we encourage you toward what you already believe is healthy. Don’t go eating poison!!! Our intent here is for you to think about working with the Lovelight around those areas of your life which you have had difficulty. Perhaps you think you are an alcoholic, or others have suggested this to you. Are you? What beliefs surround the issue? Next time you drink, ask that the Lovelight be infused into your beverage. Ask that it infuse the bottle with love and healing and understanding for you. Ask yourself if you think you are a bad person because you drink, or you drink because you believe you are a bad person. Sometimes knots untie slowly. Perhaps you believe you would not be able to live without alcohol. If so ask the Lovelight to infuse your bottle with freedom from such a belief. Ask that the elements of change be put right in the snake that seems to bite you. Ask that your cravings stop so that you are free. Ask that this is put right into the bottle. You are all far more capable of change than you believe. Try not to define yourself as bad, for this can set up a cycle of reward and punishment that may have very little to do with your situation. You may feel that you have no power over alcohol, but you have the power of yourself, and that is a great power indeed. You are capable of healing with the Lovelight, and so we encourage you to call it into your daily life. Call it to areas you are ashamed of!!!
Many people avoid calling upon Spirit when doing things they feel ashamed of. They are afraid of being judged, to be seen “sinning”. You are never judged by the Lovelight. The Lovelight sees the lessons a person brings to herself and only acts to help understanding shift so that love and kindness pervade life. So call upon the Lovelight and your guides when you do something about which you feel guilty. Believe that understanding will come your way. Your guides wish you to be truly free. Many of you feel guilt over things that are in no way wrong, but your culture has judged wrong. Ask for understanding. You are not here to figure your whole culture out and heal it; you are here to be free and live in Love!!! That in itself will begin to heal your culture.
When thoughts in your head appear to judge you, notice them. Ask for the Lovelight to shine down upon you and ask whose voice, whose words and ideas your are perceiving. Perhaps they come from a parent, a grandfather, or someone else in your long past. Ask the Lovelight to shine upon the issue as you ponder it. Get in your Soul Crystal and see what you see. Many of your struggles with lifestyle have their roots with other people. Being unconscious of this, you continue the struggle within yourself and they show up as lifestyle difficulties. These may well be people that defined you in terms of their belief systems, and defined you in ways that never felt good to you. Yet they may well have convinced you, at least to some degree to their view. You then are captured by their definition of you. This is a spell, and perhaps it has imprisoned you to some degree. Your food and drink and exercise issues often have ties to struggles with others. In such a case, you need to identify who this person is and seek help from the Lovelight to heal the issue. Many of you carry the struggles of you parents. You may not have realized you as little children actually lifted burdens from your parents and have carried that burden for your parent ever since. This is a very common occurance.
You see, many such understandings can come from blessing your food and asking for it to be infused with the Lovelight. When Christ said, “Give us this day our daily bread” it was not just the physical aspect of food he was speaking of, but the spiritual nourishment that the Lovelight can infuse into your life. It is you connecting with the Divine in Divine interaction. You are Divine, you are made of the Lovelight!!
And we are The Hathors!!!


Everyone needs help and cooperation. We Hathors are always helping one another. Meanings emerge when help is given and received. When help is given in Love and with Love, a sharing occurs. Love flows through both beings involved, and a sort of Love Bath is shared by both individuals. Where does this Love come from? It comes through the alignment with The Friend. What is the alignment? The alignment is a loving willingness to help one another. It does not come from a need for self-aggrandizement or selfishness, or a desire to feel more capable than another—it comes from Love, and Love is The Friend. The Truth of the matter is that helping another is helping oneself, for in helping through Love you are aligning yourself with the Universe, with the Friend—Love!!!
When you give help to another, ask your guidance to help you align with The Friend so that a Love Bath will be the result. Sometimes you may have helped someone and felt used. No Love Bath there!!! If you do not feel that a Love Bath will be the result of helping another, we would suggest not helping, for without The Friend’s Love involved, no matter how the external situation looks, no real help is being given. This is not always easy for people to learn!!! You may feel you are being unkind in not helping another when asked, yet if you feel a resistance inside yourself, you should honor that, and look a little more deeply to see what is there. To help unplugged from the Friend is not really help at all. Feel for that connection when you are asked to help. Imagine a wall plug if you like and see if your guides show you the plug plugged in, or not. This is a good quick way to understand if the help you are being asked for is in alignment with Love, with the Friend.
You may say you wish to Love selflessly, yet if you are a self, this is not possible. You must honor yourself, for you are a part of the body of The Friend, and The Friend does indeed exist!!! It is not always easy for you to discern the true nature of situations. When you feel you should not help, please do not place blame and guilt on yourself, for this is unloving. Love, like water has a way of flowing naturally into the places it should and can go, for this is the nature of The Friend, of the Friend’s Love. You are a conduit for that Love, and you are learning how to best allow the flow of Love into the world you inhabit.
For example, what if you are asked to help another and you ignore your feelings that tell you not to? So many possibilities come to mind for us here it is hard to pick one example of possible outcomes. Perhaps the experience will cause you to feel bitter or used. Perhaps you will feel that the time could have been better spent; that your inner senses were leading you to an important event that is missed because you selflessly gave to another. Perhaps the one asking for help is really asking herself to stand on her own two feet, yet is afraid to. Your “help” may extend the time needed for her to learn she has courage and strength of her own!!! In truth, when you “help” another outside of Love, no help is given. Help is always a sharing of Love; both receive help as Love.
Perhaps you will feel this is too idealistic—or lacking in ideals!!! Yet we ask you now to picture your power cord of help in your right hand, always there for you to refer to. Next time when you are asked to help do something, take a quick look at that cord, your hand flat and open, and ask that your Highest Guidance take it from your hand and plug it in, if this is a situation you should get involved in.
We know that this will help you. But try it and see for yourself. This is allowing Love to guide you. Doing something you do not want to do, that is not on a path of Love is not loving of self. There is always a path of love for you to follow, and sometimes it is not in the direction you think it is in!!! Allow yourself to be led by inner truth and not the outer appearances of situations. Perhaps a resistance you feel about helping another is just a bit of fear or worry. Take a look at that plug, and if it gets plugged in, go for it!!! When all is done, look back at your resistance. Many times the experience will show you that a fear you carry is not worth carrying. You can then ask guidance to clear that fear for you, if the Love Bath you took in the experience hasn’t already done so!!!
We Hathors ask you to be kind to yourselves, to Love yourselves. To do otherwise blocks the Love of the Friend, and Love does not judge or place guilt, that is your action! Such actions block the Love flowing to you from the Friend.

Adventures in The Lovelight

We would like to encourage you to see that entering your Crystal and connecting the Above and Below as an adventure, one that will change you fundamentally. Or you may see this as a series of adventures. Your Soul Crystal is a time machine too, and can take you back into the past. All you need do is get connected and quiet, close your eyes, call in your Chosen Guide and say that you would like to travel into your past. Ask to go to a time where events occurred that have a big influence on your life now. This can help you understand elements of your life and aspects of your current personality. This method can give you experiences that will help you clear difficulties you have in your life now. You can decide to do this in terms of a current relationship with another person, or you can do this with your relationship to job, money, romance--you name it!!!
Any concerns you have currently have connections with occurrences in your past lives. You may carry attitudes in this life which are rooted in belief systems you held a very long time ago. You may find you did not even know you had particular beliefs in this life until you venture into the past and see what is there!!! Most of you have had many lives upon the Earth, and many roles. You likely have been both genders. It is possible you may learn quite a lot about yourself and your relationship to the “opposite” sex, if you travel back to lives lived as the opposite sex. You may find you carried some attitudes “back then” that are aimed at you now from others.
For example, perhaps you are a woman now, and find that every time you feel you have found someone you would like as a committed partner, they leave you. You may have been abandoned many times in this life, and wonder, “Why does this always happen to me?” So one day you tell yourself, “You know, I’m going to go into meditation, connect solidly Above and Below in my Soul Crystal, and I’m going to find out what this is all about. You call in your Chosen Guide and state your intention to travel in time and find out why you have been so abandoned. See your guide as a light before you and follow, traveling through what seems as space, perhaps through corridors, tubes connecting different space/time coordinates. A scene appears before you, and you recognize yourself as a man, and you are dressed in the clothes of a different time! Yet you know it is you! Believe us when we say you will know, and you will know with great certainty, even though the scene is so foreign to your current world. Perhaps you will find yourself on a horse before a thatched hut. You are wearing a sword and helmet and you are bidding farewell to a woman holding a small child. You see her standing there and you know this is your wife. She is crying, and it comes to you that you are going on a crusade, off to war, and it is your choice to do this. You know she does not want you to go, yet you are going. Sure, family is important, but you feel your own path is more important to you, you are driven, and takes precedence over your wife and your child. Perhaps you recognize your wife as being a beloved who has left you in this life!
A great understanding suddenly comes to you. From this experience you may suddenly be able to forgive the one who left you in this life!!! Perhaps you have held great anger toward him, and asked yourself, “How could he be so selfish to leave me here like this”? Your experience of going back in time has suddenly given you a lot to think about. You left a wife and child alone, to manage without you, so that you might follow your quest. Perhaps looking at that scene, you realized that you would never return, and so left that child fatherless. Perhaps too, your father left in this life. There are many possibilities. You have had the opportunity now to have experienced both sides of the coin. How you interpret this is up to you. You may decide you understand both actions and their underlying motivations. You may decide that your leaving was selfish, and such an action is wrong, or perhaps a new understanding about freedom comes to you. But the important factor is that you have these experiences to draw on, both to understand your current life, and perhaps come to an understanding of the factors that propel individuals forward to new experiences.
There is a questioning we suggest when you experience such insights on your trips to other lives. Can I forgive them; can I forgive myself? Perhaps you will come to the conclusion that the experience of being left was a punishment for your past actions. But was it really? When you left on your quest so long ago, did it bring you experiences that enriched you as a being? Did you learn something on that quest that was of great value to you, or did you fail and die a lonely death? What is the message? Did the child grow in his experience of being left fatherless, or was what you did merely the infliction of great suffering? Did your abandoned wife learn an aspect of experience that you are learning now—what it feels like to be abandoned? Had the child and wife both abandoned someone themselves in a prior life?
You can begin to see that even though you have seen a situation in a prior life, understanding of all of the ramifications is not so easy. There are so many layers to the situation and so many variables. Our example has three individuals, yet they have all had many lives, and so many actions resulting in “karmas”; in the end it is perhaps not so easy to distinguish who “the bad guy” was, or if there was one!!!
It could be that the child was once a father that abandoned you. Perhaps he was a Soul who chose a fatherless life before he incarnated into that life on purpose, so that he might see if he could overcome such a deficit and go on to be successful. You know the possibilities are endless, and perhaps that will be part of what you come to see.
You may decide that leaving in such a situation is criminal. You may decide that after seeing both sides, leaving and being left, that you wish to learn devotion and stability in a Love relationship. And if so, it is now possible for you, as long as you can find it in yourself to Forgive Yourself and the Others involved in this incident, and all those that are related. You know, it is possible that what you have seen is part of a pattern that you have played out over and over again for eons, never understanding, never forgiving. We aren’t kidding here!!! It really may be.
And now you know that all you need to do is to decide once and for all to forgive EVERYONE that you have played out a similar drama with. Be very careful here, and ask your guidance to help you. Ask your guidance to bring forward all those that have left you or you have left throughout your existence, and tell them through your guides that you forgive them, and you forgive yourself. Tell you guides you wish them to help you clear any residual resistance you have to this forgiving. Feel and ask that the Lovelight flood down upon the entire situation, and ask that you be freed of it.
It is not necessary for those you were involved with to forgive you. That is their work, not yours; yet by forgiving them and yourself, you are releasing them, and this they will feel on some level. You are reminding them that they too can be free when they so decide.
You can see in our little example that three individuals by the nature of their many relations with many people over many lives, spreads out like a family tree. Your decision to forgive affects not only them, but those that they have and are now in association with. By forgiving one person, you affect thousands. You see, forgiving is not a small thing, though it can feel so. Forgiving is a very great thing. It frees you!!!
Perhaps you abandonment now has left you feeling a victim of circumstances. You know what that feels like, yet now you know that you too left others, and you may realize that you have learned about movement, interaction and reaction. In another meditation you may find a life in which you were abandoned by a parent. Perhaps it was good for you! Perhaps that parent wasn’t a kindly soul, but by entering his gene pool you were able to alter patterns that had caused many difficulties for the whole family.
Look for a roundness of experience. Accept these “visions” as your own. Feel for a roundness of experience. What do we mean by that? Well a wholeness. Your incarnations are of one fabric, and that fabric is you!!! You have been building a new wholeness, a library of knowlege that is to be the resource for the Future You. This future will contain the wisdom of all of your experiences, and it is through all of these experiences as a whole that you will go on into future existences. You have had all these lives, and some, when you first look upon them, may seem meaningless. Yet they will be the library at your fingertips for guiding others and yourself. This totality of you may also be a future “Higher Self” for someone in your current position, someone you will seed into another environment for another great beginning!!! (Did we hear some of you groan? Cheer up!!! It will be amazingly wonderful—you’ll see!!!)
We encourage you to begin to examine issues in your life in this way on your adventure to wholeness!!!
With Love and Song and Dance and Laughter,
The Hathors!!!

You Earth folk have the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Or, “People don’t change, that’s just the way it is.” Well it certainly has been true that people get stuck in their routines, their ways of responding and means of dealing with the world. Yet the new energies reaching you in these days are offering a way out, a way and means of changing direction. This is why decision is so important. You have to decide that you Will to move into new modes of expression in order to set your course. Sayings like the “old dog, new tricks,” in fact tend to set up boundaries that are accepted as true, when the only thing true about them is your belief!!!
The new energies you are receiving are cracking the metaphorical eggs open, allowing a new kind of Light in, and so a new opportunity for you to move, if and when you decide to. We are not saying that this New Light will not affect you if you make no decision other than to float along in the stream of time. Yet in truth, there are streams running side by side now. These sometimes merge and at other times run rather separately. You may sense that there is another time line running very close and parallel to the stream you are running down, and it is this proximity that is new in these days.
It is not always easy to abandon old ways of thinking and experiencing. Ideas you have held as precious may seem somewhat irrelevant if you emerge into a new stream of consciousness. This eroding of old beliefs can be disturbing, for usually they are connected with how you have defined and viewed yourself. Perhaps before you have tried to make changes in your life, yet had friends continue to relate to you as what you have come to see as your “old way of being”. Your friends too find comfort and security in the idea that there is some fixity in the flux of life, and often look to the old and familiar to buck them up. There is often resistance in your loved ones to the changes you seek. It disturbs the status quo when you seem somehow different. It may be easier for them to try to hold or define you as they thought you were, rather than to see that something is different. Often the last ones to accept change feel as though they are on a sand island that is quickly eroding around them, and fear comes up that they may be left all alone to sooner or later be swept away in the threatening currents. Perhaps you feel like that person on the island now, and all that was familiar has been swept from your view. Sometimes folks in such a position feel they are holding important outlooks and positions of viewing the world that must not be lost, upholding traditions, whether they are familial or societal.
Fundamentalists often strike out in anger as the sands of time shift under them, and a fear arises that all that is of value is being lost. One has to have faith that the shifts and flux of experience will bring the new and the joyous, and know that it is the energy of the Friend that moves all things in deep and significant ways. Sometimes these shifts can seem frightening, and often this fear leads people into trouble, for their fear is then expressed in expectation of disaster, and unconsciously that person steers toward the trouble of a scary, projected future. This fear is often expressed in a lashing out that indeed brings on fearful events. It is often the Fear itself that leads to fearful outcomes.
Fearful predictions of the Future are often met with acceptance because they resonate with the fearful experiences a person has had in their past, whether in this lifetime or in other incarnations. There is the feeling that terrible things have happened before, so “of course they will happen again”. The resonance that is felt inside is so like the terrible predictions that it can feel like truth at a gut level.
All of you have at least a little bit of this within. Life on Earth has indeed been full of struggle and sadness, and this sets up the expectation that, “that’s the way it is”. Fear has become a self-fulfilling prophesy, and has repeated itself over and over upon the Body of the Mother, your Earth.
And so it is with great courage that many of you have decided to look toward a Heavenly Future for the Earth and its peoples. Many of you have decided to believe this can happen, even though if assessed through “logic” and “scientific principles” this seems unlikely.
New Lovelight energies are coming into humanity to break this cycle. As your lives shift, there will be times you may get frightened. Everything seems so new and so different; you may feel parts of yourself attempting to reassert your old ways of being. Interestingly, often these are your past life personalities that have experienced such trauma, that they cannot believe something good can happen. And so often it is through the arrival of fear that you will see a bit of some past life. These personality aspects reside within you and can be felt as entrenched ideas, often built on a quickly eroding sand island. As you continue to connect the Above and Below, the Lovelight brings that which is not consonant with Love’s energies to the surface of your consciousness. It is then that you ask for the help of the Divine to shine through and clear those fears, and bring the healed energy of that old personality back to you as a dynamic positive aspect.
By giving your Guidance permission to work with you in this way, you are also choosing the Stream of Light instead of the stream of fear and terror. This is a brave and courageous choice!!! Often fear seems so convincing because through many incarnations its patterning has deepened and become entrenched as though it were truth.
It may seem ironic that by engaging the Lovelight that a lot of fear can be experienced, yet it comes up so it can be cleared from your energetic body. Then you can go on without it. Often the physical blocks that reside in your body are the result of this fear patterning, this scaring. This fear stands in the way of love and joy and can sometimes cause physical dis-ease. These fear blocks often seem as little voices within the body autonomously repeating mantras of fear, as neurosis. In the Above and Below connection with the Lovelight, you can heal and the old wounds can be cleared away. They are not you.
Many channeled predictions of disaster are the voices of these fears built up within the body over a long period of incarnations. Fears constructed of real experiences form the basis of such prediction, and are felt as truth, for the fears previously experienced were very real. Just because something happened in the past does not mean it will happen in the future.
A Grand Cycle of time is ending and a new one beginning. Many choices lie ahead, and we encourage you to look to your greatest aspirations and believe they can be!!! Facing your fears and allowing them to dissolve will allow you to join the River of Lovelight in a solidly built boat that will carry you to a most glorious future. This is a time of Metamorphosis!!!
Perhaps you see now that those who resist positive change are on an island of fear. They feel their fears at a deep level, yet do not face them down for clearing. Instead they project their fears out upon the world and encourage others to believe in those fears. When many people do this, the world begins to feel frightening, for all kinds of fear energies are being thrown onto the astral plane where they are often then manifested as events. It is important that you understand how this works, because then you understand the mechanics of disaster, then you know that it is humans doing this to their environment. This again is your Dominion on Earth. When humans give in to their fears and are then led into action by them, responsibility for the peace on the planet is abdicated.
Many old Myths speak of the King who lost his head, or was deeply wounded. This is Humanity!!! The outer conditions experienced by humankind are a mirror of the inner condition. Fear has ruled the Earth for a long time now, and as you know, most of your recent rulers keep their power by maximizing fear. Yet it is up to each individual to decide whether to fall into the vortex of fear or choose the River of the Lovelight. Old Dogs are learning new tricks!!! The Lovelight is bringing this possibility to you. As for your “recent” history, the Lovelight is saying, “enough is enough; it is now time for a change”. It is no longer a question of change, for that is indeed coming; it is a matter of how the changes are experienced. How will the opening of the eggs be experienced? When you work with the Lovelight, become a Lightworker, you are opening yourself to a whole new way of being!!! Humankind has a responsibility for its world. The transformations you make within change the world and allow openings for others, for new possibilities.
Old sorrows need to be left behind too!!! These sorrows are very closely associated with fears. Many of you carry the sorrows of the world in your Hearts. In this many of you are honoring the dead of this life and past lives. But you need to remember, that those who you mourn in this way have gone on to new life, new lives. We honor you for honoring the dead and holding their memories. We know you do this from a position of Love. Yet your dead are all alive and continue to exist. They morphed and you have honored them through sorrow. They wish for you to let this go so that room is made for the New. You have tears that need to be cried out, yet do not renew this sadness in an endless cycle. They are not dead and neither are you!!!
Look toward the Future, yours and theirs. Many of you have grief and sorrow imprints from the loss of loves you had in previous lives that are in your current life--here again!!! So what’s that old sorrow about? Well of course some of it was bemoaning the state of humankind and the surrounding darkness. Yet your “dead” continue and return as have you. Feel for their presence within yourself and feel the liveliness of their current existence. Ask you guides to help you in this. When you feel their continuance and joy, then maybe you will begin to let that old stuff go. The Old Dog needs to let go of some of the old ways of seeing and doing things, so that new doors may open. In this you will feel lighter on your feet and lighter in your heart, and when you think of “lost” Loved Ones, you will celebrate your on-going care and love, and send your love and care to them where they now exist, instead of into an old dark hole of sorrow!!!
We Hathors have mentioned that often when you hold sorrow for the dead, you are keeping them from moving on and learning anew. Why? Well when they feel your pain they try to come close to you, comfort you, and try to help you realize they aren’t really dead. They try very hard at times to reach in and comfort you. Yet you all have the capacity to go within yourselves in meditation and find them and say hello and tell them of your love, instead of drawing them in through your suffering. You see, your release of your sorrow actually releases them into their new existence. There should be no guilt in this release, yet we see over and over people feeling that if they do not honor their dead with sorrow and tears, they are not honoring their Love. We encourage you to look within your Hearts, honor your love and your ability to love, release the sorrow and know you are all moving along. You will be reunited with your beloveds, and you can connect with them in a joyous way now!!!
This will allow you to move on!!! These old energies weigh you down and can make the atmosphere feel old and heavy to you. Well of course it feels old and heavy, because that is what mournful energy expresses when you hold it in sorrowful ways.
We will sing songs through your Heart if you ask us to!!! These songs will help loosen up the constricted areas and vibrate a new Springtime into your heart. It is time for all of you to renew yourselves and transform—Metamorphosis!!!

Maintaining Your Center through the Swirl of Time
There are many shifts coming to you. These shifts will affect your life in ways that were not apparent in the lives of your recent ancestors. You are on the cusp of a new era. Many predictions have been made as to the timing of these shifts, especially an anticipated Great Shift. Indeed what seems like a Great Shift will eventually come about, and we Hathors tell you it may happen in 2012, yet, to us, it looks just as likely to be any other date in the future you could choose to highlight. You are, however, in another sense, in the Great Shift time period now. It could come before this book is even published.
What you can be sure of is that you are in for a “Hold On To Your Hats!!!” experience. Each one of you has a particular history and path that possesses its own energy, form and format. You are changing as we speak. Look and feel for the changes in yourself and your environment. When you notice some change, you may ask yourself, is this a personal change, or a change in the total earth environment? You cannot have one without the other. When you change, the world changes. Yet many of you will change far more than your contemporaries in the time to come. There are choices that have been made at your level and on other levels that determine your future and the steps likely to be taken toward that future. Humanity as you know it does not have One Destiny. The paths are many, and indeed are still forming in reaction to your decisions and to the will and decisions taken by your fellows.
Birds of a feather flock together. As dimensions collide, as your DNA shifts with the incoming Lovelight, many possibilities are going to open to you. This Lovelight is also going to shake a lot of people up—all of you. Some will not respond so well to this Light. There are many people that are not ready to look within themselves, who wish to deny many aspects of their actions within your field of existence. All of you will confront your “Karmic Residue” in the days to come. Why is this? It is because the Lovelight is increasing, and as it does so it affects your body on very deep levels, where all of your experience is stored, all your memory.
Since wounds and sorrows and unkind actions are not native to your true being, these karmic memories or their energies will begin to surface in your life. The Lovelight will boil them off of you!!! This is what Christ meant when he said the world would be cleansed by Fire. When you are in touch with your feelings, you will notice something coming up and be able to meditate and see the associated images as they rise to the surface. You will know if you have something to forgive or some crying to do to release an old love of yours. As we said, prolonged grieving can bind the spirit you are grieving over. This is true. When you really come to understand the continuance of life over death, then you will more easily release your loved ones; to give them freedom is to truly love. Remember, when you are grieving, you are grieving over someone who still exists.
The Lovelight is increasing so that you may purify yourself and begin to lighten up!!! These feelings and the processing of old karma can be quite exhausting. You may have days that you need to rest. You may feel depressed off and on. However if you recognize what is going on and meditate and work inside of yourself, all the help you need will be there. At such times you need to remember that you are working toward enlightenment. By that we do not mean an absolute state of consciousness, but an increase in the Lovelight through your Spirit and Soul. You are in the process of changing yourself so that you can exist in increased Loveight. If you were to jump to a level of increased light without clearing yourself of these old Karmic wounds, your body would either die or suffer great trauma. The Lovelight is increasing and this too can cause some pain, yet it is being increased incrementally so that you may progress into a much happier existence. This is a gifting, a great Grace given by the Friend. Your world is to change, and though the change is to be great, small incremental doses of Lovelight are being given as a doctor might give small doses of medicine to a patient to clear disease.
The word disease, or dis-ease, is quite appropriate in the increasing Lovelight. At times that Lovelights effects will feel rather unloving. Yet you must remember it is the darkness or blocks that you carry that causes the discomfort in the presence of increased Lovelight. A willingness to work with your Divine Guides will help move you along with greater ease. There are many humans that claim to disbelieve in any reality other than what they can see. For some of these people it is often only in the face of great loss or disaster that they consider turning to The Friend. We are sure you are familiar with this. Often when a loved one dies, the bereaved for the first time considers the greater questions posed by life. It is often a time of the greatest opportunity, a time when the mysteries begin to reveal themselves as one turns to being a seeker.
Those who do not work on inner healing will have a more difficult time in the near future. Some who are not spiritually aware at this time, yet have little karma to deal with, will not be so affected. Yet those with challenging karmic pasts will find their lives getting quite dramatic at times as un-cleared energies manifest more frequently in their outer reality. The Lovelight speeds things up. Increased Lovelight brings things to the surface one way or another. You may find yourself soon in circumstances where everyone seems to be getting rather dramatic!!!
So how are you to hold your center in the middle of all these little storms? That’s right, your Soul Crystal all around you connecting the Up and the Down!!! Your Soul Crystal is you true energy home. The more you can manifest that Crystal around you and have it well grounded, well, the better off you are going to be!!! You may think we are harping on this, and we are, and for a very good reason.
There are going to be many strange shifts and unusual energies entering you environment in the coming times. Your abilities to see into other realms will increase, and those other realms are coming closer to you. Why? Because you are all related!!! This theatrical production that you have been participating in is almost over. It is time for something new. As much as can be done in terms of the total good for all involved has nearly been accomplished. As you know, it is the end of the play that really encapsulates the production’s meaning, and that is still at hand. It is indeed time to hold your breath, so to speak, to see what is going to happen. What is going to happen depends upon the actors on the stage—you.
When you are fully ensconced in your Soul Crystal, connected to the Mother and Father Energies, you will be in a much better position to hold your center and withstand what storms may come your way!!!
To move on you need to learn to let go. Find those things that you cling to for support and gently let go of them. If are people meant for you at this time, they will be with you anyway. You have to learn to stand in your own energy again. We like to call this Energetic Integrity. Let go of the judgments you hold against yourself and others. You cannot really know where they are on their path or where it may take them. Know whatever it looks like to you, it is their path. Honor that!
Learn that you are Love and that you can love without clinging. Put your trust in the Friend. When you do not understand, hand your worries off to The Friend and step back and say in your Prayer, “I am handing this situation over to you to help me resolve. I trust you and know you will help me.” It is as simple as that!!!
Many of you have a very hard time allowing the Friend the room to step in and help. You hand the problem over to The Friend and then jump right back in, in an attempt to manipulate the situation. This gives the Friend no room to help!!! You are signaling your guidance that you don’ really think problems can be solved in this way. You are signaling a lack of faith!!! You will know when it is time to take action again, for Friend will make it obvious to you.
Lastly we would like you to sing a song. Sing a song of how you feel, of you joys and your loves and your sorrows and your pain. Vibration is movement. Sing songs to everything and everyone and feel how much movement comes along. When you feel stuck in a mood, sing whatever comes to mind. Complain and whine a song out until it begins to change into something else. Song can change you!!! It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you sing well; doesn’t matter at all. Just sing those blues away!!!

Guidance: The Central Sun, and Sowing the Seeds of a Great Secret
Now that you are getting more familiar with your Soul Crystal and the energies of the Mother and Father, we suggest you take one more look at your guidance. As time goes on you may find that the guides who show up regularly for you change. This can be for many reasons. Many guides have specialties, and after you have moved through an area of knowledge, it is time for someone new to come along. In other cases you may have had guides who you collected before connecting with the Mother/Father energies. Some of these guides may not be working in your best interest. Often it seems they are very good and knowledgeable, but are not as aligned as they present themselves to be. We do not want you to be led astray for years thinking that your guidance is just fine, to latter find out that your inner work has been waylaid.
Here is our suggestion—
Get inside of you Soul Crystal and connect the Mother/Father, up and down energies. Fly up inside of your Soul Crystal until you stand before the Central Sun. Feel its energies rush through you, cleansing and clearing. You will feel this both in your physical body and in your flying aspect body. Feel how the light of the Central Sun warms the “you” at the Central Sun and how that body immediately transfers the same energy to your physical body. You will feel your physical body heat increase if you are really where you are supposed to be—the Central Sun. If you look or feel what is about you, it is likely there will be others sunbathing with you. It is as if they are there to worship, or absorb light, recharge and realign themselves with the One’s intent. You have nothing to fear of any being in this area, for none of ill intent is capable of withstanding this Light, nor would they want to.
As if in ceremony or prayer speak your intent and request directly into the Central Sun. See your request flying straight into that enormous bright light. Ask that only the guides that have the highest intent of Love and Light for you and the One be allowed to come near you. Ask that you receive guardian Angels to stand around you, so that only guides aligned with your request may reach you and work with you. Ask that any guides that are not of the highest intent be removed from your presence forever.
Don’t stay too long at the Central sun, for it is possible to overcharge and even burn your bodies there by over-exposure.
Visiting the Central Sun is a very healthy thing to do on a regular basis. Go for short stays of two to three minutes at first, so you get some idea of just how much sun you can take. As time goes on you will find that you are able to stay longer, just like getting a sun tan. This energy is very activating for many aspects of your awakening. Many people find it is best not to go to the Central Sun before bed, as it often has an energy charging aspect that inhibits sleep. This can be very handy for those days where you are feeling sleepy.
After your visit to the Central Sun we recommend a quick trip down through your Soul Crystal to the Center of the Earth or Heart of the Mother. In this way you are informing the Mother of your changed condition. You may see it as having received seeds of light at the Central Sun. Then you take this light with you to the Mother. Spin your Crystal at the Heart of the Earth. In this action you are sowing seeds of your future garnered from the Highest Source. This is the beginning of understanding how to manifest the best possible life you can live. You see, the Central Sun reads you and gifts you with just the right seeds of light for your journey. You go to the Mother with these seeds and she weaves them into manifestation. This is a great secret revealed. It is the gift of the Father/Mother to you in this time of change.
With Great Love Songs for each and every one of You,
We remain faithfully yours,
The Hathors.

On We Go!!!
When you notice movements on the periphery of your consciousness, you are widening your world, your reality. Many of you think you do not have this ability—to become more enlightened, more aware, and more psychic. As we have said, enlightenment is an endless process. Everyone is enlightened to the degree of their consciousness. There is really no point where you say, “Well, I am enlightened”, except perhaps to say that you are becoming more capable of carrying light, working with the Lovelight.
Your body changes as it receives more light. These changes allow the body to receive even more light. Too much Lovelight can literally roast you, and so your being has natural changes it goes through as you progress along your path. There are aspects to your body that you cannot see. Some say you have many bodies. This can be seen differently from different levels. You could say you have many bodies and one body at the same time. These separations of levels are quite complex. It would not be untrue to say you have infinite bodies. The number thirteen is one we prefer. Thirteen completes a cycle and begins a new one. Twelve is not complete until the thirteen looks back upon it. Each one of the twelve has levels, though for simplicity we will say you have one body and thirteen. We are sorry if this seems confusing, yet we are actually attempting to reduce the model to one that can be worked with without too much complexity. Yet we wish you to know that this is a model. It is not necessary for you to understand all the bodies for you to have them, just as it is not necessary to understand a TV to have one.
By connecting the Above and Below you change all of these bodies. You are watering your garden every day! You are completing a circuit that was torn asunder. You are rebuilding. When you, on your level of reality, show an interest in reconnecting the circuit, all the levels of your body are affected. You are learning how to work in concert with them again!!!
You will begin to notice little things as you go about your daily life that you had not noticed before. Why is it that sometimes people notice little movements on the periphery of their eyesight that they usually dismiss as imagination? And there is that magical word again, Imagination. The periphery of your mind and the periphery of your eyesight are linked. These are areas that you are not putting your attention to directly. Your attention is habituated to seeing reality in a specific way and that forms the world that you see. On the periphery there is less interpretation going on and so that is the area that things that do not conform to your reality often appear. This is frightening to many people, and so their insistence that it was “just my imagination”, is often quite fiercely insisted upon. When little shifts in reality occur it rocks people’s boats, and many of you really don’t like your boat rocked. Indeed it does take quite a bit of courage to begin to open your consciousness up, because it can shake you up. People like a sense of security and security is not always felt when you notice things others don’t!!! You may ask yourself if you are going crazy, or getting unbalanced. Of course that is why we have given you the up and down instructions, for that will hold you in place as you make discoveries that are both exciting and a bit disconcerting.
When you find your world feeling a bit strange, remember to ask for Over-Lighting from your guides, so that you know you are exploring in safety. Your world is in for some big changes, so when you feel a bit off balance, just remember that you are learning ways of perceiving and knowing that will serve you very well in times to come.
As you work with the Father and Mother energies your body begins to change, and so it is not unlikely that you will begin to perceive more and more movements on the periphery of your eyesight and the periphery of your mind. Simply notice them and allow your guides to give you information on whatever it is. Use your guides help to improve your perception; remember to ask them, and use them as a filter for further information on your impressions. This is better than immediately trying to communicate with whatever it is, for there are many being types connecting with your reality, and not all of them are entirely friendly. Know you are in your Soul Crystal and feel that around you when new things come your way. Your Soul Crystal gives you protection and the ability to connect with your guides in the best of ways. Your Soul Crystal is your sacred space. The more you work within it, the more it connects to you, and so serves you all the better.
We encourage you to take a little bit of time everyday to notice what it is at the periphery of your consciousness. Allow your attention to the daily detail disengage, breath a few relaxing breaths, and allow all the hubbub of your daily life to flow away in the Lovelight. Feel your Soul Crystal, your connection with the Above and Below, and then relax and notice that which is on the periphery of your eyesight and your mind. Your connection with your guidance is usually on this periphery, and remind your guidance and yourself that they have permission to guide you, to give you the information you need to make your way through the world.
If you wonder why then sometimes when you look to the periphery you notice frightening things, you will know that there are some types of beings that don’t want you to be able to connect with your guidance or to be able to know truth. There is really no reason to be afraid. The unfriendly types of beings have been in your reality a very long time. It is just like noticing something in your environment you had not noticed before. Of course many people project their fears into unfamiliar areas, just as a child who is afraid of the dark. Instead of denying the reality of such fears, mention them to your guides right away. Accept that you have this fear attached to you, and declare that you intend to work to understand and clear it out of your life. Be patient with yourself. Tell your guides, or merely state your intention into the Lovelight as a request, and your guides will help you along.
When you perceive something that frightens you, simply ask within for protection and guidance. What you see may be very important for your growth. You may be alerted to fears you have carried within you for a long time that need to be understood and cleared. Ask your guidance and begin to work with your intuition. What feels true?
Many people try working with their intuition and then abandon the work, feeling that they are just not very good at intuition. This would be trying to ride a bicycle once and then, finding it difficult, abandoning the process. As the Lovelight flows through you and down to the Mother, the manifestations will begin to come into your lives that are needed for you to progress. The Mother receives very certain information about you from the Lovelight, and so then knows what you and your body need to take the next step in your development. The only thing that you really need to remember is that Permission is required for those of the Lovelight to work with you.
When you request help from the Lovelight, we have one suggestion. Ask that the help come through whatever guide it is that you, in your heart, feel the most Love and Trust for. Ask this guide to bring whatever help it is you need, and whomever it is that is best at that type of work. There are many beings of the Lovelight, and some are very specialized in their talents. Your Chosen guide will know who to bring in to help you, and it is not even necessary for you to be aware of them. You only need to know that the only beings that will come to your aide will be through your Chosen One. Not only does this relieve you from the burden of figuring out “who’s who” on other levels, but it also provides a consistency to your learning. Your “Chosen One” can organize your growth and lessons in a coherent format!!!
If you are not sure about your guidance, we suggest the following meditation.
Get comfy and quiet. Connect the Above and Below within your Soul Crystal. Make a prayerful intention to the Friend that you connect with your perfect guidance. Then imagine yourself flying up to the Central Sun within your Soul Crystal. Go just as close to the Central Sun as is comfortable and then bask in its light. Make your request for proper guidance again. “I wish to connect with the guide of the Lovelight that will lead me on my perfect path of Love”. It is the intention that is important. Use words that feel comfortable for you. You may feel many Light Beings around you at the Central Sun and many angels. This is where many of them go to “recharge their batteries”, so to speak.
Negative beings are not able to withstand the Light of the Central Sun, so that you may be sure you are in very good company.

You will feel or hear or see the guide that is brought to you. You will KNOW!!! If at first try you are not sure, then merely repeat this process until you are sure. It will not take you very long!!! If you are not sure of the name or identity of the guide, it doesn’t matter. It is the feeling of surety you will have that is important. Use a name for your guide that feels right to you, and tell them that this is the name you will, for a time, call them by. We are very excited to give you this information!!! We are excited for YOU!!!
Your DNA will change as time goes along. Your Body will Change. You are being “upgraded” to be able to withstand more Lovelight, more information and more Love. New channels of experience, new portals of possibility are opening into your reality all the time. These portals are real and you will walk through them. You may not even notice them. This doesn’t matter. Have you ever had a time in your life where suddenly everything changed quite suddenly for the better? Portals exist in ways most mysterious and come to you, are sent to you. All of you have walked through them, yet few of you know it!!!
The connection you are making with the Mother and Father, your Soul Crystal, and your guidance, will allow you to be able to make use of the new energies that are connecting to the Earth. The more you change, the more light you will be able to carry and hold, and new understandings will come to you. You will begin to realize that indeed you are in more than one place at the same time!!! You have many levels of Self, and you will come to know these entities as yourself. Can you imagine meeting someone else that is also you? Well, get ready, because it is so, and it will happen.
Talk about disorienting, but exciting too!!! Suddenly you will know someone else from a different level of reality who is also you!!! Your idea of identity will be challenged, and it may take some time for you to be able to fit such a notion into your ideas about reality. You will be stretched, and the shape you decide you are will change as time goes along. Did you know that once you become familiar with yourself on other levels, that some of those abilities will then be able to be used by you on this level? This too will happen!!! At first you may feel that this “other” you on another level as a guide. Certainly “it” has a different being-ness and personality than you. Or does “it”? But that knowledge carried by You on another level is Yours!!! You are reaching out to that knowledge and reconnecting with aspects of self long lost.
How will you feel when you meet many yourselves and begin to think of them as yourself? How does one shape such understanding and still exist on the “mundane” earth? It can be quite challenging, yet with each challenge come more knowledge, more physical changes, mental changes, DNA changes, and you learn to integrate the information in a way that is comfortable for you. How will the world change around you as you bring so many versions of yourself back together again? How will they change? Change rings out in all directions. Sing songs about yourself and how expanded you are becoming!!! Your own Selves on other levels are also much related to other energies, other types of beings. Where do you begin and end?
There are many steps to be taken toward the One!!! These are the first few!!!
Pleasant and joyous journey to all of you,
With Love, The Hathors!!!

Following in Your Own Footsteps
You are all following in your own footsteps—did you know that? What is it that you do in your sleep, in your dreams? There, in what seems a whirlwind of abstract images, you are shuffling through reams and realms of possibilities that become your physical experiences in reality. This is very complicated as you know, by viewing the complexity of physical reality.
It is in sleep that you may become more aware of a process that is going on all the time, and it is a process that you are involved in. There are levels to your consciousness. The physical world largely keeps you transfixed, focused within a narrow band of attention. But you know that your attention can be sent in other directions. Your Soul Crystal can allow you to move up into these realms where reality is forming itself from the images of the hopes and dreams and loves and fears that its imaginer entertains. Your home is formed and reformed in every moment, and this work is done so well your reality appears to you as seamless. Is it? Where are the seams, like curtains on a stage that one might slip behind. These do exist, you know.
You have all walked between realities. Perhaps you have heard the stories of people who because of some inconvenience missed their plane, only to learn latter that the plane went down. Those people chose not to get on that plane, and the fact that their car wouldn’t start, or the traffic was very heavy was no simple turn of fate either. You follow in your own footsteps and you have helped plan every one of them.
You may protest that you had no knowledge of the plane’s coming failure, yet you knew it was disaster to get on. What part of you knew this information, and if you know so much on other levels, why is it so hard to attune to such information?
There are levels of Love and knowledge forever increasing in a Lovelight Spiral that goes on infinitely. Where is the purest Lovelight and knowledge in this particular system? It is at the Source of Light and Love—the Central Sun. This is where we have recommended that you place the top of your Soul Crystal, remember? We ask you to let go of some of your spatial concepts when you work with your Soul Crystal and see it as the Magic that it is. Your Soul Crystal exists on every level that you do, going to infinity as represented by the Central Sun. When you consciously send your Soul Crystal to the Central Sun ask you guidance to place it where it is healthiest for you so you don’t burn yourself. You need not fear for the help is there for you; you simply need to accept the help and know there are some things you are not so expert at yet.
Following in your own footsteps is an acknowledgement that there are parts of yourself that exist on other levels, and that there are Beings that exist on other levels that will work with you when you acknowledge that such presences exist. This is faith in others and in yourself. You may not know what they know now, but you will. And by then they will know something new and you will want to know about that too.
There is much talk about the Higher Self. We would prefer you to think of your Higher Selves, plural. On each Vibration or Light Level your consciousness exists as a field body of knowledge with its own habitat and form, just as you do in the physical. Access to these fields of knowledge is made more accessible when you are in your Soul Crystal because this is the Body you share with them all. Your Soul Crystal allows you to align with your other-level intents and energies, which at certain times may be different than what you feel your intents to be.
You are like a hunter tracking an animal, looking for signs as to which way you are being led--if you are looking for the tracks at all. Have you been looking at the tracks in the sand? What is this course of action pointed out by your consciousness on levels above you? What is the intent of the course they have set? If you cannot sense any course, any tracks in the sand at all, perhaps you need to look behind you!!! Perhaps the ideas you have come to hold for an ideal life are different from your ideals upon other levels!!! This is very important to notice. It is no cause for alarm but rather reflection and meditation. You see meditation is very practical. It is not some effort to float off to La-La land, though it can be that too, and fun. Meditation within your Soul Crystal helps you to contact the vibrational levels of all of yourselves, and this allows you to be influenced by them. Your Light Vibration increases when you begin to sense their presence. As you do some of the “ideals” of how you would like your life to be may change or moderate.
Sometimes the ego picks up ideas that are not in line with the will of your other levels. Most often these ideas are from outside influences. They can even be what you may call societal norms. What is going to happen to you if you fall outside of societal norms?!! First we would like to point out that there is really no norm for any society. It is simply an idea construct that a lot of people agree to or are coerced into following. In such cases you may find yourself asking yourself to go in a direction that others may think strange. Be patient and honest with yourself in such cases, and allow yourself time to fully understand where you find yourself on your path. Do you follow you own footsteps in the sand, or do you follow the societal norm? Working with your Soul Crystal will lead you to the clarity needed to make such decisions. Make sure that your Soul Crystal is all the way to the Central Sun and set to the Heart of the Mother. This will allow alignment for all your different level selves in Lovelight manifesting through the Mother.
We emphasize this action to assure that your directions are in Line with the Lovelight. Some of you may have Other Level Selves that are not in alignment with the Lovelight, just as upon your earth there are those in the same situation. You may be here to heal them!!! In such a case placing your Soul Crystal at the Central Sun assures you that only the best of influences reach you. You will be bringing these “dark” aspects into the Lovelight and the Lovelight will begin to transform them. If they are not transformed by the Lovelight, they will be shed from your identity. This process can be quick, or it may take some time. Do not be alarmed if you find that you have such energies on other levels. Instead look at how your life has unfolded so far here upon the planet. You are the tracker following your own footprints, puzzling out the mystery of yourself. As you bring the Lovelight in through your Soul Crystal, you will begin to clear yourself and understand the long history you have had, the riches of your experience. Many of you are here to perform these clearings, these healings. You volunteered for the position you find yourself in, and it is often a most awesome task!!!
Real magic occurs and can be worked when you align yourself with your true identity and ideals. The ego often veils you from yourself. Working in your Soul Crystal with the Mother and Father energies will help you bring the Ego into alignment with all your level selves, into line with your true will and intent.
A tracker looks for all the signs to follow the animal he is pursuing. Your life is full of clues, you need only begin looking for them. If you are confused as to why you are here and what you should be doing, try out the mind of the tracker. Follow the animal that is you!!! You “higher” level selves are giving you hints all the time.
How long will it take you to begin to find the places that reality is constructed and put your hand in the influencing of its direction? Well, you already do, but you are not seeing yourself doing it. It is what you might call an unconscious action. Yet it need not be so!!! Your ego wants to control yet seems largely unable to do so. Why? The Ego needs its other level compatriots in order to have a true hand in life’s movement, and to do so needs to accept that learning is required. It needs to see that Ego itself is often that which blocks the actions it desires. When the Ego agrees to learn and be lead, it can align with your highest intents drawn down from other levels into manifestation. The Ego integrates into the flow of Lovelight through the Soul Crystal and is reborn—integrated.
Sing Yourself a Love Song every day. Hum to yourself, and when you are down try putting on a wee smile, even if it feels forced, and allow it to become true.
With Love, The Hathors

Aspects of Soul Crystal Experience
You are multi-dimensional beings, and by this we mean that your identity exists on many different levels of reality. Your experience of yourself in dream is the best example of the reality of your other existences. The experience of dreaming gives you a good idea of the flexibility of consciousness and its ability to manifest in many different forms and in many different places. If you allow yourself to understand that your dreaming is a reality and not “just a dream”, then with your imagination, you may be able to see yourself elsewhere.
Joseph, the one writing this book for us, met one of his “other level selves” while taking a shower some years ago. This was during his Grand Awakening. It was not an easy time for him. Everything seemed to come at once. He was excited, yet very off balance. You see, he had planned to awaken at seventeen, and though he did experience an epiphany of sorts at that age, he did not know where to go with it. Conditions in your society had not yet come to a place where he could understand or have any framework for his experiences, and so he closed off to them.
Many of you made great plans before entering this incarnation only to see them twisted by the turns of time and waves of experience. Incarnational plans are made in most cases with a sense of joy and light that accompanies the atmospheric expression of the planning level. It is similar to when you daydream a wonderful fantasy while on vacation, perhaps on the beach, without a care in the world. You plan in an atmosphere that allows you to see the real ideal possibilities of physical existence. Some would say they are made in a “pie in the sky” atmosphere. In a sense they are, for they are made truly seeing what is possible for a life in its ideal. Of course there were guides with you there who attempted to help you understand the difficulties of physical reality and the problems you might face. However on that level the ideal is intoxicating, as the truth often is.
You might think that a person that has had many lifetimes wouldn’t have a hard time realizing how difficult life on earth is, and remember how many blocks there are to true expression, but this is not usually the case. Tutoring those who are to reincarnate is a very difficult job. It is very difficult to remind the student of the difficulty of earth life while they are in a state that is intoxicating with truth and love. The troublesome aspects of earth life fade in such a place as to be an illusion, and usually by the planning phase past blocks have been cleared so the student may make choices from truth. Yet truth is a somewhat rare commodity on your planet, or perhaps we should say it is so well hidden in obfuscation and lies that seeing it is difficult.
You might say that tutoring a being for her next incarnation is like planning next week’s activities on laughing gas. The ideal for love’s expression and union with those who in the past you have had problems seems so easy from that state. Life then often seems a series of disappointments, and so far from the imagined ideal. This gap is often experienced in life as depression. This word depression is a good one for describing the space that opens up and darkens between your held ideals to “how the world ought to be” and how it is experienced.
How it ought to be is brought by you into this world, and so often the depressive is a closet idealist. You are then told you “need to face reality”, that this is how the world is and you need to accept it as such. Yet there is a part of you that says, “This isn’t how the world really is, this is a lie, all of it”. Your life experience is not matching the life plan you came in with. Realizing this is very helpful, for it gives you the knowledge the world can be much better, for you have seen the truth of it from a higher level, a level of truth. Inside of your Soul Crystal you may fly across that depression as though in a space ship crossing a desert, and look out the window and observe. In the distance you will see the light of the ideal and you may fly there too and learn. You will be able to see what it is that keeps you from your ideal life. Look and study the storm, the sand and the darkened skies. Ask your guides, the Angels of the Lovelight, to discern the images in that darkness. There are lessons for you there, and there you will find the knowledge that will allow you to see your Life Plan is always viable.
In the shower that day Joseph saw a luminescent lime green Lizard Being who said he was part of him. Joseph had been reading of the various groups in the universe and the “good guys” and the “bad guys”, and went into immediate denial. “I’m not a bad guy and no part of me could be,” he thought. And for him this is true. Racial stereotyping is not limited to earth by any means. It took several years for Joseph to come to terms with being a Lizard Being in another reality, and then to learn that this part of his being merely showed up in the body that was most representative of his incarnational work, and is at this point in development a field of energy working in the area of the Big Dipper. Indeed, this being is more truly Dragon by origin or Natural Form to this system.
So why would part of his being show up in a way that would cause this upsetting experience?--to stretch his mind. So Joseph denied part of himself for some long time until he could come to terms with prejudice and concepts of Love. Indeed this being oversees a planetary system with many other beings in what is often in new age terms called a spiritual hierarchy—a group responsible for the functioning of a Lovelife system.
In Your Soul Crystal you too may see yourself in other forms, and you will question, “Is this really me?” Well indeed it may well be. Always take your time with information you get from other levels. Certainly some information you will know in your Heart to be true, yet other information will seem so weird and crazy to you that you may need a year or two to sit with it. That’s just fine. Allow yourself time!!! As you open to other levels of reality, your sense of reality gets knocked off of its pilings and you may feel set adrift for a time. This is necessary for your learning process. It is not easy to let go of the old secure moorings that allow for a sense of security. Reality is changing though, and it is good for you to allow yourselves to drift off of old secure notions so that you can absorb truth. Often it is a fixed security system that hides you from yourself. You find what is easy and comfortable and when something shows up that frightens you, you hide your face from it as though it is the scary part in a monster movie. But you know that part which seems so dark can be examined from the safety of your Soul Crystal and you can think on these things. Often in the storms of sand you will find what it is in that darkness that is keeping you from the ideals that were to be your Life when you planned it long ago.
You other level selves await you. Some of them may be dark!!! You are the healer!!! You heal them. Some of your level selves may have gone astray in the past. This is nothing to be ashamed of. We recommend finding it interesting. If you run around saying, “Oh my higher self is a dark entity from Transylvania,” and feel frightened and hysterical, you will be helpless before the information. You have Free Will. You choose. You are the fulcrum of your being, for you volunteered for the most difficult density there is, and hence you have clout. You can change the orientation of an other-level self from your position by declaring your intensions and living them. A negatively oriented “other level self” cannot resist you if you are determined. There can indeed be attempts to influence you, and you need to ask for help from Mother/Father with this. It is what you are here to do. You as healer!!!
You may feel fear of your other level selves. Get into your Soul Crystal and fly right into that fear. Ask Archangel Michael or Christ or just the Mother/Father to accompany you and all will go well. With intent change the pictures you see and declare it is so. Your intent from The Fulcrum of Earth, connected to Mother/Father is all that is required. Great effort through this Age has been applied by dark forces to make the human believe she is impotent. Begin changing other level aspects, not only of yourself, but that which you find plain wrong.
What do we mean? You are light workers. What does that mean? Well, we ask you that. Does it just mean that you sit in light? Perhaps. But as you move between the Mother and the Father within your Soul Crystal you will see many things. One day you may find that getting to the Central Sun seems next to impossible and you will ask yourself why. You will rise through that tube of light and hit perhaps a band of dark energy, a block that seems to be hiding the light and keeps you from moving up. What do you do?
Did you know that your Soul Crystal is a bit more magic than you may have conceived of it? You may ground your Soul Crystal simultaneously into many parts of the Earth. Some of you will find yourself led to underground fountains of energy and informed that they are good for you to bath in. Etheric fires, Soul baths, Etheric waters—there are so many it is impossible to describe. Your Soul Crystal holds all of your level selves that are aligned with the Lovelight. Those aspects of yourself that are not aligned with the Mother/Father will be found without it, for they are “fallen”. It is your job to get them back into your soul crystal, and it may take a particular bath or fire for you to cure them. Even though they are not in Your Soul Crystal, they are connected to you, and if you bathe in the right fountain, bath or fire, it will affect them and begin to call them home. You are the Healer, and we are not kidding one iota about this.
These other level aspects can seem as big and as frightening as the gods they may be, small g. You in Your Soul Crystal have dominion of will over them. This is not done in direct confrontation, but knowing that they are “vulnerable” to your intent brings them back to “reality” the Reality of the Lovelight and the intension of the highest good through the Mother/Father.
You have connected the Above and Below with Your Soul Crystal. Your Other Level Selves live within the very same Crystal. It is the same yet exits on other levels with them. They are aware of you through it and you will become aware of them. They can help you, for they are part of You, and may be seen as part of your “higher self”. Each has certain abilities and knowledge you may draw on as part of your knowledge as soon as you acknowledge their presence and reality. This is one of the ways you may bring Divine Wisdom and White Magic to Earth in the Service of the Mother/Father. This may be seen as the beginning of the Merger of “Higher Self” with you, or merely Self Merging. You will not be overwhelmed by any aspect of yourself “walking in on you” if you find them within your/their Soul Crystal.
If you find this all hard to believe, then get into your Soul Crystal and ask it to begin to reveal to you other aspects of yourself. Say you want this to come in easily and gently. Meditate on this!!! Suddenly your world and your abilities within this world will open up. When it seems too much for you, then ease off and reduce communications to a level that is comfy. You can do this!!!
You are in your Soul Crystal and headed to the Central Sun and suddenly you find the Light blocked by a band of dark sticky energy. What do you do? Well, you have been to the Central Sun before in your Soul Crystal. It still is there. Skip the level that is blocked and simply see yourself in your Crystal at the Central Sun. From there you may look down and see the block. Move toward the Central Sun and make a declaration or prayer of intent into the Central Sun, a request. Perhaps you will say, “How am I to receive Divine Intent when there is a big block keeping the Lovelight from reaching down to my physical body and the Earth? How am I to connect Heaven and Earth when something or someone keeps trying to block the Lovelight? As an embodied being on Earth and guardian of Earth I ask that this block, this darkness be removed so that the highest and best intent and light, the Will of the Divine Mother/Father may reach the Earth.”
Declare this if it is your desire and intent to be an Earth Guardian. This is the original intent for human existence on Earth. You are the transducers of energy for the planet. As the Lovelight reaches you certain aspects of your physiology are set in motion, codes for the planets ascension are in your bodies. The Lovelight activates these codes which are then sent down into the planetary core. Ask only that which is in line with the true will of the Mother/Father activate. Some of you carry genetic codes which have been altered to cause damage to Earth’s ascension. Your work within your Soul Crystal will remove or repair these altered codes. It is not your fault they are there, if they are. Or perhaps you did have something to do with these alterations. You may find out some of this by looking to the aspects of yourself that exist outside of your Soul Crystal. Forgive them as if they are you and ask for Lovelight to come to them, and it will. You may hear a lot of roaring and whining and anger as you do this, for the separation caused by clearing darkness from the light within will cause these entities pain at first, and then in time great relief.
A great game has been playing out for Eons in this system. Many of you have played different roles. In the end it will all come to Love and Light. How long? How many repeats of this scenario? That is up to you to decide. Will you chose to become conscious? By doing so you gain control over your Destiny. This is not a story about whether this life will bring you a big house and a successful career, for the stakes are so much higher than that!!! This is about what level of existence you will find yourself in for the next eleven thousand years. When you think of that, whether you get that promotion at work or have a cool car or get to vacation a lot is really rather insignificant—don’t you think?
Your Soul Crystal is truly magical, for it is One, yet can exist in thousands of different places at once. You may sit within it to feel at home. You may ask it questions and receive the answers and guidance you want and need. Be responsible with it. Look to see where you are grounding it. You may find when you look with your inner eye that it is grounded at your residence and see that when you leave home it is still there even though it is also with you as you travel around. Perhaps you have had a mate that you are no longer with. Make sure that you have not left an aspect of your Soul Crystal grounded with that person. Bring it back to yourself. You are responsible for your Soul Crystal on this level. Begin to understand how it works. We Hathors may tell you many things about your Soul Crystal, but it is yours to understand and own, for it is as your body, your means of expression. It holds all the codes necessary to activate your development; it holds your history and the story of who you are, what you are, and what you can be. Your Soul Crystal connects you to infinity and the infinite in a way that lends comprehensibility to the incomprehensible. Your Soul Crystal is the gateway to Paradise. We do not exaggerate. Truth is truth.
We sing songs of Love to each of you in the wish that you realize yourselves as the Body of God,
The Hathors

Soul Crystal Consciousness
We hope by now you are getting very used to your Soul Crystal. Have you noticed how much better you feel within it? By bringing it around yourself every day, you are bringing it closer and closer to the physical dimension. This is very good for you physical body, for there are many energetic layers to the body, going from what is often called the Subtle to the Gross. When you put your clothes on in the morning, see yourself putting on your Soul Crystal. Sure you already had it on, but put it on some more!!! Your conscious effort brings truth into your awareness, and so brings your awareness to new levels. The more you relate to the energies that are your Soul Crystal, the more information you receive and the more energy you are able to exchange with it. In this you are opening corridors of awareness you have been disconnected from for a long time. Like a magician, you are bringing into actuality something that others don’t even know exists!!! You might say that you are recreating a lost matrix that is yourself. When you begin to know yourself, unimagined freedoms will roar into your life and you will play like a lion cub!!!
When you get into your Soul Crystal, we suggest learning about your Internal Compass. What is your Internal Compass? It is a technique you may use in your grounding that will allow you to ground into the part of the Earth’s energetics that is best for you at the time. You can try this out now!!! Get into you Soul Crystal and connect the Above and Below. Feel the Central Sun. Slide all the way up your Crystal to the Central Sun and feel its charging light!!! Then side down to the Heart of the Mother and feel her supporting presence. Also notice that there is Lots of Light coming down your Crystal from the Central Sun to the Mother through and around your Soul Crystal. You see, you are helping the Father and Mother to mate energies just by grounding!!! So it is with real healing. The phrase, “Give a healing, get a healing,” is very accurate, completely true. By healing yourself you are helping Mother/Father merge and heal, and as they heal, you are protected and energized by the Lovelight that roars around your Crystal in their merging and exchange of energies. It can feel very loving and even very sexy to feel the merging of the Father and Mother energies.
Now center yourself back in your Body, knowing and feeling the Up and Down energies flowing by and though you via your Soul Crystal. Now announce to yourself and your guides you are going to ground into the earth in the place that is best for you. With your eyes closed feel what direction you are being pulled toward, drawn to. Believe us when we say you will feel this!!! Feel yourself flying in your chair in that direction until you slow down and stop. Now try it!!! You are indeed traveling as you do this, and you are realigning your energetics, and so the Earth’s energies too!!!
You may find that you move in several directions, stopping perhaps occasionally, and then going on and grounding into a different spot. You likely will really feel yourself flying along the surface of the earth as you do this, and may wonder exactly what is going on!!! It is really fairly complex, and we hope you will be satisfied with the explanation we give you, though it is simplified. As you can be seen as having layers of bodies from a specific viewpoint, so the earth does too. There are very many vibrational levels or bodies of Mother Earth too. Your bodies and hers correspond. So you may ground your physical body down, yet your “other level” bodies may have more appropriate correspondences for grounding. You may then ask, well am I moving my body or Mother Earth’s body when I do this. The easiest answer we can give you is both. As you shift so does she. Your intuition is coming from very deep levels of understanding in this action. You know, you really do!!! Grounding in this “secondary” way helps align your body to hers and visa versa. It is healing for Mother Earth to be aligned with her in better and better ways. Perhaps you have heard of people working to realign Earths “grids” as a healing procedure. Well this is in essence what you are doing, healing Earth and Yourselves. We have spoken of the loss of alignment between Spirit and Soul, and how the reconnection needs to be made. In this Soul and Body can be seen as One aligning with Spirit as One. We hope our mathematics of one plus one plus one equals One sits well with you!!!
This obviously is a good exercise to incorporate into your Above and Below practices everyday. It will allow you to feel/see much of Mother Earth’s Body everyday, for you will feel the “terrain” that you are flying over. When you stop your flight to a new alignment, take a moment to feel where you are. You can slide down through your Soul Crystal and see/sense what energies your flight has brought you to. You may find fountains, waterfalls, etheric fire, a place in nature. There are many many places within and upon the earth, and many levels to explore. What you need to know is the place you have “landed” is right for you at the time. You may feel intuitively in your day that it is time to move your grounding again, for the Mother has many energies for you and she and your intuition will work as one to place you there.
Remember your reality is for you to explore. This seemingly simple exercise can lead you on great and wondrous explorations. You need no guru, only a few hints and you are off!!! Yet whether you choose to explore further or not, it is very healthful and helpful for you to practice this secondary grounding with your Internal Compass!!!

Your Crystal and Planetary Influences in Your Life
By now perhaps you have established your Soul Crystal from the Central Sun to the Heart of the Mother. In this you have begun to proclaim your Spiritual Integrity. The flows of energy you receive as you continue this practice with change you. This may come quickly, in fast bursts of acceleration, or a smooth flow. It depends so much on your personal history as a being that this cannot be foretold. Some of you prefer fiery swift action, and you may find your Kundalini seeded quickly, rocketing you into knowledge and experience that is hard to understand. Or you may receive gentle sweet visions and breezes of Pure Love blowing through your body. What we can say is that this exercise will indeed bring changes and you may see it as a process or a path that will, we promise, take you in a new, amazing direction.
Perhaps you have read stories of the ancient gods and their powers over humanity. These gods for the most part were real and are real—the Pantheon of the gods who seem to embody many of the qualities of humans. They were often described in your myths as being very competitive, boisterous, drunken, secretive and needy. If you look closely at these myths you will find one quality these gods all share in common, one need they all wished for and demanded more than any. What is that need? It is the need for human attention, human energy sent their way. They demanded sacrifice of human energy and they needed this for their survival.
Why did they need such energy? They need your energy because they were and are no longer connected to Source. Without Source energy they had to rely on other entities energies for their food. This is the reason that in so many of your myths the gods are constantly engaged in power plays with one another. Even today you will find planets in “opposition”, where a struggle occurs between their attributes and their power to influence. Who will “win”? Who will garner more power from humanity?
These gods are some of the Mother and Father’s first children. As children they ran off and made mistakes and were often rebellious. As the Mother and Father of this creation had more children, space expanded and the Human was born on the frontier, the outer limits.
Who was it that was between the source of energy of the One Creator and the Human?-- the gods; small “g”. Sometimes these gods are referred to as The Archons. They accumulated great power by influencing and often frightening humankind. They are sometimes referred to as the “fallen ones”, for they set themselves up as “gods”, and have influenced humanity through its development. And how did these gods aquire such great power? They got it from you, and you gave it to them.
Many of you will find these words and ideas strange. Some of you wonder why a movie like the Matrix fascinates so many. You feel some truth in the movie; something stirs inside you. Somehow you do feel that you are caught in a labyrinth. You can still see these god’s energies in your skies, at least some of them. The ancients recognized that the planets seemed to have an affect on their lives. With the changes of seasons they recognized patterns of influence and created the science of astrology to study these influences. These are the Archons, the Fallen Ones, who set themselves up as gods in The One’s place, in the place of the Father and Mother.
As a being that has had many incarnations, you have worshipped these “Fallen Gods”. They were once simple entities with a single Soul Crystal, as you once were. Yet through time they accumulated the energies of those who came into creation later and did not understand these “gods” manipulations. These entities convinced humans that they, the “gods”, knew more about truth, and if that did not work they frightened humans into believing so. As to-be human spirits descended from Source to the Earth, those spirits were influenced and bent by the mere presence of the Archons. This is in fact very complicated and we are attempting to give the story to you in the simplest terms. This influence of these ancient souls imprinted you as you first “dropped in”. They had become the “atmosphere” the “environment” you entered.
What happened when you worshipped the Archons? You gave them part of yourself. Part of your energy went to them. This energy is with them to this day. It is locked inside of the silly repetitive dance, this soap opera that the “gods” have been acting out for eons.
Perhaps when you think about this, you will wonder if you do not have a bit of Soul Retrieval to do. There is a pattern to this dance that goes across the sky, and since your energies are imbedded in these entities, you are danced along like a puppet on a string. Any astrologer will tell you, “Well you have such and such an influence going on that will make you tend to do, or feel this particular way, but you have free will, and if you are aware this influence you can manage it by making mindful adjustments.
That is true, but we Hathors ask you, why should you be influenced by them at all?!!!! Why should you be being jerked around like a puppet on a string in a drama that has nothing to do with you? Well, what do you think; how do you feel about this?
First you must recognize that it is you that gave them power, power over you. Perhaps you were duped. Perhaps you were involved in the early “gods” family struggle! Perhaps you took sides in this family drama for many lifetimes, proclaiming one god as better than the other and putting lots of energy into it, joining with a “family”. Perhaps one of these “gods” is your planet of origin!!! It does not really matter. What is important is that you have freewill. What you didn’t know is that through your free will you somehow, in some way gave these Archons power; at some point you handed over your power, your responsibility for yourself to another.
You were meant to be taught, educated and enlightened by your Mother and Father, not the small “gods”. It takes conscious effort on your part to take your energies back that you gave away. Sometimes this takes place by grace, and this will increase now and in the future: but in order to be a conscious human being, guided by the Lovelight, it is best that you purposefully do your own work—with guidance, of course.
The Soul Crystal connects you to Father and Mother energies. When you eliminate the influence the Planets, the Archons, have over you, you will begin to feel as though life is suddenly clear and understandable. Look to your True Mother and Father for this. They are your true guides. You may ask now, “But what about you Hathors? Didn’t we hear you came through the energies of Venus by way of Sirius?” And we will tell you: yes we did.
The Lovelight of the Father/Mother does not abandon its children, even the Archons. Even they are affected by the Lovelight. It is just that they are stuck in patterns of every unfortunate condition you can observe in mankind. They are a dysfunctional family. Each is composed of an original being layered with the worshipping and appropriated energies of so many entities, that they do not even know who they are anymore. And this is true of each of you. You do not know who you are!!! Yes you know an aspect of yourself, but just one tiny aspect! Some of you know a bit more, but we are all learning. We mean no disrespect, we only mean to encourage you to look at what you call yourself, and see how much mystery is there. So much!!! Huge!!!
The Lovelight comes into this system as it stands. You have to learn and work from your present position. Each of these Archons has bands of high vibration Lovelight working to transform them, as do you. You might see this as their guardian angel. And many of you have tuned into the high vibrations of these planets and felt the wonder there.
Many Lovelight workers from many systems have come to work with the Archons and this system in order to transform old stuck patterns of difficulty to that of Love. Did you know that the planets themselves are working on their ascension? And of course they are just as conflicted as you are, and more. You ought to know this for until you pull your energy out of their clutches, you are part of them. You are stuck in the “Archetypes” of pattern and behavior. Many of you have learned quite a lot spinning out these old patterns. But certainly you have experienced situations in life that you thought you had learned before, yet find the old pattern emerging again.
Perhaps you didn’t learn the lesson right. But there is another possibility and we will tell you what it is. If you have some of your energy stuck in an entity, and that entity has not yet learned a particular lesson, then you may just find yourself doing something, acting in some way you told yourself you’d never do again. Why?-- because part of yourself is stuck in an Archons ignorance. Part of you is being dragged around in an old pattern that has been going on for more centuries than you want to count. You are being involved in archetypes you leaned about before and wonder why you keep repeating a pattern over and over again.
We ask you to give this some thought before you take any action. You may think, but I love the feeling of Venus and her warmth and Love. We agree!!! However the warmth and love of Venus came from The Mother (and Father too) and this is available to you directly from the Mother, and even more!!! An excruciating labyrinth of pain and suffering has been the result of the interaction of the Archons with humankind. Everyone is born under their influence and so swept up into an ancient dance of struggle and pain. The “lessons master” Saturn will give you your lessons, but they will be in a slow and painful manner, and if you have many, many lifetimes to spare, perhaps you will come to an understanding. Most of you have already done the dance of these “great teachers”, and it is seldom that we Hathors indulge in ironic humor!!! It is likely you will feel some anger when you think of what you have been through. Did you know if you had stayed connected with the Mother/Father directly that little of this would ever have happened to you?
Many masters have found their way out of the labyrinth. Perhaps you have heard of the Cabalist’s Middle Pillar, the most “direct route to god”. In this tradition one must learn to balance the energies of the Archons as one moves through and between them. One must have control over her own energies to a degree that she becomes an ascetic in order to reach Source. The pain of the discipline required in such achievement comes from the fact that the Initiate has not retrieved his energy from these gods, these Archons, these dusty old monsters. Every step of his journey he or she is plagued with pulls from seemingly contrary directions. “I’m Horney and that pulls me off this middle way; I must stop being Horney!!” “I am feeling loving but selfish too. That must mean I am somehow doing something wrong. What planetary Sepharoth am I not balancing properly?” “I know I am supposed to be loving and giving, but I’m feeling angry and envious. I am hopeless!!! What am I to do?” To please God, humans have tortured themselves to show their allegiance to high ideals, while others have asked, “What kind of God would require such things.” We will tell you what kind of “god”, or “gods”—the Archons.
In order to reach the truth you are “required” to go through all these so-called “guardians at the gate” in order to receive the blessings of The One, or so you are lead to believe. As you climb the ladder toward The Source of the One, the sepharah or planetary influences that most strongly pull you off course are the Archons you gave the most energy to in the past, the ones you worshipped and feared the most.
Your own energy within the planetary Archons resonates with “their problems” and directly affects you. Once you retrieve this energy you will suddenly find a lot of your problems really weren’t your problems after all. You worked them out to your satisfaction, yet when they arrived back at your door you thought, “Well, I guess life and God is telling me I have more work to do here.” Perhaps you do! But we highly suggest you take these problems directly to your Mother and Father for solution. The Archons effect is very often to make very small problems or distortions in your understanding huge. Why? Because their energies feed off of fear. How can you learn from someone in a loving way, when that teacher is feeding off the energy of fear you emit? How do you think these Archons have survived all of this time?
We do not wish to say that you have not learned a lot in this process, for you have. But it is old and stale and was less than ideal from the beginning. Yes you can feel and receive higher vibrations from all of the planets, for they are somewhat balanced by energies sent around them by the Father/Mother/--One. These higher energies are of the One, and there is great Grace and Love in them. Yet this is similar to seeing a very mean and dangerous person and inside knowing that they are of god and just off course. Yet you wouldn’t think of asking them to be your teacher or guru or guide, would you?
If you have established your Soul Crystal around yourself in daily meditation, you have the tool that will allow you to connect with the Great Mother and Great Father and retrieve your energies back from the Archons. You will know when the time has come for you to do this. You will feel the Mother with you, for you have asked her to be your guide. You will feel the energy of the Father coming down from above through your Crown and into your Body. Ask both the Mother and Father Energies to be present with you in a way you can understand and comprehend. Many of their aspects are incomprehensible to you now, but they will be with you and you will know it in your own way.
When you feel the time has come, ask the Mother and Father for help. Tell them that you want to come home, to be with them each and every day and night and in every moment. Tell them that you want only them for your teachers and guides in life—only those that they send to you and no others. Tell them that you wish for any influences upon you that they do not approve of be removed from your experience and energy field. Tell them you want to feel who you really are again, as you were created, yet here, in human form. Tell them that you want all of your energy back from the Archons that is yours, and you want only Divine Mother and Father to be your teacher from now on!!! Ask them to hold your Soul Crystal in perfect placement so you will receive their energies in a way perfect for you. Ask them to bring your energies back to you in a comfortable way that will fit in with who you think you are now, so that the changes will not be too disorienting.
Of course they will bring this back to you!!! You have free will!!! You can be controlled by these painful, dusty old gods, or you can be raised by your True Parents. These energies will be retrieved by the Father and sent to the Mother for the weaving of a new garment. This garment will be fitted to you in a great and beautiful way. Life will become simpler for you and much more beautiful. You will for the first time experience yourself free of the terrible tidal pulls of the Archons and their endless tension, for your energies will no longer be within them.
Your lessons will be given to you in understandable and simple ways, and you will feel what it is like to truly be parented for the first time. Guidance will be less confusing, for many of the small voices that seemed to whisper to you of doubt and fear before will be gone.
Many of you have wondered why life’s lessons needed to be so painful. They don’t. The Archons patterns of behavior left little room for you to maneuver, and you did not know they held you in darkness and contempt. Many of you do not believe you can escape astrological influences; that this was God’s lesson plan and you could do nothing but submit. But this is not true. The One loves. Do you think pain is the tool Mother/Father/One would choose to raise their children? Certainly you have seen better examples of parenting in your own life than the tragedies you see as “lessons” in the world today.
The Mother and Father are loving parents. Your Soul Crystal and your request are your tickets back to your true family again. Imagine the most loving parents you have ever seen and multiply that a thousand times and more and you will begin to understand the nature of your true parents. They are yours and await you. They can be in your life right here on Earth in ways you cannot imagine. You will come to know and feel their Love every day of your life.
Welcome Home!!!
With Love and Light of The One,
The Hathors

The Loss of the Rose
When you lost The Rose, you got the Moon!!!
“What are the Hathors talking about now,” you may ask.
What we are talking about now is a Great Mystery that has so much to do with your current situation on Earth it is astounding!!! What was the Rose? Who gave it away? Why? What is the Grail?
We have suggested you clear your energy of the Archons. Yet we did not suggest to you to clear the Moon, and we thought you might like to know why. Did you know that at the time of Atlantis there was no Moon? Well, actually there was, though it could not be seen with the naked eye. Yet it was there on deeper levels, for The Friend, the One, knew that a time would come when there would be a Moon and the foundation for its construction had begun. The materials for its physical foundation on etheric levels were made of feminine energies rejected by the inhabitants of earth. What examples of the rejected feminine can we give you for this trend?
Perhaps you have memories of Pan, the land that was a dream come true. A place where your thoughts created the beautiful spaces you inhabited, and the landscape changed as glory of your moods flowed outward. You could meet a friend and talk even though you existed in two individually different landscapes. Sometimes the friends would begin to get on the same wavelength and the excitement and harmony between them would create a third landscape, and all three “spaces” could be experienced at the same time. It was easy to know what thoughts to think, for thoughts manifested so quickly and so perfectly. Mother and Father speaking.
By the time of Atlantis this was not so. Intruding energies had infected the planet with fear, and the fear blocked a complete and wholesome connection with the Divine Mother and Father. The belief that something outside of yourself could hurt you was the belief that manifested this change. This belief created power hierarchies of those who held secrets of Power, and what is “power” except a belief that there is something more powerful than you in Oneness?
Christ was not kidding when he said that the Kingdom of God was within, for The Friend created each being to be safe and capable of freedom. When you truly knew yourself to be a part of the Friend, the One Mother/Father, what could hurt you? Illusion and delusion through fear had become the power broker on Earth.
Where Pan was egalitarian, Atlantis was hierarchical. In Pan the landscape was created by thought. In Atlantis this ability, though much stronger than today, was very weak and in steady decline. External tools as objects of power were imbued with the energies which really emanated from within. But the “within” was discounted through fear, and through fear the energies of the masses were concentrated within objects—technology.
The energy balancing Earth at the time the Atlantians concentrated more and more Soul Energy outside of themselves and inside of objects was Lemuria. Lemuria was the society, the “reality” that immediately followed the Fall of Pan. Power in Lemuria still came largely from the within, from the One. Feats that would be considered miracles today were common place. Lemurian ability at manifestation through belief and harmonization with the Divine were beyond the Atlantians ability. In Atlantis the power of the inner had been externalized and so mechanized. Soul energies were being transferred from the inner to the outer. Of course this was causing the beings of Atlantis to lose their personal power, and so begin to believe all power was outside of themselves. Today you find yourselves in the very same state. Fear was used by the Power hierarchy in Atlantis to elicit energy from within individuals to power technologies. The loss of Soul in this trend was immense. Were it not for Lemuria, Atlantis would have sunk into the ocean long before. It was the Lemurians inner connection with The Friend, The One, that allowed Atlantis to proceed as far as it did in the externalization of Soul Energy. We hope that you all notice the irony in this. You might decide to call one of these societies The Light and the other The Dark, yet you will notice that one helped balance the other so that it might proceed.
Atlantis was founded by Lemurians who were attracted to the idea of exploration and experiencing and “conquering” new areas of outer physical manifestation. They were considered the most “retarded” elements of Lemurian society. They were the misfits. And so they struck out and founded Atlantis after a very lengthy sea voyage, mysterious waters of The Mother. This physical exteriorization was knowledge within projected outwardly and so became their “unknown”, their unconscious, their ocean. Most Lemurians found the departure of these individuals quite mystifying. Why would anyone want to go anywhere when everything one could ever want was right here at home, when the mysteries of the Mother were available within?
Atlantis was technology founded upon the inner truths understood from Lemurian society. These truths were externalized into physical objects, which over time became more and more physical. Soul Energy was becoming more physical and outside of the body where the individual could no longer control it, for she had sent it out of herself.
Now it could be easily stolen. Perhaps you have known of Shamans who very carefully hide their bag of power objects. You might see this bag of power objects as the first step toward technology, especially if the Shaman fears the objects being stolen. A better Shaman would know that all that is given and is true is within the self, and that his “power tokens” are simply a symbolic tool to remind him what is within.
America builds tall buildings, and everyone is interested in building one taller than the last. Look how much Soul Energy I have!!! In Atlantis it was the largest crystal. You have heard of Lemurian Crystals, perhaps? These crystals grew quite naturally in Lemuria and were seeded by Dragons who were then in charge of balancing Earth’s energies. These Crystals were generally small and spread out over long distances in order to harmonize the natural world, the Body of the Mother as Earth. Lemurians looked into these Crystals to hear The Mother and channel those energies into their bodies to harmonize with her.
Atlantians took to growing these Crystals and found many uses for them. They were capable of storing a great deal of information much like your computers today. And like your computers of today, this information could be hidden through passwords and secret languages of encryption. For those who had the greatest Soul Power in Atlantis were those who had stolen the greatest amount of Soul Energy from others.
Fear is capable of eliciting a great amount of energy from a body, Soul energy. Governance on Earth has for a very long time been the commerce of Soul Energy. The wetback that struggles for poor wages with his body serves the needs of those “above”, and wonders why. Yet fear keeps him in his place, and he sees no way out. This is your legacy, the legacy of the End of Pan and the drowning of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Soul Energy of those who came to worship at Atlantean Temples was stored in Crystals to feed the Power Hungry. Many extra-terrestrials came to the Atlanteans to trade for this energy. There are many types of beings that feed on the Soul Energy of Humans. It is nearly always elicited by fear. Perhaps you think since you have done something you consider terrible you will go to hell and never be forgiven. This is a great way of eliciting fear. And so worship induced by fear in a large congregation is a wonderful stew for many entities. This energy was stored in crystals and traded to ETs and other-level “negative” entities for the secrets of technologies.
This very same scenario is playing itself out in America today, for America is the New Atlantis. It has become the new Atlantis so that this very same drama might be played out again, with perhaps a better ending. Many of you were in Atlantis, learning about energy and its applications. And many of you were in Lemura and know the lesson Mother Earth freely gives at every moment. You have your back-to-the-land Lemurian hippie types, and Atlantian new-agers with machines that will fix you!!! All the same elements are on your stage at this time to try to find a new ending to the story!!! What will the ending be?
Your stock brokers are always trading away, and looking for the last great deal that will last a lifetime. Atlantis had its last great deal with a group of reptilian entities from the Planet Rigel in the Orion District. These folks had great technological knowledge and had externalized Soul Energy to the extent that there was no Heart Energy. They had planned to take over Earth ever since Pan, for they were the energies that had brought fear and the Fall to that fair land. And though they failed to take it over entirely, they did destroy it with the cooperation of the beings of Pan: those who came to believe there was a power outside of The Friend within them that could control and do them harm.
You see, this story is really a very long one that reaches back even to times before Pan, long before on the Spirals of Time. Loop follows loop yet searches toward resolve, no matter how opposite the energies appear. Yet you live in a time that is intended to end this learning cycle, and when you think of that, perhaps you will feel the excitement that we Hathors feel. Will the polarities meld, marry and become something undreamt of yet so highly desired? You know that feeling that comes from within that yearns for a perfectly lovely, graced life: your idea of heaven? It doesn’t matter whether you are more in the dark or more in the light; everyone dreams of their perfect dream.
You all want something and we wish to say desire is not evil. So what is the answer? That’s what you are here to rediscover and learn. Darkness has been associated with evil by vilification of The Mother. From where did this vilification of the Mother Energies come? We will pick a place on the Great Spiral of Time--the Last Days of Atlantis.
There were two houses of power in Atlantis. One house we shall call the Patricians who were all men. They controlled the practical daily affairs of civic life, made laws and proclamations, appropriated taxes and so forth--the bureaucracy. The other house of power was that of the Priestesses. The Priestesses held the Power of Soul in the Great Crystals where harvested Soul Power was stored. Though the Patricians had control of the army, the priestess held the Power of Soul. As time went on and technology “improved”, the Patricians required more and more Soul energy as fuel, and so the Priestesses rose mightily in power.
You see, you have Male and Female representative energies in these two houses somewhat in balance. However all of their power came from Soul Energy. Some of this was harvested from the people, but as needs grew it was Mother Earth that both parties turned to. And so, with information gained from the Rigalieans, they grew the Greatest Atlantean Crystal.
What was the Greatest Atlantian Crystal designed to do? It was designed to extract and concentrate the energies of the Heart of Mother Earth. It did this with a frightening efficiency. And what was the deal made with the entities from Rigel? All that they asked for in exchange for the methods to create this giant crystal was the first concentrated energies of its production. A Gold Box was brought by the Rigealeans and placed under the Giant Crystal to contain the Great Crystals’ first energy elicited from Mother Earth.
In general the Priestesses were very excited about the deal, as were most of the Patricians. The deal seemed too good to be true, and of course it was. There were some that were suspicious of these reptilians, wondering what they were really up to, but generally the idea of having this much power veiled even the most perceptive of the two Houses of Power.
The Priestesses secretly celebrated, for they were the ones who held the inner knowledge, the code by which the crystal could be operated. With this knowledge their desire to finally subjugate the Patricians to their will, they felt, would be complete.
Great excitement moved through Atlantian Society as the day neared when the Great Crystal would become operational and provide “universal energy” to all in society. The Rigelians knew the crystal was too big and were having quite a laugh over the whole project. They were planning a grand takeover.
The Gold Box was placed under the Great Crystal and it was powered up. All seemed to go well and after seven days the Rigelians left with the Box unopened and everyone was very happy with how things were going. What was in the Box? In the Box was the Heart of the Mother that had been sucked out of the Heart of the Earth, the Heart of the Mother; The Rose, the Grail, an entity sometimes called Shekinah.
Those from Rigel left with the Holy of Holies. You may call it the Shekinah, the Holy Grail, The Rose; it has many names and is the Mystery of Mysteries and shall remain so.
The Rigelean plan was two fold. One to Steal the Heart of the Mother; and secondly, to have the Great Crystal shake the earth to the core, thereby removing its inhabitants. They had an idea of what might be done with the golden box. We will not go into that here, for it is another complex story. Yet we will say that this story comes down through your annals of time in the guise of the myth of Pandora’s Box. The energy in the box could not be contained, yet when released refused to come back to the Earth. Why? Because the people of the earth had traded her off, had of their freewill given Her away.
You now may see the external face of the Shekinah as your Moon. The Moon is in fact the lost part of the earth. When you dreamed with her your dreams came true; but now that is separate and further away from you than her external face. She longs to return to all of you, and she loves you, yet she awaits your invitation. Some call her The Holy Spirit, though they know not to what they call.
One day the earth will no longer have a moon, and all shall be as it should be. You will not be Looney, you will be in Love with all that is.
The memory of the Priestesses deal with the Regalians counts as the time when the feminine fell. And here is another irony. Those incarnated into female bodies for a particular lifetime lost contact with the Mother and traded her off the Earth. They, who had swindled many of their Soul Power, traded that which should have been Most Holy to them away. Since that time, women have been robbed of their power on Earth. The Suns masculine energies still poured down upon the earth with the same force, but there was not enough receiving energy of the Mother to hold and create with those energies. And so the earth became dry and deserts spread. Like your Grail stories of the rape of the Maidens of the Wells, the Earth became barren. Humankind had traded their Heart away.
Women have been persecuted ever since, for no one quite trusted the female side of themselves anymore, even women! In truth it was all of humanity who traded their Heart away. All of you incarnate both as men and women. When you begin to realize the truth behind all of this “sexist” finger pointing, the blame will cease.
Forgiveness of Self is the route home. You are all as One and in One. This dance is a dance you have done together. When you forgive yourselves you attract the energies of the Mother and One Fine Day The Holy of Holies will reenter the Heart of the Planet, and you will be living in Heaven.
And now you know why we did not exclude the Moon from your Parting with the Archons. See the Earth with the Moon at its Heart in your meditations and you will be on your way home.
With all of our Love and Songs for your Hearts,
The Hathors

The Dogma of your Days, by Sanat Kumara
Many of you alive on earth now know me, yet that you have forgotten. You see, I teach what you might call classes in the intervals you have between your lives on earth. My home has been called Shambala and it is not so far away from you. Shambala does indeed exist, and if the name of my home fills you with a longing, then you likely have spent time with me. Perhaps the name Avalon fills you with more longing, and if so, then it is there you heart belongs. There are a number of places where time is spent between lives for learning of which Shambala is one.
Many of you who read this book are very advanced in you learnings, and indeed, many of you have worked in systems far away in time and space from your current involvement on Earth. If the name Shambala creates movement and yearning within you, I invite you to visit. Use your imagination and intent to visit me! You are most welcome and none of you will be turned away. Your imagination is your ticket to flight. First call on the Lovelight to flow around you, and when you feel that light, then state your intentions and ask for help in transport. I will send the energies that will help you along your way.
Many of you have made plans for your coming incarnation while visiting and learning in Shambala. There are many teachers there. You might compare it to one of your universities, for many many beings rest, love and learn there. You might imagine Shambala as a castle in the sky. Many stories of castles floating on clouds come from memories of times spent at Shambala. There are stories of Shambala existing on the earth in the past. This is nearly true. Once upon a time there were portals that could be accessed through places in the earth that facilitated physical to spirit body translation, and back! In those days, for those who remembered well enough the spread of their many lives, it was possible to return for what you might call a refresher course, and return with renewed purpose to life.
The last of those portals was closed in the country you call Tibet in 1976. It was deemed at that time that such portals would be closed for two reasons. The earth’s points of strength are realigning and ever moving at this time. The last portal of access was located within a cave, yet the point of power that aligned with the cave is now moving through solid rock, so it would be impossible for you to move your body into the proper position. When these portals were functioning, it was necessary that they be guarded. Portals are points of power, and points of power are always sought by those which wish to wield power. You have heard what many call fanciful stories of evil powers controlling portals and so being able to come and go and hold power on earth. This is no longer true, for the power points are moving and you may see them as shafts of light for purposes of analogy. These shafts of light are now moving over the earth like spotlights sweeping across the clouds. These shafts of light are plowing the ground, fertilizing the earth and preparing her for her transition.
In these times it is you that may become the point of power on earth. You create the portal which translates you to other realms. This is quite possible for you to do, though some preparation is necessary. It is your so-called “soul or spirit travel” that sets the tone for you to work toward full body translation. Many of you have wondered, “is it possible for me to travel with my body to other realms, levels, and places. The answer is yes, it is possible, yet a certain mastery of “spirit” travel is first necessary. Such work will begin to make changes and signal intents that are then translated by the body. The body begins to change and you will feel its workings. You would call this a natural process, and indeed, it is not dissimilar to your muscles growing when you begin to exercise. When you exercise you are giving your body permission to change. The exercise itself shows an intent to become different. It might surprise you to learn that there are intelligent energies that begin to work with you when you begin to exercise. For those of you who are working with your body in this way, I suggest that you acknowledge the permission you are giving and begin to imagine little Body Angels helping you along your way. This will bring the changes you desire in your body far more quickly. There are indeed what you may call Little Body Angels, though they may look a bit differently than you imagine angels to look, imagine them as you will, and know that they will follow your intent with great vigor. You may wish to think about the ramifications of healing hidden within this suggestion, and wonder how it may help you to learn to heal yourself and others in your life!!!
This knowledge is yours. I merely suggest ideas that will bring fruit. You are capable of what you, in your current world, call great miracles. These so-called miracles should become quite common, and very soon. Yet it is incumbant that you begin to believe of what you currently term “extraordinary events”. When you believe that a healing is “obviously possible”, “ho-hum, of course you can heal”, this confidence is passed along to those around you. Perhaps they will be amazed that you could believe that “that terminal cancer patient could obviously be healed”. Those who have the courage to say such things are often accused of giving false hope. Yet this is how seeds of change are planted. Perhaps the one that is ill is angered, and perhaps he is angered because he has become comfortable with the safety of a terminal diagnosis. This happens all the time. Yet in that anger the patient is often wondering, “Gee, what if it is true?” So you see, it can take great courage to say things that are not commonly believed. Yet how is the thinking on earth to change unless you take courage and act and speak? You know that the words can come to you. The words are always there; you merely have to speak the Lovelight. Place that ego of yours aside for a moment and see what it is that comes out. Words that don’t seem to be yours will suddenly be yours and you will be fused with the Lovelight in a marrage that is meant to be always!!! A healing always occurs in you when you heal with the Lovelight. You are all healers, and so it is meant to be.
The Dogma of Your Days is what you allow it to be. I encourage you to always in everyday and every moment of every day ask for the Lovelight to shine through you. The time has come to say outrageous things and leave mouths gaping. “But what if they die?” you may ask yourself. “Then won’t I look a fool?” These fears must be put aside, for otherwise they are the world rulers. Do you not see how this is so? All about you walls have been erected out of a false logic. How does the world work without the Lovelight present in human conciousness, where permission is not given for its full presence? Well, I will tell you, it works about as well as your current world works. Science has been quite successful at leaving out the true life of life, and then accessing what reality is. There is much that has been learned from dead dogs, but not much about life, not much as is learned by a live dog!
Death is said to be inevitable. Is this so? I tell you it is not so. Change is inevitable and that is all that is inevitable. All Life is in flux. Change of form can be accomplished without what you call death.
I ask you to fly to me and visit Shamballa. I am waiting for your call. If it is Christ you wish to accompany you, so Christ it will be. Call on the ones of the Lovelight that you feel a familiarity and ask to travel, ask for lessons. You can learn more than you now imagine in this way. Heal others, make room for the impossible and believe in the impossible until it becomes as common as putting peanut butter on bread.
Change of form can be accomplished without death. The Portals of translation are now within you; you access them from within, for the Kingdom is within. These portals are created by your faith and learning. Energies will come to you with increasing intensity dependant upon your desire to love and learn true reality. Your world has little understanding of the word truth. Much has purposely been hidden from you by those who wish to control you. They have used the portals for selfish power. You are your own portal. Your intend creates your connection to Heaven and Shamballa and other worlds. Intend to connect with that which you have forgotten!
The learning between lives and the challenges of earth

The Up and Down, Flying Around
We often wonder how it is that humans often have difficulty with the concept of Soul Travel or Astral Flight. We have often seen attempts made at astral flight, following instructions in various books. Often these books insist that all conscious body awareness must be lost so that complete awareness is in the “astral body”. This simply put is not so. We have seen many give up at this point, thinking they do not have what it takes to astral or soul travel.
What we say is this—if you can imagine yourself to go somewhere, some part of you does. We would not say that it is better that all body consciousness is lost. When you watch television you often lose a great deal of your body consciousness as you travel into mind—or elsewhere! So if you have watched television and survived, we know you are capable of Soul Travel. We prefer the name Soul Travel, for the levels that you travel through are more than just the Astral Plane. In fact, we rather feel that the higher planes than the Astral are more beneficial, especially for those just reacquainting themselves with “other levels of reality”.
So really going somewhere on other planes is a process of projection of mind or what you may call imagination. Using our prior notion, imagine you are in a favorite spot of yours. Do so now. A portion of yourself is now in that place. This may seem hard for you to believe, yet it is true. If you are able to really concentrate on that favorite spot of yours, a larger percentage of your consciousness transfers to that spot. Give it a try if you like. How is it that your know how to do this, and how is it that you have done this so many times and not called it astral travel or soul travel. “Oh, I was just daydreaming,” you might say. Indeed, Daydreaming. Often you may daydream and add in wishes or fantasies you have, and this is what is commonly called daydreaming. Now if you simply take the fantasies of yours out of the daydream you are Soul Traveling. We will call it soul travel, as it indicates the possibility of many levels as opposed to one, the Astral.
It is most likely that you are on the astral plane when you imagine yourself in your favorite spot. The Astral plane is where many fantasies are built by humans with their imaginations. When you begin to fantasize while imagining your favorite spot you are building images that float about on the astral plane. The trick to truly seeing on the Astral Plane is by learning not to project your own wishes and fantasies there. You see, there are so many wishes and fantasies floating about on the Astral that it can be quite a confusing place to travel. It is quite easy to pick up energies of the fantasies of others and become quite immersed in their ideas, desires, sexual fantasies and so forth. So you see, if you daydream a particular fantasy, some of your energies create imagery that holds a particular vibration. This can draw similar vibrations to you from forms that others have created. In some cases, you can unknowingly be drawn into relationships with other beings or humans only on the Astral, or you may unwittingly draw someone into your life through this initial meeting of energies on the Astral Plane.
This is why we say that the Astral is a tricky plane to deal with, especially when first becoming conscious of you flittings about. So, yes, for those of you who think you do not or cannot astral travel, you may be assured that you do. The larger percentage of your dreams take place on the Astral Plane, for the Astral Plane is also the last formative area for you daily experiences on the Earth Plane. You participate and choose here amongst many projected possibilities the experiences you will have on earth.
You have a great deal of influence on the Astral Plane, yet in large part this influence is unconscious to you, and a great deal of the willy-nilly feelings you have about your lives are do to the lack of familiarity with the Astral Plane and other levels of Reality!
The Astral plane may be seen by analogy as the clay that forms your daily existence. Stories of humankind being formed out of clay are not far-fetched in this understanding. As you can imagine, your ideas about the nature of reality and how the world works has a great deal to do with how you form the clay into the experiences you have on earth. Of course, this is very difficult to do without a greater knowledge of who you really are and how far you go. You exist on many levels of reality. By connecting with these different levels of yourself, you can begin to voyage toward a greater understanding of manifestation.
Most often those that dabble in Magic work with the Astral Plane, knowingly or unknowingly. It is the Moon that is the Ruler of the Astral Plane and it is the Moon that provides the forms of your world. This is why the Moon is referred to as the Nurse for the Earth. She provides the forms which the earth fills, or fulfills. The Moon has been mistrusted for a very long time, both for being associated with magic and the feminine. In fact, the Astral Plane and the Moon merely give the tools and forms to fulfill the intensions of the energies at work on your Earth Plane-humans, for instance. There would be no manifest creation, or Earth Plane, if it were not for the Moon. The moon gives you the reflected light of the Sun so that you may gaze upon the Sun without burning your eyes. The Moon translated the commands of the Sun so that change of form and time may properly reflect the conditions endlessly changing upon the earth.
The Astral Plane is no more than the intensions placed in it. There is no need to fear this plane, after all, it is the one with which you have the most familiarity! You dream there, you fantasize there, you help mould your existence, your life there.
Indeed, it is lucky that you have so much guidance in you lives, for on the astral plane you guidance, your angels, and your higher self as represented by who you are on many other planes, assist in choosing the events and interactions with other energies in you life.
In Christ’s prayer, “Deliver me from evil, and lead me not into temptation” is a direct request to your angels and higher self of intensions directed to the Astral Plane, largely, and through those energies, to other planes as well. You are basically requesting through this part of the Lord’s Prayer, that you are not fully conscious of the workings of the Astral Plane, and give permission to your guides to lead you in the right direction so that you do not get embroiled in difficult situations.
There are different levels to the Astral Plane. Your dreams and fantasies generally rest near the bottom, and if you imagined the ocean floor, you might see all the fishes and weeds and sharks and so forth mixing in the currents. There are lovely dreams there and thoughts of murder. It is a giant mix of energies projected out by all the creatures of the earth. This is why the Astral Plane can be so confusing. At first it may be hard for you to see what it is that you have put there and what you see that is from the projections of others energies.
This brings us back to your Soul Crystal, the Up and Down, the Mother and Father, the polarities of the Galaxy. Remember, your Soul Crystal is You!!! We cannot emphasize this enough. When you really garner it to yourself, put effort into connecting with it, it indicates to all of the levels that you are, that you are ready to work in cooperation with them. Just the effort rings bells on all of your levels and sings out, “I am here again, finally, and I want to be who I really am!!!” Your Soul Crystal is your passport to the Galaxy. It is the magic transport. It calls all of your levels to attention and says, “Hey, I’m ready to reconnect with all of my level selves and one. I want to begin to understand reality and move forward.
When you go to the Astral in your Soul Crystal, it will be much easier to see who is who and what is what. There are many forms and entities on the Astral Plane. Some of them aren’t very nice. But when you get inside that Crystal of yours and travel, you are in a healthy bath of your own energies. When you have connected your Crystal all the way Up to the regions of the Central Sun and all the way down to the Heart of the Mother, wherever you focus your attentions, all of these levels have been invoked to your highest good.
There is much talk about the Astral Body and how this body only works on the Astral plane and that you must have some other kind of body in order to work other planes. We do not wish to say it cannot be looked at this way, for indeed, on different levels bodies can look different. Yet it is more that the nature of the planes is different and you change as you travel to these different levels. Your Soul Crystal can travel to all levels, connect all levels, and you need not worry if you have the right outfit on. These changes occur naturally as you move up or down.
Traveling to different levels of reality will begin to change your physical body. We would call it tuning. As you become more familiar with moving up and down, new energies influence the condition of the body. Sometimes this can feel quite dramatic. Energies may reach you that seem a bit more intense than you can feel comfortable with. If this is so then get in your Soul Crystal and send the message up that you need to turn things down a bit. We see some that have made this request and not get the results they want on the “conscious” level. Usually they will find on some level above they have requested a speeded up process in order to follow their path to the highest good. You are all fully capable of getting into that Crystal of yours and finding out this kind of information! The only things that are beyond your capability in this regard is that which you believe you are incapable of. We say this with great joy and as an invitation to believe in yourselves and your abilities!
You will find that you are able to visit the various planes of conciousness with ease. Still, we very much recommend calling in guidance from the Lovelight to assist and accompany you as you travel. For until you understand more about how reality works, a guide is always best. Get in your Crystal, connect the Up and Down, and request a guide of the Lovelight that honors the Greatest Good For All.
It may well be that you wish to travel to see something you have in mind. This will be granted or not dependant upon many factors, the most decisive being your “Higher Self”. Truly there are things that you are not ready to understand or experience. This is true for you and it is true for all of us Hathors as well. There are places that have such intense energy that you could be harmed. The ancient stories about not being able to see the face of God without dying indicate this truth.
Your earthly bodies are being upgraded to handle a much higher frequency of light. Visiting different levels with your guidance while in your Soul Crystal will allow these upgrades to be transferred into your physical realm most easily. By staying connected with the up and down you are running a completed circuit. Did you know that by making this circuit you are completing your Universal Body. You must understand that the other levels of reality where you reside, the other Yous, have long been waiting for you to realize them. They long for you! You make them more complete. You are loved and so welcomed by the rest of yourself. They are well aware of your existence. You are a network of beings that are one. Did you realize this. It is very exciting to begin to become aquainted with the rest of yourself. It too can be very disconcerting at first. This experience can shake your sense of reality to the foundations, and require you to reconceptualize absolutely everything you have held to be true.
However we give you this balm—They know it! They know this, and will give you the gentlest approach to who you are, the larger self, your level selves, in an incremental, understandable way. If this information was just blasted into you, it would be too much; it would be dangerous and likely lead you to insanity. This has happened before to many many people. This will not happen to you if you follow guidance and are within you Soul Crystal. We do not wish to frighten you, but merely indicate that as in all activities, the appropriate safety gear is required.
The work you do in this life effects all you other selves on other levels, and so effects the levels which they exist in. We tell you this so that you understand that, yes, your Higher Self helps and guides you, yet you influence them too. The better you are doing the better they are doing. These understandings are not easily come by in your standard way of thinking!! Your other level selves are not just sitting around waiting for you to do something!!! They are involved in very difficult and serious work of their own too. You are part of their work, for they are you; yet they also are very assiduously involved with their own plane of existence. Since you are part of them, you too are involved in that level or layer of existence.
What does all of this do to you sense of self. Can you feel the truth of this in yourself? Of course you can, because it is true. Yet you can see how becoming aware of these levels takes a wee bit of time. It is like going to a different climate and taking it slow, getting used to a new culture, a new language, a new temperature. You can do it. Old concepts start breaking away when you have experiences of different levels. Sometime this causes upset and confusion. You will ask yourself, “Is this stuff really real, or am I floating off into some bizarre fantasy?” That is fine. Sometimes one needs a rock to retreat under to quiet down the imput and reorient oneself.
It is not always easy, this opening up. It changes one inside, and as you all know, change is often avoided at even dear costs. Sometimes the status quo seems so much safer. It is also no easy to do work in areas that your culture does not even recognize. Much of what you will experience would just seem crazy to your average citizen. This will often lead you to a sense of loneliness. Even those who are on their Awakening Paths may interpret their experiences so differently that again you feel lonely. There is no common language shared amongst you to express your experiences. You may feel as you are living in two worlds. What often does happen in such circumstances is that the isolation you feel from your contemporaries on the earth plane will increase your reliance on yourself. And by this we mean on the expanding understanding of you on other levels, and the relationships you have their with other level contemporaries. You will begin to understand how much help is available to you from the Lovelight. One day you may look back and realize it was you that temporarily isolated yourself so as to give fuller intension and energy toward linking yourself back together again.
We wish to tell you that it matters not as you travel how you see your Soul Crystal. You may wonder, “But if it is stuck in the Central Sun and grounded into the Earth, how then can I see myself sailing through the Universe in it?” We tell you this—you exist on many different levels all at the same time and share the same Crystal. It can be many places at once in you way of thinking. So see it as you wish. Allow that this may seem contradictory, and know it is not. Allow what you might describe as Magical principals to Your Crystal, for it is. Allow this word, Magical, to itself change in your definition. Magical is only that which does not follow the rules that have been used by your culture to define reality. As your beliefs change due to your experiences, what you define as magical will change. Some day you may say to yourself, “No, that’s not magical, it’s just what my Soul Crystal does, part of its nature. And indeed your Soul Crystal does have a particular nature, and its nature is you.
Soul Crystal Earth Healing
In meditation you can fly or slide up your Soul Crystal. Of course this is after you have connected in the Above and Below and called in your Divine Protection. We may seem to be repeating the latter a lot, yet we wish for you to be safe and well connected by making this pattern a comfy health habit!!! It makes you free to work on other levels of reality with the assurance you will take no wrong turns!!!
So here we Hathors suggest you fly up your Soul Crystal while looking down on the planet. See what you see, for each time you do this your guides will be bringing you new sights and perspectives. The Earth can be seen through many lenses. Your guides will be giving you a message about the nature or condition of the Earth as you move up. You may stop now and then just to gaze upon your planet with new eyes. Trust yourself. Call it imagination if you will, yet look carefully and see what it is that is being pointed out to you. Why? Because you are flying up with the intent of helping heal Mother Earth!!!
Perhaps you will only see an orb of great beauty. You may see something like a draftsman’s schematic with something noteworthy on it. Perhaps you will see Earth as Light Patterns that you feel inside yourself to need rearranging. Perhaps amongst lovely colors you see dark spots that you feel are not right. Each of you has a long history, and what you see will be related to that history. Perhaps you, on other levels, have a great capacity for smoothing out roughened energy lines. Perhaps you know how to connect vibrational color patterns so that they work correctly together. There are so many being types represented on earth the list of possibilities is endless. What we wish to point out here is that what you see and what you are led to do will have a relationship to who You are in THE LARGER SENSE!!! You may see a myriad of geometric forms that are a puzzle that needs putting together.
As you move up ask your guides for the right pictures or words or emotions in relation to the experience and then trust that you intuition will receive an understanding. Continue to go up inside your Crystal. You may notice Light Beings flying ahead of you showing the way up to the Central Sun. As you approach the Central Sun see that there are many beings there basking in the Winds of Lovelight blasting outward. These beings are as praying, or recharging, are being inspired by the Lovelight, fed by the Lovelight. It is here they intuit the nature of the Friend themselves and come to understand as they interpret the intentions of the Divine. Find your place amongst them. You will naturally know for your guides will place you there. State to yourself that you have come to perform an Earth Healing and wish for Divine help in doing so. Perhaps by now, after seeing what you have of the condition of Earth, you will have an idea of what needs to be done. State that, think that in your inner vision at the Central Sun.
Suddenly there will be a gathering around you!!! You cannot imagine the excitement a Human stating such intent at the Central Sun brings. This is not a common event. You will have more backing than you can imagine. Feel that. Feel the Lovelight Beings gather around you in celebration!!! You will feel approval as you cannot imagine. You may receive further information from these Light Beings and Angels as you commune with them. If you are not sure, it does not matter. Your intent is known, that of a Healing for Mother Earth. Turn and look down and you will see earth in a perspective that seems much closer to the Central Sun than She would logically seem to be. This is the attention of the Divine bringing her in. Give permission to all those of the Lovelight around you to participate in this healing. You see, you are the Key. As an embodied human, you are the one who has the power to allow this healing of Mother Earth. This is you exercising your Free Will!!! This healing cannot take place without you. This is the Power of Love!!!
Tell those around you that you intend that Your Soul Crystal may be used in this healing for the Greatest Good for All. This connection you have made can be used in this healing as a conduit, a connection from the Above to the Below. You will feel a gathering around you and the light will increase. You may feel or hear song as it is sent down to the earth below. You may feel your heart open, or become very warm. Look down and see what is happening. See where the light is being directed, and when you know it is right, intend the changes you intuited were necessary for the planets’ health.
This is but an outline. The outline will work quite well for you, and the fun thing about it is that as you heal so too will you heal. Ponder the many aspects of your experience and feel the connections you have with the Earth and those of the Lovelight. Look to the nature of your perceptions in this experience, and know that they are telling you a great deal about who you are and where you come from. Inner connectivity goes in so many directions that it would be impossible for you to explore them all now. Yet you can Feel them!!! This will lead to a knowingness and from this knowingness comes your growth in consciousness.
You will know when the Healing is over. When it is, say goodbye to your new (and not so new) friends at the Central Sun and come back into your Body by returning through your Soul Crystal.
We Hathors thank you for your work. You are wonderful and we love you so!!!

Possible? Impossible?
Have you ever asked yourself what is possible? Have you ever asked yourself what is impossible? Well, of course you have. When you ask yourself what is possible for the world through the inspiration of your highest hopes, certain ideas emerge, glowing ideas from you highest ideals. Asking yourself such a question raises your consciousness into the realm of what some would call fantasy, or dreams. Here you imagine a world where you can fly, perhaps. And a world where no one hurts another, but instead is always willing to help another in need. There in your highest hopes and ideas is a world where no one is hungry, no child is left alone, where anguished yearnings are unheard of. Possible, or impossible.
We wish here to address the habits of mind that you have adopted. If you described your feelings and ideas of a perfect world to a child, and then that child asked you, “Do you think that is really possible?” what would your answer be? In your desire to “be honest” with the child, many of you would say, well, by the looks of the world right now, probably not, any time soon anyway.”
We Hathors wish for you to think about this for a moment, for it reveals something about you and your culture that largely goes unnoticed. What is real and possible has been very strictly designed for you. Your culture has very strict and structured ideas about what can happen and cannot, and to stray from such “understandings” is thought to be “airy-fairy”, senseless. Perhaps in your ideal world you can imagine where you would like to be, and there you are. No planes, no cars; no need for them. Imagine yourself telling a gathering, an average cross section of individuals from your culture, in all seriousness, that this is your vision for the future. How do you imagine most would respond? Most would probably think you were “nuts, and let us now talk about something that is within the realm of possibility”. And so your fellows would be denying your dream as something that could possibly happen. How would you feel if this happened to you? Repeated enough times, you would likely be inclined to capitulate, and say, “yeah, I was kind of out of bounds in my thinking there, wasn’t I?”
Out of whose bounds, and why are those bounds there? Who said that you were only allowed to think that only certain things were possible? Have you been absolutely convinced? Since no one wants to be thought of as “nuts”, very few people are willing to suggest “wildly optimistic possibilities for humanities future or their own. Such ideas are put into fantasy literature and put up on a shelf for those unrealistic dreamers who are very attracted to such notions of wonder, beauty and strange and fascinating worlds. Perhaps if you were in the audience where someone voiced such ideas as being a dream that should be held as a possibility, you would secretly want to agree with the speaker, but wonder how foolish it was for her to get up there to be excoriated by her peers!!! It would indeed take courage to stand up and say, “You know, I think we ought to widen the range of possibilities of what could be true. Perhaps if we held some of these seemingly impossible ideas as a possible reality, we might begin to see things we have not noticed before!” That indeed would take courage in your society!!!
You have seen what has happened to the abilities of native peoples as “scientific” European cultures colonized them. Suddenly the powers their spiritual leaders held for the group came into question as physical technologies rolled over them. Their Medicine fell before powers that through aggression insisted they were wrong. The rain no longer came after The Rain Dance. Spiritual washing no longer protected one from a hail of bullets. The Body of the Mother seemed to shrivel and retreat as hostilities increased. This happened all over the world. Perhaps some of you do not believe the Rain Dance ever worked. Inroads of doubt pierced the belief systems of many indigenous peoples and many babies were thrown out with the bathwater.
It is no accident that these “scientific” cultures came with their own “mumbo jumbo”. It was of course very confusing to the indigenes that the mumbo jumbo insisted on one loving god, that one should love thy neighbor as thyself, when these invaders did not seem particularly loving.
Many forces were at work in colonization. What we ask you to look at though, is the enforcement of a very particularized, if not always coherent, belief system that enforced ideas of what was possible and what was not. As the promoters of these belief systems had the ability to defeat and kill you if you objected, it seemed that they were very powerful indeed! Their power, of course, was derived from their ability to deny. They took it upon themselves to define what was true and what was not, and derisively ridicule any who stayed from the corral of definitions of what reality consisted of.
When large groups of humans engage in any particular belief system, it will appear on the exterior to be true. The beliefs are the formative factor in a system which is very responsive and pliant to human mental constructs—Humankinds dominion over the Earth!!! Your conditions are shaped by the united or disunited belief systems of all of Humankind!!! Things have not changed all so much, and the time of colonialism is far from over. Western technological cultures are still dismembering the beliefs of indigenous cultures.
Now all of you reading this book have been members of “indigenous” cultures in one lifetime or another. There is no reason to carry guilt over this. It is how one goes on that matters. How does one honor belief systems that are not one’s own? Open your minds!!! Open your Hearts!!! Power up your imaginations!!!
There is little difference from the situation between Indigenous belief systems and “western tech cultures” and the divide in your minds. Indeed the two are directly connected. You are being kept in a corral and you do not even in most cases know it. In one part of your mind you have the highest ideals of a perfect world, and in the other you have “what is practical, realistic”. In one part of your mind you hold a perfect world that you fear others would laugh at, and in another part you have the “realistic” part that you use to work you way through the sea of reality, which is a manifestation of your cultures beliefs.
You carry wild and “wacky” ideas—go on, admit it!!! By analogy we will call those “indigenous”. Have you ever thought that these ideas might be your secret “religion”? You hide those ideas away in a cave in your mind, not wanting anyone to find them and laugh at them!!! With the tides of immigration rushing in on them, many traditional cultures hid their most sacred treasures in caves, in hopes that they might be preserved for the health and safety of the future. Did you know that almost all of you have been doing the same thing? Do you know how many of you there are that are doing this?!!! What might the world be like if all of you brought these treasures into the open in your lives, all together now?
Of course, you all have a monitor, and the monitor is an accepted way of thinking, a fear of ridicule, and the memories you have from other lives, where to state what you believed could have you killed. These are real reasons why you have those caves of wild optimism in your minds that are so carefully hidden. It takes a great deal of courage to begin to understand how censored you have become. You want to be loved and accepted. Sometimes it seems if you were to live those optimistic beliefs, those wild ideas of the impossible in your lives; if you brought out and spoke such things, that you would be ridiculed and trounced another time. And so most people hold their dreams in secret, in hidden places, sacred yet growing dusty, waiting for a time to bring their treasures into the world.
The time for doing this is now!!! The support available from the Divine is here for you now and is closer than ever!!! Look for the similarities in the dreams you hold with those of others. You can find this in your life!!!
Begin to explore your cave of treasures. Meditate and imagine walking into that cave of yours and know there are Holy treasures you have left there. See what they are. If you feel cautious about exposing yourself to the world, then very seriously explore this cave of yours first, and before you go in make very sure that this exploration is first for you. Make very sure that you leave all the limiting beliefs of what is and is not possible outside the entrance!!! Ask for your Divine Help in doing this, because you have been in the corral for so long of culturally accepted beliefs and more importantly “disbeliefs” that it is impossible for you to see how brainwashed you are!!!

Symbols, Gifts From Your Guides
We Hathors want to tell you of the riches offered by your guides. Many of you will see these gifts as symbols. They are tools for you to use, and though you may not see them manifested physically into your reality, believe us when we say that they are quite real. Your guides know what is right for you at the right time. We hope you will make a list of the gifts that are given to you, for over time you may receive a great many gifts, and we do not want you to forget about your treasures.
Your life now is about making these gifts real in your world. How do you do this? Well, by acknowledging their reality. The more you work with your gifts, the more real they are in your reality. Your Soul Crystal is your first and most important gift, for it is the gift of yourself from The Friend. The more you work with and within your Soul Crystal, the more certain it becomes in your reality. A day may come when your more aware friends even notice it around you. Perhaps they will see its color. Perhaps the day will come when everyone’s Soul Crystal becomes apparent to you. When this does happen, do you know that you are gifting all of humanity? How? Well, you are expanding your human conciousness and that changes the Human Mind Field. When you exercise your abilities, you make it easier, more common, to perform those bits of magic you are evolving. This is your gift to humanity, and believe us when we tell you it is no small thing!!!
You have all seen symbols. Take Christ’s cross for example. Did you know it is a vehicle and a portal? Call on Christ and ask him to help you fly into the Cross, with the Cross. It will likely appear as golden, vibrating Lovelight. Walk into its brightness and see where you may travel with Christ. He is calling to each and every one of you.
Some of you have an aversion to Christ due to traditions and churches you attended as you grew up. You came to view Christ as judgmental, structured and severe. But don’t you think it is time to become familiar with Christ yourself, instead of the filters put up by some long standing organization? We feel you owe it to yourself to experience Christ directly. By imagining a Lovelight Cross in front of you as a doorway and walking into it, you will find out how loving and open Christ and the Christ energy is!!!
Perhaps gifts from your guides is a new idea to you. That is why we wished to tell you that your guidance indeed does have gifts for you!!! Receive them and you will learn so much. Symbols are alive with energy and the symbols your guides give you are very real and very alive. Work with them, step into their Lovelight. This is one of the ways that your guides help reveal mysteries to you that you never thought you would understand. Open yourself to new ways of understanding and new ways of experience. It is Your Path that you are on, and it is specifically tailored to you. Sometimes you may find it lonely, but you have lots of “unseen” company, and perhaps you have come to this loneliness to push yourself to realize your guidance. Your path is not there to cause you trouble; it is there to provide you the opportunities needed for you to move along into Love and happiness. When times get hard for you remember this and help bring your guidance into your every day life. Your guides will become much more palpable to you by a constant effort to be in touch with them. They can chat with you when you are lonely, and give you ideas you never thought of before.
You live in times of convergence. The layers of reality are mixing into yours, and this is to continue for some time to come. You help the whole world process along by manifesting your guidance. The Human Mind Field is shared. When one person learns to do something well, that knowledge is added to the Field, and it allows the next person to access these abilities more easily. So you see, the loneliness that a person experiences as they begin to manifest guidance into your world may affect many people!!! That’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? Your life is amazing; it really is!!!
Perhaps your guidance will give you a flower. In meditation you can stand inside that flower and feel and smell its strength and purpose. Flowers exist on many levels. Did you know that!!! The energy of that “astral” flower can change your energy and infuse you with delight and love and lightness. Your guidance knows your needs and is awaiting you requests. Ask for a present!!! You don’t have to wait, just ask. We who guide you from other levels must have your permission to work with you. You can’t imagine how many guides are awaiting your recognition and permission to work with you.
If you aren’t too sure about who your guidance is we Hathors would Love to Help you!!! We are very good at networking, and we are very good at helping those who feel they have no inner vision or psychic ability. We sing the energies of many many guides to many many people. We are experts in the actualization of waves, be it light or sound. We can amplify the messages your guides are sending and we can help you recognize your highest guidance. Always ask Archangel Michael to surround you with his Lovelight and protection when you begin your inner work. Then call on us if you like, and we will help bring in the guidance that you seek!!!
Perhaps you will receive a Sword from Michael. He often gives swords to humans at particular points of development of Higher Consciousness. Swords can be many different things and have very different meanings. Swords may be given so that you discernment is enhanced. You may receive a sword so that you may stand in its protective energy. This often happens when a person is first opening up to other levels for the first time and feels vulnerable to psychic attack. There are those entities who “float around” looking for those who are first opening to the Divine and do not want that to happen. That’s why we always suggest you call on Michael to begin your other-level, or meditative work.
A Sword is also sometimes given as a bridge. The Bridge is both symbolic and real. It is a gift of energy and a means of walking when perhaps life has become confusing to you. You may see one of your guides, perhaps get frequent glimpses of her walking before you with a candle. At times of indecision you may ask your guide to hold that candle up in the direction you are meant to walk, and you will know which way to go!!! This takes trust. You must understand that it may take time to build the trust needed for you to become truly certain of your path. This has to do with developing your abilities to recognize your guides direction, and to come to a place of trust both with the guides and with your ability to understand them.
Believe us when we say that the energy is flooding into your system right now that will allow you to function much better on psychic, spiritual levels than ever before in recent history. Reality is upgrading its conciousness, and that reality includes you!!! Ask you guides to upgrade your body’s energies. Ask and you will receive!!! The energies coming to earth now are already changing you, yet if you ask your guidance to enhance your body and being, they will then have the permission to do so. Ask that this take place with comfort. Some of the physical changes you will go through naturally cause some discomfort. If you get to feeling too uncomfortable, then ask your guidance to ease up a bit and describe the feeling you are having on the physical level. This type of feedback is helpful to your guidance and assures a good flow and exchange of information. Remember that all guidance is always learning. Your guides learn from you and any true relationship is a two way street!
There are many things going on in the interaction between the levels of reality that have never been done before. Remember this when you work with your guides—that they too are learning. They do not always know how you will respond to the information or changes that they give you. So remember to give them feedback about how you feel!!! If your guides knew everything about how to guide you they would not be guiding you, for they would go on to a new arena to learn from new experiences. You would not be in the position you are in if you already knew everything there was to know about it. This is simply the way reality works!!!
Work with your guides!!! Ask for gifts!!! Help bring the levels of reality together in Love. Love will be the lubricant that will make the changes flow with beauty, and you are in a very important position to make the world a wonderful place.
With Love and Song and Light,
We are the Hathors!!!

How is Your “Work” Going?
We Hathors would like to ask you a few questions now that you have read this far in our little book. Are you working with your Soul Crystal? How is it feeling to you? Are you sending the bottom of it to the Heart of the Mother and the top to the Central Sun? Do you ever just sit inside of it and look around? Have you looked into your Heart and begun to wonder what is there? Have you begun to believe that there is joy and love and laughter and great wisdom in that Heart of yours?
We ask the last question because for so many of you your hearts seem to be a repository of pain. Avoidance of this pain can keep you from finding yourself. We want you to know that you are capable to experiencing the pains stored and shut away in your hearts and allow a fresh breeze to blow there. A sun will rise in your Heart and that Sun is you. You need not be afraid of the real you, for we assure you that the real you is most beautiful.
Some of what can be experienced in the clouds of the Heart can be quite traumatizing, for it is the old traumas that you met with before but were unable to process. In this the energy is not coherent; it does not sing, but instead is tangled and does not move with flow on and out of you. Essentially this causes the energy to stick with you for you have not solved it in love and understanding. The Love that you are is buried beneath these clouds and strings of chaotic energy. This is not just the fouled energy of one life, but of all the experiences you have had related to this ending time cycle. These are the clouds that stand in your way to a new understanding of who you are, where you are going, and the Love that is your true being.
Breathing in the Mother and Father energies and asking them to help you with your Heart is a fine meditation. You can start with grounding your Soul Crystal to the Heart of the Mother, and then to the Father energies of the Central Sun. Breath the Light of the Central Sun through your crystal and yourself to the Heart of the Mother and then back up to the Central Sun. Get that flow going!!! Once you feel that flow of energies going up and down, sending and receiving, focus on your Heart and state your intent to the Mother and Father Streams of you intent to clear that Heart of yours. Do you think we are repeating ourselves. Perhaps we are, but we cannot tell you how important these steps are!!! We are also emphasizing that this general concept or method need not be precise in its steps or method beyond you, your Soul Crystal, and the Mother/Father energies. You will find the breathing that works for you. We do not need to tell you this. You will find your own way and your own variations. But allow the Mother/Father energies into the Heart and Feel them swirl there.
Once you are free of the Archons, the Mother/Father is your instructor. Yes, perhaps they work through your guides or perhaps you just feel Mother/Father. You all have different inclinations and backgrounds and so will have different inclinations to this work. This is Your Work and Your Heart. The Mother/Father can free you of this time cycle. They are your True Parents and they do not use the methods of the Archons to teach their lessons. They are kind and loving parents. They will not insist you learn all the lessons of Saturn; they will help you simply remember what is true and what you have always known but forgotten.
Of course it is the lessons and pains of the Court of the Archons that comprise the Clouds over Your Heart, and so at first the Mother/Father will have to help you sort through those issues. The Mother/Father will wrap you in their love and walk you through your history. Perhaps this will only come as a series of meditations where you cry a lot. Some of you will experience full blown past life memories and see certain people you know in different outfits in a different age. You may go through what seems like a long period of mood swings as if you are on a roller coaster that goes on and on. Be kind to yourselves, and feel for the background undertones of the Mother/Father, for listening for this will keep you safe.
Many are going through these kinds of experiences right now. They are preparing themselves for the great changes that are soon to occur to your “reality”. You may find yourself the only one in your experience that is going through these kinds of changes. You may feel that you are nuts and wish you felt like all these “normal” people around you. We tell you this—you are evolving at a faster rate than they are. Many of you are having lives that feel chaotic and wonder, “How can I be getting all spiritual when I feel like I’m in Hell and all this weird stuff is happening to me?”
Well, you are in the process of clearing the “garbage” of an entire age or Yuga. Those who are not in this process are simply living their current life with its problems. So to you they may seem more successful, more put together and with fewer problems. And in a sense this is true. They aren’t clearing the problems of an entire age of incarnations, and so if you compare yourselves to them, you may look a little “fucked up” at times. Do not fall for this rational!!! Do not compare yourself to others. You are you, and that is a Glorious Being. You are wonderful beyond compare. We wish for a moment you could see yourselves as we see you, and then, beyond any doubt you would celebrate with us how wonderful you are!!!
You are involved in a deep mystery and there is no substitute for living it, experiencing it. As you open your Heart mysteries will be revealed to you. Always always feel for the foundation that is the Mother/Father holding you. They will not let you fall. You are their beloved toddler setting out on a new adventure. Feel for them and their tones, and they will get you through the rough spots of the old Archons’ lessons. You are coming home to them through the woods and they are calling to you and you can trust them.
You indeed do have a Real Mother and Father. They are unlike any Mother or Father you have had one Earth, and they love you with all their Hearts.
And we Love You too,
And we are your Praise Singers singing songs of you Beauty and Courage and Love!!!
The Hathors

Singing in your Future, Singing the body of God!!!
We Hathors watch you from “up above”. We are advisors and helpers in this creation. There are so many energies at work in this creation! This is so obvious that it often goes unnoticed by humans. Water flows, fire heats, the wind blows through your hair. These are actions that you generally take for granted. Did you know Fire is intelligence or that messages are carried on and in the breezes? A branch bending in the wind, its leaves rustling, carries messages to the tree, the leaves rustle messages to you. This is just one example of the blending of energies that goes on around you. Each molecule of air is alive with intelligence. Your bodies are alive and so is each cell within it vibrating a song that you seldom hear. Your ability to hear, see and feel many of these intelligences is apparent to us in ways we seldom see used.
You know you have a place in nature, do you know and recognize that? A wind blows in and out of you all on its own and it is Spirit. What intelligence breathes for you? What intelligence beats out the song of your heart? Your digestion appears to work all on its own, and we tell you this is not really a mechanical process. We know most of you see it as mechanical, yet you must remember that this is only a way of interpreting; a way of seeing or attempting to understand what is taking place within you. When you really think of it, your body pretty much seems to run itself without “your” participation.
Now when you get together with Friends or Family, often pictures will be taken. Later you may point to a picture and say, “There I am!” So apparently on some level most people have decided that their bodies are part of themselves. It is interesting for us to us to see you claim this body as part of yourself, when so much of it runs itself, seemingly independent of much conscious effort on your part. We will call this a leap of faith. Perhaps you felt you had little faith, yet most of you have enough faith in yourselves to allow the body to work on its own without panicking or wondering if the next heart beat will come along or not! So, you see, you have a lot of faith!!!
There are processes, flows of energy all around you that also go right along on their own. Why do you not see those processes as part of yourself: the wind in the trees, the leaves shaking and whispering, the branches creaking? We encourage you to begin to think about where you have put your conceptual boundaries, the “where do I begin; where do I end. You obviously have the ability to identify “things” that you do not consciously control with your concept of “me”, such as your liver, your intestines and the nails that grow on your toes. In a sense your body is more like a garden with you the gardener. You put food in the mouth and more or less consciously chew it up, and let the intelligence of the body do the rest of the work. And it must really be admitted that the body is so sophisticated in its various intelligences that humankind has difficulty understanding its processes very well.
It is very wise to accept the body as part of yourself, yourself in a flow, a flow which is really a flow of light. You stand supported by many many intelligences and all of these work together in amazing harmony. How is this so? Isn’t it amazing!!! Do you ever think of just how amazing this is? When we say harmony, we mean Song!!! You are a Song of
Light. This is how we Hathors see you and hear you! We love to look upon you and the Songs that you are. Your Song vibrates out sound and light which is received by your surroundings. The trees feel your presence. They have a life process that goes on whether you are conscious of it or not. But did you know that your Song harmonizes with the trees’ Songs? You identify yourself with your body so that you may care for it. You serve it well so that it may serve you well. You know it is you, though you really don’t understand it all and how it works. But you know if it is your intension to work with your body toward health and well being that perhaps you may be in Harmony with it.
The fact is that you claim the Body’s natural processes as your own, and by doing so you tacitly agree to be the gardener, watering, pruning, sowing and generally caring for its welfare. Have you ever thought of having this type of relationship with the natural world around you? We suggest the natural world first, for we feel most of you will more easily feel this cooperative symphony there. Did you know the natural world is waiting for you to Sing with it? There was a time when all Humans did this. They knew that their bodies extended to the bodies around them. Yes, of course, there was their human body they had first responsibility toward, yet this did not keep them from seeing the bodies of water and air and fire to directly related to their own body and feeling and knowing how interconnected they were with their environment.
Our suggestion is that you Sing to what you call Nature. Just take a look and Sing!!! Try to make the sounds that nature makes. Can you hear the Song of the Tree? Can you interpret that through your human voice? The tree will know you are doing this and will feel you singing its song and will be most honored. The more you do this, the more you will feel the tree and what the tree is—for we assure you that the tree is far more than you think it is. This is your conciousness merging with the conciousness of the tree. You can do this with plants and animals and rocks and the sky and the stars. This will open your mind and open your heart. The trees and rocks and stars and sky will sing back to you!!! Isn’t that exciting!!! This is real, not some made up fantasy.
Singing in this way will harmonize you with your universe, and perhaps you will begin to feel your body expand, your mind expand. You will learn secrets that have long been lost to you. This is a Key, and we freely give it to you, for if you’d only notice, you would see it is already yours.
What does this have to do with manifestation and wealth? Well, when you harmonize with the natural world you will feel and come to know many of the forces that already support you. The greatest White Wizards are greatest because they harmonize with the universe and the natural world. They could perform great deeds because there was agreement and harmonization with all of nature and so with the Great Light Energies behind physical manifestation.
We know many of you will want to know—will this put dollars in my wallet. Yes. When you harmonize with the universe you will begin to understand its secrets. Can you hear the harmonies? By harmonizing with the body of the world you are tuning yourself. You are making a place to be in the world. You are announcing your presence and willingness to cooperate. God’s plan can be approached in many ways. When you sing harmonies with nature, nature responds with gladness. You ideas of wealth may change as you sing to the rivers, rocks, birds and sea. There are many kinds of wealth, and certainly a pile of money is one kind. Your singing to your environment increases your reach—you have influence over a wider range of consciousness than you had before. As your consciousness expands, the interests you have, the values you hold, will naturally change. We want you to feel at home in your world. Your Songs are all so important. You are so much more powerful than you think. Reconnecting human consciousness to the body of the world around you will change the world. Songs can move mountains, cause wells to spring forth, rain to fall, love to prevail.
It has often been said that it is not the destination, but the getting there that is the real story, the real truth. If you want a pile of money, that is fine. And too, it is fine to go and sing to a tree asking it to grow dollar bills. Yet we would suggest singing its song, harmonizing. Harmonizing is the seeking and enjoyment of agreement. Harmonize with the world around you and you will begin to see within its inner working. You will sing to your body, for that is what you are doing when you sing to a tree. The world can heal itself in Song, in harmony, and so you can heal your body—the worlds’ and your own. This is singing the Body of God.
Singing the Body of God will spark new interests and adventures in your life as you find harmony and your voice within it. There is your path to follow, for it will lead you to new understandings and a world will appear that you never knew existed. This can be so exciting that one day when a pile of money is on your table, you will say, “oh, that’s nice”, and rush off to continue your wonderful adventure.

Meetings with All of Who You Are
Who are you? Identity is a various and curious notion. When you look at the photo albums of your childhood you are presented with an image of yourself that is very different than the one you see in a mirror, and of course the one in the mirror is backwards, reversed. Is the baby reversed too? Then you are confronted with how you feel inside, with your emotions, and it is not hard for any of you to look back over the preceding days and see many different emotional states you have sailed through. Those emotional states give you different feelings about who you are and can change so quickly!!! Sometimes you are cheerful and happy and prefer that state, for it makes you feel more like yourself. Is this the “real” you? Or is the “real” you the sad one who bemoans all the weight and trials of life? Are you the baby in the pictures? Are these aspects of yourself, or only an illusion covering the “real” you?
You are no longer the baby, but you see that the baby is or was you. How can that be? Is it not fantastic. And too, it is amazing that you see the baby picture and know, yes this was me, but I am not that anymore. Who then is the baby that rising within your breast when you do not get what you want? Who is the one that complains and says there must be more and it is for me and I want it? Is the baby really gone from you?
Is this the shape and form of illusion that you walk through in your life, and if so, how does one gain any perspective? These questions are the impetuous that will catapult you beyond the fish tank you are in so that you may begin to understand who you are and where you came from.
Would it surprise you if we told you that you exist on many levels of existence simultaneously? You do!!! Some would call this “higher self”, yet you are a part of that “higher self”, so perhaps it is not higher after all. Perhaps it is just different.
You have higher or other selves and when you meet them you may find them very strange. You may find yourself looking at a Lizard Being and thinking, “What is this! I have to get away, some terrible presence is staring me in the face and I am frightened.” Then in your meditation this being says, “You are me”, and you are confronted with another problem. Do you believe it, or are you being bamboozled? Many of you will run away when you see aspects or selves from other levels of reality, for they often will not align with your idea of who you are. How do you know if this is really you or some entity trying to fool you? You will know it in your Heart, for it is the Heart we are speaking of here.
In your Soul Crystal, your work within it, your work in opening your Heart safely, allows you to have the ability to know truth. When your heart is open and clear it will tell you who is telling you the truth. Yes, your logic may argue for some time that there is no way you were or are some being that looks like a lizard or a dragon or an insect or a grey, but you will come to know it in your heart.
Many of you have labeled certain types of beings evil. We tell you this—there are no beings that are completely in population of a negative orientation. None. We will also tell you this—many of you do have aspects or “level selves” that are of a negative orientation, that work the “dark side”. This is not something to run away from or hide in shame. We will tell you why—you are their key to change, you are critical to their healing. You are able to heal them from your physical reality in a way that they cannot do. You are their healers and you are them. But it is from your density that healing can occur. You are the part of themselves that has been sent off and given the freedom to heal. Does this sound weird to you?
How could it be that little old you, stuck behind the veils, could change a magnificent being on another level of reality? Every life is an opportunity for change and growth. Every life has great meaning. You are the fulcrum for the selves that you are on other levels. What you do in this density has a great effect on these other levels. You are the healer, or you are the one who swings the pendulum to the “other side” or other orientation.
You are beings of Lovelight. You were created in Love and are Lovers. Yet many dramas have occurred across space and time and many outfits and costumes have been donned in order to experience the One. And so the One split itself into many pieces and the pieces forget that they are part of the One and many dramas occur. You are the ones who will awaken and take the costumes off of the many levels of yourselves. If you find yourself confronted with yourself, and that one happens to be a “nasty piece of work” what will you do? Well, you are in your Soul Crystal and are connected with the Father and Mother energies. You are protected in the Father and the Mother. When you find a level self nasty you may listen and inspect it. Feel you heart and listen to what it has to say to you. Look for its Soul Crystal and what you will see is a ghost image of it, or shards of broken crystal around it. You will know if it is yours though. You see, an entity of negative orientation is broken and is not whole. It may be an entity of great magnificence and aware of much more than you for it exists outside of the cloaked system you live in. It may hold information beyond your imaginings and may lie most proficiently to you. Yet you are in its Soul Crystal and it is not.
You represent an escape from darkness and ignorance and you may tell it so. You may if you wish, tell it that you are going to transform it from darkness to the Lovelight. Does this sound strange to you? You are in a fulcrum position. As we have told you, you who are upon earth are descended from the gods, small “g”. The “outbreath” of God sent its energies out and as one made two, two made four and the multiplicity of creation expanded. How could you not be descended from gods, for those who came before you must seem huge and incomprehensible and amazing to little old you treading about on the face of the earth.
All of the arguments, all of the drama that has preceded you extended down to earth as you, the end of the line, the fulcrum, the crux of the issue. You are the Healers!!! What you decide to do and believe affects every level of the selves that you are and that you represent. If you decide to be a loving being and to mend and forgive the wounds you have suffered, then they too will be changed. And we mean to tell you that those around you in your life now are those whom in other times and on other levels of reality, you have had problems with. When you find yourself in conflict with others in your life now, you may be sure that this is not a new problem. We hope this gives you pause to reflect on the situations that occur in your life. You are the Healers. This is the end of a cycle. Those who are unable to forgive and go on will find themselves starting this cycle all over again!!!
Of course, many of you have angels around you and many of these “angels” are your other level selves. They are waiting for you to awaken enough to merge with you. Humans were originally designed to be able to be in constant communication with all of their Level Selves. We like this term “Level Selves” for the more aware you become of your Level Selves, the more level you will feel here upon the Earth, the body of the Mother. It is She who gives you these opportunities for healing. She is hosting this party, and the party is not one that is always easy for her, so we hope that every once in a while you will open your heart to her and give her you Thank You. Tell her how much you love her. This will assist your healing and hers for as your Mother you are all very intertwined.
As you meditate in your Soul Crystal ask your most trusted guide, or simply Divine One Mother/Father to begin to introduce you back to your Level Selves. Allow what comes in and listen in your Heart. It is not necessary to believe or not believe. Allow yourself neutrality and listen and look. We do not recommend jumping in enthusiastically and confirming or denying any such information too quickly. Simply know that you are in your Soul Crystal and safe and free to explore this issue. Allow yourself the time to decide what you know and feel and think. This will allow you to begin to find yourself without haste and without feeling pressured to “know” everything all at once.
We do encourage you however to get going right away on this project. This advice is given to those who feel very familiar with their Soul Crystal and certain of their connection with the Divine Mother and Father energies.
Many of you hear about coming together with the Higher Self and this is the process that we recommend. Your ego does not disappear, however as you become more and more aware of the many beings that you are on many levels your idea of who you are will naturally change and the ego will change in the process. It will loosen its grip and expand to accommodate the energies you are reacquainting yourself with.
Your connection through your Soul Crystal with the Mother and Father energies allows you to pierce the veils of conciousness that have been placed around your planet so that you may begin to know yourself again. You are composed of a large group of consciousnesses and entities that are your family. You are they and they are you. This does not mean you do not have a status as an individual, for you do and so do they. Yet you are part of their body and visa versa. This is not easy to comprehend through the intellect—it must be experienced to be known and that experience, we assure you is beyond mere words.
Find out who you are!!! Know theyself!!!
Our Love and Song to You,
The Hathors

The Periphery
When you notice things on the periphery of your consciousness, you are widening your world, your reality. Many of you think you do not have this ability—to become more enlightened, more aware, and more psychic. As we said before, enlightenment is an endless process. Everyone is enlightened to the degree of their consciousness. There is really no point where you say, “Well, I am enlightened, except perhaps to say that you are becoming more capable of carrying light.
Your body changes as it receives more light. These changes allow the body to receive even more light. Too much Lovelight can literally roast you, and so your being has natural changes it goes through as you progress along your path. There are aspects to your body that you cannot see. Some say you have many bodies. This can be seen differently from different levels. You could say you have many bodies and one body at the same time. These separations of levels are quite complex. It would not be untrue to say you have infinite bodies. The number thirteen is one we prefer. Thirteen completes a cycle and begins a new one. Twelve is not complete until the thirteen looks back upon it. Each one of the twelve has levels, though for simplicity we will say you have one body and thirteen. We are sorry if this seems confusing, yet we are actually attempting to reduce the model to one that can be worked with without too much complexity. Yet we wish you to know that this is a model. It is not necessary for you to understand all the bodies for you to have them, just as it is not necessary to understand a TV to have one.
By connecting the above and below you change all of these bodies. You are completing a circuit that was torn asunder. You are rebuilding. When you on your level of reality show an interest in reconnecting the circuit all the levels of your body are affected. You are learning how to work in concert with them again!!!
You will begin to notice little things as you go about your daily life that you had not noticed before. Why is it that sometimes people notice little movements on the periphery of their eyesight that they usually dismiss as imagination? And there is that magical word again, imagination. The periphery of your mind and the periphery of your eyesight are linked. These are areas that you are not putting your attention directly. Your attention is habituated to seeing reality in a specific way and that forms the world that you see. On the periphery there is less interpretation going on, and so there is the area that things that do not conform to your reality often appear. This is frightening to many people, and so their insistence that it was “just my imagination”, is often quite fiercely insisted upon. When little shifts in reality occur it rocks people’s boats, and many of you really don’t like your boat rocked. Indeed it does take quite a bit of courage to begin to open your consciousness up, because it can shake you up. People like a sense of security and security is not always felt when you notice things others don’t!!! You may ask yourself if you are going crazy, or feel unbalanced. Of course that is why we have given you the up and down instructions, for that will hold you in place as you make discoveries that are both exciting and a bit disconcerting.
When you find your world feeling a bit strange, remember to ask for over-lighting from your guides, so that you know you are exploring in safety. Your world is in for some big changes, and so when you feel a bit off balance, just remember that you are learning ways of perceiving and knowing that will serve you very well in times to come.
As you work with the Father and Mother energies your body begins to change, and so it is not unlikely that you will begin to perceive more and more movements on the periphery of your eyesight, of your mind. Simply notice them and allow your guides to give you information on whatever it is. Use your guides help to improve your perception, and use them as a filter for further information on your impressions. This is better than immediately trying to communicate with whatever it is, for there are many being types connecting with your reality, and not all of them are entirely friendly. Know you are in your Soul Crystal and feel that around you when new things come your way. Your Soul Crystal gives you protection and the ability to connect with your guides in the best of ways. Your Soul Crystal is your sacred space. The more you work within it, the more it connects to you, and so serves you all the better.
We encourage you to take a little bit of time everyday to notice what it is at the periphery of your consciousness. Allow you attention to the daily detail disengage, breath a few relaxing breaths, and allow all the hubbub of your daily life to was away in the Lovelight. Feel your Soul Crystal, your connection with the above and below, and then relax and notice that which is on the periphery of your eyesight and your mind. Your connection with your guidance is usually on this periphery, and remind them that they have permission to guide you, to give you the information you need to make your way through the world.
If you wonder why then sometimes when you look to the periphery you notice frightening things, you will know that there are some types of beings that don’t want you to be able to connect with your guidance or to be able to know truth. There is really no reason to be afraid. The unfriendly types of beings have been in your reality a very long time. It is just like noticing something in your environment you had not noticed before. And of course many project their fears into unfamiliar areas, just as a child who is afraid of the dark.
When you perceive something that frightens you, simply ask within for protection and guidance. What you see may be very important for your growth. You may be alerted to some fears you have carried within you for a long time that need to be understood and cleared. Ask your guidance and begin to work with your intuition. What feels true? Many people try working with their intuition and then abandon the work, feeling that they are just not very good at intuition. This would be trying to ride a bicycle once and then, finding it difficult, abandoning the process. As the Lovelight flows through you and down to the Mother, the manifestations will begin to come into your life that are needed for you to progress. The Mother receives very certain information about you from the Lovelight, and so then know what you and your body needs to take the next step in your development. The only thing that you really need to remember is that permission is required for those of the Lovelight to work with you.
When you request help from the Lovelight, we have one suggestion. Ask that the help come through whatever guide it is that you, in your heart, feel the most Love and Trust for. Ask this guide to bring whatever help it is you need, and whomever it is that is best at that type of work. There are many beings of the Lovelight, and some are very specialized in their talents. Your Chosen guide will know who to bring in to help you, and it is not even necessary for you to be aware of them. You only need to know that the only beings that will come to your aide will be through your Chosen One. Not only does this relieve you from the burden of figuring out “who’s who” on other levels, but it also provides a consistency to your learning. Your “Chosen One” can organize your growth and lessons in a coherent format!!!
If you are not sure about your guidance, we suggest the following meditation.
Get comfy and quiet. Connect the above and below within your Soul Crystal. Make a prayerful intention to the Friend that you connect with your perfect guidance. Then imagine yourself flying up to the Central Sun within your Soul Crystal. Go just as close to the Central Sun as is comfortable and then bask in its light. Make your request for proper guidance again. “I wish to connect with the guide of the Lovelight that will lead me on my perfect path of Love and unfoldment.” It is the intension that is important. Use words that feel comfortable for you. You may feel many Light Beings around you at the Central Sun, many angels. This is where many of them go to “recharge their batteries”, so to speak.
Negative beings are not able to withstand the Light of the Central Sun, so that you may be sure you are in very good company.

You will feel or hear or see the guide that is brought to you. You will KNOW!!! If at first try, you are not sure, then merely repeat this process until you are sure. It will not take you very long!!! If you are not sure of the name or identity of the guide, it doesn’t matter. It is the feeling of surety you will have that is important. Use a name for your guide that feels right to you, and tell them that this is the name you will for a time call them by. We are very excited to give you this information!!! We are excited for YOU!!!
Your DNA will change as time goes along. Your Body will Change. You are being “upgraded” to be able to withstand more Lovelight, more information and more Love. New channels of experience, new portals of possibility are opening into your reality all the time. These portals are real and you will walk through them. The connection you are making with the Mother and Father, your Soul Crystal, and your guidance, will allow you to be able to make use of the new energies that are connecting to the Earth. The more you change, the more light you will be able to carry and hold, and new understandings will come to you. You will begin to realize that indeed you are in more than one place at the same time!!! You have many levels of the Self, and you will come to know these entities as yourself. Can you imagine meeting someone else that is also you? Well, get ready, because it is so, and it will happen.
Talk about disorienting, but exciting too!!! Suddenly you will know someone else from a different level of reality who is also you!!! Your idea of identity will be challenged, and it may take some time for you to be able to fit such a notion into your ideas about reality. You will be stretched, and the shape you decide you are will change as time goes along. Did you know that once you become familiar with yourself on other levels, that some of those abilities will then be able to be used by you on this level? This too will happen!!! At first you may feel that this other you on another level as a guide. Certainly “it” has a different beingness and personality than you. Or does “it”? But that knowledge carried by You on another level is Yours. You are reaching out to that knowledge and reconnecting with aspects of self long lost.
How will you feel when you meet many yourselves and begin to think of them as yourself? How does one shape such understanding and still exist on the “mundane” earth? It can be quite challenging, yet with each challenge come more knowledge, more physical changes, mental changes, DNA changes, and you learn to integrate the information in a way that is comfortable for you. How will the world change around you as you bring so many versions of yourself back together again? How will they change? Change rings out in all directions. Sing songs about yourself and how expanded you are becoming. Your own Selves on other levels are also much related to other energies, other types of beings. Where do you begin and end?
There are many steps to be taken toward the One!!! These are the first few!!!
Pleasant and joyous journey to all of you,
With Love, The Hathors!!!

DNA; Metaphor and Reality
The activation of your Soul Crystal will begin to change your DNA. What does this mean? Well because you begin to change so does your DNA. Neither precedes the other and so you may look upon this question as the chicken and the egg. Which is which? Who is which? And of course another favorite question, “Who am I?”
“Who am I”, is a question often recommended as a form of meditation, and we imagine that our last chapter will have partially explained why this question is a good one for going within.
The state or condition of your DNA is what allows you to expand your understanding and perceptual range. However we would also like to say that your intent to expand your understanding and perceptual range will change you and so your DNA. Are we back to the chicken and the egg? You see, in one sense DNA has been used in the New Age movement as a way of explaining what has happened to the human race, and why humans have so little understanding of who they are and where they are. So DNA is a metaphor, and this metaphor is used as a tool to explain humanities’ position in regard to spiritual evolution.
Your Soul Crystal will bring you toward a change in your DNA. You do not have to understand the science of DNA, nor do you have to even believe that it can and will change. After all, it is your consciousness that you wish to change, and who cares what you call it!!!
DNA is not consciousness, yet it does indeed form the body you inhabit and its abilities to receive information. It is the tool which your Spirit/Soul uses to proceed through physical and non-physical reality. Your DNA has been altered many times by both those you may term positive and negative entities.
As we have said, the Earth at this time is at the end of a cycle, the last act of a very long play, and how this drama ends will determine the nature and quality of the next cycle of life for every individual on the planet. It is necessary that your DNA reach a quality or Song that hums a high enough vibrational level for you to “ascend” as the planet does. You see, the planet is increasing its vibration in order to leave this plane of reality. In a sense it is to become an entirely different planet. The earth is an entity, a being, and she has made the decision to move. The most simple explanation we can give you is that earth is to become two planets. One will go on as it is, or as things seem to be now. The majority of humans will follow this path and begin another cycle, one that will look very much like the cycle now ending.
A much smaller group will move with the higher vibrational aspects of the Earth and move with it to what would look to you now as thousands of years in the future. One time cycle or spiral is left and another begins. The Earth reincarnates, experiences a metamorphosis. Some of you have had dreams or visions of a circle becoming two, or two circles becoming one, and wondered why such simple images should have a deep emotional impact upon you. You are telling yourself of that which is to come in the language of the deep significance of base symbology.
DNA is a spiral, and so speaks volumes in terms of symbol. Certain symbols imply and infer and so confer all that is to be beheld in experience. When light spirals in and in reaching can move no more you find the shape of a shell, a spiral come to rest. And what does that spiral, that shell say to you in symbol? Some day take a shell from the beach or from your garden and ask yourself what you see. In primal creation the light reached out into the darkness as far as it could go before it reached the extent into the darkness it was able and stopped. It is the spiral, the shell that is its “final” form. Yet in that shell is the entire history of its travels and experiences. All is implied and held in the form of all of your creation.
Ask a biologist and they will tell you of the mathematical sequences of your natural world and the form of the spiral inherent in all of it. You live in a world of shells and you live in a shell. All knowledge is before you if you learn to read the spirals within and without. Your DNA is such a shell, a shell which holds all knowledge of what was and what will be. Yet this knowledge has been lost to you through manipulation.
Perhaps you would like to be angry about how dumbed down the race has become, but we remind you that you have all been involved in the politics and the psychic atmosphere that caused these alterations to take place. You are the shells that stopped expansion. And so again we point out that DNA, though very real, is also a metaphor for the condition and actions of those beings currently incarnated on the planet. Kinder and more loving behavior changes your DNA. Choices to try to do what seems right to you, does this too. Forgiving others will change it. Many will ascend from/with this planet without ever having considered DNA or even having heard about it. They move through existence with their intent, and that intent to love and forgive changes everything.
A conscious intent to change your DNA will also begin to change you and your DNA. You see, the DNA is still real yet also a metaphor here, for it is you that wishes to change and so the reality you experience does by your request and intent. Perhaps you have seen the symbol, the tool that Hermes carries, the Caduceus. You see it on your hospitals and doctors offices, even though they don’t even know what it means. What was this tool that the ancients used to raise their consciousness? We may tell you, “what goes down can also go up”, and we would not be trying to be cute. Is the Caduceus DNA, or was it a physical tool, or was it the spirals of the Kundalini energy swirling through the body from the center of the earth to the Central Sun? Are these separate aspects of the One and the same? A base or simple symbol speaks volumes to you if you are willing to listen, and we do no kid around when we ask you to consider and contemplate a shell while holding it. Who am I?
Your Soul Crystal holds all the knowledge and connections to begin to change your DNA. Why ask for this change instead of just acting according to your highest principles? We will say either will work, yet invoking work on your DNA is one more step of will and intent and an acknowledgement of understanding your position in reality. As we have said, those of the Lovelight cannot work with you unless you ask. A request to begin upgrading your DNA involves many changes in your sense of reality and there are many who would not want this. They are liking how things are. Who are we of the Lovelight to say they should not be as they like?
Requesting changes in your DNA will speed your evolution and give you new tools to understand and deal with your reality. You are a metaphor, aren’t you? The question, “Who am I” is one that begins to peal enough layers of perceived reality away from you that you may come to the honest answer, “I don’t know”. Are you the you in your baby pictures? Are you the idea of who you think you are now? Each image or ideation these questions bring to mind are metaphors, shells held in a particular shape sculpted by what—your consciousness, your ego, your higher self, the dictates of what is acceptable in the society around you?
Many do not want to know who they are. There can be many reasons for this, though the primary reason is fear. Fear has been used as a tool by those who do not want to see the race evolve, but would rather see a continuation of the slavery that forms your world. There are entities that eat your fear as food. Without this food they would die. They have a very deep interest in keeping you as fearful as possible. Many “humans” upon this planet come from traditions of conquest and control. They incarnate here, sometimes purposefully and sometimes as a matter of the force of karmic entanglement. This may be your history. Often there is an underlying fear of dark forces in such individuals, or they may simply carry on with their “natural” tendencies to control others. Many very talented individuals who lean toward the Lovelight find it very difficult to bring this history to conscious perception, finding it too frightening to know “who they are” or what they have done in the past. Yet we tell you this—you are all children of the One Mother/Father, and you are all loved. You are the fulcrum for change on all levels. The density of this level carries great weight, and what is thrown around here sends earthquakes of energy through all the levels and systems “above” you.
For those of you who believe you may have such a history, we encourage you to investigate it without judgment. Your Soul Crystal is the perfect vehicle for you to find out just what you have been up to through time. You are the being of change for your whole being, and your whole being may be secretly praying away that you pull them all out of a path that has dead-ended. There may be resistance on certain levels that have direct influence on you and your current behavior. Your Soul Crystal fully around you will give you the protection you need to look at these levels or aspects of yourself and begin forgiving and loving for them. As you do this they will diminish in intensity and begin to change and you will feel a great relief run through your body.
Changing direction is as easy as that. There is no need to feel ashamed of what you find of your history. Release the shame and hand it off to us and we will sing that old energy off to recycle. To realize a “dark” history through your inner work at this time is a great and immense gift, for this is the time, so charged with change, that healing can best occur. This is what a “little ole human” can do!!!
To deny such a history is to put oneself in great peril. The coming cycle of non-ascending earth will lead to a very difficult existence, and the time span and number of incarnations are simply, to us, not needed when the tools for change are in your lap.
DNA and Spirals and Shells and Waves of Light are all upon you at this time. Isn’t that lovely? You can catch these spirals of light and change your own spiral. We can see you all on our way to visit with us in a new “land” in a new time of Love and Song and Happiness for you all.
With Love and Dance,
The Hathors

Love and Its Aims
Love aims to heal. You see Cupid, and you see that he has his quiver of arrows, and those arrows are sent into the human Heart. As we have said, the human heart is the center of your experience. The heart is where all of the levels of experience while in body may be synthesized and understood.
Many of you run from the feelings in your Hearts. Yet if you run from your heart you will miss the gifts the Father/Mother are giving you. In this time of dimensional merge, it is time to set your past to healing and rest. In the Chapter, Clouds over the Heart, we gave you methods to work with the pain and trauma nearly all of you have regarding your Hearts. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to get your Hearts awakened and cleared so that the Heart may be the lovely vessel of love and comprehension that it is meant to be. So go back to that chapter soon and read it again!!!
When you have grief that has not been grieved, sorrows that have been repressed and angers that have not found resolution, your heart cannot function as it should. Very few of you have really lived with a functioning Heart, and so it is very easy for you to discount the importance of what we say here. This, as we have said, is because the Human Race has lived this age centered within the third chakra. Antacid, anyone? So you have lived you last “so many” lives through your wills and have experienced the wills of others, often dominating you if you were not the dominator yourself.
All this pushing of each other around has left you defensive, and the Heart Chakra will typically close when in a defensive mode. Not only will it close when defending against others, it will also close when defending itself against memories that are painful, for a being centered in the third chakra will perceive these memories as a threat and so close it pain or anything that seems painful. It is easy then to understand why so few humans are able to move their center of “thinking” and action to the Heart Chakra. Why go where it is painful?
There are forces at work at this time that do not want you to clear your heart and begin to perceive from that energy center. The Heart is capable of interpreting information from the chakras above and the chakras below and move you in directions that few of you at this time can imagine. Why? Well because most of you have so much unresolved and repressed energy clouding your hearts, you do not know what it is like to have a clear heart, a functioning heart. It is no surprise to us that there is so much heart disease in your culture. It is not what you eat, it is what you repress and close down on that kills.
Many of you may be surprised to hear us say that your “karma” is love seeking its fulfillment. Perhaps “bad karma” is repeating the same situation over and over again in different period piece costumes, but “good karma” is realizing that once again you are in a situation that you have acted a part in before. You have an opportunity to change the outcome of an old play and your reaction to it. There are very few interactions on earth right now that are simply the free flow and play of energies. Most energies are now directed by what you would call Karma or the Energies of Resolve. This play is ending and you are being asked to play your part to your highest ideals. This releases you from ever having to do this again!!! Isn’t that important?
When you find yourself in abrasive situations, know that most likely you are being offered a chance to make right what did not go well before. How often have you looked back at your life and thought, “If only I had known that this was going to go this way, I would have…”? Well, we tell you now that most of what you are experiencing now you have experienced before in a somewhat different shape. But the nature of the issues are the same. You are getting your chance to try it again!!!
Love is the energy behind this flow. Why would you experience something over and over again if you were not meant to resolve it? Who or what is it that asks that these energies that you all are “please get it right?” What is the essence of Love and what is its intent? These questions cannot be understood while centered in the Third Chakra. Yes you may reach some understanding, but as we have said, it is the Heart that will make sense of the energies collected from the chakras above and below it.
We have spoken of beings that take the “dark” path. Those that chose this particular path do not open the Heart chakra. Instead they skip the Heart Chakra and move to the throat and above while centered in their third or Will Chakra. These entities, these people find no practical reason to Love, for if they did Really Love, they would not be on the “dark” path. If you wish to control others and push them around and get them to do what you want them to do, then the Heart is of no use to you.
The Heart offers freedom from such domination. The Heart will discern for you once you clear those clouds away. Those clouds you know offer you an opportunity to clear “karma” without having to experience it physically. Clearing those clouds away will give you a new life. Is it hard? Yes. We will not tell you those clouds are full of fun. They are full of many emotions and pains. But who would want to live with such stuff stuck to their being and hiding the glories of life?
No matter what experience you have had in your life until now, we tell you this—Love is not painful. We want you to think about this last statement and see if you can find out how this may be so. If you cannot believe this statement to be true, you have not done all the Heart Work you need to in order to live a real life. You see, few of you will be able to believe that Love is not Painful, and this belief is representative of ignorance of the abilities of the Heart.
You are moving toward Love as you move from your Will Center to your Heart Center. This can indeed be a painful journey. It is that which is not Love which is Painful.
You can be your own healer in the Path to the Heart. You need no one else. There are many ways to go about this. Make up your own method. It will come to you if you ask within for Heart Healing. You may see this as a journey on a boat through clouds and smog that you observe with healing intent. Feel and see what is around you as you lay a compass course for the Heart. Know you will feel and see many surprising events and images dance about you as you guide your boat. Accept everything that you see and forgive it all, especially yourself. Cry the clouds of darkness away, for under those tears and beyond the terrors and pain is a rising Sun. That Sun is your Heart. The Son/Sun of God rests within your chest, and it waits for you to sail into it. You are infinite.
There is no blame. The age of the Third Chakra has been an age of darkness. The world is splitting in two. One group will repeat the age of the Third Chakra, for they have not yet crossed that ocean to the Heart. The true “New Age” will be a New Earth of such fantastic wonders that to describe it to you would seem a “pipe dream”, a fantasy.
Sail your lovely craft toward your Heart. Know the Clouds that obscure it will clear and teach you. Sail toward us and you will hear us singing to you, urging you along. Follow you instincts. Get into that Crystal of yours and know who you are. You are on a voyage of great mystery and beauty. Our hats are off to you.
With Love,

The Hathors

The Happiness Gene
The Happiness Gene—could there be such a thing? And if there is such a “thing”, is it available to you? The answer is yes. This gene is being developed by the Elohim right now as this book is being written, and this gene was developed too at the time of the collapse of Pan.
What was the collapse of Pan? Put simply it was one in a line of successive drops in levels or desities experienced by those beings living in the experiential fields of Earth long ago. Most of you were there, 73 percent to be more specific. You were alive then but certainly not on the level of density you experience now. Pan, a land of great beauty, a land of magic began its collapse as a level of coherent existence, and all those who existed within that realm found themselves more and more isolated on little islands of that reality. Many were sucked toward the Earth as it fell away from the Lovelight and Death, unheard of before became common. Large wholes developed in the Level that had “contained” the world of Pan. It is perhaps hard for you to imagine holes suddenly opening in your current reality that you could fall through. Many of you are intrigued in what may seem to you a morbid way by stories of great openings caused by earthquakes with many people falling into crevasses—swallowed by the Earth. Yet this happened, and perhaps you were one of the many that fell into a different dimension of existence. If so, you fell from one world to another, both Earth.
You may remember our discussion of the break of the Mother and Father energies at the level of the heart. Pan was the level of the heart. When the Heart was broken those in physical existence fell to the level of the Will Chakra, away from the Love Nest of the Heart. Of course all of you have existence at levels above the Will Chakra, and you can be sure that every one of those levels was affected by this Fall in unfortunate ways. On an individual level the Self lost contact with the Self. The unconscious or subconscious was created at this time as fields of information disconnected from the source of light that animated that information. The subconscious is mind of great power disconnected from its animating power, the Lovelight. Humankind and the animal world lost its direct connection with source. The sub or unconscious is a network of light filaments containing enormous amounts of information that was unplugged. It is not dead, yet it does not perform the function it once did. Much of what you experience from the unconscious seems absurd and confusing. You wonder why you dreams don’t seem to make a lot of sense, and you have to work hard to garner information from them. The subconscious is as the brain of a stock victim. The information is there, but retrieval is difficult or impossible because of trauma incurred.
You unconscious is unconscious because it is unplugged. It often is considered as arcane as the appendix, an organ that is thought by your learned ones to at one time in evolution performed some vital function and then was no longer needed. The unconscious might seem the same to you. Your work with the Above and Below energies, however, will begin to reconnect the unconscious and begin to resuscitate it to its normal function. No more will the information it provides seem so senseless. This is a process that takes a great deal of faith to perform, for you will be learning to understand and learn in ways long forgotten. This can seem bizarre and unhinging at times. Expansion of perception can be a very powerful experience. Stay grounded and you will find your way through the woods!!! Why? Well you may remember it was the Loss of connection to the Mother energies that caused the physical rifts in your existence. The changes you perform must run to the Mother to manifest and stabilize the inspiration that comes from above. You don’t want to short-circuit yourself!!! And of course as you ground your experience you are changing the physical world as well as yourself.
Much talk has gone on about the seemingly unused portions of the human brain. The often quoted 90 percent of “unused gray matter” is directly related to the unconscious, and from a very physical interpretation could be called the unconscious. By analogy you could say you were once a computer hooked up to God until someone yanked the cord out of the socket. The frayed ends of the cord are your sub or unconscious, waiting to be plugged back in.
So what does this have to do with the Happiness Gene? As Pan began its fall, large holes were rent in the fabric of that level of reality. This was an Earth Transition of immense magnitude. You may notice that as the Heart connection of conscious beings on that level lost Mother/Father connection, their bodies were drawn in toward the Mother and weight and gravity increased immensely. The physical distance between the Mother and Father increased, and that which was then physical rushed outward with the Mother and into the Mother even further. The capacity for physical beings to change form was rapidly coming to a close and death became the only means of escape from unpleasant circumstances experienced in-body.
The Land of Pan became as a series of islands surrounded by gaping holes that increasingly sucked more and more consciousness down. It was on these islands that survivors clung to in hopes of a miracle, in hopes of rescue. Calls of help went out in the form of prayers and songs to the heavens and help came in many forms. These forms or beings were those who had seeded Pan. By rights any type of being that had “family of consciousness” incarnated in Pan were drawn in to assess how best to deal with the unfolding situation. You may call many of these, “higher selves” of those incarnated, and there were also associated energies or beings. Some energies seeded Pan with life forms from their home planets or stars, and this was done for many reasons, some positive and some not.
A conference of varied being types and energies gathered on many levels around the Earth to decide what must be done. Your political meetings on the Earth level of today can be very complex. Believe us when we tell you that these meetings were many times more so. Not all of these energies were of a positive intent. The seeds of discontent that destroyed Pan were well represented, and many of those energies knew that the “Earth to come” would present new opportunities for their ambitions.
There were few human beings that lived in Pan, and those that lived there lived in the region of its lowest vibrations. This does not mean they were any less important or valuable than the other beings of Pan. They were very connected to the Earth and to the Mother and Father compared to humans today. They were telepathic and were capable of flight, wingless flight. Humans then lived in small tribes or groupings and were more like creatures of the forest than like humans today. Pan was as your stories of Eden, a vast garden of plentitude. The people of Pan could feel the “magical” creatures and beings—the Fairies, Dwarves, Sylthes, Sprites, Dragons and the like—though not as well as they could see each other. These creatures appeared to them most often as transparent, when seen at all. Every dimension, level or plane has levels within it, and the humans lived toward the lower vibrations. This made their bodies the most adaptable for incarnation by the beings of Pan that would be unable to adapt to the lowering frequencies of earth.
It was necessary for beings who had bodies that were incompatable with Earth’s lowering vibrations to have some “vehicle” or body to continue existence on Earth. These beings of course had to return to Earth as they had lost “Soul” there by karma, by death, or both. Their situation was unresolved on Earth, and so it was necessary to be able to return in some form. The form chosen of course was the Human form. Yet even the Human form looked as though it would require modification to work ideally in the new lower dimension. And so it this reworking was taken on by a group of higher level beings from many backgrounds. This was after a lot of very difficult political wranglings.
We are making a very complex story short here, for a whole book or more could be written on this subject and indeed one day will. Only certain groups of those represented on earth were capable of the genetic configurations work that would result in the Human as she is today. You have perhaps heard stories of genetic manipulation on humans, and how they were dumbed down. They were indeed dumbed down, yet you must remember that the human was being prepared to be able to withstand a far more physical environment than it had previously been exposed to. The Heart Dimension of existence had been lost to all races or types of beings, not just humans, and a great argument took place as to the connection to the heart that should be represented in the human vehicle. Some argued for a stronger connection so that it would be possible to regain the Heart level of existence quickly, and others argued that to do so would shorten the learning process too much, and that once the Heart had been regained, the lessons necessary to maintain it would quickly show themselves to be poorly understood, causing another Fall of Dimension or level.
There were those who made this argument with the highest of intent, and those who argued the point with the hidden agenda of keeping all those who were human, and those that would soon become Human, from being able to defend themselves from manipulation. This is the argument that won the day nevertheless.
The “Happiness Gene” was the road not taken. The Happiness gene was designed by one of the members of the group that was finally decided upon to do the Human Project. It was fully complete and was designed to take the place of “God” connection at the Heart level for the Human on his new level of existence. In and of itself, it would not have caused the Human to regain his former conciousness, yet it was designed to lead her in that direction. Had it been used, it would have made Humans connection to the Friend much stronger, and far more information from guidance, from higher levels would have been available. The designer of this gene was a Dragon. We only mention this here because in much of the channeled material on this subject in the past, those of reptilian origin have been said to be the main villains. Indeed about half of the groups who actually did the genetic manipulation were of such descent, and of those three did not honor their agreements. There were eleven groups in all who conspired to infuse damage into the work. Seven of these were not of reptilian background. You cannot always tell a book by its cover. Many of you reading this book are of Dragon or Reptillian background, and this is nothing to be ashamed of!!!
Indeed, had the Happiness Gene been used for human development, none of these negative manipulations would have lasted long. The Happiness gene would have rendered the Human with a much stronger inclination to be, simply, happy. Even in the face of great external difficulties, the basic attitude of the Human would have been happy. This gene draws a great deal of both the Lovelight and the Creative Mother energies into the human and directs it toward the heart. The human would have had a great leaning toward the positive, and a great deal more spontaneous joy. This is available to you now for the asking. As this book is being written it is in the experimental phase. If you are reading this in book form, then the experiment was a success. The Elohim have gone back in time and brought the Happiness Gene forward, and then modified it to your current time cycle and the changes that have taken place in the Human body since. Aren’t you happy about this!!! It is a great step forward and represents one step those of the Lovelight have taken to ease the coming transitions. The Happiness Gene will connect you to your own Heart and your own innate happiness that was severed by the Fall of the Heart, or Fall from the Heart. Your Heart will glow, flow like a fountain. You will no longer feel like that which you need is outside of yourself, for you will more easily find the Love within.

Getting What You Want
The means to getting what you want out of life is much closer than most of you realize. Life is always all around you. Have you listened to you surroundings lately? Get quiet once in a while and listen for the songs that your surroundings are singing. You will hear many songs, and many layers of songs. Try if you will to hum your translation of the songs your environment is singing to you. Find more than one song in this exercise, at least three. You can do this!!! Ask yourself how the songs seem in relation to one another. There will be relationship. Perhaps you will feel there is some dissonance between the songs you hear, translate and then sing or hum.
When you hear a dissonance, notes that don’t seem to be working together, announce to whatever it is that is singing these songs that you wish to help them attain harmony. Help who? Well, it really doesn’t matter does it. Of course your refrigerator doesn’t have a Soul, though it is made up of conciousness.
You know of the four basic elements; earth, air, fire and water. These four elements are all made up of consciousness, and believe us when we say they are made up of many layers and many types of consciousnesses. Together they work to form your world. So you may know that when you sing to these conciousnesses, that they can and will hear you if that is your intent. This may all seem quite odd to you, which makes us Hathors want to giggle. Get used to trying out ideas on your reality that seem strange. Your reality is going to get stranger than you find it already, so you may as well start trying out ideas that may seem a bit outlandish at first. One day you will look back and be amazed that you ever thought singing to your environment to harmonize it was a “nutty” idea. Your world is changing, and you can rush along the waves of change by loosening up and allowing yourself to experiment with new ideas. How can you learn of new truths if you are unwilling to experience them? They will show up of their own accord in time, it is true, but why not get out ahead of the curve and play with new realities and abilities that are returning into your time frame?
Most of all we ask you to experiment with the songs you hear and do this in trust. Find that place within yourself that already knows all this stuff. We are just here to remind you of things you once did in a time you might call long ago—too long for most of you to remember in the ways that you look upon memory. Your Soul Crystal aligns you to your memories, and will feel as an intuition. You have all had dreams that haunted you a bit. Perhaps you flew in one of your dreams and were disappointed to awaken stuck on the ground. You felt you really had been flying and then it seemed that your awakening brought you back to reality. “It was just a dream” you say to yourself, and dismiss the possibility as a “flight of fantasy”. Well, believe what you will, but we tell you that you have all flown quite handily, and in many different forms on many different levels.
Your body holds this information. You have heard of cellular memory. It exists. The body remembers other bodies. In fact your body yearns for your other bodies, for it knows these other bodies are a part of yourself. How will the dead be resurrected? You know that you are the resurrected dead, don’t you? Yet your body still yearns for those other bodies from other lives, and seeks them out on the astral plane. There you fly at night, sometimes looking for yourself. By finding those bodies you redeem yourselves and you memories and then you feel more complete.
Your bodies are made up of the Four Elements, and the four elements work together to sustain you in a Body here on Earth. So if the Four Elements make up your body, isn’t your consciousness part of these four elements? Well, of course you are!!! We encourage you to see how this knowledge extends your ideas about identity. You have been harmonizing with the Four Elements all of you life and in all of your lives. Who breaths you? The Four Elements are an extension of God’s Body reaching into you. So you see, the Friend is never very far away!!!
How do you get what you want, and how do you know there is agreement in the Friend to what you want? One way is to sing to and through the elements. A Prayer sung through the Body of God to the Friend. The Friend is One and the Friend is many. You will be able to begin to understand “Right Action” by sings through the Elements to the Friend. Through the elements you will find if your intension harmonizes with the many aspects of consciousness that reach out to you as The Friend. By singing through the elements of your body and your surroundings you reach out seeking to know the intensions of the Friend and the intensions of the many consciousnesses that comprise the Friend.
Obviously there are too many aspects to The Friend to analyze the Friend and completely understand “God’s Will”. An analytical approach would require interpretive processes that would take a lifetime to undertake to make one simple decision. Your inner knowingness, your intuition will lead you to a place that comfort and understanding will occur. You may apply analytic reasoning when you have moved in a particular direction and try to dissect the process you have accomplished, even though it will be only a small sketch of the process you have experienced. That way you can use your words to try to express a process that must be lived to believe, and tell your friends all about it.
By singing the Four elements you can balance yourself and know if the “want” you are wanting is really wanted by you and the Friend. Sometimes things are wanted that you yourself on deeper levels does not. Singing the Four Elements will help you find out why, and allow you to move on in a new understanding and balance you hither-to had not realized. You are all explorers and adventurers on a trip of great discovery. What is it that you are here to discover? Well, you are here to discover yourself in all of your aspects, and begin to gather those together back into a whole!!! You are living in a time period when the veils are thinning and this information becomes available to you. This is very exciting!!!
So, your refrigerator is humming away and you hear it. The clock is ticking on the wall, and the cat is winding its way in and out of your legs as you sit in your kitchen. Listen carefully to each of these—the cat, the clock and the fridge. Think of each element and feel the elements in you body. The fire of electrical firings in your nerve synapses, the fluid rolling throughout your body, the earth of solids within, the wind of spirit with each breath. Say hello to each element and request that the Archangel of each element come to the fore!!! Tell these archangels that you wish to harmonize yourself with your world. Perhaps you notice that this requires you to accept that you are willing to harmonize yourself, to change yourself too!!! “What if they don’t want what I want,” you may ask!!! You see, perhaps you really don’t want what you think you want. Perhaps you are out of harmony with yourself and the world and you have come to manifest not a new Mercedes but a fundamental reorganization with yourself. Many questions may arise in your mind, such as, “Well if that other part of me doesn’t want the new Mercedes, the hell with him!!!” In such a case you have just learned something about yourself and it appears to point out that all of you is not in harmony!!!
Now once you have called in the Archangels of the Four Elements (who also rule the Four Directions), you state your intent. In this case you might ask, “I intend to harmonize myself with my environment and my whole self through the elements using the Cat, the Clock and the refrigerator.” Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Hey but it will work!!! That makes it even funnier, huh?
Tell the Archangels of your intent and that you will listen to your body and the clock and the cat and the Refrigerator at the same time and try to hear songs coming out of each of them. Think of it as four instruments in an orchestra tuning to one another, as the Four Archangels help you. Don’t worry, they will feed you all the notes and feeling and harmonies you need to hear a wonderful symphony of Sound, Love Waves, and emotion. Humm or sing what you hear and then go quiet and find another melody. You may hear the gurgles in you stomach and the refrigerator harmonize and realign. You may find yourself out of your body standing with four archangels conducting a symphony. You see, they very much want to work with you, and have been waiting a long time to acknowledge their presence. This exercise will allow you to see that indeed the Archangels are at work in the tiniest workings of your physical reality. You will see how much they desire to work with each and every one of you.
After all, what was The Fall, but a disconnection from the Divine!!! Your return is close at hand. Working with the Divine, the highest levels of reality, that reaching up, brings the Divine down. It is this acknowledgement that brings humanity back into the Fold, the arms of the Friend!!! When Christ said Heaven was all around you, he wasn’t kidding!!! It is what gets noticed that takes precedence in your consciousness and is therefore manifested. You consciousness mandates your experience. So noticing the Archangels is really a Big Deal. They can become an everyday part of your Life. They are a part of your everyday life whether you acknowledge it or not!!! You see, they rule the four elements!!!! Imagine how this can change your life and you health! You can sing your body’s songs and hear where they do not harmonize. Then you call in the Four Archangels of the Four Elements and Sing with each one.
Listen to these songs and feel for direction from these angels. Is there too much fire, too little water? You will know, for they will help you to hear. Ask for help in balancing your Body and Soul and Spirit. The Archangels will be in the very vibrations of your voice. They will ride the sounds you make so as to bring your body into alignment with your surroundings and your surroundings into harmony with You!!!
Be creative in your approach to this exercise. There is no fixed way once must go forth singing with the four elements. Each of you have special gifts, and these are found not by making hard rules, but by experimenting with new approaches to reality. You will be helped to tune all the instruments in the orchestra of your life. Does the idea of working with the Four Elements and their Four Archangels appeal to you? The Archangels want to work with you!!! They will put their hearts with yours, their shoulders to yours. You are not below them, they are right with you!!!
With Love!!!
The Hathors!!!

In the Beginning
In a night without stars, into a sea of pure energy, of pure dreamtime, swam four initiates in the form of dragon, of the crocodile. Here no form was apparent, yet a sound of no sound hummed knowingness. This was the womb of life from which Gaia would be born. The Dragons entered this space as a human enters a temple held divine. Long they had trained for this work, to sing a song of the Infinite One’s intent without reference to self, to Channel the Vibrations of Light. With great purpose and love and courage they swam into the void, where no space was space that went on forever. Had only one dragon come here he would forever have been lost, one in relation to nothingness. Two could form a line which to stand on, yet the line would have forever expanded and thrown them apart infinitely. Three would have formed a triangle, a plane forever locked together, movement with no “where” to go. The forth formed a cross, implied a circle, hence a sphere, a center.
They entered the void in silence and with care, as if gardeners stepping through a delicate bed of flowers. Their form was very nearly invisible, their likeness can be seen in the visionary pointillist art of the Australian aborigines. The Crocodiles entered to sing the seed of God, the song of Source. They were emissaries of the light, expressing the Light as they knew it, as they felt its expression to be. The Crocodile Priests knew that one misstep could miss-shape this creation. Like a potter at the wheel they held as pure a focus as they could muster and began to sing. The sound was like that of the growling Tibetan Monks, like the harmonic resonance of the Didgeridoo.
They sang the song of Gaia’s creation, a deep loving series of tones. They sang of earth and water and fire and air. They sang the east the west the south and the north. They sang to the best of their abilities the love of the Divine One for all her creations. They sang the song of the Infinite One inseminating itself. The Crocodiles sang and the vibrations of their tones drew the infinite un-manifest into form, into a fiery ball that would become Gaia, the Earth.
They sang the song of the Red earth, the Orange earth, the Yellow earth and the Green. Each in itself a body, each in itself an age to come. They sang of the manifest and un-manifest. They sang the stories they had received of the birthing of a great and beautiful planet who would host the life expressions of the Infinite One. All they sang they felt was true, yet the song was also a great mystery to them, for the One was Infinite in its expression. Our entire galaxy was born of this song, every planet and every star.
We are the children of the Four: I, you, we, us; point, line, triangle, sphere; north, south, east, west; Father, Mother Mary, Son, Holy Spirit; air, earth, water, fire. When the four is reached, this wholeness, this center refers back to itself, back to the three preceding numbers. The four as wholeness refers back to the first three, the triangle for movement, which refers back to two, the line, for direction, which asks the one, you, the mind boggling question inside of infinity, “Where is it you wish to go?”
Our wholeness and completion is in four, our actions in three, our direction in two and our independence, one. The four refers its relationship back to the three preceding numbers. The four and these preceding numbers gives us the mystery of the seven held in the wholeness.
The planet Earth Gaia has been in her Yellow Body for a very long time now and she moves toward Green. Mankind’s expression has long been in the third chakra, the will of self, seen in separation from his fellows. Christ is our Solar Deity, our Solar Plexus urging us on. He is the Lion whose question to us has been, “what will you will yourselves, your world to be?” As he asks that question he points to our hearts and asks, “Will you not go there, where I have gone?” For Christ came down from the Green of the Heart through the Sun to show us the way. He is the Solar Deity because he knows the way through the will, the sun, to the heart of Love, to completion.
Four initiates in the form of the Dragon swam through the void to sing our world into creation. Christ was the forth.
In the beginning was the Word, and it was sung through by four Dragon Priests, channeling the Breath of God

Divine Fire rains down
A parable of our origins
And “What is Kundalini”

In the Beginning there was Light and the Light was as Fire. From All Darkness, Light returns. Void is beyond darkness. Void is not, an all-encompassing zero. Returning Light is Reflection. When Light slows its flow and holds before return, it is called Matter, a Mirror called Mother. The Light condensed in the Darkness, in the furthest depths of the mirror as seed, which is Kundalini asleep, Original First-Light fossilized in Darkness. The darkness was formed by the Light as Light’s periphery. Here is the Womb, the Mother’s Womb. In first creation Mother held up a Mirror to Source of Light and said, “Stop, for you can see me now as firmament. Decrease your light if you wish me near to you. I created myself though you. You cannot see me, except now in this Mirror.”
In the Mirror, Source of Light saw an image of Light, yet there was some form there within. Source of Light increased light to see the Image more clearly, yet these images then flew further into the distance by Lights’ measure. Source of Light then decreased Light and saw in the reflection of the mirror, not only light, but Form. Shapes of roundness and fullness were seen, a Reflection that is Creation.
Light is Creation; Darkness Foundation.
Below Creation as Firmament is the Womb of Darkness, the Foundation, the Abyss. It is as the Last Sea, unfathomable.
The Light in Descent flew in Spirals. The Spirals burrowed into the Void creating Darkness from the Void and the Light. In an ever expanding periphery did the Light spiral into darkness, Spirals as if coiled snakes, Spirals as if Shells. Where the Light by command did stop, deep within the Abyss, lay spiral seeds of Light embedded within Darkness, seeds unborn, the distant future’s future.
In the Mirror, Source-of-all-Light sees form and feels Love. His Love as Light reaches out to her. The Light touches the Mirrors Surface, and the Mother Feels touch as ecstasy, and reflects this back and then—an explosion. In the explosion they feel all things and all colors and in one moment feel themselves again as One, yet one in a way they have never experienced Oneness—as two, Father/Mother. They are hurled apart in the explosion of Light. The Mother feels herself hurled into the void of nothing, propelled at unbearable speed. She feels first ecstasy, and then fear in the distance of nothingness, a traveling away from Source of Light.
Source-of-Light recoils in ecstasy, pulling back his Light. Where is the Mother? She was right here and now she is gone! He had felt the explosion come from deep within, and just as quickly disappear, and so too the Mother. He looks around for the Mother and he feels fear. He looks out to where the Mirror was and sees what we call Dragons, hoary heads of Light with snake-like bodies fly about, rolling and laughing and playing. He does not see the Mother, and whatever these are, they are too bright to see through. The Mother is gone.
And so there were now Three—Father, Mother and Children. The Mother saw now only the Children’s Light, and her attention fell upon them, and held them. She thought not of the Father, but wondered at these beautiful monster children. The Father searched with his light, desiring the Mother, but now he saw only these Dragons in the Mirror and not the Mother. He wondered what these things were, and did not recognize them as children as the Mother had.
There is much else that occurred with these Children, yet it has little to do with the point of this story—What is Kundalini, except for this—The Explosion, the orgasm, expanded the horizons of Space. The Mother was hurled far from the Father Light, expanding, yet separating.
Between them came children, whom the Mother recognized and the Father, at first, did not. His concern was for himself and his desire for the Mother. The Mother felt maternal love and knew other as self, and felt delight. With these attentions, it took some time for the Mother to desire and seek the Father again, a pattern that comes down to humanity today. In fact, with these children, it took Father Light quite a while to even find the Mother at the new frontiers of Himself. The more the Fatherlight looked for the Mother, the more light emerged from him, and the more Light that emerged from himself, the Larger his children did grow.
There were many understandings that came to the Mother and Father through time, yet it took many approaches and explosions to figure exactly what was going on. Yet always did they once again seek one another before being hurled further and further apart by these explosions that always seemed to produce some sort of off-spring. The Mother’s tending to these took her far from the Father, and through their differing experiences their understandings did not always coincide.
These couplings created the Realms of Angels. Level after level of children emerged, and accordingly a greater and greater expansion of space, a wider and wider realm of the Great Mother, as so too The Father.
The Mother ended up being so far from Father Light, that he began to despair that he and the mother might ever be as One again. Every time he looked for her with his Light and found her, another ecstatic explosion would take place and the distance between them would grow. Finally he decided to look for her more gently; he would ride the rays of a diminished light. He rode these rays of diminished light down, far far across Creation to the place at the edge of the vacuum where he met the Mother.
He found her on the orb that where she called herself Gaia, a place at the edge of the last great explosion. It was a new experience for the Father to travel as diminished Light, his great throne of light left behind. The Father felt himself differently this way, as in a new body, an altered perception. He saw Gaia emerge creatures from the Sea. He saw this was not only as if a mirror, but as something real and on its own.
It was odd, exhilarating, and a bit confusing. He did not realize he was seeing through the eyes of one of his Angel Children. He had not thought to look at things this way before. He had not realized how much his children could teach him! He saw the Angels were cooperating with the Mother, and that the Mother had her hands quite full ministering to her children. He felt wrongness in himself seeing her work so, yet denied it. Looking from these Angel eyes, he saw the Mother now as a Woman.
For the first time Source sees the Darkness, the Mother’s Womb; and he sees that there are Creatures emerging from it. He is amazed at this and he increases his Fire, the Light, so that he may see these creatures better.
Yet as he does so, He is again on his Throne of Fire, and the creatures he wishes to see are scorched by his light and die. Source light sees the death of creatures, yet at first does not understand what or why this is, or what has happened. The closer he examines these deaths, the brighter his focused light, burning and killing again. Matter, Mother, becomes angry with the Father Light. Why does the Light always increase when a creature emerges and Kill it? This has happened every time at the edges of the Light when these explosions occur. Does he care about nothing?
Now when she looks up all she sees is an Unmerciful Scorching Sun which She curses. Source of all Light feels the returning curse coming from Mirror’s Reflection and draws back, reducing his Light. Many creatures emerge from the Hole at the top of the Mother’s great Womb, the Abyss. They immeditately run under rocks as instructed by the Mother and back into holes in the ground, into their Mother’s protection.
Source of Light now sees what has happened. He sees his mistake, too much Light too fast. The Mother’s back, though, is turned against him, blocking his light so her children may live in her shadow. She creates a noose in the Great Sea Womb and places it as a purse deep within earth. Her shadow pushes earth’s surface fire within, wrapping in in folds of rock and dirt. Her shadow solidifies and the earth is made round as her body. All this she does by instinct, by intuition, by a knowingness she must protect. There is great fear and confusion, yet she acts with great courage in the face of the threatening light from above which is herself.
Father Light’s own reflection accuses him of ill intent. And so one had become Two, Mother and Father. The Earth was created in the Heat of the first argument, the first feelings of self-blame and the first denied guilt. Yet the argument signaled the beginning or the return.The outward edge of Creation became fixed and steady and life on the planets thrived.
FatherLight studied long and hard what had occurred. The Mother’s anger held long and steady against him, yet, as time went on, she softened. She softened in his softening light. Her argument, her curse, had informed him of not only his existence, but of his multiplicity and responsibility. He saw he was many and this was, at first, a source of great confusion. Without the Mother’s Mirror, he saw he knew nothing of himself. He did not even know she had been within him.

The Mother and Father eventually realized that the returning to one another could only be through their Children. The Children would have to learn to be as bright and as dark as their Mother and Father. In the mean time their ecstasy would be with their children and their little explosions of light that the children made together with one another. There was a deeper agreement that the Father Light made with himself in his softening that led him to a new understanding of himself.
He saw he was the Mother as Light, and that she was the Father at the edge of Darkness and the void. Children had restrained and redefined the Father and Mother in a turning as a great circle. Edges and definitions emerged that were perhaps always there but had not seen, and nothing seemed ever so simple again
The Father and Mother suggested jobs to their children, yet often found the children were already doing these things. The Father had never realized all of his children had needs. Before he had merely tended to his own needs, for he was all there was!
Mother and Father suggested jobs from their respective ends of Creation. Mother told one of the Ancient Ones to “Circle the Earth and Make your light shine upward very brightly so that none of that other light will get in here and ruin everything.” she had said to one, before she was sure Fatherlight had figured everything out. “But don’t shine down brightly, or you will hurt the children!”
She sent four other Ancient Ones to guard the opening to her Womb. “Make sure not to let anymore of that Sunlight gets into that Vortex,” she said of her place deep within the Planes of earth. There is more there now than I trust of it. What seeds have taken place in me?”
The Four the Ancient Ones took their places around the Hole that was the Womb of the Mother and is now called the Abyss. These four formed a cross with their bodies and so delineated the Four Directions of Earth. They guard the place of the Second Fear, the fear of what may come forth, and so the Fear of the Future. Yet they also formed a Cross upon which the Saviors might return, birthed forth from the hope represented by the effort of understanding. They remain there to this day.
The Father too, suggested jobs to the children. Of course he started from the other end of existence from the Mother, giving the Archangels dominion over the six directions. And so it was inevitable that these jobs assigned by the Mother and the Father at times overlapped, and over time these led to disagreements about what dominions “God” had assigned them. This led to arguments that are a reflection of the original misunderstandings of the Mother and Father and the shock of a curse. The curse was no more the Mother’s fault than the Fathers’. Her curse effectively put the limits on creation and notified the Father of his ignorance of Her, which is too Her/himself. Together they were learning and becoming conscious of what is around them.
All of this occurred a very long time ago. On the highest levels of understanding the Mother and Father aspects of The One have been long in agreement and harmony. It is at the outer edges of reality, in those places where the light slowed down and formed the Abyss and seeds of Original Light became embedded in darkness, that understandings are last to come.
Now, as One yearns to become Two, adventuring outwards, so does Two yearn to become One again. In the Womb of the Great Mother is everything and nothing. When the Light reduced and held steady, the outward regions of Light became as Darkness. Within the Abyss, the Womb, are the seeds of Original intent, Light frozen in time, halted in expansion. Light once spiraled into this region, embedded as a sea shell in the mud. Long has the Mother nurtured these seeds, these shells, these spirals of Lovelight in her womb.
When the Mother sees you are ready, she places one of these seeds within you. Your body is similar to the body of God. You are the Father and Mother of Creation, for you are their Children. You are Heaven on Earth unaware. The Father gently shines his light down upon you waiting for the desire to reunite awaken in you. The Mother sees this intent, and it is then that she places the awakening seed in you from the contents of her womb. You see your future exists within her. This is the sleeping snake called Kundalini. This is where you paused as a spark of light in expansion and paused before return. The last bit of your spiral turns around and begins to head home, fusing in your body and breaking you open as if an egg. You are a shell in the outermost limits of creation, born of darkness and light. You have reached the end point. Some call this the furthest reaches of the exhalation of God before he/she breaths in again.
The Father taps you on the head with Light and the Mother awakens your Fruits with a seed of future Life, a snake, a sperm flying out of an egg, a blast of Ancient Light, that you may join the Above and Below, The Father and Mother together again. You are God in full extension. Yet there is the Light of Return and this is Kundalini. As it spiraled in, so it spirals back toward Source carrying it with you, for it is your future.
The Father and Mother extended creation as far as they could go before Chaos engulfed them. The Father and Mother feared they would lose each other in Chaos and their children as well. They learned of fear this way. They found their limits. Much later they saw that just enough Chaos had entered to allow for Free Will. The Mother’s curse was the first true expression of Free Will. This led to understandings that would not have occurred before Chaos, and so limited Chaos. Through confusion learning occured that set the limits of creation, and order came through agreement between Father and Mother. In disagreement the Mother and Father saw one another as truly separate for the first time. Through mutual respect, Love, they became again as one again.
All children are learning the lessons the Mother and Father learned, for these are the ever changing forms of the body of God. Some call them Archetypes.
What is the Mystery contained in these seeds of original intent, left as though messages in a bottle? Who knows? They are for each of you to read.